What happens when the West tells the TRUTH? Even they hate themselves!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 17 March 2022.

“Each race should be proud and stick to its own, And the best of what they are should be shown; This is no shallow song of hate to sing, But over Blacks there should be no white king. Every man on his own foothold should stand, Claiming a nation and a Fatherland! White, Yellow and Black should make their own laws, And force no one-sided justice with flaws.”The Tragedy of White Injustice, by Marcus Garvey.

I read an article on Medium recently White denial by Nicki Cavender, and it addressed THE ULTIMATE problem White people will soon have to contend with – the truth. This new phenomenon of denying whiteness is still a nascent concept but it will not be aborted. Infact it will only grow by the day.

Krikun news (totally making stuff up à la Adrian Zenz), Vichy (or state sanctioned) journalism and Potemkin village 5G systems are the stuff the West is made up of. The West has never been candid in telling its story, prefering to explain away its demons via belletrism. So it comes as no surprise that when they look in the mirror without make-up, disgust is what they will see. Here’s a snippet of Cavender’s story.

Several weeks ago, my family and I went to Home Depot on a quest to find an obscure appliance light bulb….. My husband and I listened in comfortable silence, enjoying the sound of our daughter’s voice. It was a beautiful and unburdened moment. Then she stopped.

“Mama?” she said, loudly. “Guess who my hero is? Harriet Tubman. She is AMAZING!”

I looked over at my husband. He glanced at me, and we both (naively) smiled, so thankful that her school was teaching her actual history. I turned around and looking at my daughter said, “That’s great Birdie!” Emboldened, I wanted to keep the conversation going, but in doing so, I evidently made a reference to the fact that we’re white. I’d felt so proud, I should have anticipated the fall.

“Wait, mama, we’re not white,” she said.

“What? Yes, we are.” I told her.

She looked at me and said, “Nope, I am not those people mama. I’m tan.”

I was in shock. So, this is what they are worried about, I thought. The parents who are against so called CRT. Her words were on repeat in my head. She’d essentially used the story of Harriet Tubman to infer that white people were not good. And in her refusal to identify as white, she went so far as to call them “those people.”

But everyone embellishes……

Yes indeedy, most do sprinkle a little icing sugar to make their cake taste sweeter, but that’s completely different to “baking” a human mud pie and calling it a cordon bleu creation. Icing adds pizzazz to an already sumptuous delight, a shit cake is difficult to swallow irrespective of how many candles and bonbons you put on top.

People always have a go AT ME for pointing out the atrocities of the West sans a mosaic filter.  I have NOT done anything, except retell what has already taken place. When you get so agitated by the truth, you know in all good conscience, you have done something very very WRONG. Its not that White people have an inclination towards one type of injudiciousness that could be accounted for, they simply hate colour people so much that nothing crosses the line of immorality. Life under the White hand was callous, cruel and designed to prolong anguish. At any one point, before the outbreak of a revolution, they could have reexamined their policies in treating the natives with some semblance of humanity, but they refrained. Infact, they double downed on the ferocity and tried to create compliance through fear.

Pitting everyone against their own!

We can imagine a place like apartheid Africa to have insane practices such as white medical students being allowed to dissect ALL bodies, but black Africans being limited to black bodies,  because that’s essentially the backbone of apartheid. What is inconceivable is the breaking up of family units based on the gradation of skin pigmentation.

If you don’t know the story of Sandra Laing (1950s), this will blow your mind! Her white Arikaan-speaking parents, despite genetic testing to prove that Sandra was their biological child, had to officially relabel her as a SERVANT according to the Group Areas Act, (which had strict racial domains of domicile).

Should her parents appeal the classification, Sandra would have been subjected to tests by the “……Race Classification Appeal Board……For example, the pencil test: A pencil was put in someone’s hair and they were asked to bend forward. If the pencil fell through the hair, then the person was white. If the pencil is stuck, then they were colored.”.

Then there are acts of wanton sadism which serve no purpose other than to mete out the maximum amount of pain before killing the victim.

Victor Meric a French journalist, reported the unfathomable cruelty of a French administrator in Algeria who poured molten rubber into the vaginal cavity of an Algerian woman. He then made her carry a huge stone on her head under the blazing sun until she died.

This was not an anomaly. When ONE Algerian convict escaped prison, a detachment was ordered by a French lieutenant to find him. No success? They rounded up the 35 female members belonging to the escapee’s family, everyone from the youngest 12 year old girl, pregnant women to the 70 year old grandmother was taken. Then each female was “assigned” a rapist soldier. The Notables and tribal chiefs were “cordially” invited to WATCH THE GANG RAPE. No, that’s NOT ALL! After this, the French fuckers destroyed the homes, took the livestock and KEPT THE 35 WOMEN AND GIRLS LOCKED UP FOR A MONTH subjecting them to continual rape.

This is life under the rule of a nation which claims its pièce de résistance to humanity is ENLIGHTENMENT!

I’m sorry, I didn’t MEAN TO OFFEND YOU!

It’s amazing how living life at the apex affords one to render everything that is blatantly offensive, as a “compliment”.

Here’s Australia’s supermodel of the century Elle MacPherson not understanding the shifting sands of time. Back in the day when a white person could whoop ass a coloured one with zest and impunity, proclaiming any tie to the minority group was to bestow a beatification worthy of smacking out your blood brother for. Afterall, white approval meant a boon to your livelihood. These days? You can go and fuck right off!

In a series of leaked Instagram DMs obtained by Daily Mail Australia, she told Indigenous influencer Tahlia Warren-Brand: ‘I never meant to be offensive.’

Not meaning to be offensive is “nice”, but it’s better to know WHEN YOU ARE BEING OFFENSIVE!

So why is McPherson’s comment so aggravating? Well, because for most of Australia’s genocidal past, White Australia has systemically tried to obliterate its Indigenous people through sterilization, “breeding them out” and outright murder.

It was mining magnate Lang Hancock who said “…half-caste Aborigines should be sterilized by drugging their water supply….”.

A 1937 Canberra conference regarding “native welfare”, quickly morphed into a congregation of eugenicists hammering out a blueprint on how to annihilate Aboriginal DNA from Oz.

“….full-blooded would stay on inviolable reserves until they died out……’comely’ young female half-castes would be encouraged to marry non-Aborigines in the belief that the melanin would quickly disappear…..mixed-blood children would be placed in assimilation homes to be decultured and assimilated.” – Australia Unthinkable Genocide, by Colin Tatz.

You think that’s in the past right? We shouldn’t hold a “grudge”…… except White Australia is STILL AT IT!

“Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children make up about 6 per cent of all children in Australia but represent 39 per cent of all kids in out-of-home care.”

Just to increase the “creep” factor in perpetual segregation, special Aboriginal Covid camps are set up…..feel right at home IN YOUR OWN HOME, but don’t you dare touch White Australia with your indigenous strain of covid!

If you don’t want to be despised, QUIT doing things which make you DESPICABLE!

Look, noone deserves to live a life with a down trodden self esteem, and I certainly don’t wish self-hatred upon anyone be they white, black, green or purple.

That being said it’s already 2022, and the Ukrainian/Russian war has expatiated with aplomb, the sacredness of the white life. Instead of belting out the following inorder to SAVE FACE and BUY CLOUT as is ceremonial:

“Oh I simply DON’T SEE COLOUR, GENDER, RACE OR AGE…..but my pronouns are IT, THEY and BABUSHKA, also I identify as “cat”…meow”


Look my ancestors WERE THE BIGGEST WANKERS. Your ancestors fought for territory (normal) mine did that too, EXCEPT mine instilled an immobile RACIAL HIERARCHY. This was designed to ensure that you would suffer Stockholm syndrome where even when we NO LONGER SHACKLE you through chains, you do that to yourself because of an inferior complex. Even when you objectively WIN, you still LOSE! I am sorry that this has happened and while non of the past was MY FAULT, I will do my best to NOT speak on YOUR BEHALF, proclaim to LOVE YOU but then murder every strong leader of your race/ethnicity. I’ll keep my grubby paws away from YOUR GOD GIVEN RESOURCES and should I need them, I’LL PURCHASE THEM LIKE A NORMAL FUCKING HUMAN BEING!”

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