China and India, separated by the Western cleavage.

By Rei Tanotsuka, 4 June 2020

A history of astrology to pair people up according to the stars – check!

Carb friendly diet – check!

Neighbours? – check!

Knows each other’s skeletons, nothing in the closet – check!

Equally as population heavy – check!

So, waddup? Why aren’t these two great nations getting it ON? This is a match made in geopolitical and historical heaven, so why are India and China butting heads? Ah yes, that’s right, the West…. again.

Please, please the West!

The idiosyncratic desire to solicit the West’s approval, lives on through the belief that it’s decisions are akin to a divine dispensation. If we break THEIR definition of borders, ethics and politics, self flagellation is but the swiftest punishment, yet more punitive measures are NEEDED! Yes, we must be perpetually divided so that a strong Asia must never be realised.

We know that a Herculean Asia is not one compromising of a solitary monolithic China, but a pantheon of great states made up of India, Japan and Indonesia along with the little dragons. The Anglo West will do anything within its power to break Asian unity asunder, so we must see through this B grade plot, and profusely smack away Empire’s hand to vicariously slaughter our Asian siblings through us.

What good has listening to the West actually done for us? Let’s take off the blinders for once, and look at the concrete changes of our nations when the Anglo West blows yet another indiscriminate load of inane ideology in our system, telling us that the pickled and shrivelled Western ejections are but fresh cream from pasture fed Jersey cows. No Asian country that has been colonised or occupied by the Anglo West has been able to get ahead UNTIL they reject their turgid philosophies and only keep the technology. India these days, seem rather accommodating to America and has held off joining China’s BRI, while it’s citizens smirk at the lack of “democracy” in China. Wtf mate? Do you know what Britain and America have done to you? Here’s a snapshot!


India, bright shining India. She of the energetic Bollywood glory, an array  of beautiful people all jiggles, shimmers, and smiles. What happened? Britain happened.

The rapacious desire of Britain to steal what is not theirs, is second only to the current American Empire.

From the time of Robert Clive in the 1700s, or “Clive of India” as he was known to his cretinous fellow countrymen, Britain has never exercised restraint in grabbing everything not bolted down. Oh, who am I kidding? They dug up everything of value underground, AND ripped out everything of worth that was bolted down, because British conscience is something that is as dead as British warmth.

Clive took from Bengal so much gold and silver, that it required MORE THAN A HUNDRED boats to carry the loot back to his pommy palace, where his anti bathing proclivities could be exercised without retribution from sewage pipes complaining of a foul stench. Measured in today’s dollars, it amounted to $200 mil worth of Au & Ag!

Clive’s spirit lives on today in the form of neo liberalism. The 1990s ushered in the BJP government, opening up India to all the Pizza Huts, Cokes and Murdoch presses that the population could sustain. By 2002, a third of Indians were living in abject poverty, even in modern Indian cities, 40% of people have no access to safe drinking water.

As author Suketu Mehta expresses so eloquently:

Amoebic dysentery is transferred through shit. We have been feeding our son shit. It could have been in the mango we gave him, it could have been in the swimming pool we took him swimming in. It could have come from the taps in our own home, since the drainage pipes in Bombay, laid out during British times, leak into the freshwater pipes that run right alongside.”

Ahhh, there’s nothing like a job well done, eh poms?

As the West continues to indoctrinate Indians to fake an accent and answer as Kathy and Peter at the call centres, while taking over through big corporations, India will never be free. This is not democracy. This is enslavement 2.0.

We have not even spoken about the historical slap dash, shoddy geographical divide of ONE COUNTRY existing harmoniously before the Brits spoiled everything and turned it into India, and 2 Pakistans, spiralling into a bloodbath between brothers. Thanks Cyril Radcliffe, ya divisive piece of shit! India’s current border disputes is the legacy of British visceral racism, resulting in the “don’t give 2 fucks about the coloured creatures” modus operandi.  To actually learn the history and divide the terrain equitably would be “a hassle” because it would have taken years, but Queen Vicky gave Radcliffe a MONTH. To read click here. There’s insurmountable damage done by the current empire alone, that to factor in debts of the past would bankrupt the entire Western sphere.

So what, you say as an Indian, we have, and will overcome Western tyranny and we will manufacture our own damn Kashmir sapphire studded crown and ultimately win in the end… so… there, we don’t need to cosy up to China……

Yeah, feel free to make the crown, you won’t be wearing it though….

When China rose to prominence but disappointed America by refusing to let Wall Street vivisect its economy

There are some Americans, who enjoy barking out the line that China is biting the hand that fed her, because if it wasn’t for America, China would not be the success it is today….except China did not rise because of America, it rose INSPITE of it!

From 1994 onwards, China became an net importer of blackgold, yes it became a contender for the primacy of oil and Washington was not going to have it.

China, from 1999, had an agreement with Sudan to construct a 900 mile pipeline from the oil fields in Southern Sudan to Port Sudan. Approx 500,000 barrels of oil per day were expected as a minimum. The surrounding areas of this oil complex were Darfur, Chad and Cameroon.

It’s like Washington can sniff out a valuable oil field as swiftly as a fart in an elevator, and lo and behold, militia gangs armed and supported by Western Intelligence services stormed through the Chad border committing rape, murder and mayhem.

Washington then dubbed this Operation Darfur Genocide and guess who it called to surround the oil fields of China’s investments? Yep, NATO.

Washington then proceeded to unload a tranche of bills into South Eastern Sudan fuelling the conflict, resulting in a toxic stew of mass murder, maiming and rape. All for what? All done to control China’s oil supply.

Washington, utilitising Kenya via the creation of AFRICOM to route the oil through Kenya and not Sudan, could effectively get at China’s major oil source. Originally 350,000 barrels of oil ready for the Chinese market, would be grossly cut because the border of South Sudan was now deemed to be a disputed territory.

Yes, America the low life fucktard of the century, specifically created AFRICOM to thwart China’s rising fuel needs, and in the process, massacred hundreds of thousands of innocent people, done devoid of compunction and world scrutiny.

Then America had the AUDACITY to criticise China for “manipulating” it’s currency. Not only does Washington want Beijing to starve through curtailing it’s fuel needs, after China blossomed into a nubile market, it wanted the RMB to be convertible and for China to fully open its financial and capital markets for the unmitigated rape by the Wall Street wolves. AMERICA is the diurnal global parasite, where siphoning the industry of others is a BIRTHRIGHT claimed solely by the virtue of it being white.

There’s nothing like the threat of a slow death by a sanctimonious, homicidal psychopath that generally get people’s guards up, and China is no exception. China is absolutely creeped out by this perennial Halloween freakshow that it will do whatever it can to get away from seeing America’s sardonic grin, as it holds a blunted scythe asking if China would like to have a surgery “party”.

But Crazy ain’t coming for me!

Yep, that is what one fattened cattle said to the other as they saw their mate Betsy on a plate in a Michelin 5 star restaurant…. America ain’t slitting MY THROAT!

It’s like how many times must this screenplay debut, but with a different cast before Asia gets it? It’s NOT your political ideology. It’s NOT your economic philosophy. It’s your COLOUR that will NEVER be acceptable to take global reign in Western eyes!

Britain passed the baton to its putrid offspring America, BECAUSE it is white and succeeded its Imperial mandate in an altered form. America is Britain 2.0, albeit with a different accent and possibly being more amenable to bathing. That’s it. It indulges in the same ridiculousness of believing what is not naturally theirs, deserves to be. It believes in racial supremacy and it believes in FREE MARKETS ONLY when they can enter your market FREELY, to plunder you silly! America and Britain are ersatz democracies, they are anything but truly free and fair.

In the 80-90’s when Japan had its heyday, what was the threat then? Post WWII, every law in Japan was written by the Allied Powers and specifically America. Japan couldn’t fart before America ate from the trough first. Japan was just a vassal state, yet even then, America pulled the same gutter level pranks to trip it up. Why? Because no yellow son of the sun, would ever eclipse the white empire. We all know that the sun “never sets” in the West, and even if it did, it would not be a yellow one to dim its glory.

Dear India, you are next in line. If America couldn’t be happy with a Satoshi, and now 2 Wong’s still don’t make a white, DO YOU HONESTLY THINK America will celebrate the rise of a Punjabi with a spectacular party?

Irrespective of how many international laws America breaks, it matters not an iota how wantonly cruel it is to other states, in the end the West are aligned even if begrudgingly so. This goes to illustrate that for them, NOTHING trumps the supremacy of racial unity. The 5 Eyes, plus Germany and France will never break apart when they face a rising Africa and Asia. Us Asians are brutally stupid if we don’t galvanise in a corresponding manner, childishly hanging on to the belief if only we were more “culturally” synonymous to the West, we will be accepted. We won’t.