Taking the high road – the ultimate act of a COWARD!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 29 December 2020

“…… I’m not a racist, I don’t believe in any form of segregation or anything like that. I’m for brotherhood for everybody, but I don’t believe in forcing brotherhood upon people who done’ want it.” Malcolm X

So being forced to down British and American shit a little more than a century ago wasn’t bad enough, that we now must once again, TAKE THE HIGH ROAD? (pun intended)

*The following is a long post which will take you on a psychological and historical journey on WHY it is IMPERATIVE to talk back, talk loud and refuse to play the role of the suppliant meek Asian. We NEED to give as good as we get!

Proceed if you are of this persuasion…

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The Toxic Asian Attitude to be Terminated

In the month of December 2020, I encountered 2 incidences on social media which blew my mind (not really, just employing hyperbole).

One of them I just made a post on – that of a plain frog who pulled Chinese eyes and wished everyone in Singapore a great Ching Chong new year Louise Pizon. The other was a repost of an article I wrote on Nathan Rich, an American pro China YouTuber who is willing to sell out his pro China stance for the price of a cup of cheap caffeine! I’m not even talking about swanky Starbucks $7 coffees, but just a do it at home, hand job coffee….

As per usual, I was dismayed by the number of beta Asians who wrote to me defending Pizon and Rich, even threatening to get me banned on social media platforms because I dared criticise White people sans compunction. Remember, to ass kissing white worshippers, ANY insinuation of White people not acting honourably is proscribed!

Rich was the more harrowing of the two because according to these betas, he is doing a fantastic job in eradicating sinophobia. Rich is NOT RACIST towards Chinese people, he is a phenomenon which Malcolm X wrote about before his passing – the white hero to a minority cause, done not necessarily with a sense of righteousness. Rich expects accolades, to be handsomely remunerated and to “lead”. It is as much about his ego, as it is about “doing the right thing.”

The litmus test ALWAYS comes down to this – would he STILL do it if he wasn’t banging a Chinese lass and HAD NO WAY IN HELL of making bank? Because that’s what TRUE heroism is, in fighting for a worthy cause. Think Noam Chomsky in anti Vietnam War protests, he has no skin in that game at all. I mean SERIOUSLY think about what you are saying if you endorse the notion that you take on a political stance because you may EVENTUALLY profit from it.

Yeah, we all share a chuckle when we hear about the Chairman, but guess what? He ain’t no armchair activist, he was ON THE FRONT LINE and even lost a son for his cause. So unless you have the gumption to leave your air-conditioned accommodation and Netflix subscription unused, I suggest you STFU and take a leaf out of his book, or at least have the humility to LISTEN to someone who was genuinely  courageous.

The most important natural quality is that of complete loyalty to the idea of people’s emancipation. If this is present, the others will develop; if it is not present, nothing can be done.” Mao Tse-Tung

Truth, according to Chinese, can never be proved; it can only be suggested.” Lin Yutang

While this is indeed so, there are CONCRETE, unambiguous facts which pertain to a historical narrative that can’t, and shouldn’t be abnegated.

The obsequious, dullard Asians of all walks today who propose we “be above the fray” of common racists by not retaliating, or calling them out, are of the lowest exemplar of humanity. They are ignorant, cowardice and lack the wit of a freshly minted katana blade – for they have NOTHING to say to their assailants except apologise for being yellow.

Nietzsche said it succinctly, those who are feeble and weak, dress up the trepidation to simply STAND UP FOR THEMSELVES as a moral virtue. I agree. You DON’T GET the right to claim the moral high ground unless you are in the position to TAKE YOUR OPPONENT DOWN!

You, being too pusillanimous to fight is NOT commendable, but a cringe worthy attitude that anyone who has a nano gram of common sense can see through.

This is strength……..

To watch, click here

…. not you betas, making yet ANOTHER excuse on why you shouldn’t objurgate the racist who just spat on your face because he wasn’t attacking you “personally”, or that not every White person is racist so you don’t want to call out your particular white attacker lest it offends “all the White people who aren’t racist”. Gimme a bloody break! *Let me make myself clear, beta Asians have NO problems shaming Black people who attack Asians, in fact they ring the alarm bells high and loud. Asians are only livid when WHITE RACISTS are called out.

This is what happened the last time Asians DID AS YOU BETAS ESPOUSED….

The troika of Asian clout, China, Japan and India inadvertently, but COLLECTIVELY, built the Anglo Western Empires who went on, to give them SHIT for more than a CENTURY!

We as Asians, did FIGHT BACK but we didn’t FIGHT DIRTY like the West, this is what caused our downfall. What perplexes me is the inanity of “moral arguments” on the part of the victim as they are getting annihilated. What ARE YOU TRYING TO ACHIEVE in the midst of a massacre? Principles?

*The following is an analogy and NOT literal instructions for a physical brawl.

You must fight your opponent IN A MANNER BEFITTING the WAR. It confounds me to have to state the obvious, but it is of no consequence how razor sharp your wit is, nor how learned you are if the belligerent attacking you is a 6’4″, 180kg thug. YOU DO NOT REASON WITH HIM, you pick up a bloody BASEBALL BAT and do your best to knee cap him so that he’s vulnerable BEFORE THE FIGHT STARTS. Why? Because if you stand on principled grounds with an opponent whose strength lies with his bare fists, and your’s rest with an arsenal of savage puns and pithy aphorisms, YOU WILL LOSE!

The cardinal rule of war is to STAY ALIVE enough to fight! When you can’t win in an open confrontation, you MUST employ guerrilla tactics as Mao reiterates ad nauseum, “Sheng Tung, Chi Hsi” (Uproar in the East, strike in the West).

One enduring guerrilla tactic is to follow and attack the rear of the aggressor’s army (the weakest area), or go behind your opponent (on a one on one) and hit him where he can’t see you after he’s on his knees (courtesy of your lovely bat trick).

On the literary battlefield, what does this mean? It means, if you get a racist attacker who contacts you, YOU MUST ENGAGE. Try to get as much personal information as possible, THEN PUBLICISE the correspondence, so that you have evidence of what people really say behind “closed doors”. It’s better to get a face shot and real name, like I did with one Mr Julian Randall.

On a national level, it means creative shading like tweeting political “art”, thereby discounting the need to pen a thousand word essay about human rights violations……

To read Australia’s Afghanistan war crimes, click here

Social media is such these days, that things have an uncanny way of resurfacing just when you least expect them to – when you start accruing a reputation for being saintly. Anything you have said in the past that is uncouth, derogatory or demeaning will be found. This is “attacking the rear” guerrilla tactic that you need to sear in your mind. Right now, Western media dominate all facets of our consciousness, there’s no way one individual citizen can ever wrought a dent in the psychological malaise which plague the majority in accepting everything they are told. Yet if I start detailing the racial grievances I experienced, and you do too, we are in effect BUILDING A LIBRARY and putting forth information that will one day, become statistical data. We now get to participate in the writing of the script, where traditionally we only got to play the part of extras.

Remember, one story of a strange phenomenon is called an anecdote, a thousand stories of the same phenomenon become case studies! “During the progress of hostilities, guerrillas gradually develope into orthodox forces…” Mao Tse-Tung.

We need to start compiling a compendium of ALL our encounters with these racists. In the age of AI, a decade from now you will understand the impact of doing this. Everything from their credit rating, to employability will rest on these social markers and they will be truly remorseful for having the attitude they hold now. People ONLY REGRET their actions and change, IF THE LOSS FALLS ON THEM. If there are no financial or tangible repercussions for their actions, there will be no expiations made.

Some of you reading this, will be part of the shallow thinkers who opine “oh, but I don’t want to take things that far”, well you’re an IDIOT who deserves to play second fiddle for the rest of your pitiful existence!

We DID let Westerners “just be” when they INVADED OUR SHORES the first time. The Anglo West not only took this privilege for granted, they turned us from a proud, stately, developed nation, into a bunch of degenerative substance abusers, or Western Imperialist wannabes who went on a Mephistophelian rampage to decimate Asia! Even now, most Asians are STILL bootlickers because of the Western Supremacy ideology that was indoctrinated in them for such an extended period of time – Hong Kong rioters, need I say more?

If you’re Chinese, this is what being “above the fray” means….

China NEVER invaded another country that isn’t now considered a “neighbour” (NOTE: this is a normal process in establishing a country. Every border was fought over by EVERYONE, so don’t isolate this as a Chinese problem when Europeans did this as well!). When Europeans first ventured across the seas and landed in the Middle Kingdom, the Chinese didn’t have much of a reaction to the “funny-looking, long-nosed cow eaters in tight trousers and high hats”, James Bradley, American author.

China however, did NOT desire to trade with these BARBARIANS, and I’ll still call them barbarians to the present day. I mean, who in the name of conscience, goes and puts more sanctions on economically struggling countries in the midst of a global PANDEMIC? Nothing has changed with the Western mind. Every political manuever is an egregious act that would even make Satan tourette out an apology – for the Prince of Darkness would never think to take things THAT FAR.

China created (I LOVE this name) The Barbarian Management Bureau to deal with these feral, gun totting, inequitable bastards from the West. Thinking that if rules were in place, then like ALL THE OTHER foreigners China had traditionally entertained, these “Fan Kuei” (foreign devils) would be respectful enough to obey their laws.

Little did the Mandarins know that reasoning with the Brits and Yanks is akin to negotiating ‘playtime’ with a glucose spiked 2 year old…… who just recently mastered the words “NO” and “Get fucked!”…. but didn’t master the potty….. and you fed him peas last night…. yikes.

China’s opium “trade” built, not only Britain’s coffers, but EVERY great enterprise in America.

I think most of us know that Warren Delano, Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s maternal grandfather, was a kingpin drug lord, second only to the British dealers in the illicit Chinese Opium trade.

The wealth made by Delano and his cohorts  created America through laundering this blood money into elite establishments. Yes that’s right, AMERICA IS MADE BY CHINA!

“Delano invested his new fortune in a host of ventures: New York waterfront property, railroads, copper mines in Tennessee and Maryland, and coal mines in Pennsylvania, where a town was named Delano in his honor. The Perkins family, who had pioneered the transport of Turkish opium to China, built Boston’s Athenaeum, the Massachusetts General Hospital, and the Perkins Institution for the Blind. America’s first railroad—the Quincy Granite Railway—was built to carry stone from Perkins’s quarries to the site of the Bunker Hill Monument. Opium money funded any number of significant institutions in the eastern United States. John Perkins Cushing’s profitable relationship with Howqua helped finance the construction of America’s first great textile manufacturing city, Lowell, Massachusetts. America’s great East Coast universities owe a great deal to opium profits. Much of the land upon which Yale University stands was provided by Russell family money. A Russell family trust still covers the budget of Yale’s Skull and Bones Society, and Russell funds built the famously secretive club’s headquarters…….”

John Cleve Green was Delano’s immediate predecessor……… was Princeton University’s single largest donor, financing three buildings……. Among the railways financed with opium money were the Boston and Lowell (Perkins), the Michigan Central (Forbes), the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy (Forbes), and the Chesapeake and Ohio (Low), among others. The influence of these opium fortunes seeped into virtually every aspect of American life. That influence was cultural: the transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson married John Murray Forbes’s daughter, and his father-in-law’s fortune helped provide Emerson with the cushion to become a professional thinker. It was found in technology: Forbes’s son watched over his father’s investment in the Bell Telephone Company as its first president, and Abiel Abbot Low provided start-up money for the first transatlantic cable. And it was ideological: Joseph Coolidge’s heirs founded the Council on Foreign Relations. Several companies that would play major roles in American history were also the product of drug profits, among them the United Fruit Company, started by the Coolidge family. Scratch the history of an institution or a person with the name Forbes attached to it, and there’s a good chance you’ll see that opium is involved. Secretary of State John Forbes Kerry’s great-grandfather was Francis Blackwell Forbes, who got rich selling opium in China.”  The China Mirage, James Bradley

Face of a traitor : Howqua.
Warren Delano’s Hudson River home hung a portrait of Howqua, the ultimate Chinese sell out. This traitorous cretin became one of the richest men IN THE WORLD (in his time) by plunging his brethren into a narcotic hell. To add insult to injury, when Delano left China in 1843 after a DECADE of poisoning them, Howqua gave him a cornucopia send off – a 15 course feast of bird’s nest, shark fin, surgeon’s lip etc (wait for it) which took 13 HOURS TO FINISH!

If you’re Japanese, this is what being “above the fray” means……

Yeah we know you went through a pirating phase, then a warring period until Tokugawa Ieyasu unified Japan. But then you guys breathed a sigh of relief, and did this……

According to James Bradley in The China Mirage, “Japan at that time was a closed country to Americans, but it was at peace with its neighbours, bothering nobody, with no military industrial complex.”

WHAT HAPPENED? A Yank with a piece of string, happened!

*First things first, we ALL need to understand that for the Imperial West, the destination has always been China. The circuitous routes taken in destroying other countries, is either to sabotage China’s progress into independence (Darfur Massacre in Sudan to put a kibosh on China’s oil imports) or to establish a “trading” route allowing unbridled plundering of China’s traditional immense wealth.

1848, is the year when Lieutenant Matthew Maury took a piece of used floss (just kidding, it was string) and showed the US House of Reps, that by placing the starting point at San Francisco and running it through Hawaii, Shanghai could be reached. However, the entire leg of the journey could not be made without refuelling……

Bingo! Japan.

This is when Mathew Commodore Perry, a guy with a face that makes you instinctively swipe left, fronted up to Japan’s shores holding 2 books – War in Mexico and History of the War in Mexico to “persuade” the Japanese to be “friends” with America. Inorder to get Japan to do its bidding (afterall, they are BFF’S now) Theodore Roosevelt suggested that Japan too, adopt America’s “Monroe Doctrine” in Asia, which means, you guessed it. Japan must haul ass to Korea.

*As a digression: For all the gratuitous, ego buoying compliments Westerners usually pay THEMSELVES on their own ostensible  “attractiveness”, here’s what the Japanese SAW when they first cast their glances on the white mug…..

America, through intimidation, forced Japan into entering the unfair Treaty of Amity and Commerce, leaving Japan no real option but to change from a peaceful nation, into a “Fukoku kyohei” – Rich country, strong military…. zero morals. Visually, this meant  switching from wearing free flowing wafuku to wedgie inducing suits with bling baubles, and drinking cognac instead of damn good sake.

If you’re Korean, being “above the fray” means this…..

Korea never did anything wrong, it’s misfortune was to be surrounded by great powers inadvertently becoming a strategic focal point…. oh and being gullible in trusting the words of an American leader. You know what they say about Americans – lips move, lies fly! (I made that up…. but someone did say that…. me).

*Japan invaded Korea because Russia was aiming for it and China was overseeing it in the late 1800s. As Japan promised America (Baron Kentaro Kaneko to Theodore Roosevelt) to enact the Monroe Doctrine in Asia, the MILITARY component of the Meiji rule needed China and Korea to submit to it. But the POLITICAL heads in Japan did not agree with fighting China at all.

Meiji rule in Japan, should more aptly be defined as Japan’s internal struggle between the fist and the head, with the fist throwing jabs left and right at its own face. In true “Exorcist” form, America was the Pazuzu that directed the Japanese to soil its bed, do a 180, and levitate outta the land of the rising sun to take an unprecedented dump in the neighbourhood. The Japanese prime minister Ito Hirobumi, DID NOT WANT to engage in a war with China. This is something that very few, if any Western academics will dare mention.

We have got to understand that Japan’s Constitution at the time was modelled on the Prussian Constitution, containing a proviso that the military is only answerable to the EMPEROR and not to the prime minister.

This point is IMPORTANT : the following information is courtesy of historical novelist Shiba Ryotaro.

Ito wanted to send the bare minimum number of troops to Korea. As PM he had NO AUTHORITY to dictate any warfare strategy including how many troops to dispatch. He assigned Major General Oshima Yoshimasa to lead the mixed brigade, along with Fukushima Yasumasa and Uehara Yusaku.

The 3 stooges assigned were big on brawn, skinny on brain, and thought with their fists, you know, like Westerners.

The Head of the Army Ministry, Oyama Iwao and PM Ito were adamant that JAPAN AND CHINA MUST NEVER FIGHT. However, since Oyama too was a cabinet member, he had no sway in military tactics.

Oyama emphatically advised the 3 stooges that “Japan and China are protecting Asia from Western invasion. If those two countries go to war, the Western powers will reap the benefit. Japan and China will suffer enormous harm, and the damage to Asia could be fatal. Therefore, do absolutely nothing to provoke war.”

Sorry, back to Korea!

1882, is the year America planned to STAB you guys in the back! As you shook hands enthusiastically and pledged heartfelt allegiance to your new white BFF, America had an ulterior motive. The 32 year old Korean Emperor Gojong signed a treaty that had, *wait for it*, THIS LINE:

there shall be perpetual peace and friendship” between Korea and the America….. (throws head back and laughs til spittle comes). America pinky swore to Korea that it would have its back if ANYONE dared attack it…..

“On February 8, 1904—with no declaration of war—the Japanese navy attacked Russian ships in Korean ports. The Russians denounced the infamous sneak attack as a violation of international law. Roosevelt wrote, “I was thoroughly well pleased with the Japanese victory, for Japan is playing our game.” The China Mirage by James Bradley.

The next bit is cute…..

Emperor Gojong, as heads were flying all around him, basically put on a pair of shades, and told everyone to chillax because “We have the promise of America; she will be our friend whatever happens.”

Little did he know that back in 1900, Vice President Roosevelt had clandestinely written: “I should like to see Japan have Korea. She [Japan] will be a check upon Russia.”

In Seoul, Emperor Gojong had no idea that President Roosevelt, rather than standing up for Korean freedom as he was obliged to do by treaty, had instead approved Korea’s death warrant. A court official in Seoul had assured a Western reporter, “We have the promise of America. She will be our friend whatever happens.”, The China Mirage, by James Bradley

The desire for a white friend we can call our own dies hard eh? Despite all evidence to the contrary, we just CAN’T BELIEVE WHITE PEOPLE don’t really like us AT ALL.

Yeah, but that’s just one incident Rei. Ya can’t pin the repute of the GREATEST NATION on turd upon a single BETRAYAL!

How about bombing YO ASS again to keep America’s GDP kicking?

The Korean War was the crisis that, in Acheson’s subsequent words, “came along and saved us”; by that he meant that it enabled the final approval of NSC 68 and passage through Congress of a quadrupling of American defense spending. More than that, it was this war and not World War II that occasioned the enormous foreign military base structure and the domestic military-industrial complex to service it and which has come to define the sinews of American global power ever since.” The Korean War, by Bruce Cumings

Yes, it was the delight of destroying Korea in the 1950s that gave America THE lawful greenlight to BUILD AN ENTIRE INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX OF DEATH!

The following are sobering statistics: *taken from Cumings research.

The United States dropped 635,000 tons of bombs in Korea (not counting 32,557 tons of napalm), compared to 503,000 tons in the entire Pacific theater in World War II.”

“Whereas sixty Japanese cities were destroyed to an average of 43 percent, estimates of the destruction of towns and cities in North Korea “ranged from forty to ninety percent”; at least 50 percent of eighteen out of the North’s twenty-two major cities were obliterated.”

A sample the percentage of areas destroyed:

Pyongyang, 75%

Chongjin, 65%

Hamhung, 80%

Hungnam, 85%

Sariwon, 95%

Sinanju, 100%

Wonsan, 80%”

Why taking the high road will NEVER EARN the respect of the West it’s the basic psychology of the Western mind to obliterate the weak.

The West sees life as a binary game. I know it’s NOT EVERY DAMN Westerner, I’m talking about a monolithic characteristic. If we are objective, from the past to the present, the West has indeed only caused destruction.

If you want to argue about that, TELL ME ONE TIME the West did some good that wasn’t the result of them CORRECTING THEIR INITIAL AGGRESSION that caused a tsunami of grief… go on, try to name just ONE incident. I can bet you that if you actually research into “the good deed” you will find that it began with a problem the WEST CREATED, and then TRIED to remedy the unfavourable outcome.

The Western lens has two views on the “meaning” of lives…….

So insignificant that crushing it doesn’t even register…..
Respectable but not allowed to BE. It will need to be stuffed and remodelled to their liking before it is allowed to be displayed….

Throughout most of modern history, people in the West have divided these animals into a few simple groups. First there were the small creatures that make themselves more or less of a nuisance to civilised life, handily classed as vermin and calling for no detailed attention. Then there were certain grand and distant species who existed mainly as symbols but might occasionally be seen in the menageries of powerful humans, where they gained an extra symbolic meaning as indications of their owners’ power. Neither of these groups seemed to raise any particular moral problems. Then there were animals that were hunted, notably bears, wolves and other predators, wild boar, deer, and the exotic big game that was typically found in Africa. These creatures were often seen as deserving some kind of respect, because the hunter derived his honour from conquering them.” The Myths We Live, by Mary Midgley

To be an advocate for pacifism when you are being ruled by a sang-froid Leviathan, is to be complicit in destroying our divine nature.

We weren’t supposed to HATE our brothers with the vitriol reserved for ardent enemies. The suspicion of the outsider, naturally dissipates through time and intermingling. It does NOT last a few centuries, using the guise of religion or science to evince that another human being deserves to be derided like a common beast of burden, branded and whipped because they desired the most elementary of rights – self determination.

Where all life dies, death lives……”  John Milton’s Paradise Lost.

This will be the end result if the world continues to be governed by the Anglo West with us TAKING THE FUCKING HIGH ROAD!