By Rei Tanotsuka, 17th January 2021.

The people of China well over a century have been, in thought and in objective, closer to us Americans than almost any other peoples in the world—the same great ideals. China, in the last—less than half a century has become one of the great democracies of the world.” Franklin D Roosevelt

America is as stupid now, as it was in the 1930s – the jowls maybe looser, critical thinking even LOWER, but the essential nature of the US being mendacious, hypocritical and avaricious has remained resolute!

America has NEVER UNDERSTOOD, and never will understand China. Back when FDR was singing the praises of Sino similarity to America, China could not be further away from American ideology, and now? When China is pulling ahead in terms of pandemic control, America is sinking to the depths of Covid-19 representation – roughly 4% of the world’s population but housing 25% of Covid-19 victims.

So what can America do in 2021? Actually take accountability for its own actions, admitting that instilling the desire to capture the most flattering selfie as a national aspiration may indeed not be a “great idea”? Start educating its degenerated offspring that HUMAN RIGHTS naturally accrue when you teach RESPONSIBILITY in the citizen body, rather than DEMANDING they be heard? Heard for what? For this?

Hands up, who else thinks Red cap is Greta Thunberg, post dad closet raid?

Instead of realising that they are on the express lane to Lucifer’s playground, they double down on their current approach and decide to spin more negative propaganda against China, working on the presumption that LIES CHANGE THEIR REALITY!

Another shitty NON STORY…..

So I spent the weekend real estate hunting, as my husband and I are planning on moving. We found two blocks of adjacent land which we love, so we are now contemplating buying them and building our dream home. I planned to suspend my blog for a while as I was enveloped in a melange of floor plans and house designs, a very contented head space of interior decor and coordinating art pieces, something I love. Then I saw this article by Associated Press, an American “non for profit” news publication (read – bought clandestinely by lobbyists, instead of wantonly sticking up two fingers to the face of freedom of expression) and said “Hold my wallpaper spreadsheet, I got something to say….”

To read the article, click Chinese ice-cream covid-19.

I’m serious…. I honestly can’t wait for another civil war to break out in the US, because that country is in the sewers. It needs to be dismantled and made anew. On all levels it is the manifestation of unbridled malice and unsanctioned evil.

Why is one country causing this much mayhem in our world? Why can’t it leave others to live their lives in peace? Why must it CONSTANTLY cause friction, fear and hatred?

The headline of this ice-cream NON STORY is atrocious and plays on the archetype of corrupted innocence, designed to cause vexation in everyone. As we all know, very few people read past a headline these days, so many will not be bothered to read the content which says:

There was no indication that anyone had contracted the virus from the ice-cream.”

America wants the world to fear everything from China – big tech, flimsy cotton and now FUCKIN’ ICECREAM! Are you kidding me? America wants people to associate China /Ice-cream/ Summer/ Sweets, to disease?

This is a complete nothing burger, just a piece of media fluff designed to spark more anti China, and subsequently more anti Asian sentiments (like we don’t have enough of that of late).

We need to call out Western media, each and every time it does this. Taking the high road is no longer an option when the enemy is hellbent on destroying us!

If there’s any covid-19 food contamination going on, the probability is much higher in the US, firstly because of the astronomical numbers and secondly, because the concept of hygiene is optional in the US…. Remember, most Anglo Westerners don’t wash their hair every day, nor do they wash socks or towels daily. Yuck. If anything, Western sanitation habits ensures that covid-19 becomes as spreadable as butter.

America, the world is sick and tired of your shit. Clean your own home before giving critique to missed spots of dusting in other’s place of abode….