Are White People Beautiful by Default?

By Rei Tanotsuka, 26 September 2019

This is a question I answered on May 19th 2019. The question was Why are bi racial kids bullied but grow up to be models and actors? When I read through the answers provided by Quorans who are either White or White/Asian, I felt as though they are speaking out of their choco starfish! I wondered why hasn’t anyone spilled the T with these folks?? They honestly believe that white blood is the potent elixir that the angel of beauty Jophiel, bestowed on White people? Here’s my answer on Quora.

Once again, looking at the answers, it’s entirely an anglophone, oft repeated, uncritical line of thinking.

I am an Asian Australian woman, married to a Japanese man, am living and have been living in Japan for almost two decades.

I have been complimented on my looks repeatedly (the Japanese call me Kawaii and Kirei) and I get quite a bit of FREE STUFF from the Japanese. I have also been attacked by some Japanese people but that number is minuscule. I don’t think my experience is alot different to other foreigners, yet my interpretation is.

For the love of humanity, WHEN WILL THOSE, for lack of a better word, Caucasian or Caucasian infused people actually get a grip and think of another line which doesn’t involve THEIR, SELF PERCEIVED SUPERIORITY????? WHEN???

Look, I am an Asian looking woman. I am NOT WHITE, I get hit on regularly, both at home in Australia and in JAPAN yet my ego doesn’t go through the roof and I start saying that others envy me because of my racial superiority. Damn.

Here’s another perspective, some of you may want to consider.

Firstly, what does beauty mean in Asia?

It means fair skin NOT WHITE SKIN. Asian skin naturally ranges from porcelain white to honey yellow. This is something nature has ordained. When we say we prefer one range of our natural colouring, how is that a sign of racial inferiority to WHITE PEOPLE? This is a range WE NATURALLY HAVE. Wouldnt the interpretation be more of an over-abundance of ego resulting in a superiority complex on the western part rather than the east?

Put it this way. White people want a tan all the time. Why can’t it said that white people have an inferiority complex to Asians because they want their skin colour? I bet Caucasians reading this are shaking their heads and saying “she’s wack”, yeah well that’s what it sounds like when I hear the reverse!

Another rebuttal regarding facial features.

We don’t want western facial features generally. You can definitely find a few people who are self haters who do, but they are prevalent in every nationality. I’m talking about the norm and not the exception. The great majority of Asians don’t want Western facial features.

We want rare features which are naturally inherent in the Asian bloodline! It’s the same as Caucasians. Why are blonds, and I’m talking natural and not bottle, revered? Because it’s the least common hair colour.

Why do asians want the supratarsal eye fold? Because it naturally occurs in Asians but at a very low rate, hence it’s special.

Aya Ueto. She is known to be very beautiful in Japan. She has zero discernible WESTERN FACIAL FEATURES.

Haruka Ayase, once again a gorgeous actress known for her beauty with NO WESTERN FACIAL FEATURES.

I’m not even cherry picking here. These are brand name actresses whom the Japanese honestly feel are truly gorgeous and both do not fit the narrative of what Westerner’s claim.

Asians think beautiful skin is a sign of beauty. This means pore less, hairless, spot less skin with ELASTICITY! Now, how does white skin fit into the list? Caucasians have fine downy hair, something which asians do not like, freckles, also not a desired trait, elasticity…. I don’t need to actually spell that one out right?

Weight. Asians like thin, not even average but thin. Asians prefer thin over curvy and the definition of curvy is not what westerners think. I can tell you what we in Australia regard as average, I swear this is legitimate, is regarded at best chubby in Japan, but more likely fat. The waist line, to not be regarded as fat, has to be devoid of a pinch even when seated! This is the Japanese standard. If you think you are Kim K hot in the west, you are seen as “obachan plump” (matronly) here. Your appeal will only rest with elderly gentlemen who survived the war and still believe that finding good size meat is important for a meal. I’m serious. Young japanese men and women are notoriously thin and they like being that way! Ironically it’s the tall lanky, 90 pound guy who seems to have success with Japanese women rather than the gym rat who body presses small trucks as a warm up.

When people say envy, we need to understand how envy arises.

Imagine a child, accusing an angry adult as being “envious” of him because the child has better toys. Doesn’t that sound insane?? The adult is most likely angry because the child disobeyed the rules set by the adult, not because he has more or better toys! Now, look at the common arguments given for “bullying”or “complimenting” Caucasians. Jealousy or envy.

How? To be jealous or envious, you would need to be wanting the same thing but not attaining it due to a perceived advantage of one and a perceived disadvantage of the other right? We just went through the beauty list. None of what asians want, fit into the Western model. When a Japanese person says “you are pretty” to a Western white person, it means this: you are pretty as a demographic, I can’t really distinguish between your kind, so I’m sure you must be, HOWEVER I would NOT SWAP MY FACE WITH YOURS . You are pretty in the same way that all dogs are cute.

Does this make sense? Japanese people get jealous of other Asians more than they do Caucasians because they can actually understand another beautiful or handsome Asian, they simply can’t tell with black or white faces as much, if at all.

Another thing with living in Japan and watching the western community, is this. Most western people who are in Japan never got a sideways glance at home. They come here desperate as hell to stand out and consequently teach their biracial kids Trump’s philosophy – even bad press is good press. My personal experience is that bi racial kids are more willing to “stand out” than their Japanese peers. Standing out is not approved of here. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH RACIAL SUPERIORITY AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH CULTURAL ACCEPTIBILITY.

As for biracial models being liked? The most popular, staying power models are ALL PURE BLOOD. Biracial models, rightly or wrongly are a flash in the pan. They have no career longevity at all. Now think why is that so? Are you still not understanding? The Japanese don’t see the biracial models as “individuals” they are seen as a monolith hence they are discharged as easily as they are welcomed.

Translation: No one is carefully looking at the biracial celebrities!! They are just lumped into a “all dogs are cute” concept. They are novelty. This is not a sign of racial superiority.

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