The Asian sell out – You know who you are!

By Rei Tanostuka, 7 December 2022.

Hong Kong possessed one of the most top-heavy governments and one of the largest police forces…it had a military and naval presence that was roughly double the size of the civilian European population…… Despite Hong Kong’s status as an international free port…… Chinese residents were subject to a nightly curfew, to registration schemes, to annual censuses and to police searches…”. Christopher Munn, Anglo-China: Chinese People and British Rule in Hong Kong, 1841-1880

Fast forward to 2022, and instead of wishing a member of the blood sucking, drug smuggling “royal” family to roast snuggly in hell upon her demise, we get this from the graduates of the Hong Kong Bootlicking Academy…..

Give me the barf bag…….

There’s one for every race!

You know what I like most about self haters besides nothing? The fact that we can find them in all shades, all day, to ass us up the wrong way.

Has anyone seen this one who’s trying to carve out a crevice for herself by empowering the internet’s most scholastic cracker, Jordan Peterson? I give you Magatte (or is it Maggot?) Wade!

To waste 11 minutes of your precious life listening to an idiot brown nosing someone who used to be able to legally own her, click here.

In her ode to white supremacy, Maggot tells JP in animated self hating form, that Africans have to stop blaming their former white whip masters for their present economic woes. Why? Oh, because countries like Singapore and China (which were once impoverished by the West), have risen to be economic juggernauts. Infact, China is now so golialithic (my word) that it can dictate to Hollyweird what movies to make…. I honestly can’t craft this shit up. This woman is a BONA FIDE MORON.

Firstly, SINGAPORE HAS NO NATURAL RESOURCES, it doesn’t even have H2O. The conniving poms conquered Malaysia (which Singapore used to belong to) for the rubber, tobacco, palm oil etc, not for Singapore per se. In short, noone gives a baboon’s ass about Singapore’s economic and political prowess, because in the real world, it doesn’t count. It doesn’t have tangible resources the West needs!

As for Singapore’s exponentially rising prosperity? It wasn’t Western free market capitalism that created its rags to riches memoir. Like South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, a marriage of entrepreneurship with strong government directives lead to its phoenix rising from the British ashes tale.

Secondly, China didn’t tell Hollywood to do squat diddly! They didn’t demand A WHITE TIBETAN SHE MONK to star in a Marvel delusion. The money grabbing, soul selling capitalists would auction their left scrotum if it would add a few inches to their bottom line (there’s got to be a pun in there somewhere). Nothing is sacred. Little Ariel can be black or green, Spider-Man’s best friend in the post 2020 world is a plump Asian boy acting “white”. To accuse China of mandating Hollywood scripts is sheer lunacy and stems from nothing but projection. How do you spin this……

“It turns out that the filmmakers scrubbed the Tibetan origins of the character from the comic book altogether, in large part over fears of offending the Chinese government…..In an interview last week, C. Robert Cargill, a screenwriter, offered that as an explanation for why the Ancient One was no longer Tibetan.”. New York Times.

…..into China mandating any script? The FILMMAKERS made the call to wipe out yet ANOTHER ASIAN FACE in favour of a white one, (only this time they have a scapegoat). Think I’m lying because Hollywood has NO TRACK RECORD OF WHITEWASHING everything except its own asshole? I give you big name actors doing yellow face!

To read the other 98 times these imperial bastard, cum movie makers decided on a “white is right” casting policy, click here.

The final clincher in Wade’s diatribe against her own, is when she boldly claims that even Qatar abolished their Sharia law in favour of British common law, (alluding to the necessity for Africa to become THOROUGHLY WHITE AT HEART)…..this is why I say, when your assets are only fit for twerking, stick to that. Don’t try to play smart. All it takes these days is a QUICK GOOGLE SEARCH to ascertain the “truth” or the general agreed upon lie. Yes, we can split hairs later on how pragmatic anything is, but legally the UAE has NOT abandoned Sharia law!

Note: it says IN SOME SITUATIONS, not ALL, expats can follow their home country laws! To read more on THE REAL LAW in the UAE instead of listening to alternative hallucinations by a stockholm syndrome outpatient, click here.

The Asians befitting a German wordBackpfeifengesicht!

Maybe I do have prejudice against self hating Asians and hence, tend to view them through faecal coloured lenses. But damn, look at ’em! They are perilously unattractive. As if being an eye sore doesn’t register enough of a visceral response, they couple this defect with mendacity, making them so easy to loathe!

Backpfeifengesicht is a German word summing up a universal phenomenon usually requiring a sentence to articulate – a face needing a fist! Tell me in all good faith, the following faces don’t inspire a right hook!

The lovely Huangster who swiftly Twitter blocked me when I told her NOT ALL ASIAN MEN ARE TOXIC. She’s got that “Only a white cock can shut me up” look, so ubiquitous in WMAF community.
Joshua Wong……seriously, screenings for birth anomalies should be compulsory in Hong Kong. A face fit only for a clenched paw to pound, naturally gets its 5 mins of fame from desperate NED scouts.
America’s favourite ass puppet, Jimmy Lai. Lai was a bonanza find because he came with money generously made off of the Chinese people during his Giordano founding days. No need for NED grants, for his hatred stems purely from his soot black heart. That mug just screams “low self esteem, will pay for love”.
He’s not entirely ugly if you switch off all the lights and took a swig of ayahuasca – too bad he walks on all fours…..
Anson Chan. We all know a nice little ol’ lady in the neighbourhood furiously baking cookies for the kids…..only to find her imperial family’s traditional recipe includes a healthy dose of arsenic, gingerly smuggled into the flour, molasses and butter. Ah, there’s nothing like poisoning the next generation with sweet sweet propaganda.

Talking points of self haters

Have you noticed that the talking points of self haters have one running pulse? They all compare their country of condemnation against PERFECTION, but talk about the West in terms of progression. I’ve encountered my fair share of these imbeciles and wonder what on earth makes them argue this way? It is ridiculously stupid, and can be taken down with even a rudimentary understanding of reality!

When I first came to Japan, still enveloped in my Western supremacist blanket, I would grin smugly as my Japanese students told me how oppressive Japan is. Japan is indeed filled to the brim with sheeple, but hold up, so is EVERY OTHER COUNTRY. For our own indoctrination, we cleverly call it “culture”, whereas the SAME PHENOMENON in Asia, the Middle East or Africa defaults to “authoritarian”- ripe for regime change if there are resources, relegated to the basket case heap if there’s only a solitary fart permeating the region.

Here’s a Japanese YouTuber, Shogo, amassing 1.4m followers (mainly non Japanese subs) by pretty much trash talking Japan. This isn’t so bad in 2022, because unlike China now, Japan is the “nice Asian” after sodomizing it’s economy to please the ugly Yanks (by signing the Plaza Accord). Nonetheless he does what EVERY self loathing sell out does, he puts Japan in an isolation tank for observation while failing to mention working conditions in other countries.

Note the way he speaks with strategically lowered brows and voice inflection every 5 seconds. It’s the look of a “ME” Gen who wants to be part of the oppressed so badly, she denies her straight preference by pretending she’s a lesbian who likes boys. Click here to watch Shogo laboriously explain the Malebolge that is Japan’s working life.

Working conditions ain’t pretty in Japan and I for one, would never contest this. However work is universally horrific in every place that adheres strictly to capitalism with a near nothing safety net!

To read this article in its entirety, click here.

“The most surprising discovery of the poll, though, is that we have surpassed Japan,…in annual hours worked by a tally of 1,789 to 1,729. That means we’re now collectively putting in more work hours each year than the country where necessity led to the invention of the term karōshi (“death from overwork”).

Yet Japan, at the very least, demands a legal minimum of 10 paid vacation days (though many employers provide more) along with 14 weeks of maternity leave. (The country has also undertaken a more aggressive effort to get new fathers to take advantage of paid paternity leave.)”.

When I travelled to Europe in 2019, I was shocked to hear the long working hours of Italians! Granted the sample size of a few locals doesn’t amount to data, it was interesting to learn that they were on 6 working days per week, with 10-12 hours per stint. Yes Japanese people do, and are expected to put in the hours (even if it means creating toothpick dolls with left over chopstick sets after 5pm), but it’s not an outlier in the realm of hussle! The Japanese “work” long hours due to the redundant belief that hours=productivity, but in America and Italy they work long hours because THEY HAVE TO. There ain’t no cultural constraints for their drudgery.

* The following is an analysis on Japanese cognitive inflexibility. Skip it if war strategies are not your thing.

Anyone who wants to argue my point regarding the Japanese being resolute in their redundancy, should research their fighting strategies of the past. During the Russo Japanese war, Count Nogi Maresuke lead the Imperial Japanese Army to the “triumphant” capture of 203 Metre Hill, eventually defeating the Russians at Port Arthur. Nogi fought with SUCH STUPIDITY however, that all one can do is shake one’s head in sheer disbelief.

For reasons unfathomable, he believed the 26th of the month was “lucky” and unceasingly launched attacks on the 26th of every month during the initial stages of the battle. The Russians were just waiting for them – same time, same channel! It actually got to the point where the Russians thought this must be part of a grander strategy as surely sending soldiers straight into the firing line was not a legitimate tactic. When the plans changed to capturing 203, Nogi requested MORE foot soldiers to basically run up the hill and get shot at. When they finally managed to briefly capture 203, only 40 soldiers were left guarding the “victory” sans ammunition, back up, basic food and water. Needless to say, that first win quickly turned into a loss the next day when the Russians recaptured it. In short, Japanese people have no qualms in using a futile strategy just because……just because.

“Command was unbelievably dimwitted. By rights, when landmines destroyed the first column, headquarters should have withdrawn the other two and sent in an artillery squad to fire on any areas where mines were likely to be, like filling in squares on graph paper. The Japanese artillery of that time was fully capable of carrying out such a mission. Why on earth would headquarters not do that and instead make the same mistake three times running, causing a thousand—by the Russian estimate, three or four thousand—soldiers to die for naught? Sole responsibility does not rest with Nogi’s army or Ōsako’s division headquarters. This was a chronic disease of the Japanese Army overall. Once a strategic or tactical pattern was laid out, it was adhered to absolutely, like a religious precept, and repeated ad infinitum. That disease ended up destroying the Japanese Army in the Pacific War. But perhaps it should not be seen as a disease of the army, but a sign of something deep in the Japanese psyche.”Clouds above the Hill: A Historical Novel of the Russo-Japanese War, Volume 3″ by Shiba Ryōtarō, Phyllis Birnbaum.

Capitalism’s boon to HUMANITY!

We all know this one, because it’s part of the brainwashing pack we get from western social media. First it’s the 4 Horseman of Harris, Hitchens, Dawkins and Dennett. Followed by Steven Pinker, and then at last, the scholastic cracker, JP. We usually get this series of  recommendations in oh, such randomised fashion, that I see the regurgitated forms of their arguments in every idiot who thinks everything outside of the West is either a shithole or just plain shitty.

It’s the frizzy haired Pinker who started this strand of gestalt truth: Western capitalism and values have made the world a better place. Who can argue, that throughout the history of the not so humble homosapien, the times we are living in now, are unequivocally the best? I can.

First of all, if you delete China’s success in  eliminating absolute poverty for 800 million people, you are looking at Western vampirism at it’s finest. No, this is not my personal opinion, this is straight from the ass’ mouth, The World Bank.

That’s right, Pinker’s bold claim that Western civilization begat the greatest positive change is once again a Pinocchio fable, passed to the kiddies during a drunken stupor. What makes Pinker and the other “intellectuals” of the West utter such horse shit, is that they only “research” topics THEY HAVE ALREADY CONCLUDED ON.

Anything not befitting their Western supremacist conclusion they either won’t read or pretend they have “forgotten”. How amnesia can affect anyone in such SPECIFIC areas of thought is beyond my reckoning. History is written by the victors and it’s the victor’s THEMSELVES who admit to fucking everyone up the ass!

The choleric West constantly reminds us HOW  BACKWARDS we were until the they came and raped, pillaged and enslaved us (thereby LIBERATING us from happiness, self esteem and the will to live). Funny how history literally says the opposite!

“The native Americans whom Cortés saw for the first time were a race of people who had evolved, isolated from the rest of the outside world, for more than fifty thousand years, and the complex, advanced civilization he was encountering had until only recently been thought not to exist. Yet here it was before him.”Conquistador: Hernan Cortes, King Montezuma, and the Last Stand of the Aztecs” by Buddy Levy.

So what did these Spanish conquistadors do? They DESTROYED THE ENTIRE CIVILIZATION. They turned the beautifully made gold jewellery of the Aztec empire into crass gold bars, ready for an easy steal. The neighbouring smaller empires thought that by siding with the Spanish, they could somehow decrease the tribute paid to King Montezuma. Yet where are the Aztecs TODAY? The modern day Nahua is but a very diluted line of the great Aztec race, and once again illustrates the annihilation of any culture that befriends the West.

Pick a country. Any country that has either been occupied or colonised by the West, will have one thing in common. All the virtues that once enveloped the nation, will metamorphosize into it’s shadow.

The highly tolerant Indian society pre pom, became highly discriminatory towards one segment of the population (the Dalits), post pom.

The once proud and industrious Chinese were drugged into an opiate reverie, which started as young as 9. All the skills of trade which made China a superpower for the British to target intially, turned into listlessness, gaining the Chinese notoriety as being poor, uneducated and uncouth.

Various African countries with natural abundance, SUDDENLY got hexed with the RESOURCE CURSE. Their superior physique earned them ANOTHER BONUS – beasts of burden for the white carnivore. Within 3 years of the Portuguese finding West Africa, the slave trade started. Remember, China reached Africa in the 8th century and until the 1400s, they remained FREE. Africans according to Equiano Olaudah, (one of the first emancipated slaves to write about slavery) were modest and lived in a society that had strict rules. It was a world away from the gang violence we now see in Congo and Somalia.

The Australian Aboriginal people NEVER had a word, let alone the concept of suicide until the white genocidal maniacs reached them. They are now one of the most distressed groups in Australia and still suffering from curable diseases such as trachoma (which even so called third world countries have eradicated).

Irrespective of what you personally think of the Japanese, before Perry coerced it into being a “friend” to America, Japan had reached the lofty state of being in peace for MORE THAN 200 YEARS. This is a fact even the most hardcore Japan-o-phobe will be forced to admit.

On the other hand, what happens when China engages countries for exchange and trade? Let’s ask a Greek! Remember, these are the same Greeks the EU wrote off as lazy and unworthy of  bailing out, fit only for austerity and scorn.

Patricia Zigou, the Deputy Manager of Vehicle Terminal at Piraeus Port Authority, saw first hand the magic that the Chinese can weave. “In 2010, Piraeus port ranked number 93 in the world in terms of container volume, performing far below what you would expect for a port located in such a strategic location in global shipping. By 2020, after over a decade of Chinese management, it had climbed the rankings all the way to number 26 in the world, making it one of the fastest-growing container ports globally. And by the year 2021, the Piraeus Port Authority had recorded its biggest profit in the history of the company, reaching 154.2 million euros ($168.9 million). This was an increase of 33 percent year-on-year from 2020, something remarkable in the face of a pandemic.”from “Eileen Gu, Ice Prince Yuzuru Hanyu, and Kimchi Appropriation at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics” by Chris Ang.

*Chris Ang’s book is a MUST READ for Asians who can’t access Chinese media due to language difficulties. This book is political gossip bible filled to the brim with juicy catty events!

Traits of the Self Hating Asian

Arguments aside, what is the character profile of the bootlicker? Here’s what I have observed.

Obsequiousness – their voice actually changes pitch when they wax lyrical about the latest Western fad. They enthusiastically contextualize and justify every Western psychopathology, and are PROUD to be the first to adopt the death row philosophies. The latest being advocating for PRONOUN FUCKERY without ONCE realising that the legacy of criminalising homosexuality began in the Christian West, but is NOW FIRMLY ENSCONCED WITH PATRIARCHAL ASIAN AND AFRICAN CULTURE.

Amnesia on Demand – to claim to not know who Assange is, yet can quote Ai Wei Wei’s overnight Ching Tao beer fart with a Shakespearean timbre.

Reiterate how OPPRESSIVE China is for arresting Hong Kong book sellers, but once again feign amnesia when you drag the article of America banning 2,500 books. The 44 year solitary confinement of Black Panther member ALFRED WOODFOX for “armed robbery” sans evidence, the persecution of Chinese engineer Gang Chen once again with no proof, in addition to a Nile long list of other “bad people” who oppose “democracy”, are ALL SINGULAR EVENTS WTH NO DISCERNIBLE PATTERN. Yet even ONE case of a wrongful incarceration in the Land of Xi is  circumstantial proof that there exists a “cultural” practice to clamp down on free speech.

White Aesthetics this one is TAUGHT to bootlickers, and unquestioningly engraved into their psyche.

White person: “I may not be a good-looking man/woman in (Western country of origin), infact I may well be regarded as a gene splicing experiment gone wrong, BUT dammit imma supermodel in Asia! Award my ghastly countenance and cardboard personality with your FINEST!”.

Asian crawlermale: enthusiastically head nods, and purrs, “Yes Ma’am, Asian women are TOO THIN, yet look at you, you alabaster Aphrodite. You have curves which flow from chin to belly. Sure black don’t crack and gold don’t fold, but there’s nothing more glorious than walking hand in hand with a descendant from one who stole the untreated cotton looming techniques of India and made it a feature of their skin. You say premature wrinkling, I call INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION. I LOVE YOU. Marry me!”.

Asian crawler – female: “You are SUCH a great lover. You are the BIGGEST 2 inches I’ve ever had! Never have I felt so much freedom to NOT express my opinion on White supremacy and saviourship. My previous relationships with (Asian ethnicity of choice) men, were just “Ahhhh”. I mean HOW CHAUVINISTIC of them to INSIST on paying for me, holding my handbag when I went shopping for shit I didn’t need, and trying to get along with my family. I love how you tell my dad straight up he’s a sexist pig, that mum is living door mat and my brother who STILL lives at home at 18, is a fucking loser…..too much talking? Oh ok, it’s shhh time. Coming from you, I know it’s for the greater good. PUTTING ME IN MY PLACE isn’t a sign of Western supremacy and chauvinism, but a divine order which can never be transgressed!”.

I be like a neurologist in Asia but an unrecognised, unlicensed “epi proctologist” in the West!

Let me preface this with my deepest gratitude and respect for all those who do the jobs which are the most taxing and unglamorous. I understand that our world has 2 ways to value things – “value of exchange” vs “value of use” (courtesy of Adam Smith), but this is NOT the lofty logic of self haters.

I’d be a billionaire if I charged $1 for every white worshipping Asian who wouldn’t lift a pinky to pick up their own trash in Asia, yet would GLADLY scrub latrines, sweep the streets and take being condescendingly spoken to in the West.

It’s amazing that their change of heart in realising the “simple life” NEVER occured to them in Asia, where a life of austerity is just as available as in the West. Funnier still, is how they balk at being denigrated when an Asian service person looks at them in an ever so slightly grating way, but would hold no grudges when white people outright taunt them. Infact, getting harassed by white people and NOT TELLING ANYONE is the MOST common thing these self haters do. Why? Firstly, they don’t want to believe that the attack is PERSONAL hence they’ll excuse the attacker by saying “He said that because he thought I was Chinese/Vietnamese/Japanese”.

Secondly, they HONESTLY think that by them being SO ANTI CHINA (or anti the latest super accelerating Asian nation), then SURELY they must get some points in a white person’s good books RIGHT?

Why I abhor these beta wimps is for the exact reason that I hate Western imperialists – THEY ARE LIARS and can’t face reality. Nothing that they say has any consistency, a constant tsunami of exception after exception for the West, and relentless scathing criticism for their own.

I’m waiting for Saudi Arabia and China to clinch the petro yuan deal, once this happens I want to have the pleasure to just WATCH THESE SYCOPHANTIC ASIANS SQUIRM.