Racism IS AUSTRALIAN, and no, it’s NOT because of the Coronavirus!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 12 April 2020

To say that being racist is un-Australian, is akin to saying the desire to seed an exclusive Aryan race is un-German. Heil Hanson! We are so racist, even the fish frying lady is running a political party to boot out the Asians and Muslims.

Here’s Pauline giving the KKK a nouveau Aussie twist!

Boo! It’s Pauline “swamped by Asians” Hanson!! She’s gotten older over the years, but not wiser. Pauline 2.0 is Burqua Hanson, an advocate for the vaccination of Australia against Muslims!

As a Asian growing up in Australia, I was acutely aware I was different. How? Oh, through other kids pulling up their eyes, calling me ching chong, having teachers accuse me of eating bull’s eyeballs, seeing “Asians Out” scribbled on park walls, streets and public areas… you know, the same psychological scarring that is used on my people in America, Germany, Britain etc basically all the countries that took part in bestowing upon China the most brutal story of its life, a Century of Humiliation.

Oh yeah, and also only ever witnessing 2 Asians on TV as a child, both women, one on ABC and the other on SBS.

I remember one time the TV drama “Neighbours” introduced an Asian family and made them come from Hong Kong eventhough the Asian actors spoke with an Aussie accent. In short, Australia told me LOUD AND CLEAR that I was NEVER going to be an Aussie irrespective of whether I had spent all my life there, or was a week long tourist. So pardon me for shitsplatting me lacey knickers when I now hear some of our politicians quibble during the recent spate of COVID-19 blaming, that seeing Asians get spat out, smacked out and told to fuck right off, isn’t “Australian”.

Bull bloody shit it’s not.

Racism has been coursing through the veins of Australia from its aboriginal genocidal birth, to the present day “Chinese virus” persecution! Australia anthropomorphised, is one racist munted bogan!

Racist from day one

The beautiful Aborigines (people from the origin) put in the elbow grease, by learning to work with the sunburnt, upside-down land patch. They were nomadic and knew when to move, but they made sure that they didn’t cause the extinction of any type of fauna. Balance was key. Undertake, and you starve but overstrip now, and you will perish in the future, so they made sure that when they walked away, they left something behind.

They had their creation stories and explained their existence in a harmonious symphony that factored in the essence of “life”, they were not rabid reductionists like the Europeans who needed cold, generic categories for everything, later to be inserted into a hierarchy of subjugation. Unfortunately for the largely peaceful aboriginal people who had lived 60,000 years of a good life in Australia, a dastardly pom, Jame’s Crook, oops Cook, made it all the way from Marton Britain, to their shores.

Looking at a pasty apparition, all boho arrogance with a penchant for purloining land, lives and liberty, the aboriginal people put up their best fight to stop themselves and their home from being wrecklessly invaded, but to no avail. They had 100,000 of their progeny displaced to white families. This is the Stolen Generation that white Australia has perpetually tried to justify as having “good” intentions, rather than being part of a genocidal regime aimed at annihilating the indigenous people of Australia.

It took our 26th prime minister, Kevin Rudd to apologise for this:

“Generally by the fifth and invariably by the sixth generation, all native characteristics of the Australian Aborigine are eradicated. The problem of our half-castes” – to quote the protector – “will quickly be eliminated by the complete disappearance of the black race, and the swift submergence of their progeny in the white.” Kevin’s Apology

Before the mandarin speaking, Aborigine apologising Ruddster, we had fuck nuts like John Howard who had it in him to utter this. “On top of that I didn’t accept the conclusion of the Bringing Them Home report that genocide had been practised against the Indigenous people. I didn’t believe genocide had taken place, and I still don’t.” says EVERY racist, genocidal white leader in the Western world.

Then we had the likes of Tony Abbott, our 28th PM post ousting of Rudd, a blunter axe than Howard, but nonetheless one who can’t help but perpetuate the white hero myth: “I guess our country owes its existence to a form of foreign investment by the British government in the then-unsettled or scarcely settled great south land.”

No Abbott, THEIR COUNTRY owes its destruction TO YOUR ANCESTORS!

You lot messed up a 60,000 year symbiotic relationship between land and people under the blind arrogance of terra nullius!

Your people destroyed 60,000 years of nurtured culture, and replaced them with an ocean of tears.

Your lineage emotionally decimated a group of proud people, and turned them into lost souls, swimming aimlessly in an alcoholic pool because you stripped the natural pride that belongs to people who know their history, their place and who they are! No Mr quadrilateral faced Abbott, Australia wasn’t “unsettled” before the Brits INVADED it.

Abbott is typical of what Australia produces en masse, a nation of sanctimonious xenophobes who justify genocide as giving rise to its “birth”. Bloody ridiculous!

After the Aboriginals, White Australia turned on the Italians!

Not satisfied with persecuting the Aborigines, Australia then turned its racial malice towards the Italians.

Locked away in the Bonegilla camp of Northern Victoria, Australia decided to let 2000 Italian men who were promised jobs in Australia, rot. Leaving thousands of immigrants unattended and jobless, simultaneously giving no fucks to them as human beings, lead to a demonstration. This then earned the Italians to being branded as “trouble makers” rather than the truth of being displaced, industrious workers who were just fed up! Australia did what did it does best, use violence to squelch any dissent.

“Desperation is what drove us to organise that big demonstration. When we marched towards the administration office and when we got there, there were over 200 soldiers and four tanks with machine guns, to gun us down. We nearly shit ourselves, excuse me the expression. Because I mean we didn’t know what they were going to do. I think they would shoot us if we went further. And that was the first time I saw the military ready to shoot at the ordinary private people. I was shocked.” Srgo, an eye witness in SBS’s Unwanted Australian.

Unfortunately, White Australia autographs all its works with prejudice, hubris and brute force. When you exhaust your forebearance in standing the unrelenting bias, it will then pervert the narrative and accuse YOU of starting the conflagration eventhough they poured the gasoline on you and lit the Redhead!

White Australia then proceeds to hate the Chinese.

At least in Oz, WE SPELL IT OUT for you. We DONT WANT you coloured folk! We even have a badge for our EXTREME sinophobia.

Ya gotta love the White Australia Policy kept all the way until 1973! It is catchy, punchy and straight to the point, it’s says “We are racist SOB’s” without using those actual words.

This policy was enacted because of the yellow peril legacy from Europe. As we know, Australia, despite belonging to Asia, is spiritually as white as Richard Spencer’s weekend lynching hood.

When people get to show their mugs on TV, most are able to refrain from exerting their overt racist proclivities. The following video was made in the 1960s and you can see that the answers given on camera are not quantitatively different to contemporary views.

Click here to watch the video

However, are we able to grab a slice of reality pie and peer into what Australians really think when they think noone is watching? Here’s how Australians REALLY behave towards their Asian brethrens. Note how the woman in the first video blames her mental condition when caught out? She seemed pretty damn lucid to me!

Click here to watch. Ps note to the self haters in Hong Kong’s riots. This one SPECIFICALLY talks about you lot!
Click here to see the video
Click here to watch the video

Oh, in case anyone is attempting to make an asinine pardon and claim that the pandemic tension is the impetus for these racial outbursts, ALL the videos above were taken years before COVID-19!

Australia, home to the unruly, uncouth and unequivocally RACIST!