Quora Post – “Modern” Day Western Women

By Rei Tanotsuka, first published on Quora 2020.

This is a Quora post (before my ban) highlighting Western values regarding the sacred notion that young women NEVER use sex to gain material benefits – as always, “grooming” is the cause for repeated VOLUNTARY returns to a crusty old pervert’s home to ply a sexual trade. I decided to reprint it on my blog because I emphatically believe that we women are wonderful, but need to quit playing the victim. Instead of rightfully admitting that we know, even at the tender age of 14 what we are doing when we strip off, we feign ignorance that we don’t even know what sex is, let alone be capable of engaging in acts so sordid!

Hate me or hate my views, either way I’m fine. Why? Because I have a brain and am not media swayed. If I knew what sex was all about when I was 14, living in a time when surfing was strictly confined to beaches, then girls a generation younger than me HAVE NO BLOODY EXCUSE. Ambivalent about putting a 40 year old cock in your mouth? Google it ya fool!

Here’s the post with a few tweeks. Enjoy!

This is Jennifer Araoz, and she is one of the many girls Jeffrey Epstein had sex with when she was underage.

I realise that what I write next will seem abominable to some, my guess is those who imbibe everything and question nothing, and you are allowed to stay snuggled in your view, but I do hope that you will respect my views whether you agree with them or not.

Firstly, Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and the dastardly gutter prince Andrew are unequivocally, a bunch of lecherous, unscrupulous degenerates. To say that they are pond scum, is a total insult to chlorella, at least they have the ability to photosynthesis and give us oxygen. These 3 debris of humanity only suck valuable oxygen, while engaging in a soiree of debauchery.

Every adult involved in this Mephistophelic scandal ought to get Assange’s 170 years in solitary…

That being said, as a woman and arguably a well read, contemplative one, I find it appalling that the world is not even daring to question the motives of these girls and the paradigm of sullied fame they are setting.

In all honesty, WHY AREN’T ANY REPORTERS asking the hard hitting questions to either camp in this perverted case of sensibilities?

Jennifer was approached at the age of 14 not 4! A 14 year old firstly, is almost the size of a fully grown adult, and secondly, definitely has autonomy in deciding where she goes after school each day.

She wasn’t kidnapped. She wasn’t abducted. She wasn’t rolled. She LITERALLY WALKED TO EPSTEIN’S home for a year VOLUNTARILY!

I don’t know all the details, but she went to a New York City high school, the public school is free, but a private school can cost up to $24ks a year! Why aren’t any reporters even digging up this most fundamental fact to at least ascertain whether she did it for money (public school), or if she was a rich princess costing $24ks in education fees alone, and throwing an angst filled teen spiel of “the world doesn’t understand me”?

It’s like the world thinks only women who are sexually abused are worth listening to!

I was 14 once and I can tell you, being older then Jennifer, she had waaaaay more access to learn about sexual abuse and pervy old men then I did, yet I was smart enough to steer clear of any creepy middle aged woman who accosted me and told me that she knew someone who could turn me into a “model”.

This has to be the most asinine line to fall for. Even if you don’t pay any attention to the news, there are enough people who take the piss out of this bait of stupidity in movies, magazines, and saitre! You would not only have to be current affairs illiterate, you would have to be Amish to actually know nothing about this line!

If these girls were genuinely interested in becoming models, they would at least do some basic reading and research. We ALL KNOW HOW TO GOOGLE!

When I was a teen, I wanted to be a fashion designer, so I learned about the brands, the fashion houses, how to use boucle, what an empire line dress was AND THE MODELLING WORLD. I imagined one day having to request the services of Christy Turlington to model my creations.

So I knew about IMG, ELITE etc and ANYONE who does delve into this world, will hear this resounding truth: THE AGENCIES NEVER SCOUT ON THE STREET!

The plain truth is, everyday they are besieged with enough beautiful young girls that they do not ever need to scout. They don’t even have enough time to assess the candidates who stroll through, why on EARTH would they stalk a high school corner, business cards hidden in a beige coat, flashing at every blonde who walks past?

Do you know the level of stupidity that must reign in the mind to actually fall for this?

What gets me incensed about these “sex slave” interrogations is the dropping of the $300 price tag for every strip and aided act of onansim, all the while the interviewer never asking, “WHY, IF YOU FELT SOOOO VIOLATED the first time, would you come back again to collect $300 each time, for the next 11 months?

These girls hammer out stories which make anyone with a semblance of sanity, go “Whaaat?”. You are not an innocent little angel just because you ran away only after vaginal penetrative rape! These girls were all fine with playing a little tug and pull, strip teasing and nimblin’ a nut that didn’t come with a prefix of wal, hazel or pea…Are our morals so lax that we only walk away upon the final line being transgressed?

Here, let me give you a crude example of violation and what being “scared” of something really means.

I do not tell you that this particular house is evidently haunted, the kind where skeptics remain skeptical, but dare not step foot inside. You spend the night, a bunch of weird stuff happens to you resulting in you soiling yourself silly, then as you run out, I throw $300 at you and ask if you are free tomorrow night. My guess is, you will take the $300, flip me the bird and tell me to go have sexy times with myself.

Now, let’s be even more real, are you QUALIFIED to be a model, or just another girl who has convinced herself she’s all that, cos momma said you were pretty?

When someone tells you, “you should model” you gotta look in the mirror. Models are not just normal pretty, they must be a blank canvas or blessed with a rather mature look, even at a young age. This includes a sculpted face, cheekbones that cut marble.

The picture above is probably Jennifer at 14/15, or thereabouts. This is Kaia Gerber, a professional model at around the same age.

Notice how at 14, Kaia already does not have the requisite puppy plump cheeks common to all teens. Those who do retain plump cheeks, have disproportionately long arms and legs. They in short, look like models.

Most, and I mean almost every single one of the Epstein girls are normal pretty girls, none of them would have qualified to be professional models.

Why is this even a point?

This is a point, because now we have all entered into a collective delusion! We have, through the intellectual dilution in social media, become a collective cerebral corpse, where logic can be discarded in favour of the hallucination that we can all be “whatever” we think we deserve to be.

What’s truly appalling is that YOU NEVER SEE WOMEN get tricked into being a string theorist, a neurosurgeon or an aeronautical engineer!

You never, for example hear this:

“Ghislaine accosted me and said do you want to work for NASA, and I said yes. Then she said, first you gotta massage our “astronaut”, because he can only get you up to space when you get him up to heavens! (wink wink).”

It’s ALWAYS, “She asked me if I wanted to be a model/ B grade actress”, some silly ass profession that has gargantuan returns for minimal cerebral and physical investment.

This is why I no longer identify with Feminism or any body of movement that once upon a time, I did. Because, despite women arguing that we AREN’T SEX OBJECTS, we consistently strive to win the contest in being seen as the sexiest!

It’s like Mary Wollstonecraft worked in vain to break down the axiom that all women were good for was decoration. “Taught from infancy that beauty is woman’s sceptre, the mind shapes itself to the body, and roaming round its gilt cage, only seeks to adorn its prison.”

Wollstonecraft was living in a time when women honestly found it difficult to obtain a basic education, a period in humanity where women genuinely didn’t have a more favourable option than to be a sexual aid or a template for mild amusement. The men folk, after doing “serious” business, would entertain their women companions by asking for their opinions in trifle matters. This was the height of female achievement – marry well and keep a good home.

These days? Women can literally be physicists. We can be part of the research team to attempt 6G, and we can demand that the world pay attention through ground breaking journalism like the amazing Abby Martin and Anya Parampil.

Yet who cares?

Who can identify the image of Rosalind Franklin who discovered DNA, only to have Watson and Crick take full credit, (only very recently has Franklin been noted). Who, on the other hand can identify Gisele Bündchen? Why? Because she has legs that go up to the average person’s armpit.

This is the face of women. Boobs, legs and asses.

This is what we have traditionally been, and what we are and what we will continue to be, IF WE ACCEPT THAT WOMEN HAVE NO AUTONOMY!

This refusal to call out stupidity on the sexual excuses, to transfer all blame to one side is toxic, not because Epstein is not 100% a creep but it’s only reaffirming the notion that women are helpless, incapable of choosing their own destiny and that men still have the ability to manipulate women.

The truth is, women’s material greed and the desire for the easy attainment of material goods MUST BE ADDRESSED!

The true sexual desire of dominance MUST BE ADDRESSED! WHY are we so scared to admit that when a powerful man desires us, it is still seen to be a prize? Anyone who wants to say otherwise is just trying to be PC, because let me reiterate, even at 14, actually especially when you are that age, you have a strong body constitution plus a natural rebellion that tells you to not obey.

It’s a total sham to argue that you had no choice but to listen to a crusty old pervert to give him a “hand”, yet refuse to listen to your OWN dad who tells you pick up your bath towel and come home at curfew.

Western ideology is deleterious in ALWAYS creating Disney where ever it goes. One side is COMPLETELY WRONG and the other is a faultless, ethereal butterfly who did nothing at all, but somehow is suffering an insurmountable ordeal because they were “too right/too innocent/ too democratic/ too brilliant”. You see this in politics with the unrelenting assailment of Russia, China, Iran etc where NOTHING IS EVEN REMOTELY GOOD. You see it in science where it’s hardcore materialism (with no room for metaphysics), or its polar, the hooha woo brigade that believes in martians and a sky daddy waiting at the pearly gates. When will the West understand the meaning of nuance or discernment?

Unless the world has the temerity to call out all parties in the wrong, we, as men and women won’t ever be able to attain a place of real respect for each other.