American Censorship – it’s WORSE THAN CHINA, way worse!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 26 April 2020

Quora is a social media platform that ostensibly is:

It CLAIMS that the information contained on the platform is “edited” by the users, what it doesn’t specify is how skewed this criteria is in promoting the American Imperial agenda.

When I first started using Quora I thought it was great. Many social media platforms don’t promote new writers, but Quora’s algorithm encourages new users to participate by circulating their posts to the existing user base. This buttresses the addiction of social media in contemporary society by recommending the newbie to regular users to give them the necessary ego boost to continue.

I was pleasantly surprised by one of my earlier posts that went “viral” for my level at that time, my opinion on why Japan is more respected than China. In the post I argued that Japan didn’t become the same threat to America back then, like China is now. When there was a possibility that Japan might surpass the fattest dumbest country in the world economically, America strong armed Japan into submission. I also insinuated that Japan was weaker than China. This boded well with the Western narrative of division of the 2 strongest Asian nations and did not receive any condemnation.

What happens if you start calling out the Anglo West?

In all honesty, if you only have a handful of views on any social media platform, you won’t attract any sanctions because you are not singled out as a persona non grata, this lulls you into a false sense of security that the West “allows” free speech. Once you gain traction, you will realise that everything you say is scrutinised and you WILL BE CENSORED.

It amazes me to hear people claim that the West is liberty incarnated when ALL their opinions are verbatim mainstream, not even a sliver of antagonism is to be found. Of course you will think you have freedom of speech if you argue this way, people in China, Russia and every damn place you care to think of, have “freedom” of speech in that case. You are literally saying what the authorities want you to say. TRY SAYING SOMETHING THAT DOESN’T TOE THE LINE.

The forever edit bans of Quora

I have been edit banned for two weeks at a time for about 5 times and each time, I get flagged and edit banned with a higher frequency, as in the window between my previous and current ban become shorter. The option to appeal the ban is also eliminated with each subsequent ban. I remember my first ban offered me the option to appeal, the successive bans did not allow for appeals, I had to go through the formal process of lodging an appeal through the main site. After the third ban, the main site appeal process will register this message to BLOCK YOU FROM APPEALING!

Trust me, I live in Japan, there’s NOTHING WRONG with my internet, this isn’t America or Australia, with the dodgiest internet connection in the developed world.

The latest ban happened yesterday and was too ridiculous not to write down.

I got the official notice that my previous edit banned had been lifted in the morning. I made a new post in the afternoon, 14 minutes later I received a notification that my post has been collapsed due to PLAGIARISM, and in swift succession I got issued ANOTHER edit ban! Quora is bloody, fucking RIDICULOUS!

As people know, I enjoy writing and I have very strong opinions, WHY WOULD I NEED TO PLAGIARISE??? Everything I read, I reflect and never use an idea that doesn’t conform to my reality. I don’t need to plagiarise, I have enough to say already!

I made an appeal to both the collapsed post and the edit ban, and the post got uncollapsed but the ban remained! The level of inequity is obtuse for the Quoran moderators because of their racism and general LOW IQ. This post caused ire simply because I spat out the truth. If this post can cause AN EDIT BAN, imagine how SINOPHOBIC and malicious Quora and some of its users are, to see this post as an inimical threat to FLAG IT and lie about it commiting plagiarism!

The post that triggered the edit ban got uncollapsed but the EDIT BAN REMAINS, that’s how diabolical AMERICAN CENSORSHIP IS!!

The Quora Post that triggered the edit ban

When truth is proffered, who but the most uncorrupt will accept it?

What flummoxes me about the racial tension of late is the justification of it ONLY if it’s directed towards the Chinese.

“Black people” as a blanket, just like “Chinese people” as a blanket, hold equal disdain towards each other, or if you choose to see the glass half full, equal respect. It is NOT Chinese people being racist to black people that’s the problem, it’s the fact that WE CHOSE to acknowledge the “racism” only when it stems from the Chinese side, and IGNORE it when it’s from Africans directed to the Chinese, that is more harrowing.

This highlights the BIAS we hold more than the reality of issue at hand.

The following video is an excerpt which was uploaded 7months ago, way before COVID-19 was to be the scapegoat. Listen to the dialogue, then read the comments below. Social media has allowed us to gauge what the ordinary person thinks, and clearly scrolling through the comments you can detect hatred Africans have towards Chinese people that is NOT due to the disease.

We have the vociferous Arikana Chihombori-Quao openly lumping China in together with Western colonial plunder, when China itself was a victim of Western brutality.

This level of acrimony is not the mere result of a pandemic, which African nations, like Western ones, have originated a plethora of strains in the past. Why is China being held accountable for something that ALL CONTINENTS are equally as competent in bringing forth?

In case you want to argue quantity, scientifically and factually that is erroneous. I have more liberty in stating my opinion on my blog for I must SELF CENSOR on Quora. SINOPHOBIA, this is the disease that is most virulent, not COVID-19! – Asian Straight Shooter

To answer the OP’s question, how do we combat this racism, I hope you mean RACISM as a monolith and not just Chinese racism towards others, but turning a blind eye when it flows the other way?

If that is indeed your quibble, then:

Understand why YOU are OK to douse acid on Asians, punch them, spit on them, spray them with disinfectant, ask for reparations when you have NEVER IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY ever requested another nation of paying for a natural disaster, in addition to erecting “No Chinese” signs on the front door of YOUR RESTAURANT. Once you can understand the MOST VIRULENT and cancerous form of racism, you will be able to easily unlock the answer to a more subdued version of the problem, that of Chinese people putting up signs denying access to patronage.

What did the founders find?

Quora founders Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever

I don’t know these two founders of Quora and anything written about them is going to be through the lens of rose tinted shades, however, going by the current moderator team, Quora seems to be mightily sensitive about writers OPENLY ADVOCATING fair treatment of China.

Time and time again, I see questions such as “Why is China such a failed state….”, “Why doesn’t China die…”, “How can America invade China…” and yet these “questions” CONTINUE to troll the Quora feed. How are moderators allowing these sinophobic questions to linger and not my opinion that provides a choleric rebuttal to these racist imbeciles?

I don’t know what the 2 founders believe or stand for in private moments, but publicly they are like ALL THE STANDARD ANGLO WEST :

1. Can only fight dirty. When idiots break all the rules of civil discourse but conform to THEIR opinion, they turn a blind eye.

2. Engage in EXCESSIVE censorship and silencing by claiming it’s a collective body that flagged you off, when I have twice experienced it being JUST ONE PERSON who disagrees with what I said and that being enough to get me banned.

3. When you fall behind in being great at something ie. arguing well, you resort to gutter level tricks like BANNING AND COLLAPSING POSTS.

4. You hide behind the mask of privatisation when you prima facie wield the same power as government, and contrast not the PERVASIVE CENSORSHIP OF YOUR PLATFORM according to numbers, but by a whimsical category that is arbitrary ie. Claiming it’s not government censorship for FB to award its global 2+ billion users a “FB score”, but claim China is “authoritarian” for putting its 1.4 billion citizens under the EXACT SAME LEVEL OF CONTROL. The failure to acknowledge that FB reaches its tentacles to citizens that do not even fall under American sovereignty, but critically chastise China for GOVERNING IT’S OWN CITIZENS!!

The New Paradigm

We need to first understand our problem that of lacking a united Asian front, and secondly we need to pull the veil off needing Western acknowledgement and approval.

Click here, from 28:00, and understand why we must NEVER try to be the “better” person. We must be EQUAL, that means giving back all the shit we get from the deranged West and the Western indoctrinated Asian sellouts! The only way we can overcome the current dystopia of the Western philosophy is to destroy it, NOT acclimatise to it!