Liz Larkin and Jess Pit, Racist couple 2020!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 3 June 2020

Want to see what racists look like in 2020? The following is a reprint of a Quora post I made. It deserves its own space on my blog!

Meet Elizabeth Joan Larkin, who works at Ultraceuticals and her boyfriend Jesse Pittard. This racist couple took the same flight as me yesterday, from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur on MH0122, departing from Sydney at 13:10.

This ostensibly “lovely jovial” couple sauntered down the aisle, and sat adjacent to our middle seat section, to the left. They were all smiles and banter, and while I thought they were a tad flamboyant for a mundane flight, they were a “normal” couple.

As they approached their seats, they spotted another couple and proceeded to engage in salutations as if they were long lost siblings, yet they were strangers.

This is when Elizabeth proudly declares herself as “A white South African” totally out of the blue with zero context, to which her feline whipped playmate quips in tandem, that he is a “White Australian”. I know this is the standard white person’s joke among those who for some odd reason, can’t extricate race from the daily transactions of life, so I thought meh, none of my biz.

Who in 2020, honestly cares about race when in public venues??? How on earth does being any colour even matter when boarding a plane!? Why would anyone, except for the race obsessed, even make a public declaration when NOONE ASKED AND WHEN NOONE CARED?

*Note: the MAJORITY of white people are not like these 2, however they absolutely still exist…like Billy Ray’s rat tail. However if you are interested in racial supremacy in Asia, click here Gaijin Hunter in Japan – It’s not what you think…….. – Asian Straight Shooter

Then we took off. I watched a Japanese movie called “The Ramen Shop”, and true to female form which adheres to the mantra that crying means a good time, I bawled like a child who just got told that ice cream isn’t a breakfast food. Trust me, they were happy tears for ramen boy who finally reunited with his grandma…but I digress.

All the while I was shedding tears for ramen boy, Lizzy and Jesse get inebriated in a bevy of cocktails and other grog. They started smooching and at one point, I thought they were going to join the mile high club. There was light petting, arm smooching, thigh sitting, face nibbling, you know, all the good stuff that a 3 year old sitting one seat away from them, should be exposed to. The Islamic attire of the family with the 3 year old girl, did not hold any gravitas with this couple.

STILL this was none of my biz. They are in lurve, so tough if other people have a sensitive palette to PDA, they are going to get a dose of it irrespective of their immunity to kissy faces and salivary exchanges.

Then the spat happened.

I ordered special meals for my father in law. After the main meal, we get a hot snack a few hours later. Elizabeth suddenly rouses from her inebriated slumber, turns to my father in law and snatches HIS SNACK FROM HIS TRAY!!

Receipt of them being on our flight, lest people think I just accused them because I like to harass strangers.

This wasn’t a person sitting next to my father in law, they were separated by the aisle and by one row. We were in row 43, they were sitting in seats 42 A and C. Lizzy literally scanned his snack, lifted herself off her bfs thigh, and as the flight attendant left after putting down the snack, she leaned over to grab it without acknowledging that she is stealing his food, right in front of him! She did not even have the courtesy to at least ask, “Can I see what you have?”. She pretended he wasn’t even THERE.

She proceeds to fondle the alfoil wrapped concoction, makes a hebetudinous joke about it and dishes it back to my Japanese father in law who only knows how to say ‘Thank you’ and ‘Goodmorning’ in English.

My husband turns to me and explains what just happened, so I undo my belt, lean over so that I’m looking at this bellicose couple and I said “Excuse me”. 3 times I was ignored.

Then I said “Oi, drunk woman WHY DID YOU TAKE my father in laws food?”. She still ignored me, but then her boyfriend said “She was hungry, I’m sorry”.

I said, “I AM NOT asking for an apology from YOU, I’m asking for an explanation from HER!” Then she turns around and says “I can’t understand what you are saying?” insinuating that I spoke an Asian language that was foreign to her which she couldn’t understand. She said this repeatedly, making facial gestures like I was crazy and just suddenly got irate at her for no reason.

That’s when I got the flight attendant over and demanded he extract a reason from her. Basically half the plane heard me loudly declare the whole sequence of events, from her first white racial declaration, to stealing and fondling my father in laws food sans an apology and explanation from her, and I made sure everyone heard the following line.

I said to the flight attendant who took down the report for this incident, that TODAY we no longer live in a COLONISED STATE. White people have zero rights to take away another person’s food, chuck it around with their grubby paws and then make racist remarks about an Asian face speaking English in a way that is incomprehensible. I told them I’M AUSTRALIAN, if she has problems with understanding me, then she can’t possibly understand her Australian bf! I said so much more than this, and you know what? I’m damn proud I did.

The flight attendant asked me what I wanted to do. I said I don’t need an insincere apology, I need BOTH of their names and I will tell MY STORY VIA SOCIAL MEDIA.

I know he, as the flight staff needed to remain neutral but I could see the smile on his face as I vociferated that the tides have changed. Anglo Western white people NO LONGER have rights to denigrate others and appear a hero. They will be shamed!

The younger me, would have DEFINITIELY remained mum about the whole incident, not because I genuinely was OK with it, but because I did not want to cause a scene, so I was willing to chalk it up as a frivolous non event, to appear cool and “above” their childish stupidity.

These days, after life has bestowed a plethora of experiences that taught me remaining silent is the most cowardice and idiotic way to behave, I chose to take a stand.


Karma is NOT another bad thing eventuating on your agreessor to balance out the injustice dispensed upon YOU by them.

The impetus of karma lies in your instinct to feel the anger, or discontent and for YOU TO VOCALISE IT! Saying that they should know better is logically fallacious. If they knew, better, they would NOT HAVE BEEN a donkey to you in the first place!

Karma IS THE VICTIM turning the tables around on the aggressor, once you come to this realisation, you will understand what karma truly is.

Karma is knowing you did what you had to do to authenticate life, which is a series of events designed for you to experience the emotions belonging to that of a sentient being, including pride, anger, indignation in addition to magnanimity, love and clemency.

I would rather be disliked by living my little life faithfully to authenticity, then being liked but having to anesthetize my emotions.

One awakening that this incident triggered is possibly a little more understanding to racism towards Asians, by my father in law.

For the longest time, he plus many other Asians who did not grow up in the West, think that racism towards Asians is ONLY DIRECTED to one demographic, hence they take delight in seeing a different Asian to themselves, getting assailed. My father in law was certainly one of these people.

I remember when I told him about our highly racist experiences of Berlin, he proudly boasted that they disdain the Chinese NOT JAPANESE so that’s OK. Yesterday, he experienced first hand, as a Japanese, that one yellow primate is the same as another to other races, and that pining for the downfall of one Asian nationality believing it doesn’t effect the other, is imbecilic.The Problem with Asians……

This is something that I have reiterated ad nauseum irl and in my posts, and very few register this truth until they are directly forced to, through direct confrontation.

Anyway dear reader, we all learn from each other and irrespective of what colour you are, you NEED to impart your negative experiences to make our world better.

The only way we can outstrip our shadow is to move towards the light source, this can’t happen without being truthful to ourselves. Rei Tanotsuka’s answer to Are all white people racist (even if unknowingly)?

Addendum :

The comments are now pouring in by some readers who feel indignant that I DARE CALL out white people, claiming that they have experienced racism too.

What? When did I ever declare racism flowed one way? When did I forbid anyone from articulating their experiences? I’m writing about what happened to me YESTERDAY, if this is already enough to trigger some sensitive white folk, EVENTHOUGH I WROTE VERY CLEARLY that I’m not talking about ALL WHITE PEOPLE, then they should honestly look in the mirror!

Every story blankets Asians and Blacks and Whites. If you don’t like this, CHANGE THE WAY WESTERN MEDIA projects itself.

I am not the press generator, I am but one participant in a public discourse. I have already written caveats which is MORE THAN WHAT WESTERN MEDIA WILL DO when say, writing stories incriminating Muslims!

Isn’t it quaint, how when an Asian person talks about who attacked them, and the perpetrator happens to be white, suddenly individualisation matters, yet when we read in the newspaper “China’s Uyghur Nazi schools”, NOT ONE white Western person feels indignant enough to protest that the article must articulate the individual Chinese who run the camps INSTEAD OF USING A GENERIC BLANKET TERM “China”?? Double standard much anyone?

Here’s her FB and Linked In page, just in case people think I just took a random person and decided to accuse them of being a common racist.