Fact: Europeans EAT cats and dogs, PETS INCLUDED!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 15 April 2022.

In Africa they have a proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.”. Let me add a little more by saying, if you want to go to cerebral hell where people just imbibe propaganda and never question anything, GO WEST!

I got pinged by Reddit the other day to see this Asian “stand up” for us in an ocean of rabid racists….

Are Asians really defending themselves while agreeing with racist narratives?

No, would be the obvious answer. We DON’T HAVE TO EXPLAIN OUR CULINARY PROCLIVITIES TO WHITE PEOPLE. We need to tell them the truth – take your double standard and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

If you ain’t VEGETARIAN, you need to shut your pie hole regarding animal cruelty. You think Asians eating Fido is wrong (while YOU engage in it yourself) but chomping down on Babe is unequivocally normal just because you want to justify your pork chop buffet?

If Chinese/Asians come with a prefix of “eating anything that moves”, why the heck aren’t WHITE PEOPLE? Africans are told to stop eating bush meat, a food category that has literally sustained them for thousands, if not millions of years. Not only that, Africans rarely show signs of degeneration like subfertility so common in the West. Yet smug imperialists have no qualms in chastising the very food that has kept African men virile and their women fertile for a few millennium. Being able to SUCCESSFULLY REPRODUCE WITHOUT EXTERNAL AID is indicative of robust health.

*Cooking (heat) denatures the complex structure in viruses rendering them incapable of being infectious. EATING any kind of heat treated animal DOES NOT CAUSE AN EPIDEMIC OR PANDEMIC.

Ditto with Asians. Before ingesting America’s glyphosate laced carrots and terminator seed capsicums, no Asian man (sans genetic defect), ever produced a halfie during the horizontal tango, and no Asian woman was Sahara dry! Things started fucking up when we adopted their dietary habits and sedentary lifestyle, this we call “civilized” and having “made it”. Made it to what? A queue in Viagra dependency, or in marrying a mental case of a wife who insists you buy her a Chanel handbag every time you want to mount her because she knows her value and won’t be “compromising”?

But here’s the biggest sucker punch in the realm of Western exceptionalism and projection – they eat cats and dogs too! I’m not talking stray, free range pomeranian, I’m talking about THEIR OWN PETS!

Random alley cats are not on the menu, but your Garfield CAN BE STEWED TO PERFECTION! Europeans LOVE their pets, especially with red wine!

Dear Garfield, sleeping and eating is the plumping plan for Germans to rebrand you as a “roof rabbit”, the perfect accompaniment to a Budweiser din-din.

Yep you read right. The Germans, because they have an aversion with facing their demons head on, prefer to relabel the nomenclature of their meat.

The German Code:

Blockade “mutton” = DOG MEAT, they prefer the DACHSHUND..

Roof “rabbit” = CAT MEAT. What kind of weltanschauung allows inhabitants of Deutschland to hear “meow meow” and go, that’s a BUNNY?

The Swiss go one up on the Germans by declaring open season on Rover! 3% of the Swiss chow down on canines and felines ALL YEAR ROUND, not limiting themselves to say a festival period like Yulin in China. Christmas used to be the season of choice for the Swiss to reticently mandate Hello Kitty to appear in a line up of eggnog, Christstollen and Basler Läckerli! Now? They just dine on fine wine and fine pets whenever they feel like it. Strange part is, WE ASIANS DON’T CALL THEM OUT ON IT. Why not?

“What is forbidden in Switzerland is the sale of dog or cat meat – for example via a butcher or restaurant. Karl finds the disappearance of cats particularly worrisome. According to the Schweizerische Tiermeldezentrale (Swiss bureau for lost pets), 10,000-20,000 pets disappear every year; 80 per cent of them are cats.”Swissinfo.

Oh, didn’t believe me eh? Quickly did a Google search to find if this is a “hoax” like the cat meat 5 star Swiss restaurant saga? Unfortunately for you, professor of epidemiology in veterinary medicine Charles W. Schwabe, wrote a pretty comprehensive book on foods consumed around the world, and in it, a recipe for SWISS DRIED DOG!

The Belgians certainly aren’t limiting their renown to chocolates, and are absolutely no different to the Swiss – they can eat their feline pets, just not random strays. The criterion being that they have to kill them in a “friendly way”…… totally NORMAL to form an oxytocin bond with fluffy, then DEVOUR HIM! Do Europeans EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY SAYING? Imagine the level of PSYCHOPATHY eating a bonded pet would entail!

Yeah?….well at least the West doesn’t eat bats and pangolins, ya Asian psychopath!

…..*cough*….how do I break this to the Yanks? As harshly as possible!

Ya do, ya siblin’ weddin’, Mexican land ‘n’ cuisine stealin’ lard asses! You’ve made armadillo your signature state dish! Just because you call it “hoover hog”, doesn’t mean it’s pork ya dork!

Even though armadillos are not the most intelligent animals, [ditto with Americans] the people of Texas sure seem to enjoy their presence in the state. In addition to being easy to find and hunt, armadillo meat is actually tasty and has a texture similar to pork.
This is why armadillo meat is often eaten in Texas and is even called the ‘poor man’s pork.

What’s the DIFFERENCE between a pangolin and an armadillo besides the armour? Try RACISM. In all ernesty, look at the picture below. If you find ONE of them tasty, you’re not going to think it’s beneath you to consume the other. Let’s get real here! Yet only one is associated with cultural barbarity and disease, can you guess which one? That’s right Einstein, the one that Asians and Africans eat, the pangolin.

As for bats….the coloured faction of our world didn’t eat them to near extinction, the ITALIANS DID!

Courtesy of everyone’s favourite Western propaganda tool, Wikipedia.

Why all the secrecy you ask, it’s just food? No, it’s not just food. It’s a collection of selected facts, carefully curated to give the West an affected air of supposed, superiority. Look at what happens when critical race theory gets introduced and the truth is spelt out sans saccharin. I write about it here, White people start hating who they are.

My home Australia, the country that EATS it’s national symbol! Nothing Mephistophelean ’bout that!

As a kid, I got a daily dose of Skippy the Bush Kangaroo on telly. I loved the theme song so much so, that I insisted on serenading my neighbours and siblings with it. Click on the link and listen for yourself! It’s catchy, like HPV!

Song of the Sirens? No, it’s Skippy the Bush Kangaroo!

At that time I thought Skippy was just a boy’s best friend, little did I know it was also good braised, fried or roasted, served with a side of chips! Yep, we eat kangaroos and not only that, we cull them because they are “pests”. Once again, it’s that superior British gene working overtime in the field of Aussie logic that would put an open adversary as a beloved national icon!

This leaves our mouths agape when quizzed for this idiosyncrasy……”ummmm, well, they came with the land and are good at boxing…..er..um…but they destroy crops…ah…we, well…medium rare. Go for medium rare.…”

Not only that. We don’t just eat roos, we also eat CUTE ANIMALS LIKE POSSUMS!

How about we turn this….
…..into this? What’s next, Bambi? Yep, deers can be dinner plate friendly too in Oz!

Emus? Yes!

Camels? Why not?

Wombats? Yes, but only if they are “roadkill” because they are endangered……*bogan revving up engine*. Here’s a recipe for your “accidental road kill”.

Just in case you are wondering what a wombat is, this is a wombat!

Why are Asians demonized for eating stuff White people do?

In all honesty, it’s done to trigger disgust in the insular cortex to justify any form of cruelty that the West feels fit to mete out to us when we disagree with their foreign policies.

There are 3 parts of the brain that are especially pronounced in the game of racist vitriol.

1. Fusiform cortex: this is basically facial recognition. We can tell people of the same race apart with greater accuracy, than with other races. This is called the cross-race effect.

2. Anterior cingulate: this registers the empathy that is felt. The bigger the skin colour difference, the lower the empathy.

3. Insular cortex: this evolved to detect rotten food and waste so that we wouldn’t die from eating spoiled or poisonous foods. However, as society grew more complex, mother nature duct taped “social disgust” to basic disgust in the insular cortex. When we hear people eating foods we find unpalatable, it elicits the same physical revulsion as one would, in being exposed to actual rotting food or waste.

If you wondered why I resorted to Wikipedia  for Italians eating bats and Belgians eating dogs and cats, it’s because the references are in their respective languages. The Anglo West isn’t even INTERESTED enough to write about other White people eating THE SAME FOODS ASIANS DO, to translate them to English so that it becomes common knowledge. Afterall, you’ll only find 10 squillion articles written about the Chinese, Koreans or Vietnamese eating dogs and cats and with it, explanations for their savagery.

Even in the craziest Yulin festival, you won’t find a Chinese person EATING THEIR OWN PET, whereas in Switzerland and Belgium, YOU DO! Who’s the uncouth PET KILLING FIEND? How come  European cruelty to domesticated  animals come with NO UNIVERSAL CASTIGATION?

Don’t even get me started with British food! They eat JELLIED EELS and HAGGIS! You think that’s just a cute moniker for candy shaped like an eel right? No siree! It’s real eel, and you usually eat it cold, just to substantially increase the barf factor!

We all know what haggis is. A melodious blend of offal SHOVED INTO A SHEEPS STOMACH. Sounds normal…..to people whose tastebuds have committed suicide and select ingredients for a recipe by dart throwing.

Why no revulsion for British fare? The West, despite painting ridiculous stereotypes of everyone in the world for 500 years, STILL doesn’t think it’s gone too far.

By continuously condemning Asian food choices as being unsanitary, it knows it can rile up the average red neck to do quite extensive damage on the micro level. The exponential rise in Asian violence over Covid-19 evinces this, the common tagline being for us STOP EATING (insert animal of choice). Remember, we all “look alike” according to other races, so it’s not us “personally” right? This rhetoric now, is parroted worldwide as I heard an Indian host repeat the line verbatim, totally unaware that in Nagaland India, they eat dogs too!

As a vegetarian I ABHOR all forms of animal consumption, but my stance is, why are we getting beaten up and shunned for the very thing Westerners do? Why must we change to be like them, when they never even BOTHERED to listen to our side of the story.

Once again, they’ve won. China has begun the ban on cat and dog consumption. I’m ALL FOR REDUCING THE SLAUGHTER OF ALL ANIMALS, however am disappointed that this decision is far from organic . This is yet another move to please the West.

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  1. Haha, very informative article. 🙂 I need to read that book by Charles Schwabe. By the way, there are some restaurants in Germany, too, that offer kangaroo and ostrich. I tried both many years ago and found it delicious. The former is like a mix of venison and beef (or pork) and the latter like a mix of venison and poultry…it’s like those “familiar” meat types upgraded with just the right amount of “gameyness”, not too much and very juicy/tender. As a steak, I’d say it’s at least as good as beef.

    Those jellied eels, though…you should try how delicious grilled Korean eel looks and tastes. Someone actually managed to turn this into pieces of rotting fish floating in a murky pond.

    Didn’t know the Swiss were such eager pet eaters…it’s one thing to eat some “anonymous” animal, but it feels weird to devour one’s companion. Maybe it’s some weird Swiss way of coping with grief? Or maybe this pet vs. food distinction comes with urbanization and the Swiss have remained in a more “rural” state of mind? ^^ I’ve once seen an old Swabian recipe book including a dish prepared with dog meat, so Germans do it as well.

    It think many people don’t realize how weird/bizarre or downright stupid many things are in European “culture”, simply because mass media is so oversaturated and “disneyfied” with it. It’s brainwashing on a grand scale…which makes companies like Disney+ or Netflix so insiduous. They’re like the East India trading companies of mass media…I can see what they’re doing in Korea with their “Originals” productions and it’s super unsettling. They appropriate foreign culture and weave in weird political messages and mindgames to manipulate audiences. They know how to bring down one’s defenses by using cultural mimicry. It’s like someone getting a super-realistic makeup as your own mom and then telling you what to do. I hope people know this and don’t take anything serious that comes from such “companies” or mistake their messaging to be authentic and coming from the people of the respective country…it’s sockpuppeting on a whole new level.

    1. The funniest thing is, Europeans HATE ME SAYING THIS. They keep saying “I don’t know any Swiss who eats their pets!”, yet same here. I don’t know a SINGLE ASIAN WHO EATS DOGS AND CATS and I know alot of people, yet they say I’m in denial. The double standard is shocking.

      Excellent points regarding media manipulation. I see it here in Japan too. The media is ridiculously pro America.

    1. China will absolutely win the objective, economic race. Asians however, need to be weary of listening to West as a voice of morality and approved..

  2. Hi Rei

    I saw your post through another person I followed on Twitter, I was curious how an Aussie Chinese married to a samurai but could be pro China. I read some of your past posts here and surprised to see you have a Malaysian parent. I’m a Malaysian married a samurai too and living in Japan. I realized we have similar views on politic and would love to meet up if you are living in Tokyo or kanagawa area. Love reading your posts especially this cats and dogs story. Cheers

    1. Hi Pam! Yes, my dad is Malaysian and mum Singaporean. Great parents, both crazy funny and brutally honest.

      I occasionally go to Tokyo because my husband is usually doing business there. I’d love to meet up with you for a chat.

      If you don’t mind, I can email you through your notification and invite you to join LINE.