Why AI will be Skynet in the West but not in China!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 1 October 2022.

Your wish is my command” – Genii.

Same Covid. Same toilet paper panic. In Japan one week of hoarding loo paper saw the government step in and announce “Calm the fuck down everyone, your orifices will be cleaned with 2 plys! As long as you continue to make ass sausages, we’ll make sure you get enough paper.”.

’nuff said, everything back to normal. Meanwhile in Australia we had…..

* Punch ups

* Robbing the blind for toilet paper.

* Stealing 400 rolls of butt wipers!

In America? Toilet paper hoarding married increasing gun sales to get the ultimate predicament – tin foil hatters all ammo’ed up with the restraint of a 5 year old. That’s right, SHIT HAPPENED. In 2020, 343 MORE mass shootings occurred. This year in 2022? According to Forbes, America clocked in 464 mass shootings from 1st Jan to the 5th September.

Why is there such a BIG difference in human behaviour?

Just for shits ‘n’ giggles, I put “Asian/Caucasian kid eating” on Google images and took the top pics to highlight a point. Remember these images are run by Google (DARPA’s pup) so you can’t accuse Asians of rigging a healthier image for their progeny.

Fruit is as close as you get to healthy with white kids, but you get four Asian ones eating their greens (the importance of introducing the flavours of bitter, salty and sweet). In addition to that, half of the caucasian kids are eating “junk” food (pasta with cream sauce and pizzas).

Everything we believe in stems from a prior experience. Imagine if all your life your incantation at meal times was CHEAP, FAST AND BASIC. You have no idea what umami is, let alone use it in a recipe.

Now you’re thinking what has this got to do with anything? Alot actually. You need time to create umami. It needs to be blended because it’s at minimum a 2 step process. Stock is not used on it’s own unlike the 2 flavours of Western palates with salt and sugar slapped on top of everything. On every continent outside of the West, people inherently know that things are built up over time. You can adjust the flavour of things before they become unpalatable.

What I’m saying here and have reiterated ad nauseam, is that the Western mind is a blunt tool. Literally every OTHER CULTURE has understood that no-one survives alone. We also don’t think in binary terms. Every phenomenological experience gives rise to a gradation of benefits and drawbacks, yet even after all this time, the West simply can’t fathom this lofty concept.


A few months ago I joined an online philosophy discussion regarding Google LaMDA being sentient. In a group of around 13, I was the ONLY ONE who didn’t prophesy AI being humanity’s downfall. Some argued that good and bad are relative terms (dodging the topic entirely), but most just copy and pasted Elon Musk’s asininity – OF COURSE AI WILL DESTROY US!

So here we are, a bunch of Westerners and Western indoctrinated Asians ALL BELIEVING IN THE SAME THING, yet all claiming that we are critical thinkers….. China couldn’t mass manufacture sheepism on this level even if it tried. Why? Mainly because Chinese people aren’t ALL STUPID.

The side effect of capitalism is the conflation of being rich with being INTELLIGENT. The two have NOTHING IN COMMON. You can have one without the other. Why people think Musk’s prophecy will materialise is beyond reckoning. He knows jack shit about the neurological structures of the brain, let alone how consciousness is derived! No-one knows!

Jack Ma on the other hand, makes perfect sense. However comments like his sound flakey. It’s like he smoked a bong and saw Jesus in his cereal and realised the nailed carpenter’s son ain’t on a cross, but doing back strokes in a dairy pool.

The truth is, it AIN’T EASY to create consciousness. The very notion deceives us, eventhough it seems obvious. We wouldn’t argue that we are not conscious, but if you think about it, everything we feel and say is indeed cultural programming. Who have you ever met that has said or done something truly groundbreaking these days? If you can name a person, I’ll bet you’re not an avid reader. I don’t claim great knowledge or wisdom, however I have read enough to know that practically everything that a public personality has said IS NOT NEW. Infact, I can probably tell you who penned the thought down first.

I would rather listen to Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff than M&M (Ma and Musk). Who are they? They are a pair of scientists – Penrose a Nobel laureate for physics and Hameroff, an anesthesiologist specialising in microtubules (itty bitty things INSIDE NEURONS). They created a theory, Orchestrated Objective Reduction (Orch OR) and while I can’t possibly argue any of their points with credibility (as I’m just a lowly English teacher), I can say that they provide one plausible explanation of how quantum phenomenon may merge with our 3D world.

The point BOTH Musk and Ma missed is that we are a galaxy away from creating a sentient thinking machine. 10 to the 26th operations PER SECOND PER BRAIN would be the bare minimum to even consider the possibility. We are a solar system away in even attaining 10 to the 15th operations!

If Tesla’s Optimus is anything to go, Musk’s AI boogeyman fear mongering is unwarranted. As one bitchass tweeter noted when robot no.2 had to be carted out by humans,“Finally, a robot that simulates when you get too blotto and your three friends have to help you walk out of the bar.”

The AI apocalypse is once again an illustration of the obtuse Western mind doing its usual hallucination. When has it ever been right? Never. Malthusian theory anyone?

But cane toads!

I’m going through the arguments that were expressed in the aforementioned philosophical discussion because I want you to understand how hebetudinous they were. When I argued a human created tool doesn’t contain a determined outcome (nothing radical) because it’s the END USER that will decide its fate, I was castigated. The example being the cane toad. If you’re thinking “What?”, that’s what I thought too when I heard this counterargument.

Here’s the history in Australia regarding this cute (kinda) but not quite cuddly anura. Originally from South America, they were imported to Australia with the intention that they would gobble up all our pesky cane beetles (as they were destroying our sugar crops).

Long story short, the toads decided they didn’t want beetles for their din din and instead, starting devouring our fauna (rodents and birds), even household trash – basically they ate everything they weren’t supposed to, and allowed the beetles to establish a lineage as long as stupidity. The conclusion being that human’s created a situation which they lost control. Hmmmmm. Yes this came from a British Australian guy – the love child of a hookup between arrogance and myopia to produce FUCKIN’ IDIOT!

Firstly, the CANE TOAD is NOT “our” creation. This is MOTHER NATURE’S handiwork. Secondly the ORIGINAL species from South America does not engage in CANNIBALISM, only the tadpoles of the AUSTRALIAN EVOLVED SPECIES devours its brethren. The second point proves MY ARGUMENT succinctly, but the Pom/bogan was too mentally feeble to understand it. Even in NATURE, the SAME species can have distinct natures!

Thus too with HUMAN CREATIONS. A tool is but a tool. How we use it determines ITS MORAL STANDING in each society. Would anyone EVER ARGUE that knives are bad and should be banned? If someone did, they deserve a crown in an asylum!

Why no revolution in China when all hell broke loose in Europe?

The West can’t accept that different cultures THINK AND ACT differently. Because they themselves are uniquely mendacious, racist and avaricious, naturally EVERYONE else must be the SAME kinda scum. The fact that NOONE ELSE besides the (especially) Anglo West enjoys fingering its butt hole before a finger lickin’ meal, doesn’t assuage their negative projections that others are barbarians that need to be subjugated.

The West is the ONLY GROUP that can’t handle power well. This is not my personal bias, this a documented historical FACT. The so called tools of destruction created by humanity WERE NOT DESTRUCTIVE OUTSIDE OF THE WEST.

“We have mentioned gunpowder, which in the West contributed so powerfully to the overthrow of military aristocratic feudalism, yet after five centuries’ use in China left the mandarinate essentially as it had been to start with. At the other extreme, the beginnings of Western feudalism had been associated with the invention of equestrian stirrups, but in China, their original home, no such disturbance of the social order resulted. Or one may take the mastery of iron-casting, achieved in China some thirteen centuries before Europe obtained it—there it was absorbed into customary usage for a great variety of purposes both peaceful and warlike, here it furnished the cannon which destroyed the feudal castle walls, and it formed the machines of the industrial revolution.”“The Grand Titration: Science and Society in East and West (China: History, Philosopy, Economic Book 21)” by Joseph Needham)

It’s not just mechanical inventions which highlight the disparity between a group particularly prone to violence and blood letting, versus everyone else, it’s evident even in spiritual movements.

Vegans and meatheads need VASECTOMIES? WTF?

It never ceases to amaze me how Western societies can take a purely benign and humanitarian ploy, and metastasize it into something so malignant, that it can only be cured by an antidote that leaves one balding, vomiting and zapped of the ecstasy of life.

Click here to watch “Freelee the banana girl”, an Aussie blond who’s 3 grapes short of a fruit salad, go off her noggin about meat eaters needing a licence to breed. In another video she proudly declares her manipulation in getting her younger boyfriend to have the snip!

I’m not saying that industrial farming isn’t toxic  to both animals and the planet, but hold up. Advocating eugenics on the BASIS OF DIETARY PERSUASION IS FUCKIN’ INSANE! How on earth is this even remotely equitable considering how much WE CHANGE through time? This tunnel vision modality of Western thought is a clarion call that their society lacks fertile soil for true intellectual development.

Possibly the oldest society that practiced vegetarianism is India. Look at the population! The Indians are almost as fecund as the Chinese. At no point in their evolution did they entertain ideas as bloody mind numbing as the banana girl’s. Any conception after a good tumble dry in the West, turns into a genocidal movement!

It’s not just the vegans who are a cause celebre. On the other end of extreme, there are RAW MEAT EATERS with runaway hairlines (this one in particular calls himself Goatis) who concomitantly believe THEY hold the key to immortality. Look at Goatis’ flagrantly racist video title. It’s like dietary extremism isn’t radical enough that he must kick it up a notch with RACIAL DEGRADATION.

And just what does this Asian woman he is so highly critical of actually look like? Pretty, healthy and mentally sound! I give you the cherubic Jenn Im!

And what does meathead look like? Pasty, dry skin with a hairline that eloped with commonsense.

Just in case you want to rebuke that his flourescent tinged skin is because he doesn’t have access to a Revlon palette, I give you Jenn au naturale! Yes, she still is that cute!

The West’s AI will end up terminating them!

Why? Not because it’s inevitable, but because THE MORONS ARE FEEDING IT THAT CONCLUSION! Just what kind of offspring do you think I will beget if I continually indoctrinate bubs with the notion that “zero sum” is ALWAYS the answer? Sanctions, bombings, Grand Theft Auto maneuvers, and then for frosting on this half baked solution for everything, I add images of thirsty twerkers who scam drug peddlers into paying for a BBL (Brazilian butt lift).

If that sounds messed up, it’s because IT IS. America and the sheepish West, is basically grooming the world to be AS RIDICULOUSLY RETARDED as they are. Yet AI is currently primed for optimising solutions, so guess what? If you program a tool to provide zero sum solutions, while simultaneously creating a population fit only for fertilization, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK IS THE RESULT? This is a self fulfilling prophecy that doesn’t require a Nostradamus to foretell.

Look at the West’s obsession with Sophia the “I will destroy humans” Saudi Arabian bot citizen. The AI hysteria in the West is a miasma of abject fear of a looming death threat.

Juxtapose this to how the Chinese are programming their AI……

Oh, you mean the Chinese are programming their AI to aid in finance, medicine and a whole host of other applications which will be a boon to their society? You mean they aren’t trying to SCARE themselves silly by claiming that AI will make everyone redundant, including the role of “wife”, as spread eagled latex Jessica sits patiently on the family couch ready to service her “man”?

I honestly can’t fathom why WE ARE STILL listening to the DUMBEST demographic in guiding us into the future.

Read more, THINK MORE and learn to distinguish REALITY from banal conjecture. Just because the only African American the world believes in without qualification (Musk) predicts something, it doesn’t mean IT’S A FACT!

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