Beta Chinese students beg to return to the country that spat on them! What’s new white worshipper?

By Rei Tanotsuka, 29 October 2020

“God has granted to every people a prophet in its own tongue.” Quran

….. except for Beta Asians who answer to the whip, and use their tongues to polish up some shit trodden boots… lick up sweetie, there’s more to come!

I’m not planning to exercise clemency in this post (as if I ever do), so this can get offensive. Switch off if you have a sensitive palate….

I read an article last week and as per usual, shook my head at the shockingly stupid sycophantic drivel that spurs forth from Asians, this time involving Chinese students.

So the SBS article (above picture) starts off with Betty Lv (yeah another cringe worthy name) …. who makes this obsequious statement:

“My parents don’t understand why I want to go back to Australia so badly after they heard that it treated us like this,”

“I feel very sad. For many of us, choosing to come back to Australia is because we love it.”

Then we meet someone who has more of a backbone, BEAN WANG, who at least vociferates the normal human emotion of being livid because she was charged $1k in rent, but could not enter her home to get any of her stuff back when the pandemic hit.

I was so angry,” said the legume.

“My car and my personal belongings are still there, I had no choice.” 

I could go on, but I thought I would rescue my neurons and let you read the rest of the disquisition by yourself SBS Beta Chinese Students

The REAL PROBLEM with Asians : Low self-esteem, High self-hate!

Misdiagnosing the PROBLEM in such a flagrant manner that it is tantamount to heresy. Are WE SERIOUS FOLKS? Do we genuinely think it’s OK to beat up ANY group of Asian on the grounds of a natural phenomenon? Mummy Tang is not only petrifyingly stupid, she’s downright selfish!
So WHY BOTHER? Stop pretending that the moral  dictum of being the “better” person has ANY VALIDITY! They don’t want to be cared for by you? Screw them, let them “eat cake”, except instead of “eat” substitute “wallow”, and instead of “cake”, let it be “in their own shit”. Our obligation in any profession is NOT to annihilate our sense of human dignity and worth for a bunch of ingrates. Being the BETTER PERSON is tell them to FUCK RIGHT OFF!  ‘Better’ means preserving your sanity and SELF ESTEEM!
This can only be because WE FORGIVE THEM upon the first half assed apology. When African Americans sang “We shall overcome” and begged the Almighty to forgive the whip master as they were getting FLAYED for ‘he knows not what he is doing’ , (despite the whip master laying the biblical indoctrination of submission), do you think the perpetrator stopped? Do you think remorse came as swiftly as the enthusiastic flogging, or do you think African Americans fought back and DEMANDED the ABUSE TO STOP? Even being physically sturdy and mentally astute in fighting for Black rights, America IS STILL undergoing a racial revolution NOW. How far do you think us feeble Beta Asians will get?

Nobody should teach the black man in America to turn the other cheek, unless someone is teaching the white man in America to turn the other cheek.”. Malcolm X

The Australia/ America /Canada etc Beta Chinese Students “Love”….

I find Asians generally to be very deferential towards white people without them ever having to earn their respect. The preferential treatment is a grotesque display of being so colonial whipped, that the cancer of oppression has metastasized into an identity. To be a “cool” Asian, one must look down on one’s heritage and shun everything that is not ordained by Western people as acceptable. The values that have made individual Asian countries (as a whole) one of the most enduring civilisations are uncouth, oppressive and a violation of “our freedom”, even though we don’t actively recall any incidences of oppression other than what is NORMAL for everyone. What child ANYWHERE can buy a pack of cigarettes and gamble at the tender age of 9?

We blame our chauvinistic paternal Asian ‘culture’ when mum said we couldn’t date 24 year old Ben when we were 15, but surreptitiously ignore the fact that our white friend Natalie’s parents ALSO FORBADE her to date at FIFTEEN!

What’s worse is the collusion that this type of banal lamentation ensues, as Natalie, in a vain attempt to keep the facade of being both white and liberated, feigns righteous indignation at YOUR ERSATZ OPPRESSION, bypassing her now defunct pituitary gland because she went on the pill way to young, after the abortion she endured before she became legally an ‘adult’. Why? Because Natalie chose to defy her parents in a pseudo guise of INDEPENDENT THINKING rather than admit that she was hostage to her own hormones. Yet now that you’re 25, graduated from a degree that has UTILITY in contemporary society and gainfully employed at a 6 figure remuneration package, somehow you don’t seem to credit that to your ‘Asian culture’-  that’s just YOU personally being a wonderful person! How quaint to assign all the vices but none of the virtues to your heritage.

When I was in primary school, all my school friends were white Australians. Outside of school, all my friends were Asians because they were the offspring of my parent’s friends. This dichotomy of BI RACIAL friendships did not bear anything more than a coincident until I became more aware of the notion of race as a young adult.

In university, by and large most of my friends were Asians be they Indians, Vietnamese, Hong Kong Chinese, or Cambodian. Most were AUSTRALIAN but we didn’t feature the sandy blonde tresses with eyes of the sky – we had the Aussie accent but were constantly mistaken for the international students.

Now here’s the clincher of these Chinese students who claim to love Australia…. What EXACTLY is it that you love?

I went to TAFE (technical and further education) and university, and the following memoir is limited to my interaction with the Asian foreign student community. However, observations in contemporary foreign (Asian) student culture in Australia bear an uncanny resemblance to my own story. Funny that!

During my time in TAFE I befriended a group of Hong Kong students and in university, the international students in my classes approached me to join them. The university crowd were mainly Malaysian, Hong Kong Chinese and Singaporeans. The mainland Chinese back then, weren’t ‘booming’, so I knew only a few (but they weren’t my peers).

With the Hong Kong group, I was the ONLY AUSTRALIAN WHO WAS THEIR FRIEND! As in besides me and their teachers, no OTHER Aussie connection was made. What did I do with them? The very things they would do in Hong Kong, which for me was novel, but for them WOULD HAVE BEEN NORMAL!

They taught me to snack on dry watermelon seeds, watch the very pitiful selection of Chinese movies (which would only screen in the Asian areas of town), enjoy yum cha culture and initiated me to the world of Canton pop….

In university, the “International Student Association“, (read Chinese Club) had activities which always featured a token white face, you know, the white kid no other white kids wanted to hang with, but was warmly embraced by the Asians because through THIS WHITE FACE, the Chinese Club became “international”? He was a staple representative of the Association and while I hung out with my friend from highschool, a Fijian girl of Indian lineage, I would catch up with their shenanigans on Monday. What was the topic du jour on Monday?

Yes you guessed it, the best Chinese restaurant they ate at, or the best yum cha place they tried or the latest Faye Wong release of her old songs packaged in yet  another new cover!

These Asian “I love Australia” proponents, are the same students who, if they worked,  LOITERED AROUND THE CHINA TOWN employment circles. Yes, they not only ATE THERE, they earned the coins in China Town just to EAT THERE!  Practically ALL their friends are ASIAN, with a token white guy or gal thrown in for diversity (yes the SAME white kid who has no white friends, yet somehow morphs into a social emperor among the yellow ‘plebians’). Oh just in case you want to rebut that it’s the Asians who are aloof, WRONG. Usually the yellow bastards dream of nothing more grandiose than befriending the blonde! It’s only after successive failed attempts to befriend such a ‘fair creature’ which assassinated their self-esteem, that they surround themselves with others who also experienced the dejection, (yet none will ever speak of it).

In short, anyone with an ounce of sanity will naturally ask “What is it that you claim to love about Australia when fish and chips make you break out in acne because it’s “too heaty”, Australians are too hard to befriend (because in all honesty the mantra for most white people is, “the only good Asian is the one serving me”) and you don’t like any other place outside of CHINA TOWN?”. How are these students LOVING Australia, America etc?

The Toxicity of Asians

Let me once again, brutally assail the hebetudinous cover up of these yellow cretins – THEY CAN’T admit to themselves that their dream is but a plain clothed nightmare.

China is now the world’s number 2 economy but soon to be number 1….will it make any difference to the Asian self esteem? Not if we continue to deny our history and listen to people who have been FIGHTING FOR ASS PAPER for almost a year! All Asians according to the most bellicose Anglo Westerner, is authoritarian and needs to be overthrown… except when they allow for white privilege to pillage!

I first came to Japan in 2001, when Japan was just nestling into its years of economic decline but still revered globally for being tech savvy and cool.

Yet what did the Japanese do? Continue the white worshipping DESPITE the fact that they deserved their OWN FUCKIN PEDESTAL BY THEN. My students would always expound upon their sojourns to France, Italy, Germany and America wielding the experience of the trip like a Nobel laureate announcement. They had ‘arrived’, but only after going to Rome, witnessing the visage of a crumbled state, littered with potholes first hand, and enduring a Deutsch racial smack down for not being any part at all, Aryan.  All these flagrantly negative aspects are euphemistically cloaked as “ancient, heritage and culture”, yes indeed racism and crumbling infrastructure are definitely très European! C’est Bon!

The downright moronic state of the average American would hail no cracks in the pane of blind faith and allegiance to the country that saw it fit to blow Japan up not once, but twice. Why? Oh because Japan needed to be stopped…. Nah, we just wanted to nuke the smary slant eye pricks for having the AUDACITY to want to form a pan Asian front to balance Western hegemony! How dare they!

The Sordid Secret… Shhh….

Here’s the colonel’s recipe – 13 herbs and spices doused in vat of brain cleanser to get you to believe that KFC is so much more than battered chicken….

The West in general has told us a fairy tale and we, the dumb Asians refuse to examine their mendacious nature even though it has reared its ugly head numerous times. The freedom of speech is paramount to the West because they were never given FREEDOM OF SPEECH OR KNOWLEDGE, it was ALWAYS CONCEALED. This lack of general knowledge doesn’t give rise to CRITICAL THINKING, which is why Anglo Westerners can never give you an opinion that you have not ALREADY HEARD ON THE MEDIA! Stew on that the next time you want to barrack for them and claim that they are astute.

This is the ‘secret’ that is not supposed to be leaked. They will be adamant that IT’S ASIANS who are silenced and oppressed even though WE OPENLY talk about EVERYTHING! Yes, everything from our bowel movements to our financials to our new business liaisons are public discourse. We weren’t the ones to put taboos on weight gain, we weren’t the ones who immolated gays and we weren’t the ones who mandated ONE GOD!

“My experience in the West is that it is just so much more sophisticated in the number of layers of indirection and obfuscation about what is actually happening. These layers are there to give deniability to the censorship that is occurring. You can think about censorship as a pyramid. This pyramid only has its tip sticking out of the sand, and that is by intention. The tip is public—libel suits, murders of journalists, cameras being snatched by the military, and so on—publicly declared censorship. But that is the smallest component. Under the tip, the next layer is all those people who don’t want to be at the tip, who engage in self-censorship to not end up there. Then the next layer is all the forms of economic inducement or patronage inducement that are given to people to write about one thing or another. The next layer down is raw economy—what it is economic to write about, even if you don’t include the economic factors from higher up the pyramid. Then the next layer is the prejudice of readers who only have a certain level of education, so therefore on one hand they are easy to manipulate with false information, and on the other hand you can’t even tell them something sophisticated that is true. The last layer is distribution—for example, some people just don’t have access to information in a particular language. So that is the censorship pyramid. What the Guardian is doing with its Cablegate redactions is in the second layer.” from “In Defense of Julian Assange” by Tariq Ali, Margaret Kunstler.

We as Asians imbibe this duplicity as we become Westernised, and conceal their double standards inorder to PROTECT them and ourselves from the truth. We DON’T LIKE THE ANGLO WEST, we want to LIKE THEM so we selectively neuter all the demerits and put up the very few virtues that they have in fluorescence!

Tell me, hand on your heart that you prefer a sausage roll to a fluffy cha siew bao!

Tell me you genuinely think making you the butt of all feline consumption jokes where you force out a chuckle, is not in the least offensive.

Tell me you don’t think it is at all incredulous that throughout all pandemics in human history, there’s NEVER BEEN ONE INCIDENT advocating for global reimbursement for losses from a country that was diligent enough to find the virus first! We still don’t know if it first occurred in China, we can only substantiate that China was the first to find covid-19!

Tell me having eyes pulled in your presence isn’t at all uncouth.

When are we going to ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND OUR VALUE IF NOT WHEN WE HOLD THE HELM? How pathetic to be at the top and worship the FUCKING BOTTOM? If you think I’m extreme, you honestly just don’t know enough about history. Instead of shooting the truth sayer, why not learn YOUR OWN CULTURE AND HISTORY by understanding the circumstances which lead to the establishment of the national ethos instead of just vituperatively criticising something because white people told you to.

Let me conclude with a snippet from the Hadith to round off my Quran quote in the beginning :

Volume 7, Book 62, Number 115: Narrated Ibn ‘Umar: During the lifetime of the Prophet we used to avoid chatting leisurely and freely with our wives lest some Divine inspiration might be revealed concerning us. But when the Prophet had died, we started chatting leisurely and freely (with them).” from “The Hadith” by Muhammad al-Bukhari

The ‘Divine’ is the Imperial West, the ‘wives’ are our Asian brethren. Let’s kill the false prophet of illiberal democracy, and chat among ourselves LEISURELY AND FREELY! This is something we did a few centuries ago which never included annihilating our kin for a few inconsequential coins….