Australia’s American wedgie – we take it cos we like the feel!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 22 May 2020

Australia is young…. but must it succumb to the other epithet of being incredibly dumb too? My home, the country that saw me through teething, cramping and Westfield retail therapy stomping, remains adamantly ensconced in its role as America’s favourite pawn star. Why oh why, does it enjoy the rear pummelling? The money shot, a slack jawed Oz as the Yanks, YET AGAIN take over our export market as we fight their battles into global dystopia. I don’t even feel sorry for us anymore, because this ain’t a virgin script! Lights, camera, obstruction!

Gough Whitlam 21st PM of Australia, 1972-1975. A woke Australian PM, a novelty f’sure! *excepting his stance on East Timor

Whitlam had his wits about him. He understood the ploy of empire and was vehemently against Australia being employed to fuel the destructive proclivities of essentially a bunch of megalomanical land and sea pirates. He wanted Australia to be INDEPENDENT, a notion heretical to  the British and American Imperial forces.

For his administration which spanned 3 years, he terminated royal patronage, angled Australia to the Non-Aligned Movement, and said NO to nuclear testing. In short, he was a GOOD GUY, one of very few who made it to the top.

Then he earned himself the sobriquet of “The Whitlam problem” and even without the benefit of hindsight, I can tell ya, this did not bode well with the US who sent “coup master”, Marshall Green, an American ambassador to “peruse” the situation.

Whitlam was the whistle-blower of the infamous Pine Gap, a US spy hub so clandestine that no Australians were permitted to enter. Yep, we agreed to station FOREIGN NATIONALS in our country to spy on the world and us, and in true regal form, America forbade our Skippy asses in entering our own turf. Lovely!

Our Defence Minister back then, (Demented Minister more like) Kim Beazeley, brazenly told the Australian public that our friend America was spying on everyone else BUT us. That’s Australian dumb fuckery at its apotheosis! To be the plaything of the US and not realise that the military base was as inimical to us, as to America’s nemeses. You would have thought that after Roosevelt telling the world he would rather lose Australia than let Russia collapse, dragging us into shooting innocent Vietnamese people and planting a spy bomb in our home, we would look at America askance when it asks for favours, but did we? Nope. On the basis of White brotherhood, we continued to get cattle prodded into fighting their next battle, Covid-19 China Reparation gate!

I love the way you lie

Loving the way you lie is not just a Rihanna and Eminem duet, it’s also America’s mantra!

America is enamoured in the way it lies – wanton, lurid and sanctimonious. What is truly Mephistophelean about it, is that the rest of THE WORLD goes along with it.

Australia, third in command to the racist bastions of America and Britain, once again has done America’s corona bidding, and in the process, collapsed our economy. Australia initially asked for a global investigation INTO CHINA for the handling of covid-19 and not the retracted version of an impartial investigation into covid-19!

“I don’t think anybody’s in any fantasy land about where it started. It started in China and what the world over needs to know — and there’s a lot of support for this — is how did it start and what are the lessons that can be learned,”, Scott Morrison

No Scotty, WE DON’T KNOW if it started in China, the first outbreak was registered there. There’s nuance, something that the Anglo West needs to understand the semantics of.

Australia sustains itself by 4 key exports to China, iron ore $63bn, natural gas $16bn, coal $14bn and students wishing to experience the racist abusive Aussie culture, $12bn.

Iron ore exports are now being subjected to stricter inspection procedures, since it is a core commodity, the effects may not be as damaging, however coal is now coming to the fore. According to Australian press (which honestly CAN’T BE TRUSTED) talking smack about Global Times, a Chinese CCP news publication, China has put coal on the firing line too. That said, I CAN’T FIND the actual Global Times article stating the coal issue, and in the Australian ones making the claim, ZERO LINKS are provided. Here’s a news. com. au article that has no links to the source. Such fuckin shoddy journalism!

Our barley is now hit with a 80% tariff, our beef is banned and the “greasy” wool we export to China, according to the Guardian, is in an even more perilous state.

“According to the Department of Agriculture, Australian producers exported about $3.16bn in unprocessed or “greasy” wool to China in 2018-19, which represents an even larger value and industry reliance on China than barley.”

And Why? All for what?

According to Australian Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton,

“Australia’s done nothing more than stand up for our values and we will consistently do that.”

This kangaroo is really doing alot of bitchin’….. really? Australia “stands up for our values”…. which happen to be American?

If Australia hadn’t taken its hands off the Assange case and let A COUNTRY attack its OWN son, or let America station 2000 troops in Darwin to spy FOR America, I could hallucinate the Dutton indignation, maybe, just maybe Australia is righteous.

But the simple FACT IS, Australia banned Huawei not upon wrong doing as admitted by Turnbull NOW that he isn’t public enemy number one, Australia is notorious for its extreme racism, a legacy echoing the sentiments of Imperialism.

Dutton, along with the fucked up biodegrading trash that is the mainstream Australian populous, has NEVER exercised jurisprudence in a manner fitting of a nation that proudly declares itself to be democratic and free. Australia is just a poor man’s empire, all bogan, no brain.