Just say your “Australian”, don’t say “Asian Australian”!

By Guest Writer Richard Seeto, 26 January 2021.

Our tears of sorrow, are to the West, the most potent elixir of joy….. This is what Asian injustice means to Western Imperial powers.

We are constantly told by our oppressors that the fault lies within ourselves… We caused the division because we won’t consider ourselves Australians, Americans or British first and foremost, afterall, they are willing to acknowledge us as such. If the ‘blame China’ politics of Covid-19 is not enough of a wake up call, and you still insist that the current tide of Asian racism is but an “aberration” rather than the norm in the West, I have news for you.

It’s not because WE CAUSED the division first! We were NEVER considered Aussie, American or British enough to be a REAL ONE irrespective of how many Weet bixes we ate, or how much we barracked for our local footy team. We were not, and will never be regarded as truly “Australian”. Why? LOOK IN THE DAMN MIRROR!

It’s all fun and games, and cultural appreciation until an Asian power becomes more successful than the West. Then it’s racial vitriol 2.0, where civility gets doused in acid, and freedom of speech means that you will hear “Fuck off China virus, everything bad comes from China!”, TO YOUR FACE.

Hell hath no fury like White people getting surpassed by the coloured folk.

These ostentatious racist acts will not only be condoned, but every syllable of a racist remark is enunciated with such a sforzando of arsenic intent, that noone who possesses the most rudimentary understanding of human hate, will ever confuse it to be anything but that – hate.

So today I bring you another guest writer, Richard Seeto, a fellow Asian Australian who I “met” during my Quora days! He penetrates the veil of Western hypocrisy not by the luxury of academic speculation, or mindless social media indoctrination, but because of sheer, undoctored REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE that is seared in his mind, leaving an indelible print in his soul. He, like many Asians who have woken up from the supercilious Western matrix, carries the unmitigated conviction that Asian lives are essentially meaningless to the West.

If you want to put a kibosh to being held hostage by the West, where your story is not equitable to the vainglorious dictum that they honour themselves with, then WRITE IT DOWN. I will give you a voice here.

And now, without further ado, I give you Mr Seeto…….

“Having read the story of Singh, I have to say that I have had similar racist incidents in my past but now since I am much older and wiser and much, much more articulate and mentally equipped to deal with such racists incidents, I dare say racist acts against me are much much more subtle because I would not let any act pass without calling it out.

Believe it or not, in any argument with any White Supremacist, I already know what they will say before they say it and have an answer before they deliver the last word.
My living in Australia is a pure hell,

After spending my entire life savings of $120K and legally marrying my Vietnamese wife, the Australian government called our marriage, false.

Yet in ABC TV Q&A forums especially, their politicians continue their tirade against China for refusing to let a young Uyghur child out of China to join his father citing Human Rights abuse and making a song and dance about that.
Yet, the same politicians think nothing of abusing my Citizenship and Human Rights of having my spouse and partner joining me in my last years of my life in what those bastards called, the “Best Country in the World”

Every day of my life in this land is the same old monotonous repeats:
Wake up, shit, eat, computer……..Wake up, shit etc.
And they call this fucking living.

Do these White Supremacists really understand the meaning of the term?
I was born and grew up in Rabaul, PNG, an island Paradise if there’s any in the world and was happy and satisfied with life there but lo and behold, in came PM Whitlam, no doubt greedy to have his name in posterity as the one who granted Independence to the island nation.
Before that event, the PNG government committee went around the country seeking the intentions of the tiny Chinese community what they wanted to do after independence and to a man, woman and child, we all said that we will remain in the country.
Either through jealously of how well the Chinese people has made their lives in the country, Australia’s lawyers advised the emerging government to adopt the Malaysian Constitution as their guide to fashion their own and it is one of the most racist in the world.

Overnight, all Chinese born in the country were declared persona non grata unless one has one’s father’s father born in the land, one cannot be an “automatic” citizen.
The faking UN supposed to look after the human rights of all people just kept a blind eye and because it is Australia’s doing, it must be ok because the Aussie has garnered such a good reputation for fair dealing.

Fucking wrong and it still rankles in my throat to have to put up with being turfed out of my island paradise home.
Today, I would ba lucky to have another ten years of my life on God’s earth yet the White man’s government who stole the land of Australia from the indigenous people in the first instance are acting like like fucking god’s in their own domain to pontificate who can and who cannot come to this fucking country.

And so hypocritically criticize China for abuses of human rights which it itself commits without even acknowledging.
As Mr Shakespeare would say, A fucking pox on all their heads and the heads of their families.