Nathan Rich – such a POOR aptitude for passion!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 6 June 2020

“When a man raises himself from the lowest condition in society to the highest, mankind pay him the tribute of their admiration; when he accomplishes this elevation by native energy, guided by prudence and wisdom, their admiration is increased; but when his course, onward and upward, excellent in itself, furthermore proves a possible, what had hitherto been regarded as an impossible, reform, then he becomes a burning and a shining light, on which the aged may look with gladness, the young with hope, and the down-trodden, as a representative of what they may themselves become.” My Bondage and My Freedom, Frederick Douglass.

Obviously the above description wasn’t penned for the likes of Monsieur Rich…..

Bertrand Russell, one of the West’s most eminent philosopher and polymath, observed that Americanism displaces everything that is spontaneous and beautiful with a clinical cold detachment, rendering life to be little more than a tidy arrangement to be scaled and weighted. He was referring to the Chinese culture back in the 1920s, where a cacophony of melodies and bright colours were juxtaposed to Western sterilisation, the caption of “sophistication” annotated under each piece of artistic expression. I look at present day reality and know that very little has changed.

Almost a fortnight ago, social media’s pro China darling Nathan Rich, launched a tirade against his followers. The AUDACITY of his viewers to take for granted his labour and staunch dedication to the China cause was vociferated in an impassioned plea for a display of appreciation and reciprocation in a more tangible form…… something a lot more fungible than a thumbs up – fiat currency, in RMB or dollars. I’m sure crypto would have been enthusiastically welcomed too.

To watch yet ANOTHER Western national try his hand at E begging, click here. Go to 7:30 to listen to Rich say he may have to change his opinion (if we don’t pay him) to be amenable to advertisers like Coke! Listen for yourself. To all the beta Asians who insist that this can’t be so, are YOU SO DESPERATE FOR A FUCKIN WHITE SAVIOUR that you deny what your ears can hear?

I like Nathan, sincerely I do… or rather DID, tense matters.

In one of his previous videos, he expounded upon his financial position when making a critique on the most unattractive SerpentZA, Winston Sterzel (a man with a face that is tantamount to a criminal offence) and he said he was well remunerated in his day job. I don’t recall in detail, but maybe he even confessed to having invested some of his plum earnings? So I was definitely thrown by his recent cry of indignation that only 0.0002% of his niggardly followers GIVES HIM MONEY, vs the lucrative support that the China bashers like the unfortunate looking Sterzel gets.

Why is Rich asking for money when he already HAS ENOUGH?

Western men and penny pinching…

All my life growing up in Oz, I have come to realise a strange dichotomy between Anglo Western and Asian men (especially those Asians who have never been indoctrinated with Western beliefs). Asian men find it a hallmark of success and a source of pride to be able to reach the lofty spot of being GENEROUS enough to pay for OTHERS (not BEG for money), while Western men are taught it’s diametric opposite. According to the West, to be financially savvy is the peak of masculinity and that means NEVER getting “ripped off” or be taken for a ride.

The following are REAL incidences that I personally know of which illustrate my point. Yes you can accuse me of cherry picking, but I know that things in Oz and Germany are pretty much 50/50, so it’s more likely that you don’t know things well enough if you think what follows is weird.

Most Western relationships have men and women splitting everything down the middle. The middle is precision cut with a laser, leaving no crumbs faltering to either side, lest one gets “more” than his/her “fair” share.

1. An elderly Australian couple had different pay cycles. The wife, during a public outing had to ask the husband if he could “lend” her some money for lunch. He ACTUALLY REFUSED. She then borrowed $10 from a mutual friend.

2. A close Aussie mate of mine has been dating his much younger girlfriend for a decade. He refuses to marry her. The reason? He has saved up some money, but she, barely any… mind you, he lived with her and her mother for a few years paying almost zero board.

3. My ex co-worker when I worked at ING financial services, proudly declared to us all that he sold his old car, a lemon, to his wife for $6ks, while a trade in offered him $4ks. He literally RIPPED OFF HIS OWN SPOUSE and was not only unremorseful, he dedicated this episode in his life as a victory.

4. My Aussie friend disclosed that she and he husband split the pill bill perfectly down the centre. I presume orgasms work in the same fashion….. “you came harder than me asshole, I distinctly heard TWO MOANS vs my 1.5!!!”

Everything is measured in dollars with the Western knight..

Rich is not the first Western man to ride a coloured cause and turn it into a lucrative fair, lining his pocket with coins concomitantly asking for the oppressed to give succour to their “joint cause”. As he adds one more feather to his white saviour cap, we get another Hollywood script to further our indoctrination that it takes a Matt Damon to save China, and a Tom Cruise to save Japan. Yes, both Westerners and Asians nod in unison, we need a white guy to solve OUR PROBLEMS.

Malcolm X saw it in John Kennedy. At a time when brute force and lynching had lost its momentum, Kennedy found a new stratagem :

“So they used the friendly approach. They switched from the old, openly colonial imperialistic approach to the benevolent approach. They came up with some benevolent colonialism, philanthropic colonialism, humanitarianism, or dollarism. Immediately everything was Peace Corps, Operation Crossroads, “We’ve got to help our African brothers.” Pick up on that: Can’t help us in Mississippi. Can’t help us in Alabama, or Detroit, or out here in Dearborn, where some real Ku Klux Klan lives. They’re going to send all the way to Africa to help.” Living in the Era of Revolution, Malcolm X.

We have to ask ourselves, would these heroes still be donning on the cape and spandex if there was no pot of bills at the end of the coloured cause?

Is there a sense of righteousness that comes without a tab?

When I first stumbled upon Rich, I was genuinely delighted to see an ordinary dude take a stand against Western propaganda. We need more people to penetrate this Wizard of Oz set up, to unveil the dastardly cretinous creation behind the curtain. I had heard of him subtly talk about the lack of moolah going to his Patreon account in the past, but never had he insinuated such a childish threat like the one in his latest video.

I was slack jawed when he propounded that he may have to be more amenable to the likes of big sponsors by changing his political stance because he needs the videos to “break even”… Mmmm.

Am I the ONLY PERSON who understands that you can’t pin capital expenditure as an ongoing deduction?? You can only offset that cost upon realising a capital gain! What this means is that before Rich was “Nathan Rich Pro China expert”, noone knew who he was. No one REQUESTED he make videos!! The camera can’t be billed to the audience, nor can his “time” because noone is actually REQUESTING for him to make these videos!

Now that he has become quasi famous for his views, “suddenly” his hobby/passion becomes billable and the viewer who NEVER REQUESTED FOR THE VIDEOS MUST PAY or he will withdraw their cerebral “coke” fix?

As for his production team? What production team? If he needs a production team for the quality of his videos, then he’s in the WRONG HOBBY!!! We all know what videos that take a lot of work look like visually. Rich’s set up is as fanciful as mine, and I make my shoddy videos on my Android and slap that up through WiFi. What cost is there??

Stand for something real, or stand down

If you can only find it in your heart to represent something because at the end of the day you think you will find a few more zeros in your bank account, or a few more votes for your election campaign, you are HONESTLY not rallying for a virtuous cause in your heart of hearts.

Not everything we do in life can be measured by fiat, and it SHOULDN’T BE. There are skills we have that can be parlayed into bank account numbers, and there are things we do because we become a better person for it.

Noone should be asked to pay for YOUR spiritual journey in discovering your sense of justice and purpose in life. If you are asking for fairness to be given to you, in a predicament that is the result of a global inequitable stance, you are not fighting for us, you are a lost cause.

To watch my YouTube video on Nathan Rich, click here