Featherweight Western Intellectuals – China Bad, We Good!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 14 May 2020

I know I can’t complain about the brassy “intellect” of the average Anglo Western ass scratcher, after all, us Asians have our fair share of chocolate starfish molesters…
However I’m not talking about the musings of the average crack scratcher, but about the intelligentsia, the ones who have fancy titles and churn out books, why are Western Intellectuals so obtuse?

Kids Pool or Deep Diving

So what inspired this post, was a Glenn Greenwald interview with the charismatically pensive Kishore Mahbubani, renowned Singaporean academic and President of the United Nations Security Council between January 2001 and May 2002, and a…. ummm, a bloke who is… what’s the word for racist, stupid but unaware that he is these things, oh yeah, American. Yes, and an American author by the name of Matt Stoller.

I must admit, upon hearing Monsieur Greenwald (someone who I admire) wax lyrical about Stoller’s book Goliath, I thought I wanted to read it, and checking out the rave reviews AFTER watching the interview, I am now confident that the “critics” were handsomely remunerated.

Why? Because this interview with Greenwald highlights Stoller as nothing more than a hillbilly sinophobe, freshly minted from the “Shit on China” campaign run by Western propaganda. I noticed the presence of an Asian wife in Stoller’s lockdown video (she looks Asian) … how typical. If only I could get $1 for every China hater who has an Asian wife, I’d be a godgillionaire!

In the beginning, Stoller engages us with his academic face, he didn’t pull up his eyes everytime he used the word “Chinese”, and he did not slip out a faux pas such as “I hate those slanty eyed bastards… Soph, sorry I didn’t mean you honey!”. He maintained a relatively acceptable degree of decorum, a slight Parkinson’s facial twitch may be detected when he talks about Wall Street’s “collusion” with the CCP, but undetectable venom as yet.

To watch the interview, click here

The rancour starts however, when Greenwald, the ONLY WESTERN JOURNALIST so far who I have heard actually POSE the million dollar question (the point I have persistently made), is China’s authoritarianism limited to protecting its OWN country, or does China indeed, want to limit the freedom of press and expression of THE WORLD? If it’s number 2, what proof does one have that China is engaging in that kinda shit? (sorry, can’t resist a poop pun).

Because there is indeed ZERO  evidence that China has imposed its political or economical ideology on ANY OTHER COUNTRY, Stoller starts his spray of verbal diarrhoea with the usual trope, grunting out the all too common Western “proof” of conjecture, before splattering our ears with his DOA (dead on arrival) argument of how the CCP is FORCING THE CHINESE DIASPORA COMMUNITY to do its bidding. Yes I kid you not! This bull terrier nosed muppet with unkempt hair and yellow sweat stains, ACTUALLY THINKS the Chinese government gives 2 shits about what each global citizen thinks about it, that it is “coercing” people like me (Asian parents descended from the Chinese line but have ZERO connections with China) to hurl the Chinese flag high high up, and cry out in unison “We love you Xi!”

I’m serious, are ANGLO WESTERN people INSANE???????????

The “proof” Stoller serves to Greenwald, along with his blatant agitation that Greenwald actually did his job PROPERLY and asked relevant questions requiring PROOF instead of accepting straw man arguments and racial epithets, are 2 quotes by Xi Jinping. Apparently, these two declarations “prove” that China wants us all gagged, tagged and billed to a social score with racist bull terrier miens scoring a negative!

“The banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics is now flying high and proud for all to see. It means the path, the theory, the system, and the culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics have kept developing, blazing a new trial for other developing countries to achieve modernization,”. This was said by Xi during the 19th Communist Party Congress in Beijing in 2017.

This pads out the above quote:

“It offers a new option for other countries and nations who want to speed up their development while preserving their independence: and it offers Chinese wisdom and a Chinese approach to solving the problems facing mankind.”

Ah, don’t you LOVE American fuckery? For not only are their brains endowed with an innate lobotomised function, but their natural petulance coupled with the fact that they have yet to master the ability to read at a post secondary educational level, makes them very difficult to converse with.

How does the above quote “prove” that China wants to FORCE other nations into becoming mini Mao’s? How?

Am I the only one who understands what the quote means? Firstly, context. This was said during a celebration of the Communist Party, EVERYONE who has even a semblance of etiquette, understands that we talk about the GOOD points of the thing we are CELEBRATING.

For example, in the Oscars when an actor receives an award, which is MORE likely to be heard?

A: I thank the Lord and Michael Bay, for giving me a chance to showcase my ‘talent’ in a contemporarily pleasing format. I humbly appreciate my fans for supporting a project that took a lot of work from alot of great people to put together! I love you!!!


B: Duh, this was… like… working with Hitler! Bay is like a prepubescent boy whose hormones run larger than his budget… I had to pretend all the time… pretend I wanted the role, pretend I cared, pretend that I was there… anyways… don’t touch me! (onsite security attempts to scoot her off stage), *sticks a finger up*, YA all can blow me!

Yes, “B” may be exercised, however WHERE’S MEGAN FOX NOW?

Not only would Xi trash talking China’s political ideology be completely inappropriate because he is materialising HIS vision, but a PUBLIC auspicious event is NOT the occasion to reveal your insecurities! It’s like a Chinese leader behaving appropriately is now PROOF that the CCP wants to FORCE the world to become Chinese. Once again, are Americans insane?

Secondly, the ACTUAL quote does not mean that China is planning on global domination UNLESS you have the reading comprehension skills of a primary schooler! Xi says the Chinese system represents AN ALTERNATIVE WAY to achieve success (blazing a NEW trail, not the ONLY trail). Does Stoller UNDERSTAND what “option” means? It means an alternative is available, how is that an iron clad determination synonymous with COERCION? Damn, this quote was written in English, Stoller’s mother tongue and he STILL could not comprehend the meaning. Lead in America’s water? Check!

As for the second quote Stoller wielded like a DNA match to Ted Bundy, I could not find. Going by his claims that it was made 2 years prior to the first piece of “evidence”, I can only conjecture that it would have been Xi’s first UN address in 2015, a very detailed, nuanced speech which did elucidate China’s success. However, what was resolutely amplified was the need to create a MULTIPOLAR world, Xi reiterated this point ad nauseam. He emphasised the necessity of allowing smaller and poorer nations to have equal representation. Here’s the UN speech a great read EVENTHOUGH we all know, it’s still political horsepoo in the end…at least this manure is organic!

“As an ancient Chinese adage goes, “The greatest ideal is to create a
world truly shared by all.” Peace, development, equity, justice,
democracy and freedom are common values of all mankind and the lofty goals of the United Nations. Yet these goals are far from being achieved, and we must continue our endeavor to meet them. In today’s world, all
countries are interdependent and share a common future. We should
renew our commitment to the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, build a new type of international relations featuring win-win cooperation, and create a community of shared future for mankind. To achieve this
goal, we need to make the following efforts:
— We should build partnerships in which countries treat eachother as equals, engage in mutual consultation and show mutual
understanding. The principle of sovereign equality underpins the UN Charter. The future of the world must be shaped by all countries. All
countries are equals. The big, strong and rich should not bully the small, weak and poor, The principle of sovereignty not only means that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries are inviolable and their internal affairs are not subjected to interference.”

Once again, to hear the actual speech or read the transcript and to COME TO THE CONCLUSION that this could be interpreted as China forcing its will onto the global stage, really takes a gargantuan stretch of the imagination, but not only that, pure disingenuity and a ferocious disdain for China. This is no longer about a political opinion subject to interpretation, it is a deep seated psychological hate for another that defies convention. Stoller is literally perverting a message to the point of a lie inorder for him, a common racist, to CONTINUE his bias unmitigated.

Greenwald’s reaction is priceless as he re-emphasises the necessity of proof to the claim Stoller makes. Greenwald rightly says, if someone accused America of enforcing its will onto other nations, he can aptly point out a couple of dozen coups, carpet bombing incidences and the NED puppet shows, however, what has China actually done?

Stoller can only continue to soil his image as a serious political commentator, by dribbling an incontinent stream of anti China rhetoric which we have all heard, and more importantly, already been debunked through Wikileaks.

Unfortunately, America does not only have one Stoller, it has an army of them. If we continue to let these idiots assault another rising Asian power, we are stupid. China is the only hope we have to achieving a new world order capable of banishing unilateralism. If we continue to wear the blinders and pin this rivalry between one of democracy and communism, we are idiots.

The real fight is one between a world governed by an obese bully who takes away your toys and joy, or by a strict Mandarin who tells dad’s jokes and expects you to laugh, the toys and joy you get to keep.

We will all eventually surrender to the God of surveillance irrespective of Eastern or Western supremacy, the only difference is we get to keep our culture and beliefs pertaining to OUR NATIONALITY under China. Under America? Everyone would be fed a Monsanto diet, washed down with lead laced Cola with an IQ in the 2 digit range.