Julian Randall UNHINGED – Racist, Sexist AND Homophobic.

By Rei Tanotsuka, 12 September 2020

This post has it all! Boy with a brain infarction (figuratively) meets a titan alpha Asian woman. Racist taunting, sexist vile language, homophobia and even the N WORD ensues!

Oh, shut up to those who say “I hate drama”. Wake up! Julian Randall is the exemplar of what I have elucidated to in the past- people who claim that they can wear their egalitarian card on their sleeve because they  fornicated with a black, brown or yellow girl. The phenomenon of vitriolic, spiteful, acerbic innate racial hate does NOT go away when an erection appears. Read on. Read on WITHOUT knocking back a coupla cans o’ beer. Remain LUCID, so that you know exactly what is happening in our world of so called “globalisation” and “democratic values”. This is the SON OF FREE MARKET CAPITALISM AND DEMOCRACY!

I want the world to understand that we have NOT resolved racial inequality with sex – we’ve merely brutalised it clandestinely, and wrapped it up in latex. Racism is alive, salubrious and having a grand ol’ time in 2020!

Now, affix his image firmly in your mind and know that this is a White British guy who is a Computer Science grad, (as he so proudly mentioned multiple times on my YouTube comment section, now deleted unfortunately), who is in AN INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIP with a Chinese lady. Remember that..sear that in YOUR MIND.

*please note that the following is NOT doxxing. There is no personal information such as email addresses, links to his social media accounts nor his place of abode disclosed. I write this post because he is threatening me online. I am announcing publicly that I think he is mentally unstable. This is a community service to warn others that he may be a public threat or menace one day. You can clearly see from the email trail, he is apologetic one moment and threatening me in the next. This level of emotional fluctuation, minutes apart, is not indicative of someone who is of sound mind.

Julian Randall emailed me last night because I invited him for a chat using the LINE app. I invite ANYONE who has a problem with my public opinions to a live debate. He emailed me but refused to use LINE, a FREE calling app, but requested that I USE A LAND LINE to call him instead. Yes that’s right, which century is this guy even from? Does he HONESTLY think I’m going to waste money on such a LOSER? I knew the technology in the UK or Australia was behind, but damn, this takes the topper on the psychotic cake! Then I notified him publicly on YouTube that I deemed him to be harassing me, and for him to stop communicating. He continued to email me nonetheless, each mail ramping up in the vile stakes, culminating in stating that black people are beneath white people. He also told me to kill myself, as in commit self harm. His first mail was registered on September 11, 6:30pm (great, another terror attack, except its perpetrated by a white guy, so it’s just a “misunderstanding”), with the latest mail being logged at 11:33am September 12 (the next day).

*Randall tells me to “take your (my) own life”.
*The latest mail as I write this post.

This is how the hairy tale began… Once upon a time on YouTube, I made a video in response to one of my Quora posts on Japanese school uniforms.

Click here to view

My video was a refutation to a Western white male commenter (he told me he was a WWM) who insisted that MOST Japanese school girls and young girls wear super short skirts. This is a very stereotypical Asian woman trope that is lauded by Western nationals done with the intent to highlight promiscuity. I vehemently objected to this stereotype and aimed to dismantle it by filming a typical Saturday night in a central location in Japan to evince that most Japanese women are NORMAL. They are not sex dolls, trolloping around town pining for  molestations.

This video is NOT controversial or worthy of condemnation in any way, women around the WORLD are not object d’art or play things. We EXIST as part of a community, not for the sole sexual benefit of men! You would think I was advocating for compulsory sterilisation or something equally as hysterical from the comment by Randall. What is “bitter” about an Asian woman taking a stand? Naturally I shaded him in return, and that’s when the ego bruising of a white Western male reared its ugly head, figuratively and literally.

How DARE an Asian woman answer him back and with such caustic humour? I was supposed to just TAKE IT in stride, so that the world can commend me for being the “better” person. Unfortunately for Randall, I’m not an idiot who falls for that line any more. There’s no satisfaction in getting a pat on the proverbial back for being beta. Taking a stand and telling an idiot to save his hebetudinous thoughts for the porcelain throne is way more soul satiating.

The above is the initial YouTube comment that sparked it all. The world expects an Asian woman to just brush these comments off. Not ME!

The following are the emails. I print them to highlight the bipolar nature of Randall. Times are given on these emails to show that they are in the correct chronology.

*The first sign that he is bat shit crazy. The video was PUBLIC, I never referred to ANYONE as a sex pest personally. In fact, I didn’t even say anyone was a “sex pest” at all! The video literally showed the hemlines and fashion sense of Japanese people. Also note he’s Australian here.
*This is the FIRST instance of the online threat. This is a conditional clause, “Do ‘A’, or I will ‘B'”. He expounds the fact that he has an assault record. Assault means a physical attack. The syntax of the above comment clearly denotes a threat to my personal safety.
*The racist underpinnings begin. This part connects to the above comment of asking me to commit suicide.
*Referring to women as “cunts”, is not only uncouth but ameliorates a woman’s social status to her genitals. This is the reason why I made the YouTube video in the first place, to highlight the autonomy of women to NOT be objects and body parts.
*Now he’s BRITISH. I can understand if he just said he’s white, but Australia and Britain are TWO DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. Yes dual citizenship is available, but settle ON ONE nationality when in a social discourse.
*What a retort… “stupid dog”, it’s like he was trained in the art of wit by preschoolers….
*Once again, vindictive, hate-filled derogatory   references. Sexist tones fill his diatribe.
Sexually explicit phrasing of his sentiments designed to provoke ire and relegation of self esteem in the reader.
*This comment is so worrisome… “I get my girls pregnant enough times, sad times.”, what does this mean? He forces them to abort the child, or he wilfully causes them to miscarry? This comment really gave me the chills because I knew of a real life acquaintance, an American man I used to worked with, who told me carte blanche that he enjoyed impregnating Japanese girls just so that they would undergo an abortion. He said he enjoyed giving something to them “so deep that it needs to yanked out”. His EXACT words.
*Introduces his homophobia here.
*Utilisation of the N word, a notorious hate filled reference to an entire demographic of people forced into subjugation for 4 centuries. An unfathomable historical injustice committed and promulgated by Randall’s ancestors against fellow human beings isn’t sordid enough, that the embers still glow in the descendants now. We are in 2020 folks, white Western Imperial descendants really HAVE NOT LEARNT, nor do they feel genuine remorse behind closed doors.
*The second threat – “in reality you are dead”. Since I am distinctly alive, this comment along with the first threat, in addition to the suggestion that I take my life, leads me to conclude that this is a threat to physically kill me.

The White man who “loves” Asian women…

Coming to Japan has been a mixed blessing. Living in Australia, I forged quite a distinct understanding of what “the world” was, only to have it turned upside down here.

When I first started mixing with the expat community, I was taken aback at how frequently people assumed I was dating a white guy. Back in Australia, maybe because I wasn’t from the “Big cities”, an Asian girl with a white guy harboured a different social credence. In my immediate circle, it was always the Asian woman who experienced difficulties getting an Asian man who ended up with a white guy. The Asians in my social world had always joked that white people were “kind” because they took anything. I’m not trying to sound trite, but when I first came to Japan and literally EVERY EXPAT guy assumed I was with a white guy, caused me great offence because I thought “hold up, I’m not one of those ‘settlers’.

One night I attended a “racial awareness” meetup – like event. It was headed by a biracial Hawaiian girl, and that was the first time I had ever heard of a narrative different to the one I had known all my life.

The ubiquity of the Asian woman and White man was a union traditionally borne from economic or social disparity. The Hawaiian lass ran through the phenomenon of war brides initially happy to be married to Anglo Western soldiers. Upon learning how to speak English properly, they found themselves divorced because suddenly his animated doll had a temper and an opinion and big boy soldier can’t take dissent. It was always a relationship based on subjugation and compliance.

Of course I don’t think contemporary couples, say BOTH partners growing up in the same country who just happen to be racially different still in turn this dynamic, but I do have my suspicions on the relationships of the white male expat and the Asian Asian woman.

I may sound jaded, but this is due to the fact that I’m cognizant of what the expats say when it’s just “us”. When no Japanese ears are in propinquity, the white Western male (especially) exercises no clemency in mocking Japanese men. This is not brotherly jocularity akin to a playful verbal ‘punch’ on the shoulders. It is often a cantankerous, livid, acrid off colour remark that makes the observer wonder is the white man really in love with the Japanese woman, or just savagely fucking her to sully the sacred temple of his reviled nemesis?

This hurricane of contradiction arises I think, from the fact that historically Asian men have NOT merely submitted, (even though the Anglophone account of those events would have us believe it to be so), they have always said NO and fought back. The survival savvy females generally, who were traditionally carried off as war time booty, succumb more swiftly to the victors. It’s this level of acquiescence and compliance in the Asian woman, lying in the cradle made for her by the aggressor when Asia in general lost its war time valour, is what imbues the Western male ego – Asian women are “OUR RIGHT” to possess, in the same fashion that African women slaves were taken without consent.

When an Asian female titan comes along, she poses the same threat as the unrepentant Asian man who fought back despite the fact that he wore tennis shoes in the snow, where his counterpart had steel capped leather boots (sino-korean feint), or that a few onigiris (rice balls) gave as much courage as a slab of premium steak (Japan against the Western world). When Asians FIGHT BACK we are no longer “lovable”.

The Japanese expat community is THE COMMUNITY that implanted the dichotomy (in me) that “what” you choose to “love”, may not be love at all….

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  1. There was a Reddit subgroup called /hapa, where its members are all Asian/white biracial children exposing the trauma of being raised in a family riddled with toxic racist power dynamics in such a household. The mod was a guy called Eurasian Tiger who ran a blog, and reading his detailed account of his childhood (white supremacist father, white-worshipping Asian mother) was mind-blowing in a deeply disturbing way.

    1. This dynamic is all common unfortunately. This is why I am adamant on creating strong, non beta Asians. We can only achieve parity if we believe we deserve it.

  2. Another racist white man with an Asian girlfriend. I seriously don’t know who contributes to anti-Asian racism and white supremacy more – she or he.

  3. Idk about you but Julian Randall looks part Asian himself, not full white. If he is he’s a far cry from the ubermench he probably thinks he is.

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