By Rei Tanotsuka, 2 December 2020

……. I don’t know, but this is what I DO know.

Recently I had an interesting exchange with someone who contacted me through one of my social media platforms and we had a Zoom chat. I’m hated and loved with equal enthusiasm. I make no apologies for my opinions, and challenge anyone to a debate who feel my written soliloquies are nothing but musings of insanity having a dalliance with Monsieur Daniels… I don’t drink suckers!

I think some people who read me however, MISUNDERSTAND what I’m all about.

I HATE PINOCCHIO in all forms, even though woodies get me excited! *that’s the first sex joke for you to entice you to read further.

Because I emphatically declare that I’m an alpha Asian woman who is an advocate for pan Asian solidarity, people think I would need to LIE or distort the truth inorder for me to panegyrize Asian culture and traits. How RIDICULOUS to insinuate that fabrication is even necessary! It isn’t. We genuinely have ADMIRABLE TRAITS with a legacy that is worthy of reminiscence and elucidation.

I can afford to pen the declaration, that Asian culture bears the most affinity with Asians without forfeiting my scruples. Think about it, it has to! This is not brain science and I don’t need to conduct a bloody double blind study to understand this. Asians THRIVE under Asian culture if no external provocateur causes division. We don’t NEED the “advice” of the West to make ourselves BETTER. We will figure things out naturally.

If Asian culture was in any way detrimental to us, we would have perished by now. Anyone know an Etruscan? No? That’s because they are GONE. We yellas are here to stay, and a stayin’ we will be!

However, to deny or ignore the fact that Asians in Asia and in the West do actively engage in white worship, is mendacious. Everyone can see that this is evidently so.

As a percentage of the population, White people in Asia are MINISCULE, yet they get public representation in all industries – they are used to advertise anything from coffee to beauty products. Since I live in Japan, I will show you my visuals.

This is Miranda Kerr playing the role of “Yamada San” in a laundry detergent ad. They paid her BIG BUCKS…
The funny thing is, “Yamada San” was also portrayed by an anonymous blonde fronting the SAME product, yet no Japanese person realised or cared that a switcheroo had happened! This random White girl probably cost the same price as hiring Kerr’s left pinky toe, but for the Japanese a white face is a white face. They honestly can’t tell. The advertising company could have literally saved millions by just casting random White people.
Japan wants THIS FACE to front its coffee…. A face that looks like my untreated cotton shirt after being washed, tumble dried and thrown on the floor as a carpet substitute because I’m too cheap to get a decent rug. Yes I know it’s Tommy Lee Jones, but look at the message. The cynosure is “THE BOSS” is an old, cantankerous looking White man. What’s new? Not his face for sure!

A stroll around my local super market revealed these ad puppets….

A Kyoto company that bears a French name and a white face…. très beta!
Another home grown Japanese company Exbeaute, that feels only a white face can do it justice…. never seen a White girl use the products….. well except for the model in the ad, she probably wore the make-up.
Even shampoo needs “White hair” because Asian hair is just too…. voluminous and silky, so that’s JUST HORRENDOUS to use as an exemplar of follicular health.

In Japan, only 2.16% of the residents are foreign, yet out of this group of 2.73 million people, MOST are Chinese and Korean, which means White people here are as rare as supermodels without bunions on their feet! Yet WE NEED to show “diversity” in Japan because we should cater to the “under 0.5%” of the population lest they feel offended… no black faces in advertising though. Yeah I DID notice the ubiquity of the absence of Black representation.

I was told that I needed to ERADICATE WHITE SUPREMACY…. on my own?!

Remember the Zoom convo I was telling you about earlier? Well he asked me WHAT WAS I GOING TO PERSONALLY DO about the bellicosity and tyranny exercised by White people in their global domination, as if I Rei Tanotsuka, a bloody NOBODY in the world of clout, can exercise the wrath needed to extract an apology from the Western Imperial bastards. Sure, while I’m at it, would you like me to throw in world peace, or do you want to have a crack at that yourself?

This person BELIEVES that I must shatter the myth of White supremacy by attacking the “clines” (a term used by Ashley Montagu to denote the phenotypical differences between groups of people, because scientifically speaking, there are no races) which create the social construct of the white “race”. But you know what? I can’t do that because this is the demarcation of knowledge between someone who knows nothing vs someone who knows a little…

We worshipped white people before White people EXISTED!? DA F?

Yep, according to the seminal works of Theodore Allen, the concept of “White people” wasn’t apparent in the 1600s when the first African Americans arrived in the US. This certainly accords with what I have read about slavery, in particular Marcus Rediker’s, The Slave Ship. People aboard the slave ships needed to be noted with physical descriptions because of insurance policy claims, and even all the way to the mid 1700s, slaves and their human traffickers alike, were simply classed as “browne” or “blacke”. Black people included the Scottish and the Irish.

I also know that archaeologists have made discoveries of places of worship in ancient China which evinces statutes that people paid obeisances to, had BLUE EYES.

This is evidence which I personally DETEST, but have no choice to acknowledge because eventhough I ABHOR white worship, I honour truth above all else. So when people ask me to dismantle “white worship” as being all due to white dominance, I honestly can’t say that is true UNTIL I understand the next piece of the puzzle.

The following information is taken from Why the West Rules–for Now: The Patterns of History, and What They Reveal About the Future, Ian Morris.

We know that animal husbandry of pigs was already in place from around 7500 BCE, and early village formations in Jiahu China were a firm fixture by 7000 BCE, meaning a nomadic lifestyle was replaced with community living. The corollary of a stable place of abode is the evolution of spiritual practices of some sort. Sacrificial rituals had already emerged by then:

“….. two remarkable sets of finds in graves at Jiahu suggest that religion and ancestors were every bit as important as in the Hilly Flanks. The first consists of thirty-plus flutes carved from the wing bones of red-crowned cranes, all found in richer-than-average male burials. Five of the flutes can still be played. The oldest, from around 7000 BCE, had five or six holes, and while they were not very subtle instruments, modern Chinese folk songs can be played on them.”

Kwang-chih Chang of Harvard University—known as the godfather of Chinese archaeology in America, believed that shamans were the creme de la creme of ancient Chinese society. He conjectured that they could communicate with animals, fly between worlds (no airline necessary) and had a direct link to, yes you guessed it, HEAVEN! Why did Chang have this hypothesis?

A grave was excavated at Xishuipo dating to around 3600 BCE and showed:

“…… an adult man flanked by images of a dragon and a tiger laid out in clamshells. More clamshell designs surrounded the grave. One showed a dragon-headed tiger with a deer on its back and a spider on its head; another, a man riding a dragon. Chang suggested that the dead man was a shaman and that the inlays showed animal spirits that helped him to move between heaven and earth.”

However, the next finding was an eye opener for me.

A discovery in Manchuria, far to the northeast, surprised archaeologists even more. Between 3500 and 3000 BCE a cluster of religious sites covering two square miles developed at Niuheliang. At its heart was what the excavators called the “Goddess Temple,” an odd, sixty-foot-long semisubterranean corridor with chambers containing clay statues of humans, pig-dragon hybrids, and other animals. At least six statues represented naked women, life size or larger, sitting cross-legged; the best preserved had red painted lips and pale blue eyes inset in jade, a rare, hard-to-carve stone that was becoming the luxury good of choice all over China. Blue eyes being unusual in China, it is tempting to link these statues to the Caucasian-looking figurines from Anban and the Tarim Basin mummies.”

Naturally my next question was, maybe blue jade was the only stone available, so could it be poverty of choice that lead people to “imagine” blue eyes in their idols worthy of  prostration?…..

Niuheliang is in the province of Liaoning, with diamonds being abundant there. I looked around the net but could not secure a list of stones in Liaoning specifically, but cinnabar and nephrite are also available in China, not to mention that jade comes in a few shades namely white, green and yellow. Cinnabar is red, and nephrite comes in a dark green, almost blackish hue, which more closely resembles Asiatic eyes… (red would have been a great choice, an alien or a hung over “God”).

Western archaeologists had a field day with this discovery, the connotation being that European looking people made it into China waaaay back then (alluding to civilization or knowledge transfer) or once again, a theological argument in their favour of Chinese people worshipping white idols.

I’m nothing but a lowly English teacher in Japan, not some PhD anthropologist or historian so feel free to ignore what I’m about to say next. I honestly think, this blue eye face in Niuheliang, looks ASIAN. The softened cheeks, roundish jaw line and less angular features look more Asian to me, than Caucasian.

Copenhagen University traced the lineage of blue eyes back to 6000 – 10,000 years ago to the north west area of the Black Sea. The gene OCA2 is the mutation that switches off the natural brown colour in all eyes, and basically blue is what you will get. Professor Hans Eiberg claims this is so…. if ya don’t like what you just read, take the matter up with him… his number is 1234567…..

So can Asian people have blue eyes? Yes they CAN!

So Rei, what’s your hallucination?

OK, now swerve with me. My thoughts run in many directions all the time because I have a million questions due to the fact that I have a billion useless pieces of information floating around in my noggin.

I have visited temples in Asia, where Buddha is depicted with blue eyes. Now remember, Buddha is always bathed in a glorious luminescence, or a body of light.

I have read all the standard explanations for the blue eye depiction, INCLUDING the hebetudinous claim that Buddha was in fact, a Californian blonde. Please people…..

The only plausible explanation I can think of is this.

Blue eyes are potentially the most fascinating, as their colour is entirely structural. People with blue eyes have a completely colourless stroma with no pigment at all, and it also contains no excess collagen deposits. This means that all the light that enters it is scattered back into the atmosphere and as a result of the Tyndall effect, creates a blue hue.” Science Alert

If our ancestors were expressing the recessive blue eye gene from 6000 – 10,000 years ago, Siddhartha Gautama could have been one of the rare Asians who inherited this feature. The bodily “halo” that accompanies all divine beings of the past, gives blue eyes the intense colour. The infrequency of this trait was probably revered because of the association with the firmament (where heaven is usually associated to be), heralding blue eyes as a sign of celestial virtue. Even if Gautama did not actually possess blue eyes, the association would have probably been enough to retrospectively depict him that way, because let’s face it – all faiths run on a few “miracles”. Infact the virgin Maya was noted to have had a crystal clear, see through stomach while carrying Gautama, so people could see him chewing on the umbilical chord, making faces and havin’ a grand ol’ time “in vivo”.

But we KNOW that Buddha was definitely NOT a White dude not only because of the main body of Buddhist literature, but also because of the more obscure ones.

One less known association is that the Chinese sage Lao-tsze, was but a spin on the original enlightened one and this is how his maternal lineage is described:

Lao-kiun, sometimes celled Lao-tsze, who is said to have been born in the third year of the emperor Ting-wang, of the Chow dynasty (604 B. C.), was another miraculously-born man. He acquired great reputation for sanctity, and marvelous stories were told of his birth. It was said that he had existed from all eternity; that he had descended on earth and was born of a virgin, black in complexion, described “marvelous and beautiful as jasper.” Bible Myths and their Parallels in other Religions” by T. W. Doane

The colour of jasper.

Let’s continue with the mental path less trodden on….

I don’t think any Chinese person would be unfamiliar with the term “gweilo” or the expression of “red hair, green eyes” to denote White people. Obviously this is a reference to the pasty alabaster skin tone of Caucasians reminiscent of phantoms, with devilish flaming hair and piercing emerald eyes. Green is associated with the supernatural in Chinese culture.

The Japanese have the onibi, or ghost flames emitting a fiery red, white or green luminescence.

The Japanese Kidomaru yokai (yokai means goblin or monster) engulfed in flames….
Now you tell me, if you had never ever seen a White person, and the latent images of the supernatural were like Kidomaru, would you honestly not think Ginger here was the Devil incarnate if you bumped into him?

Are the yella fellas just weird in thinking that white people were “devils” (btw, yella fella is also slang for biracial Aboriginal people), or did others fear the white look too?

In the Hebrew text, the Book of Noah, diluvial Noah is described as being akin to the children of angels, with white skin and blonde hair.

Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa, author of many books expounding African mythology, talks about ancient encounters his ancestors had with beings with shining eyes and bright bodies who were seen to be not earthly.

Finally we have Iranians who spell out their fear of beings with extremely “white features”.

In 1010 AD, Fidowsi the infamous Persian poet, penned a book of poems dedicated to the legend of Iranian king’s – Shahnemeh. When you read this book, you are bound to hit the part where the birth of prince Zal occurs. His father King Sam, upon first sight of his son is horrified. Zal is extremely white. The translation by James Atkinson offers this description:

“NO human being of this earth, Could give such a monster birth, He must be of the Demon race, Though human still in form and face, If not a Demon, he at least, Appears a party-coloured beast.”

So we have a vesica piscis here – blue eyes alone, are probably seen as a celestial blessing or symbol, but the phenotypical expression of Caucasian genes align with what ancient people associate with demons or beings not from earth.

The social constructed race of “White people” naturally possess the highest frequency of blue eyes, so what does this all mean? Your guess is as good as mine.

My Guess

IF history had given White people a different strength, that of self awareness or spiritual equanimity instead of bellicosity and brawn, then they would have probably been propitiated as “angels” on earth. This would have enamated FROM US, the “coloured” people as we can conjecture from the Niuheliang temple. We probably would have paid deference to them and requested that they lead us to enlightenment.

However, the way our reality has played out, is that the Caucasians are ASSHOLES who employed gunboat diplomacy, propaganda and exercised pure unbridled avarice in grabbing everything that wasn’t theirs. They did this with the utmost reverence for the Luciferian mandate of ensuring maximum blood letting from people who were more than happy to share. As it stands now, WE as a collective, subconsciously FEAR THEM. We literally are afraid of them.

Remember, human consciousness takes on many forms and the archetypes we carry of who is a villain and who is the saviour, goes far beyond what the eyes can see.

What is the point of this post? It’s to examine the information we already know or have discovered, and try to alleviate our latent fear for something that is very palpable.

I honestly CAN’T BELIEVE how all the races are colluding to allow the Imperial West to game the system time and time again. It doesn’t MAKE SENSE ANY MORE.

We are capable of developing a basic arsenal of weaponry to ensure that we can at least defend ourselves, yet we don’t BECAUSE “THEY” won’t allow us?!

We idly stand by time and time again, turning a blind eye, cotton buds in our ears, as they stage another coup and manufacture a new lie to eviscerate a resource rich nation, plundering everything, murdering children and adults alike. Post invasion and turning a normal country into a failed state, we once again shower them with accolades of their “democratic” nature and thank them for liberating the “oppressed”. What in the name of Satan is going on?

This pathology has got to be halted and the first step is to acknowledge HOW we reached this lumpen state of melancholy and ostentatious denial of ONE GROUP’S CRIMINALITY. Getting rid of any phobia involves taking it head on and we need to look at the White Western Imperial face and say “WE see through your BULLSHIT.”

There’s no ambiguity any more, they are the DEVIL.