Asians jumping on the PRONOUN bandwagon? You IDIOTS!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 12 June 2022.

History is about the past, while the present is the history of the future.”Xi Jinping

So, do you want the future of our past to look like what it is now? Asians being labelled chauvinistic, conniving and materialistic?

Once again, leave it to the obtuse West to think of IQ lowering ideologies to peddle to the world, and IDIOTIC COLOURED SHEEPLE to parrot the lunacy. Attention, attention please: “There’s NO GENDER anymore. We MUST PROCLAIM our sexual classification because primary and secondary sexual characteristics ARE NOT ENOUGH to draw a rightful conclusion“. Here’s the spoiler – we’ll get the acrimony and blame in another life time for conjuring up these asinine opinions when science “finally” reaffirms there is such a thing as BIOLOGICALLY DETERMINED SEX. Then, as the West walks off scott free as “trail blazers” who believe in facts (once this clown show blows over), we’ll get chastised for holding the bedpan our pegina (vag looking penis) filled because it STILL HAS OUR PRONOUNS laminated on it. That’s right, we will then be seen as SUPERSTITIOUS, STUPID AND SILLY for thinking that a dude can change into a woman just because he thought he was one. Think about what I just said seriously.

The Brits criminalized homosexuality, yet we are the insignia for homophobia?

I watched a PJ Thum interview a while ago. Thum, a Singaporean who is an activist and HISTORIAN, is part of the LGBT community and ostensibly progressive. He started the interview by introducing himself and his pronouns. His guest did likewise. I was sitting there watching the two lobotomized Asians, thinking ARE YOU GUYS FOR REAL?

As they rambled on about the politics of religion, race and gender, I wondered why us Western indoctrinated Asians never reflect on the ramifications of blindly following the West? The West, because they are of the holy hue of alabaster, are lauded as geniuses whenever they get something right. Yet when they get it wrong, they make sure to pass the buck onto the coloured minions who swallowed their asinine theories wholesale! Thum IS A HISTORIAN, and throughout his research he never caught onto this plight? Damn. Isn’t understanding history the cerebral elixir to curing the insanity of repeatedly making the same error?

Let’s take a look at the birthplace of Thum shall we? Singapore is renowned for its uncompromising stance on moral wrongs – spitting, chewing gum, fapping to the exploitative genre of porn, all condemned. Homosexuality is also criminalized, yet Singapore’s notoriety against gay rights IS BRITISH BORN.

When did Asians think fluid sexuality was wrong? Try NEVER!

I’m employing no hyperbole when I say the Western mind is a blunt tool. It is always late to the game, and on top of that, it is ALWAYS playing it WRONG.

There’s a common belief that the ancient Chinese never developed the “logical” science of Newtonian physics. Bullocks! When the Chinese were introduced to atomic theory by the Indians, they rejected it because they thought it was erroneous. The Chinese understood physics in the realm of optics, acoustics and magnetism, phenomenon the West didn’t catch on to until much later. This is why it’s a whopping load of cow pat when the West claims it introduced atomic theory to the Chinese. The Chinese were proponents of prototypic wave theory rather than mechanical atoms! To claim the West is right shows nothing but raw prejudice, because we now know sub atomic particles can be both a particle and a wave.

Here’s the clincher. Though the Chinese and Greeks historically made great advancements in science, ONLY ONE DIDN’T GO THROUGH THE DARK AGES. Guess which one? That’s right Sparkles, the Chinese didn’t go through an epoch of believing that the almighty NEEDED to control how they thought, walked and porked!

What do the Dark Ages have to do with gay bashing you ask? Try a bloody lot! Europe during this period, saw the clergy reign supreme, making up sadistic laws to justify their blood curdling hold over the population who believed their ticket to heaven involved obeying commandments hallucinated by crusty pedophiles (or M.A.Ps in today’s lingo = Minor Attracted Persons). The linchpin undergirding Abrahamic religions is the NECESSITY TO POSSESS THE RIGHT BELIEF. Other faiths throughout humanity didn’t require you “believe” in one god, a god Richard Dawkins in The God Delusion calls the “most unpleasant character in all fiction”. Other religions required the correct observance of rites and rituals, nobody cared what was INSIDE YOUR HEAD until Abraham came onto the scene. Are you going where this is leading?

CENSORSHIP OF THOUGHTS HAD ITS GENESIS IN THE WEST AND THAT IS WHY FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION IS SO IMPORTANT TO THEM. It’s not Asia that is tyrannical and authoritarian, it’s the hypocritical West! Other continents, even in the most dire of political conflicts, NEVER CARED WHAT YOU SECRETLY THOUGHT as long as you kissed the emperor’s ass! Only the petty West was neurotic enough to be so fuckin’ pedantic that it wanted to CONTROL WHAT’S BETWEEN YOUR EARS!

It was the nascent Christians, who in a vain attempt to get into your head, prevented everyone else’s from getting sucked or plunged into an orifice that wasn’t ordained by “God”.

Morality, as I long observed, remains the spouse of necessity. Back in the days of excessive infant mortality, infanticide and general rough living (which rendered life past childhood to be a miracle), squandering of the precious “seed” was a cardinal sin. This is why onanism and homosexuality were seen to be wrong in a nation that produced very few viable offspring.

However, contrast that to Asia and Africa, where humanity was robust (in comparison) and fertile. Our moral compass DID NOT FIND HOMOSEXUALITY ABOMINABLE because the survival of our race didn’t require us to preserve every sprog droplet. We were RANDY AND FERTILE AS FUCK!

The Origins of “Sodomy” Laws in British Colonialism

History is an interesting read for the curious, for you will find EVERY ABOMINABLE form of persecution we have today, is the RESULT OF EUROPEAN COLONIAL RULE. I mean EVERYTHING from Stockholm syndrome, hyper materialism, racism, sexual hierarchy…every damn thing.

Section 377 is the biggie when it comes to criminalising homosexuality. A 70 page report done by Human Rights Watch – This Alien Legacy, The Origins of “Sodomy” Laws in British Colonialism (yeah I know, anything human rights from the West is to be regarded with caution), details a bit of British sodomistic/ sodomitic(?)…..ah butt banging history.

It constantly amazes me the phenomenon of cultural amnesia. We can’t fathom that the way we think today, could possibly be in anyway, connected to something that happened yesterday. More importantly, we CAN’T REMEMBER how we were last week to even KNOW HOW YESTERDAY’S EVENTS CAME ABOUT! India, being under direct British rule for almost a century, suffered the most cultural erasure. Imagine Inception, except instead of DiCaprio’s Cobb in a lucid dream, picture a portly pasty Brit in a legislative capacity, frantically barking out laws to the local population about issues WHICH THEY CARED NOT ONE IOTA. Through the kaleidoscopic distortion of time, Indians really did believe their anti gay stance was indigenous!

India’s Ministry of Home Affairs had
submitted an affidavit supporting Section 377. It said: “The law does not run
separately from society. It only reflects the perception of the society…. When Section
377 was brought under the statute as an act of criminality, it responded to the values
and mores of the time in the Indian society.”…….
This was sheer amnesia. Section 377, at its origin, did not respond to Indian society
or its “values or mores” at all. British colonial governors imposed it on India
undemocratically. It reflected only “the British Judeo-Christian values of the time,”.”

The following excerpt is a list of countries where the British ass prohibition law was enacted.

Among these, only New Zealand (in 1986), Australia (state by state and territory by territory), Hong Kong (in 1990, before the colony was returned to China), and Fiji (by a 2005 high court decision) have put the legacy, and the sodomy law, behind them.

What else did the Brits have issues with?

Fleta and Britton….if I didn’t tell you what combo this duo was, you’d probably think they were fashion designers. Dolce and Gabbana, H&M….but buried alive or burned at the stake? What?

Fleta required that “Apostate Christians, sorcerers, and the like should be drawn and burnt. Those who have connections with Jews and Jewesses or are guilty of bestiality or sodomy shall be buried alive in the ground, provided they be taken in the act and convicted by lawful and open testimony.” Britton, meanwhile, ordered a sentence of burning upon”sorcerers, sorceresses, renegades, sodomists, and heretics publicly convicted.”[40] Both treatises saw “sodomy” as an offense against God. They classed it, though, with other offenses against ritual and social purity, involving defilement by Jews or apostates, the racial or religious Other.”

In addition to sniffing out what kinda pastry you put your salami in, the British also had a problem with Jews (something usually associated with Germans with comedic moustaches), witches and wizards, and “renegades” (people who disagreed with the Brits unique brand of insanity).

Basically Europe at its core, is a place that stifled individualism BY LEGALLY KILLING YOU!

Contrast this to Asiatic sexual sophistication and liberation for the same time period, and you’ll be pondering why Europeans didn’t sanction themselves into extinction?

Let’s take the 14th century, way at the end of the Dark Ages where the hillbilly West was supposed to have begun the process of “enlightenment”. Three weeks after the inauguration of China’s Forbidden City (a celebration featuring a banquet for 26,000 guests feasting on a 10 course meal on porcelain), Henry V got married…….

Henry’s beloved Catherine de Valois wore NO KNICKERS OR STOCKINGS (classy), with the 600 odd guests being served salted cod. As for porcelain plates? Try stale bread! Yes I’m talking about the “trencher”, euphemism for ‘mold starch bowl’. As for the feral Catherine? She could only score a king in backward Europe. In China, the art of concubineship ensured that only the most comely, silk adorned courtesan, skilled in the art of carnal pleasure got a chance to pin the prince!

Who are we kidding? The gulf between East and West was so wide that to get ahead, the Brits had to play dirty by drugging an entire nation….which they did. Foul play aside, the West could never have taken the lead through legitimate means because they simply got too many things wrong.

So if this is history, and we now have access to knowledge to ensure that we don’t repeat the same mistake, WHY THE FUCK ARE WE PARROTING THEIR PRONOUN MIASMA?

Dear Asians, please, for the benefit of posterity STOP COPYING THE BIGGEST DUMB ASSES IN THE WORLD!