If the Anglo West is so racist, why are those countries home to so many coloured munchkins?

By Rei Tanotsuka, 25 September 2020

“Moral relativism is clearly an attempt to pay intellectual reparations for the crimes of Western colonialism, ethnocentrism and racism.” Sam Harris in The Moral Landscape.

Ever since I started to express my thoughts publicly, I have encountered a recurring question designed to stump my assertion that Western Imperialism is the genesis for our current global quagmire of racism and unilateral rule.

Do my dissenters have a point, or have they once again FAILED miserably in using their grey matter to examine why the question they pose as a rebuttal, is infact the comeback of an interred mind, buried in Western dogma?

Western public intellectuals spawn a legion of shoddy imitators who not only pilfer their conclusions, but concomitantly neglect to read the original source document inorder to contemplate the author’s musing on a level outside of the superficial. Sam Harris’ idea on morality is quite popular to regurgitate these days, so I will use his argument as a general representation of the minds who disagree with me (not that agreeing is on my agenda).

Harris says Benedict’s moral relativism is an apologist argument

Harris has a modus operandi which climaxes on the conclusion that it’s Western scientific understanding that makes the world a great place to live in. He reiterates that the West is NOT supreme, but then points out other societies which fall short based on the fact that they do not adhere to the Western scientific mandate of logic and facts.

He points out the vindictiveness of the Dobu tribe as an example of a superstitious society gone awry (courtesy of Ruth Benedict’s work), and asks the confounding billion dollar question: “Did the Dobu love their friends and family as much as we love ours?”, to which Harris argues, no.

Harris has a PhD in cognitive neuroscience, so I will take his word on his studies on homo sapien cognition because I know jackshit about the intricacies of the human brain. Harris worked with Mark Cohen in UCLA at the cognitive neuroscience lab studying the notion of “beliefs” in general.

At another facility, the National Institutes of Health, religious beliefs were being examined. Harris then had the brilliance to marry up the two studies, measuring the fMRI signal changes in Christians and atheists alike when asked questions pertaining to what they believed to be true. The experiment involved presenting a series of scientific and religious statements, and getting the participants to press a button to show whether they thought the statement was true or false eg. “Eagles are real.” vs “Angels are real.”

This is what Harris found in both groups. “Believing a statement to be true was associated with greater activity in the medial prefrontal cortex (MPFC), a region important for self representation, emotional associations, reward, and goal-driven behaviour. This area showed greater activity whether subjects believed statements about God and the Virgin Birth or statements about ordinary facts.”. The Moral Landscape

So bloody what?

Well, Harris contradicts HIMSELF!

Now remember, Harris is heralded as a Western public intellectual, the Tyson in the art of cerebral logic. Despite his SCIENTIFIC FACT BASED study elucidating that a BELIEF IN PARTHENOGENESIS of a mortal (a virgin birth being possible) carries as much emotional reward as believing in oxygen being a necessity, he goes on to argue that the subjective “qualia” of  “love” between the Dobu people is LESS than that of the love exhibited between people in the civilized West! Even though he knows neurologically speaking, the SAME EMOTIONAL REWARD ensues if a belief is held to be TRUE irrespective of what that belief is, Harris still abides by the notion that the Western way reigns supreme.

Science CAN’T give an emotional weighting to our feelings, it can only show what areas in our brains are affected. Harris’ assessment of the Dobu’s love is purely SUBJECTIVE which means his bias comes into play.

It’s this pernicious stronghold of Western ideology being ultimately the most righteous (even though it can be neuro scientifically shown to be fallacious), that gives rise to the insouciant manner by which the West just wantonly destroys other cultures.

The Dobu view life DIFFERENTLY, and while I Rei, do not personally agree with their particular views on retribution or their expression on the sanctity of life, I am not supercilious enough to deem their emotions to be second rate to mine. The Dobu’s are seen by Western anthropologists to be savage and vengeful because they base their achievements, or material gains on a finite source. This leads them to view life in a zero sum manner, ie. If I receive a bumper harvest of corn this year, then you must have somehow been short changed by me. But HOLD UP, isn’t this THE SAME PHILOSOPHY OF THE WEST? The only difference is SCALE, not nature! Instead of equitable trading, the West has traditionally extorted, stolen and maimed its opponents in obtaining what they wanted leaving the natives WITH NOTHING. The legacy of this barbarism is the unabated fear which courses through the pulses of the descendants of the Western Imperialists in turbulent times.

Don’t believe me? Look at the current Covid-19 pandemic. Australia has had TWO panic toilet paper buy outs, one in March, and another in June 2020!! Australia toilet paper panic. It’s like being a nation of assholes isn’t quaint enough, that we now have to resort to scrag fights to keep our chocolate starfishes, smear free.

American citizens have not only paralleled their Australian brethren’s obsession in keeping a skid mark free butthole, they’ve been lining up for ammunition! “The agency’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) shows almost 14,000,000 checks were done between March and June, the highest in its 22-year history. June’s 3,931,607 checks were a 136 per cent increase from 2019.” Gun sales spike

This level of hysteria and fear arises because of the latent paranoia that is a psychological “Lamarckian inheritance” of the West traditionally STEALING AND MASS MURDERING indigenous people to take what is not theirs. Any provocation that threatens ownership of what the West obtained through sanguineous means, gives impetus to resort to violence once again, only this time to preserve what they have stolen. This, my dear friend is what karma is. We can EASILY see how this cycle of stealing and fearing being robbed, can parlay into a cycle of unmitigated violence if conditions are ripe ie. poverty, which was the climate of the Dobu tribe at the time Western anthropologists studied them! The viciousness that the West observed among the Dobu’s, is BUT A MIRROR of their OWN disposition, played out in a small community.

While intellectuals like Harris can only illustrate what is inherently wrong with the Dobu’s when cherry picking a point to juxtapose Western primacy, he neglects to highlight aspects where these “primitive” systems work out more equitably.

The Dobu’s view of life in some ways end up being quite fair, especially in living arrangements with the elders vis-à-vis  imparting the maternal and paternal line of thought: “…. because mothers and motherline in general are especially important for Dobuans, couples are required to reside alternately in the groom’s tribe and in the bride’s tribe for one year at a time, resolving the predicament easily but beyond the understanding of most of the civilized world (Bendict 139).” Ruth Benedict

Now we have reached the answer to the titular question….why are there so many minorities living in the West?

The readers who ask this question expect me to be flustered and stutter out a feeble excuse, but far from it, I’m going to spit out the TRUTH.

When you destroy a culture through killing off the dominant leaders (usually men), subjugating the women with the intent of siring the next generation for you to enslave, what are you, ipso facto doing? You are, in a oxymoronic way giving rise to a new “responsibility” irrespective of how callous and unscrupulous you were in obtaining the role of the “provider”. Human nature, though cyclical and incapable of true evolution, nevertheless runs the gamut of an incarceration to emancipation reel, and it’s during these phases in the cycle of human nature, which enables laws to change, reflecting contemporary mores.

Was that a little obscure? A simple analogy. A parent has a child. The infant is completely ensconced in an environment that s/he is immobile in, everything from feeding, bathing and defecating is controlled by the parent. As the infant becomes a toddler through time, autonomy is gained gradually. It’s this emergence of autonomy that negotiates the change in the rules of the household. One day the little turd is going to be fully independent.

All of life, cycles itself on this pattern – the Hegelian dialectic, materialised. We run this cycle in academia, in our careers and human history definitely accords with this trajectory. The founding fathers/mothers always try their damn hardest to create a quasi utopia, initially ruling the citizen collective with an iron fist, only to reach the lofty state of a golden era, followed by a subsequent decline into debauchery.

The Anglo Western and European countries which house the rainbow faction now, are NOT magnanimous, patron saints of egalitarianism! They are the philistine, obdurate racists WHO COMMITTED GLOBAL ANARCHY! The melting pot we see in the West is not borne from a desire to realise the essence of the different humans “being”, on the soil of the Imperialists, it is the BY PRODUCT of colonial rule! This is the promise of coming under Western sovereignty, compounded by time and the back fired propaganda of an ersatz democracy. Yes, the West said the coloured minions are welcomed as their own, after all WE ARE ALL EQUAL RIGHT?

The West literally went to sovereign states, and manacled the natives through: (not in chronological order)

1. the creation of a new underclass, the UNTOUCHABLES (India)

2. drugging AN ENTIRE NATION (China)

3. COERCING A COUNTRY into trade (Japan)

4.  INVADING A COUNTRY rife with different factions and created MORE mayhem (Afghanistan)

5. the EXTORTION OF GOLD from the indigenous people, while promising freedom, only to ROAST THEM ALIVE (the Spanish in the Americas)

6. IMMOLATING AND MURDERING 80% of a tribe (Germans in the culling of  the Herero Africans)

7. STAGING A WMD HOAX (weapons of mass destruction), to turn a normal country into a failed state (Iraq)

8. MURDERING AND SODOMISING a COLONEL who kept Islamic extremism at bay (Lybia)

9. INJECTING SYPHILIS into children, prostitutes and men (Tuskegee, Guatemala)

10. EXPERIMENTING with Friedman’s SHOCK DOCTRINE on ANOTHER country, giving rise to a dictator that TORTURED and KILLED 40,000 people (Chile)!

This is JUST THE BEGINNING! So to the IDIOTS who ask me, why does the West have so many minorities living there? Because the FUCKING Western Imperialists DESTROYED THE HOMES of these people! “Schadenfraude” (pleasure from another’s pain) is the middle name of the West.

Here, let me rephrase this so that even imbeciles are capable of understanding. IF I GO TO YOUR HOME, MURDER YOUR FAMILY, TAKE ALL YOUR JEWELLERY, CASH OUT YOUR INSURANCE POLICY, then begrudgingly allow you to LIVE IN MY BASEMENT with guaranteed sporadic taunting from my ill bred off spring, ARE YOU GOING TO ingratiate yourself towards me? Do you HONESTLY think I’m NICE?

Yet somehow if you have blue eyes, all the above atrocities are annulled and you indeed come out looking like the Archangel Michael. WTF?

The demographic of the Anglo West is testimony to COLONEL RULE, not an understanding of diversity!

Let’s look at the demographic split in the Anglo Western countries, and just TRY to point out a SIZEABLE GROUP that wasn’t a colony, at the brunt of a coup gone wrong, or a regime change operation! The following demographic data is taken from Index Mundi.

*Every single group in Britain was a COLONY.
*Every group is a vassal of, or had a coup staged by the US.
*As the son of the British Imperial reign, it has inherited ALL of Britain’s global plunder, the big 2 being India and China. Also, 15,000 Indian soldiers helped Australia in the Gallipoli war.
*Once again,  New Zealand’s German Samoa invasion resulted in gaining citizens, the other coloured people are courtesy of the British Imperial reign.
*Canada, as a descendant of the British empire fought in Hong Kong against the Japanese. The East Indians were the Punjabi fighters serving in the British Imperial army.

Please pass me the $2 chalice, for I have found the holy grail of STUPIDITY. How ANYONE can look at the coloured faces in the West, read the history of the Imperial European invasions and not put 2 & 2 together, is testimony to Western propaganda that would do Goebbels proud. Also, the lead in the water campaign is definitely working even without the lobotomising effects of a diet heavy in Monsanto.

So, is there a country that DIDN’T INVADE other countries and cause destruction, but genuinely allowed foreigners to reside on their land and treated them well?

Funny you should ask, because yes there is – China.

This is how they treated their tributary states representatives, you know the people who were willing to come under China? Unlike the Europeans, they didn’t flay them, or coal roast their king alive, this is what China did:

“The daily rations allotted to one emissarial mission of seventy-seven people from Persia during the Yongle period consisted of 12 sheep, 4 ducks, 50 bottles of wine, about 200 pounds of rice and 140 pounds of fruit, 120 pounds of flour, 200 baked cakes, one tray of sugared cakes, vegetables, and spices. As the size of the Mongol missions174 grew toward the middle of the fifteenth century, food requirements clearly became a burden to the court. One Oirat mission in the 1440s consisted of twenty-four hundred men, who reportedly managed to consume five thousand sheep during their two-month stay in China.” from When China Ruled the Seas: The Treasure Fleet of the Dragon Throne, 1405–1433 by Louise Levathes.

Yeah, I hear you mumble, but that’s on a bling occasion but what about the foreign dregs who lived in China? I bet the Chinese called them names and relegated them to the lowest caste right?

“Within the city limits, foreigners were exempt from Chinese law; legally it was as if they’d never left home. Soon the peculiar legal principle of “extraterritoriality” became a physical reality as Britain, France, and the United States carved out concessions from the open land surrounding Shanghai’s centuries-old walled city, then a regional hub of some 200,000 people in the fertile Yangtze River delta. The settlements the foreigners built starting in 1845 looked like their home countries in miniature. The French Concession became famous for its beautiful tree-lined streets and elegant cafes, the British for its sumptuous private clubs, and the American for the bustling commerce along its main thoroughfare, Broadway. Just a decade after its creation, foreign-dominated Shanghai was China’s leading international port.. “ The Rise and Fall of Shanghai

And here we are, jumping for fuckin joy because they let us make a “little Japan” , or “China Town”….

The West is SOOOO good to us because we only see AO (Asians Out) graffitied on walls in the povo areas, and we only get spat on during a pandemic. Sure there’s ongoing discrimination via off colour jokes and remarks, but it’s not like they have us living in ghettos…. *cough* Box Hill, *cough* Brunswick, *cough* Maribyrnong….

In Hong Kong, the British even interdicted Victoria Peak from the Chinese peasants during their heyday. The lumpen Hong Kong rioters now fighting for the return of their former whip master, couldn’t even set foot on the peak with the million dollar vista… let me REITERATE OUR FUCKIN JOY for being able to make a China Town in San Francisco!

That’s one small ghetto for a flaxen haired Americano, but one gargantuan step of Asian pride evincing proof that we ENJOY WESTERN LIBERTY….. “solly sur, you want da dim sum or der der shiew mai?” – dials back to the homeland… “America so free you know, we say wat we want… we say do you want dim sum or shiew mai”…

Wait, I got more! How about I get a PhD in some fancy aeronautic technology in my country, but come over AND DO YOUR DRY CLEANING? No? Then can I qualify as a neurosurgeon in my homeland and have the honour to be your Uber chauffeur?

Learning to think is possibly the hardest thing in life, because everything around us encourages us not to. So if we are given the stereotype of being a four eyed, maths freak, why not use our vision and FIGURE OUT A WAY to gain parity?

Propaganda + Low self-esteem, does not = EQUALITY!

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  1. When an imperialistic force rules the world, the safest place to live is within the walls of that empire! – but of course, at a social and economic cost. A cost that could, and has, produced lost and disenfranchised generation(s) disconnected from their roots, their heritage, and their history. It’s not like they’ll ever be taught those things in a history class…

    Who do you think live in the “ghettos” of France and the UK? The descendants of people that once served the “glorious Empire”, and now – with *significantly* less than their ancestors started off with! Yes, there have been ‘winners’ (those who used the new system/environment to make money), but relatively few – and neither they nor their descendants are allowed anywhere near true political power, despite the capital they have accumulated.

    You will not find a single historic regiment of the UK or the USA whose regimental history does not glorify vicious imperial endeavours of the past (far more vicious than anything an Asian empire had ever produced). It’s in the interest of the people who “govern the world in the name of ‘liberty’” to propagate amongst the masses the notion of their superiority. Foreigners are fine, IF they have been de-fanged. They are acceptable, IF they accept US as their superiors…

    Usually this loud narrative of “we’re so equal and accepting, definitely NOT racist!” comes from the UK, so here are the ground-level facts of institutionalised, systematic racism – which has been made apparent “thanks” to COVID-19:
    [1] https://libertyinvestigates.org.uk/articles/bame-people-disproportionately-targeted-by-coronavirus-fines/
    [2] https://www.wired.co.uk/article/bame-communities-coronavirus-uk
    [3] https://www.hsj.co.uk/coronavirus/exclusive-government-censored-bame-covid-risk-review/7027761.article
    [4] “Stressed and AFRAID” – https://www.bma.org.uk/news-and-opinion/bame-doctors-hit-worse-by-lack-of-ppe
    [5] http://www.laboureurope.eu/blaming_johnny_foreigner

    1. You know us coloured munchkins are always the first to be blamed. What flummoxes me is how many will deny this and fight so hard for the colonisers. I am sure that you know people who are fighting so hard for any strong Asian to fail without once realising that they are so spineless because they far from having an independent opinion, are just the well trained canines of the West.
      The worst and most beta Asians I know utter the following SANS SHAME, infact they are damn proud: “They say I’m whiter than a REAL AUSSIE /AMERICAN/BRIT!”

      1. “What flummoxes me is how many will deny this and fight so hard for the colonisers.”

        “I am sure that you know people who are fighting so hard for any strong Asian to fail without once realising that they are so spineless because they far from having an independent opinion, are just the well trained canines of the West.”

        LOL That’s basically India right now. Indias provocative policies (it’s actually bi-partisan – America has their finger in both pies) and racist media bias against our Chinese neighbours is SHOCKING beyond belief and full of outrageous lies. I can not express my anger in words.

        They are the only geo-politically significant Asian country (due to their population size – and impressionability) that are protecting the anglo-West status quo in the east – for petty gains and accolades. India is basically a circus monkey doing a dance for the ringmaster and waiting for a round of applause from the western audience.

        Extremely embarrassing and outrageous.

        1. Tej, I want to ask you something, how or what incident made you see through the propaganda? In all honesty, in Australia I felt a sense of discomfort, a gnawing that something wasn’t quite right with what my “world” told me, but it took coming to Japan and staying for a damn long time, before I realised HOW MUCH BS I was fed. You are still living in the UK right? When did the light bulb switch on for you?

          1. Not one, but numerous. It took a while for me to process and make sense of it all… Then it clicked. Like a hypothesis that, whenever applied against an observation, seems to reliably explain the observed phenomenon.

            I’ll list major ones in the hopes that it might be be useful or at least entertaining to your audience:

            * Randomly attacked by 4 guys shouting racial slurs in a city centre while walking to get to the train station — though I got a couple of decent blows in myself (had been kickboxing since 7), I ended up with swollen face, blood vessels burst in my eyes, a HUGE swollen black left eye, and blood running down my right arm soaking my shirt sleeve because one of the guys bit my hand and tried to chew on it (had to hold it up in guard position the whole time). Ran to the nearest pub whose bouncers would let me in, the police constables arrived, exchanged words with the 4 guys who’d chased me (stopped outside by the bouncers, after they were smashing on the windows, shouting etc.) – constables TOLD THEM TO LEAVE, called me out and basically told me that I had no business in pursuing this further. I reached out to the city inspector with both constables’ collar number, he regurgitated the same words, saying that it was nothing more than a “drunk brawl”. At the time, I was a first year university student, no knowledge of lawyers that could have helped me pursue the case, not much cash, nobody to help, and I certainly didn’t want to worry my parents (who lived 4 hours away).

            * About a year or two later, I overheard two cops in the middle of the SAME city centre talking about getting rid of their “paki” colleague. “Paki” is a racial slur used for all South Asians regardless of country – particularly Indians and Pakistanis (both of whom fought for the British during WWI and WWII, both were also major sources of revenue/produce during the wars, and labour from both countries helped rebuild Britain after the destruction of WWII). Thought to myself: “devious ungrateful bastards, now I KNOW this isn’t my country”.

            * Training with a British army regiment, sitting through regimental history classes – the officer glorifying inhumane conquests as if it was the greatest thing that ever happened to “those people”. For me, as somebody of Punjabi/Sikh background, it happened to be the Battle of Sabraon – a battle that I actually knew a thing or two about. Also – the British army has a culture of propagating condescending racist material like Harry Flashman comics, etc. Officers de-humanizing muslims and villainizing Islam in almost all conversations. Recommended reading like ‘Junior Officer’s Reading Club’, regurgitate the same sort of intentional biases – albeit in a more readable/subtle way. About the same time, I also happened to be involved with ‘the Conservative society’ and saw the basis on which policy advisors and junior party leaders were groomed (racist dogwhistles with ‘plausible’ explanations actively encouraged).

            * Random people at pubs finding every opportunity to single me out and try to pick a fight. I assume my presence must’ve been intimidating/threatening… All three times I happened to be the only non-White guy around, with a white girl, in a predominantly white area.

            * Working in America, talking to “liberals” and realising their the same condescending bastards as everybody else, – just that their approach to ‘supremacy’ is more sophisticated, and their mannerisms more subtle when exerting aggression. I now basically see all liberals as passive aggressive white supremacists – passive aggression a necessity, considering their social and economic incentives.

            * (Eventually) noticing that some of my “friends”, co-workers, and bosses at two of the companies I worked for would often try and pit or position me against other people of “foreign” decent (they were often East Asian for some reason – Chinese, and Vietnamese, respectively). It took me a while to notice that I was being an absolute twat and falling for the trap. Before I had met my Chinese colleagues on a personal level, I had a very condescending “western” attitude towards them that my white bosses actively encouraged.

            * Working in China and realising how friendly and welcoming the people are, and HOW SAFE I FELT, I could walk anywhere/everywhere with my guard down… people interacted with me as if I’m their brother, tried to understand me and my perspective, introduced me to their families, it was beautiful… They were also shocked that, as a “westerner”, I was not critical of them or their government. I HATED the fact that they were embarrassed of their government instead of proud when interacting with me. I told them that their government was doing a great job compared to the west and they were SHOCKED!

            * Noticing that every time the matter of systematic and institutionalised racism comes up, British MSM do their utmost best to give the most airtime to the individual whose narrative is built around DENYING any such occurrence as a complete and utter falsity, how “things are much better than they used to be”, the “world is a much better place”, etc.

            I could go on…

            SO…, when I see a Chinese or East Asian person go through the same thing TODAY. I get it… I TOTALLY get it.

          2. Do you mind if I turn this into a formal blog post? This is too valuable to leave as a comment.
            I finally get why we are on the same page, being a woman I’m not subjected to your level of physical harassment, not by a long shot. It’s funny that you mention being bitten. This part hit me hard.
            I read alot of African American slave literature and do you know what is a common form of abuse? The whip master, after a frenzy of whipping or any other form of torture, will get to a fever pitch state, where he would start biting the slave out of adrenalin or some other sick psychopathic induced state.
            I honestly think this needs to be a formal post.

          3. Sure, if you want.

            ‘Singh’, for me, is a cultural suffix used as a middle name, I rarely use my family/clan name on social media.

  2. So basically the first incident made me super-vigilant of peoples’ intentions. Over time, I learned to pick up cues, etc. For some reason I wanted to find “leverage” over people that I thought were “low class racists”, and realised during the process that it had NOTHING to do with “class” – there is a top-down solidarity and an unspoken-of understanding of mutual-benefit in preserving and propagating such racial and cultural biases, with the English man/English woman always positioned at the top – the “self-righteous (pansy) kings and queens of the world”. The political class and a significant percentage of the English upper class and bourgeois, no matter their political leaning, benefit as much from this as the “chavs” on the streets, and the middle classes looking for group to blame and victimise to vent their frustrations. It certainly explains the Meghan Markle debacle, systematic vilification of non-White British politicians – especially if they are critical of imperialist policies, etc.

    Of course, every English liberal/bourgeois and moderate conservative to ever read such a post will exert additional effort to deny the existence of such a phenomenon.

    1. As an Aussie of Brit descent, I understand much of what you guys have said. Can you understand how ‘color’ is a factor to ‘whites’? I seldom saw (rural family) a colored person, and felt the same as when faced with dirt (it’s dark, black)! To see a down and out drunken white maybe unwashed for some time, I didnt have that feeling – you follow?
      Asians? Just thought them ‘foreigners’ who looked a bit ‘different’. I am now married to one from Nanjing. Its not easy because of language barrier, otherwise, well, she whiter than me! Also I haven’t seen any discrimination towards her, rather the opposite. My impression is, ‘dark’ people (at least some) feel different within themselves and dwell on it, and like any ‘problem’ that we dwell on it gets bigger and bigger. The old saying -‘ when in Rome do as the Romans do’, must be applied, and more broadly than ‘doing’ – like thinking. Many years ago I came to the conclusion that interracial was the way to go for a healthier, stronger human society. May there be more of it!

      1. Allan,


        Being a white male, you do not “get it”.

        Asian women fall over themselves to get one, in every single country.

        In the USA, for example, 45% of US born Asian women who marry each year, will marry White men, not Asian.

        Asian women say publically they are racist in 2 ways- they will not date Asian men, and they will only date white men.

        It is almost impossible for a white man in Asia to not have an Asian wife.

        You do not get it.

        What you got was an easy wife , and an interracial relationship which is the dominant type in Western countries, with the other Asians being the loser.

        If you’d been an African, or Indian, in China, then you’d understand.

        You’d have few friends and very little female attention.

        It’s great you have enthusiasm for world peace. But you’re not in the same situation my friend

        1. “If you’d been an African . . . ”

          Oh so there is anti-black racism in China too? But we only object to racism when it hurts our model minority asses. Oh well expect more it to be coming your way since torturing us blacks is so easy it doesn’t pack the same sadism wallop it once did for them. If it’s any consolation, this civilization paradigm isn’t gonna end well for anyone. Since the whole world is full of supremacists and would be/wannabe supremacists of one kind or another.

  3. The only reason whites import people of color to their countries is their bad immune system ,their hope is that their genes get better when mixed with poc one german minister has even come out and said that germans need fresh blood because of inbrreding, they get skin cancer easy , the black plague wiped of half of europe 75 million people while in china there were100,000 deaths , in india there were a lot of deaths as well but much fewer than europe, they are susceptible to skin cancer, chinese even having light skin skin cancer rates are like black people dark skin protects you from skin cancer and finally aids for whites its deadly for asians not deadly