Losing my last peg…..

By Rei Tanotsuka, 24 June 2020

Here’s a little piece from Voltaire, The Blind Pensioners at Quinze Vingt.

When the Quinze Vingt hospital opened, all the blind residents were content because everything was decided through majority vote. All judgement rested on objects which bore tactility, such as coins or the taste of different drinks. Even though the residents lacked vision, they had the other 4 senses to secure a verdict. One day the residential professor declared that he can “see” colours!

Needless to say, this community became a laughing stock when they declared to outsiders the colour of their uniform, which they deemed to be “white” in accordance with the Professor’s assessment. Ridiculed that they were in anything but a white uniform, they became enraged at the professor. A deaf man reading this account chuckled to himself and remarked on the stupidity of the blind being the judge of colours, the irony in his belief that only he is able to give music its proper esteem, is lost on him.

The peg

When I first moved into our home, I had a full set of 10 laundry pegs. Slowly, I have surrendered them through the passage of time… one by one, they left. Maybe a few cracked, some were probably used to clip other things and then got “misplaced”, but yesterday the last one plummeted from the balcony of my apartment, and landed on the pedestrian side walk. As I quickly looked over my balcony, I saw it laying despondent as a throng of cyclists peddled past, followed by a cute kid looking at my peg, then looking up at me with an accusatory 4 year old frown, then back at the peg, now amputated by the drop… I said, “I’m sorry Pegasus” …. Pegasus the peg replied “sure bitch, whatever…” and then, departed.

I would have wished for it a better life next reincarnation, maybe a peg bought by Madame Shinko, Japan’s infamous cake lady, perennially decked out in leopard print… she would not be so rough and wreckless with her pegs!… then I remembered the peg is plastic and not biodegradable – no reincarnation, just an eternity remembering her only shitty owner…

How did it come down to ONE?

Human nature is a torrid beast, things which we need everyday barely register their importance, but once they go, our lives change.

I did not notice I was peg deficient until the last one left. I kept compromising my situation by either clipping two items under one peg, or I utilised coat hangers… I made do without pegs, yet I could have just gone to the shop to replenish my peg supply after the 5th peg was lost and hanging clothes became a game of possibility – is it possible to pierce a chopstick through to hold a jacket in place? Yet, I waited until the last damn peg committed pegicide before I waddled to my nearest DIY store to grab a new bag.

This is what happens with our identity when we allow others to strip away our language, our customs and our stories. Wtf? That wasn’t an elegant segue Rei…

The zombies

Over the past fortnight, I have had a few Quora readers make comments which confound me. What is it about me raising the need for us Asians to re – establish who we are on our own grounds, that is so worthy of scorn? I don’t want another psycho analysis of what or who WE ARE SUPPOSED to be, read from the confines of a book in a library, or another study by a “professional” who gave us a questionnaire to fill in, but is clandestinely a graphologist, deciphering the latent anger in how we looped the “L”. I want an authentic account of who we are, told by ourselves to our people. *Our people does not mean Asian, it means people who genuinely want us to be equal, be they black, white or My Pony pink

Naming names

I have had run of the mill idiots who told me that I should ONLY dedicate myself to helping Asians, and that talking about Black prejudice is wrong, but that’s really nothing. That’s grade A stupidity, akin to a famished child picking up a nose storm for a savoury snack.

Two people however, stand out in particular, one goes by the name of Yukai Wang and the other Brenton Lian.

If anyone is interested in their Quora work, here’s a link with a sample answer.

Brenton Lian Is it more difficult to be Asian or Black in America?

Yukai Wang Is success the best revenge?

Brenton and I actually discussed our viewpoints via LINE, and we have parted amicably. I wished him the best and vice versa. Yukai, on the other hand is livid after MONTHS, and is trying to get my YouTube channel shut down. Yes, he’s THAT insecure and petty.

What do these 2 have in common?

From my perspective of them, which is personal and hardly “objective”, they don’t know who they are because their internal line of reasoning is extremely anaemic.

Both of them have problems with my “no BS call out the West” policy, and to make their arguments appear valid, they have resorted to conflating 2 distinct variables as synonymous. That being said, they are FIGHTING ON THE SAME TEAM as yours truly – Asian parity.

Both have accused me of writing posts which demonise “white people” as a monolith, and the cynosure that “not every white person is bad”, apparently is something I don’t understand. How anyone, who reads political articles can possibly conflate posts written about the perils of EMPIRE to bear a verisimilitude to EACH INDIVIDUAL CITIZEN, is beyond my reckoning.

Noone who writes about international politics, when employing the noun “Australia” is talking about Mary Jones, living in Surry Hills, Sydney right? We are talking about the national body collective as represented by the government. Yes, each individual citizen is not a carbon copy of the government and yes, the government does NOT necessarily represent the public’s interests, but what are we to do? Must we, write a proviso, in each and every piece of prose specifying this point? Is this not “commonsense”?

My leit-motif has NEVER been to demonise every living entity belonging to a national nomenclature, it is to call out the heinous crimes of a global bully. I cannot help the fact that over these 500 years, they have been indeed European. I am also rendered impotent to halt the power which subjugates the natives, exercised through colonialism. These are FACTS irrespective of whether you personally can accept them or not.

Eastern and Western Imperial reign have differences, I literally had to explain this to Brenton who argued that China was an Imperial power. China did not choose to execute the reign through COLONIALISM, it did it through suzerainty. This is already an established fact. Not every Imperial rule will abide by the jurisprudence of ruling through caste creation, the caste being one based on the melanin content of the governed.

The psychopathy of Yukai Wang

Brenton is no Bertrand Russell, hardly an intellectual heavy weight, but at least he is not mentally unhinged. Wang is.

This guy first contacted me 2 months ago during yet another Quora suspension. Sensing that I didn’t reply via Quora, he quickly spammed my YouTube channel with the typical apologist argument of asking me to exercise empathy for my oppressor and not criticise the West. THEN, when I called him out for advocating self censorship, he said he wasn’t.

He literally posted the SAME MESSAGE 3 times in a row 2 months ago, twice on Quora via different posts, and once on YouTube. I told him I DISAGREED with him and that if he had any grievances he could LINE me, an offer I give to everyone.

During our LINE interaction he was too cowardice to speak ON THE PHONE like a real person, and then proceeded to twist everything that I said, refuting his OWN opinion on how I should handle things. We did not end amicably because of his hypocrisy and failure to grasp the notion of what an alpha male actually means in the context of our discussion. This left me to draw no other conclusion, than that of Wang being 6 eggs short of a dozen.

2 months later, he again comes to my Quora post after I’ve long FORGOTTEN about him, and suddenly brags about earning $350ks a year BEFORE TAX, not post, but pre tax!!

Yes, he actually declared his earnings as though that amount is mightily impressive. What insecure, conceited moron actually states information like that? Then in all his unbridled insanity, he makes a post telling “the world” that imma bitch (as IF people didn’t know that! If I gave anyone the impression I’m nice, I APOLOGISE! Lol) and that I brought up the subject of money by saying my husband is an alpha male type. I blocked him on Quora, then as swift as a cereal killer eviscerating a brand new box of Coco Pops, he once again attacks me on YouTube, as you can see from the date markers on the comments. He literally stalked me for 2 months.

I referred to my husband being alpha because, like me, he will NOT give face to Western people IF they wrong him. He is NOT a typical Asian “Big Man/Mama”, who incriminates fellow Asians without compunction for the slightest gaffe, but prostrates in true sycophantic humility when a white person shits on his favourite sneakers, every himbos fav – Skechers!

You’ve got to understand something, my husband is Japanese AND he grew up in Japan. He is NOT wrought with the same insecurities as say a banana, where we grew up on a steady dichotomous diet of faux liberalisation and self hate. He has no question marks surrounding his identity. If you insult him, he will tell you to “FUCK OFF”. This is what I meant by alpha, but Wang perverted this into his OWN INSECURITY, hearing not what I said, but what he felt was his personal weakness being assaulted by an unapologetic Asian bitch. Don’t believe me? I have the receipts.

Also, just to highlight how disingenuous people are when giving advice, the link to the Quora post Wang answered, he in true bipolar form “advised” people that the trick in life is “to not give a fuck” about dissenters…..lmao. Not giving a fuck apparently means feeling singed enough to stalk a Quoran for 2 months because she said her husband is alpha for NOT putting up with maltreatment and racism!

Now remember why I was irate when reading his initial correspondence. He asked me to SHUT UP, to not criticise the West, which is PRECISELY what Asians have been coerced into doing for eons! Read the LINE trail, I have the full correspondence if anyone desires to read it in its entirety. Green is me.

That’s right, the problem with African Americans isn’t the fact that they weren’t paid for 310 years, or flayed or lynched, it was because white people were not “being heard”. We honestly should give more compassion and credence to the emotional ‘pain’ of the racist, because do you EVEN have any idea of the carpal tunnel syndrome that can possibly develop from whipping 20 slaves in swift succession?
So he is telling ME that when he shuts up, he gains a friend!!! Whaaaat? Is that even a friendship? So basically, if you are the carpet to be trodden on, YOU TOO, can be a friend of the KKK. Dipshit much?
He NEVER ended up talking, he was THAT SCARED, then he had the chutzpah to get ticked that I called him BETA!
Here’s where the alpha argument came in, IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH EARNING CAPACITY. Wang literally perverted the argument into something completely unrecognisable.
This dialogue became a chimera and a mockery of his point. He literally asked me to take the high road with my haters and then paradoxically said he did not ask me to SHUT UP. Which is it? There’s only ONE WAY to interpret “take the high road”, it means “don’t fight back”. Then when I call him out for his cowardice, and beta behaviour, he turns the entire thing into a money game, something that was never even part of the discourse.

Losing that last peg, you become Voltaire’s deaf man music connoisseur

When you DON’T know who you are, because you have slowly lost the full set of pegs – firstly your name, then your language, then your taste buds for your REAL TRADITIONAL foods and finally your means to address the relations you keep, you have become a chopstick doing the job a peg! When you are indoctrinated to believe that what the strongest do to excel and remain in primacy, does not belong to YOUR nature, you self sabotage any chance of getting to the top.

If you have NEVER heard sound, how CAN YOU POSSIBLY tell me that the nursery rhyme you have playing as your BGM is a symphony?

How can you describe the rainbow to me when you can only see in monochrome?

HOW can YOU tell me how to fight RACISTS and IMPERIALISTS when you have never done so yourself?

If Usain Bolt told you that the “secret” to flying like a ballistic missile on the track is to inhale double fudge ice-cream, getting intimate with one Monsieur Daniels, and ass parking on the sofa, you would have to be either lobotomised or in denial of what entails a fitness regime to believe him. You would be suspect that Usain may NOT be telling you the truth at all, shock horror, maybe, just maybe he’s lying to stay ahead and weaken the competition.

Yet when we see and hear advice coming from EMPIRE we NEVER tweak to the fact that everything they criticise us on, is the VERY THING THAT IS ALLOWING US TO FORGE AHEAD! Why have we witnessed the corollary of taking the whip, praying to the lord to forgive the whip master for ‘he knows not of what he does’ to no avail, and INSIST that this is the correct path to take? Not fighting back only results in a deeper plunge into the recesses of human sadism, where the pain endured is a challenge to up the ante, and NOT to exercise clemency or the compassion that the idiotic Wang thinks we need to proffer to our assailant!

When will Asians WAKE THE FUCK UP?

ADDENDUM: a name is NOT unique, and as such I have been informed that Brenton Lian is infact a name TWIN.

Please do not confuse the Brenton Lian in my post with a Brenton Lian who bears these credentials.

This guy was born in April 2005, which means he is 15 this year. The beta who I contacted is already an adult