Dumb Yank Porker Flu – Back dated April 2009

Back dated April 2009, Japan.

By Rei Tanotsuka, Asian Straight Shooter

This is a DISGUSTING, VILE, but very TYPICAL Yank gorging his fat face on an omnivore known to be anti-microbial resistant. Both men and women in America look identical, and the entire NATION can be assumed to have identical beliefs, behaviours and thoughts because like America has taught us, that’s the way to view China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela etc… Click here for the Top 10 Disgusting Foods the Anglo West eats (Disturbing).

America, a corrupt plutocracy, has concealed the fact that it had known about the virulent Dumb Yank Porker Flu (DYPF) for months before alerting the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The DYPF is the name of the disease caused by the virus H1N1. We at Asian Straight Shooter believe that a virus must be named after the place of origin, and accompanied with a fitting adjective of the national characteristic pertaining to the country of origin. The inclusion of the associated animal that is the source of transmission, adds further clarity. We believe that we must follow in the footsteps of the Reprimander in Chief’s philosophy in calling the virus “Yank”, because to paraphrase the POTUS, it’s not racist at all. It comes from Yanky doodle turf, that’s why we called it DYPF!

The virus was first discovered in Mexico, NORTH AMERICA and the bitches kept that shit on lock! Hush hush in the beginning to allow the virus to spread far enough to start envisioning a will and testament for its posterity. America thought that the rest of the world would enjoy the exuberance of a pandemic because sanctioning alone by the demonic empire, lacks… pizazz.

The first outbreak of the DYPF took place in a small town in Mexico on Carroll Farms, a factory farm owned by Smithfield Foods, another American corporation designed to exploit the cheap labour without consequences of Mexico. A child named Edgar Hernandez became sick with a dubious infection, but as expected from the unscrupulous, profit over lives mentality of plutocratic America, the, let me quote Malcolm X out of context here, “white devils”, denied ANY CONNECTION OF THE MYSTERY VIRUS to their farm. Now, let’s hear some of that upright, Christian morality of Smithfield, the same one that sustained 400 years of slavery and relegated an ENTIRE demographic of people into a state lower than common beasts of burden. What, you say? The same Christian morality that resorted to giving blankets laced with small pox to the Native American Indians? Yes, the exact same one! The one that also later experimented with syphilis on 600 African American men in Tuskegee under the guise of “free” medical health care!

(Note to self: when American offers free stuff, just say no.)

It is not the first time and it will not be the last time that corporate farms conceal disease outbreaks and put people’s lives at risk. It is the nature of their business. A couple of years ago in Romania, Smithfield refused to let local authorities enter its pig farms after residents complained of the stench coming from hundreds of dead corpses of pigs left rotting for days at the farms. “Our doctors have not had access to the American [company’s] farms to effect routine inspections,” said Csaba Daroczi, assistant director at the Timisoara Hygiene and Veterinary Authority. “Every time they tried, they were pushed away by the guards. Smithfield proposed that we sign an agreement that would oblige us to warn them three days before each inspection. “Eventually, it emerged that Smithfield had been concealing a major outbreak of classical swine fever on its Romanian farms.” A food system that kills

America, ALWAYS in denial!

Despite comprehensive studies done by Martha Nelson of the US National Institutes of Health, and Professor Michael Worrobey, (Associate Director, Microbiome) all pointing to factory farming in AMERICA AND EUROPE being the largest virus exporkers to THE WORLD, we feign ignorance to these studies like scientific FACTS are tales relegated by children after hitting a glucose spike.

Here we undertake an expansive phylogenetic analysis of swIAV sequence data and demonstrate that the global live swine trade strongly predicts the spatial dissemination of swIAVs, with Europe and North America acting as sources of viruses in Asian countries. In contrast, China has the world’s largest swine population but is not a major exporter of live swine, and is not an important source of swIAVs in neighbouring Asian countries or globally.” Global migration of influenza A viruses in swine

Oh and here we have a lovely Missouri pig farm with its congenial pig farmer, Russ Kramer, talking about the effects of anti microbial resistant pigs after he turned his darling little farm into a mass slaughter house. Now remember, the following quote is made by an AMERICAN, so it’s NOT going to make much sense. It will seem murderous, stupid and leave you feeling like you smelt a fart or rotten egg but can’t ascertain which.

To view clip, click here

I have the ability to interact with pigs. I think they are the smartest, most social animals. I tell people if you like kids, you love pigs.” says Kramer… So, here’s American logic. If it’s SMART, SOCIABLE and similar to children, EAT THEM! Ya twisted sick emotional CANNIBALS!

Do you now know why I hold Americans with such disdain? Because they are stupid without compunction. If you SEE THE BEAUTY in the “beast”, why in the name of life, do you then torture and kill it for YOUR BENEFIT?

Let’s say we believe that bats and pangolins are indeed daily Chinese foods (which THEY ARE NOT), you don’t hear the psychopathy of Chinese people declare how clever and nice these animals are, yet STILL COMSUME 121 million of them in A SOLITARY YEAR! Yes, that’s how many “SMART AND SOCIALABLE” animals Americans slaughter in a year! It’s like Americans are so perverted with a veritable malady of pure malice and cruelty, that they can’t separate things they LOVE, with things they hate.

But back to the DYPF…

Finally the State Governor called for an independent investigation, but this came only AFTER WEEKS OF DENIAL, allowing the virus to rip through the country infecting and killing more people. Oh, the investigation was never made public. Why? That’s AMERICAN PLUTOCRACY for ya!

The governor’s announcement followed a long line of denials regarding the role of the hog farm—or hog farms in general—in the outbreak of the A/H1N1 virus in Mexico. Unusual respiratory diseases began showing up in communities surrounding the industrial feedlot in early March, with some indications dating back to January. Latin America in movement

Did you catch that? EARLY INDICATIONS of something funky began circulating in JANUARY. An official declaration was made in APRIL, that’s a whopping, lazy ass, concealment of 3 months! And here we are condemning China for “covering up Covid-19” when they discovered and reported to WHO in the SAME Month of December 2019! My Lord, a bit racist here eh? Love the double standard! Goes with the lime green ENVY!

3 months late by the pigmentally challenged and not a peep, under one month with the Chinese, and suddenly it’s a “conspiracy” to terminate humankind? I guess the Anglo West has yet to grasp the concept of TIMELINES, along with other human virtues such as impartiality and clemency in times of a pandemic, all the values we ascribe to as currencies to keep ourselves from descending into a Luciferian utopia.

Obviously the dumbest nation on earth thinks that its “Me, myself and I” that matters because after all, when you have that many masks to conceal your ugly face, you begin to see the monsters looking back at you in the mirror, as belonging to others. America is sad….and destined to be overtaken by everyone who is tired of being ordered around by an obese prima donna who can’t even fit into a generously elasticised tutu, let alone actually move the poundage enough to qualify as dancing. America, you need to retire princess, we can all see that your plastic studded tiara is from Claire’s! (Povo bitch!)