What’s wrong with America besides having excessively patriotic but stupid citizens?

By Rei Tanotsuka, 9 October 2020

Well, a lot of other things too, but the citizen body takes the plum prize for being a health hazard! America was born a morally failed state, became an ‘old school’ colonial blemished adolescent, only to emerge as a full fledged belligerent superpower. Pseudo intelligence and ethics are but appurtenances on the head of this Minotaur – there will never be enough boys and girls sacrificed to ever satiate this beast!

The main problem with America is Americans. I’m not just talking about the political clowns who drape the windows in this big house of horrors, I’m talking about the citizen body who seem to be so enamoured with their own exceptionalism that they think NOTHING is beneath them. Whaaaat?

Many people mistaken greatness as the contributory factor in propelling an individual or nation to the lofty post of being a prominent power, but not so since the Anglo Western reign. The Imperial clout ejected from this group, spawned from nothing more mystical than the dual vices of callous and avarice. Being a son of the British Empire, America inherited a ticker that was DOA.

Let me highlight one personal experience from my recent engagements. It was Sunday Oct 4th in Japan, and I joined an online group featuring a guest speaker from Afghanistan. She was gracious, elegantly elan and gave a compelling account on the feelings of a soul torn from her place of birth, displaced by war.

She asked the group a rhetorical question – “How does the will to survive emerge when the alternative of death is more inviting?” [paraphrased]. Because this online meeting spawned from a philosophical group, I assumed the attendants were more attenuated to the seductions of frivolities and could hear the underlying emotion of her real message when she answered her own question, that it was through music and poetry…. boy was I WRONG!

Unequivocally, the most insolent attendee would have to be the American woman who asked the Afghan speaker TO BE HER ART PROJECT? I’m not being facetious or comical, I state verbatim that she literally said “Is it OK for me to use you in my next art project?”.

It didn’t dawn on her that a person who was FORCED to flee her motherland has a malady she can’t excise, and hence is telling her story publicly to mediate the dull ache. Her right to be an individual renounced because of survival needs, rendering a lifetime “sobriquet” of refugee, a statistic, an inanimate noun…. and this bloody sang-froid Yank CONTINUES to ask her to perform her party trick of being an objet d’art rather than a REAL HUMAN BEING?

I have NO IDEA what Americans are thinking. Yes, they say art is but an imitation of life, and many a noble person has been the muse of the creative, but this was NOT the time to ask such a thing. Anyone who has a semblance of humanity will resonate with the pain in her words and not reduce her to an object, something she became acutely aware of from the age of 4. She wasn’t a person, she was a political nomenclature and I can’t fathom how people simply DON’T CARE enough to TRY to understand her. Another guy asked her if her background Afghan drums were for sale and if so, how much? ‘What can I GET OUT OF HER?’ was the raison d’etre for most attending the meeting.

What’s the protocol? As a physician can I jack off on your face?

Americans who wield any form of authority seem to have megalomaniacal egos. Do they honestly think that they can fuck whoever they want?

Only an American president in our milieu of #metoo, will vociferate to a journalist that he can just grab a woman by her pussy. Is it any wonder that it’s citizens operate on the same mandate?

A 29 year old woman who went to Sinai hospital for a shoulder treatment, ended up with an unexpected and unwanted facial. “Newman gave the woman a sedative, which prevented her from speaking or opening her eyes, and then proceeded to masturbate at her bedside and ejaculate on her face. Criminal investigators matched DNA samples collected from the woman’s face to Newman, which lead to his indictment in March 2016. At Newman’s sentencing hearing, the woman told the State Supreme Court in Manhattan that “I have not been able to trust a doctor since, and I never will.” Physician sexual abuse

I know I know, but people like that get punished though. Surely, they have their licensees revoked… right? Nope. Another medical professional, Dr George Tyndall a gynaecologist who took happy snaps of his patients genitals and “[touching] women inappropriately during pelvic exams, [making] suggestive and lewd comments about their bodies and [photographing] their genitals for purposes colleagues found dubious.” was infact, handsomly REWARDED. When a female coworker lodged a complaint against him at the rape crisis centre, he got pretty much a high five, and a few “good for you!” approbations before walking away with a golden handshake! “he left USC in 2017 with a financial payout and a clean record with the state medical board.”. Now that’s how you instill a good sense of morality in the citizens! Physician sexual abuse.

The follow up to this scandal that WASN’T meant to be (because the regulators and hospital colluded to cover it up), is that 6 new accusations have joined the queue, so finally the American justice system is forced to take this seriously. George Tyndall

The next rebuttal I ALWAYS get from American apologists is that I’m just “cherry picking”. Well then, can I cherry pick 100,000 DOCUMENTATED CASES?

100,000 disciplinary orders against doctors licensed in the US were analysed. These span from 1999 til the time the CBS article was published in 2016. 3100 doctors were implicated with sexual misconduct and violations against their patients. A WHOPPING 2,400 were STILL ACTIVE in 2016!

Wipe that grin off your face. If you are imaging a Dr Mike, you’re outta ya mind! He is like the Chris Evans of the medical world, and the chances of him asking you for a private spread of your vertical smile, stands on the SAME probability as Evans himself, asking for you SPECIFICALLY to co star as his love interest in “Captain America Cums Back!”.

Do you remember the gyno I was telling you about, the one who had a penchant for IG pussy pics? This is what you’re getting….I give you George Tyndall! Another guy with backpfeifengesicht (a face you just wanna punch).

“These cases represent only a fraction of incidences in which doctors have been accused of sexually abusing patients. Many remain obscured, the newspaper said, because state regulators and hospitals sometimes handle sexual misconduct cases in secret. Also, some public records are so vaguely worded that patients would not be aware that a sexual offense occurred.CBS News

Rei, you’re taking things “out of context”, ALL blokes get frisky at times, but the truth is, the world NEEDS America!

Honestly, the hubris that remains buoyant despite creating a cess pool for a recreational facility, must be due to the obsequious nations surrounding the US and telling it they enjoy the texture and musky fragrance. It’s SHIT you guys! You’re not only swimming in it, you can’t get out of it. It’s not a matter of dipping your toes in to test the ‘water’, you WILL BE DROWNING in it!

America is a country you can NEVER let into your home, it’s the proverbial pest guest that you can never rid yourself of. It doesn’t take to subtly, it won’t understand when you out stretch your arms, fake yawn and look at your watch and mention your early morning presentation tomorrow. The more you hint, the more it insists on eating your food, poaching your WIFI, and leaving you with a deposit of ‘appreciation’ which clogs up your loo.

America has destroyed so, so many homes, lives and robbed a great many more of an identity because America simply won’t let people be!

Noone should have the authority to force anyone else to change! We will mediate our own affairs and evolve at a pace befitting us.

“a phoenix rises only from its own ashes, and that it is not a bird of passage, neither does it fly on pinions borrowed from other birds.” from “Bushido: The Soul of Japan” by Inazo Nitobe

Ever since the inception of the “Chicago School” model of Friedman smashonomics, guinea pigged in 1973 Chile, America has gone from bad, to Lucifer making an application to be an understudy to this wantonly sanguineous nation.

We all know that America, under the BS guise of WMD went into Iraq and created its own fire sale, but the details are worth rehashing. It makes me livid that post 2000, we are still allowing this to happen! The UN is a cowardice, impotent body that serves no other function than to watch the destruction of brown people…

When America economically sodomised Russia, it at least allowed the Russian oligarchs to walk away with billions, with Iraq? Americans nailed them in one spot as forced spectators to witness their own downfall, the respite being not taking ALL their oil in addition to ruining their lives and infrastructure.

This is how much damage ONE AMERICAN ASSHOLE can wrought!

This is Paul Bremer, and he is the Provisional Coalition Administrator of Iraq.

I know you think he has puppy dog eyes, but this is FRIGGIN CUJO! Actually, that’s not an apt comparison. It’s true that both Cujo and Bremer have a virus that caused them to behave violently, but Cujo was bitten by a wild rabbit, Bremer just grew up in America… same effect though.

Bremer lowered Iraq’s corporate tax rate from roughly 45 percent to a flat 15 percent, BUT he allowed for 100% foreign ownership of Iraqi assets. Profits made by these foreign companies were tax free, with no reinvestment criteria and ‘stuffed in a suitcase back to Washington’ portable. Yes, not a cent needed to remain in Iraq! Investors could sign 40 year contracts and leases, all ELIGIBLE FOR RENEWAL which means future Iraqi governments would still have to deal with these pricks decades later, under contracts that their predecessors were coerced into signing by their occupiers… sounds like Opium China with a Middle Eastern twist.

The system of “the Primes” is equally as harrowing, a ponzi scheme of big corporations. These American companies would set up an office in the Green Zone or other authorised place, then they subcontracted projects to Kuwaiti companies, who subcontracted them to Saudi companies, who ironically subcontracted them back to Iraqi companies! Basically, if you want a job poorly done, or not done at all, leave it to the American schemers.

“In early April 2004, before Iraq had spiraled into violence, I visited the Baghdad Central Children’s Hospital. It had supposedly been rebuilt by a different U.S. contractor, but there was raw sewage in the hallways, none of the toilets worked and the men trying to fix the mess were so poor that they didn’t have shoes“. Naomi Klein

“The mismanagement continued for three and a half years until all the major U.S. reconstruction contractors pulled out of Iraq, their billions spent, the bulk of the work still undone. Parsons was handed $186 million to build 142 health clinics. Only 6 were ever completed.” from “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism” by Naomi Klein”

I don’t expect much from the Anglo West in trying to understand things from another person’s perspective, after all it’s hard to see even one’s own mien when one’s head is so far up one’s sphincter, so to see eye to eye with another, is all but an impossibility.

However, we do have Google these days. It’s not say uttering “Hey Google what’s the difference between a Muslim and a Mormon?” is going to be taxing to a bone ass lazy lifestyle funded by the greenback printing press, yet Americans can’t even do that….

James Mayfield was one of those morons employed by the Empire to build “local democracy” in Iraq, on a contract awarded at $466 million. For that sum, you would figure they could find someone who wouldn’t make a gaffe like Mayfield who “told his mission back in Houston that he thought Muslims could be persuaded to embrace the Book of Mormon as compatible with the teachings of the prophet Muhammad.” from “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism” by Naomi Klein”

Americans are indeed… Stupid. Vexing and plain mean.

The wanton cavalier attitude to American created refugees, the predatory nature of those who wield any form of authority and the creation of the nation destroying Chicago Boys institution all point to a report card tallying this result.

America you get a scum laude in being the world’s biggest asshole!