The Australia the world does not want to know (including  itself)!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 24 August 2020

Australia has always been a tad bipolar. On the one hand, it’s an obsequious, prostrating butt smoocher to the Yanks, and on the other, a supercilious corrupt official presiding over New Zealand and its Asian neighbours. What we are going to do in this post, is examine the WHY. Why is Australia simultaneously a sanctimonious prick and a grovelling, sycophantic Smithers to America’s Mr Burns?

Denial, it’s in Australia not Egypt

Australia has been plagued with a perennial malaise. It really does not want the association of its sanguineous past, a beginning that was wrought with unabated violence and callousness towards an entire group of people who had lived in harmony with the land for 60,000 years. Scott Morrison our current PM, in a fit of disassociative national disorder, even went as far as denying that beautiful Australia, the country blessed with eternal solar flair and 25 million sunny dispositions, had ever had slavery coursing through its DNA. The Brits and Americans had slavery in their biographies but not Australia…. and then Scomo WOKE UP!

“While slave ships continued to travel around the world, when Australia was established, sure it was a pretty brutal settlement … but there was no slavery in Australia,” Scott Morrison, during a hallucination….

Mate… come the fuck off that damn white stallion and put down the aluminium foil titty plate for a sec will ya? We were CONVICTED for acts like “Impersonating an Egyptian” and “Stealing a shroud from a grave”. What? Do you HONESTLY think slavery was “beneath us?”. Click here for the list of 19 crimes that lead to the expulsion to Australia.

Yes Australia had slavery! This is what I adore about Anglo Westerners, the fact that when it comes to anything incriminating about themselves, suddenly they need definitions so precise, that if these inconvenient FACTS were analogous to time keeping, they would only accept the cessium atomic clock and not your standard quartz. Yet when it comes to say, oh taking a gargantuan dump on China, or “vibing” that Iraq has WMDs, a rumour sparked by your senile gran, after a coupla cans of angel piss and a few “I roolly believe, China created a virus to kill us through our assholes” (followed by yet another toilet paper brawl), would SUFFICE in their court of law.

Black birding is “employing” people to work as indentured labourers, and it is usually executed through chicanery and/or brute force. A whole load of South Pacific Islanders were “employed” this way on the sugar plantations of Queensland, not to mention  exploiting the Aborigines (as per usual) for free labour as household slaves, oops, “servants” and general field labourers, on top of that.

Dr Rosalind Kidd has been pursuing the injustices of essentially robbing Aboriginal workers of their rightful pay from the 1890s-1980s. She is seeking equitable compensation for the Aborigines who had been cheated out of their remuneration. I have to admit, I have not read her books yet, just news articles about her research and what sickens me, is the insouciance of the Australian government.

According to Kidd, in the Palm Island under Award case, the Queensland and NSW government acknowledged that Aboriginal welfare funds were given, yet a case of “misappropriation” resulted in Aborigines never getting a damn cent. Oh sweetheart, would you expect anything less from Straya? But wait, you haven’t heard the punchline yet!

Because Oz doesn’t want to be labelled a racist vampire that lives intravenously off the drips of SLAVE LABOUR, the Queensland government made a lump sum offer of… wait, wait for it….. $2,000 – $4,000 each, in settlement of these claims. Recovering stolen wages. This has since been updated, but the sheer audacity of dismissing years of injury with a one time $2k payment to each victim is unfathomable!

The key to the Palm Island wages fight was that the government during
the early 1980s knew it was acting illegally in underpaying its Aboriginal employees; and at the time of the Inquiry the government knew that I knew this – it was detailed in my thesis of which they had multiple copies. So in seeking to close out my evidence, I figured they were seeking to close out the truth.
The myth would then prevail that the government acted benevolently, paying people according to their skills and within the laws of the times. And if you hadn’t seen the evidence, you wouldn’t know any different. The evidence went in; their credibility went out. Compensation for this illegal exploitation is, I believe, presently climbing over the $30 million mark.” Dr Rosalind Kidd, Black Lives, Government Lies

For people interested in the stolen wages fact sheet compiled by Kidd, click here

Germaine Greer, Australian writer and intellectual, pointed out that white Australia has a guilt ridden complex, to which she cleverly inverts the common narrative of Aborigines having problems with alcohol and a sense of melancholy, to be that of white Australian guilt. It is the white Australian Greer argues, who bears this sense of damnation, because they wear the shame of dispossessing a group of people who should have been our leaders and guides, and not our servant slaves. I honestly think the innate aggression of the Western Imperial reign has extirpated any semblance of guilt. Instead, a self righteous indignation of “why aren’t they grateful for what we’ve done for them”, besieges the national psyche. I in short, think white Australia harbours generally a clear conscience in regards to its egregious past.

The Chinese blood in white Australia that is excised out of common parlance and knowledge

When you clicked on this post, did you happen to catch a glimpse of the two fellas heading the story? Why did I choose them? Oh, because they are CHINESE, the kind of “Chinese” that Australia doesn’t talk about much, lest this becomes an Asian inquisitorial expedition leading to the outing of more “white” Australians who are in fact, are of Asian stock.

Whaaaat? Have I lost it?!…. Them? Chinese?

Nope, me marbles are still rolling around! Let’s take another look at them, this time with a historical microscope.

Who are these two rather typical Australians? They are the descendants of Mak Sai Ying, one of the first Chinese settlers in Sydney who reached Australia on 27 February 1818. Yes, that’s right folks! The people who you are telling to GO HOME during covid-19, could have SIRED YOU! Unfortunately for those bogans who insist that it’s white people who contributed to Australia’s development, history does NOT accord with your prejudice. Click here to read more about Mak Sai Ying.

Barry Shying, the older man says: I can’t say I feel part Chinese, but I know I am,”, while Nick (the younger man in the image) attests that he has always known about his Chinese lineage: I haven’t always appreciated and fully understood what it meant, but I have certainly been brought up in an environment where I have known our family history,” ABC news

This gives me hope that with each successive generation, Australia is getting better at admitting its staccato heritage with the minorities who are discriminated against and physically attacked whenever a national obstacle spins by us, such as this pandemic. However, the rise of racism against ALL ASIANS under the guise of Covid-19 of late, jettisoned any notions that I had that Australia has already reached the pinnacle of real acceptance.

“A 19-year-old Vietnamese Australian woman from Sydney told the survey she was accused of bringing coronavirus to Australia. She said the perpetrator “attempted to kick me. Called me an Asian slut and an Asian dog. Told me to go to eat a bat. Threatened me with a knife”. ABC News

The most worrying aspect is that 90% of racism against Asians go UNREPORTED.

The Asian plot thickens – Asians discovered Australia after the Indigenous people, not EUROPEANS!

The following is a nugget that I have not yet pursued in depth, but is interesting. This is from Louise Levathes, author and journalist, When China Ruled the Seas: The Treasure Fleet of the Dragon Throne, 1405–1433

Levathes traces a part of Australian history to the Aboriginal songs of Arnhem Land, recording a group of people called the “Baijini”. These people came BEFORE the Indonesians and Europeans.

They were described as:

“….. having golden-colored skin, and the aborigines said the women were very beautiful and wore robes or pantaloons of many colors, even when they worked. The Baijini built houses of stone and bark, as opposed to the Macassans from the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, who built wooden houses on stilts with thatched roofs.”

Academics have speculated whether the Baijinis were Chinese or fair skinned Indonesians, but either way, Asians had indeed reached Australia post Aboriginals but pre Europeans. From as early as the fourth century A.D the Chinese had already recorded stars of the Southern Hemisphere.

In the book Suishu in 636 A.D, the Chinese described the flora and fauna they saw as they landed in new places. They named a bird called “shell” which they claimed could mimic human speech and spoke about a tool that sounds like the boomerang. In another book Shan hai jing, kangaroos were mentioned. They said that there were hopping animals called “shuti” that had 2 heads – kangaroo momma and joey in the pouch. They drew the shuti with a slender face, small ears and long talons on the feet and forepaws.

Irrespective of how much archaeological evidence is evinced to show that Australia is indeed closer to Asia and IS THE BIOLOGICAL CHILD OF THE ABORIGINALS, (a righteous and spiritually elevated group of people), white Australia would still much prefer to be known as the stock of crooks and the friend of snooks.

I find it perturbing that despite everything that America has done to Australia, our government STILL regards the US as an ally. So the story continues, Australia will forever be a friend to the enemy and the enemy to friends.

“By nature, men are nearly alike; by practice, they get to be wide apart.” Confucius