Why COVID-19 sounds weird

By Rei Tanotsuka, 3 May 2020

The Coronavirus is the topic du jour and everyone has an opinion on it, I’m no different, I too have my thoughts on the pandemic.

Where I stand

I emphatically do not believe that this is a bioweapon by any country, America or China. Not that American Intelligence deserves respect, but even the most antagonistic, feral, blame happy nation concurs with the scientific consensus that “the Covid-19 virus was not manmade or genetically modified.” WSJ

I also believe that COVID-19 is a virus, I however, have my doubts on the properties assigned to SARS CoV-2 being the most virulent killer seen in our lifetime, and the efficacy of lockdowns, and social distancing to the level of fearing touching cash etc.

Japan’s Covid-19

Here’s my situation. I live in Japan and thus far, only know of ONE guy who died from covid-19. He was in his early 50s and was working on a construction project that my husband’s company is also undertaking, however he was not directly employed by my husband.

My husband’s company is involved in construction and IT projects employing hundreds of people in each project, and so far as I type this on the May 2, only ONE real life death and infection has occurred. There have been a few employees who experienced high fevers coupled with delirium, however they all checked out to be covid-19 free.

I myself, teach at a pharmaceutical company that is directly connected to a prestigious Japanese university renowned for its medical research, albeit in the field of cancer. Everything that I read about regarding the medical research and pharmaceutical world, I ask my students (who hold masters and PhDs in their field) to confirm that what I have read corresponds to real life practices. I have been able to get confirmation on the following points:

1. Vaccines DO NOT decrease your chances of getting the flu. It can only ameliorate the severity of the symptoms.

2. Every year the flu is a COMPOSITE of different viruses and WHO (World Health Organisation) chooses a combination MOST LIKELY to evolve in the present year according to their analyses. The yearly vaccine YOU get is, to put it in layperson’s term, a good guess.

3. The chances of you GETTING the flu remain EXACTLY the same, with or without vaccination.

4. RT- PCR tests do NOT confirm the exact SARS CoV-2 virus, it confirms that a biomarker of the virus is present in the tested sample eg. You want to find pizza, but instead of listing all the ingredients plus cooking instructions of pizza, you just list the toppings such as pineapple, cheese, tomato and ham. The problem being that while this description does indeed apply to pizza, it also can apply to hamburger fillings and an exotic Hawaiian inspired sandwich!

The Surprise

Herd immunity or herd mentality?

Here’s something that shocked me when I spoke to my pharmaceutical students regarding “herd immunity”. When I first told them about the concept, they looked at me like I was speaking gibberish and not English. I thought that they used a different term, but I had no idea that this notion DOESN’T EXIST in Japan, at least not according to these pharmacists.

To make sure that I didn’t misunderstand them, I asked them to translate the term “herd immunity” to Japanese, and then do a Google search in Japanese for the corresponding phenomenon, and nothing came up. Even if herd immunity was an idea in circulation in Japan, it is probably still fringe or it’s just NOT TRUE according to their scientific literature.

I was also surprised that they didn’t know that coronaviruses are ALWAYS a composite of the yearly flu. This is a study conducted by Glasgow University and shows that for the years studied 2005-2013, CoV have ALWAYS featured, albeit in differing proportions.

The bright green splash is the Corona family at work in the common  flu.

The Inconsistencies

The lockdown move is unprecedented and I have always thought that it was not a proportionally apt solution to the problem, simply because of the ramifications of such a move to tame a natural viral phenomenon. If lives lost were indeed the raison d’être, then attention and actionable solutions would be implemented for global starvation which kills over 20,000 people PER DAY!

It’s not about the monetary value of the economy, but I foreshadowed the racist vitriol, psychological effects and lifestyle changes ie bankruptcy, when the “solution” has a reverberation on ALL aspects of life such as the ubiquitous lockdown. It’s like pouring acid on a leg wound to kill the bacteria but losing the limb anyway because of the corrosive nature of the solution.

I then asked myself, does the virus justify this lockdown, especially initially when it didn’t display any characteristics warranting such draconian measures of containment? Even now, 5 months in, this virus with all the propping up of numbers, is proving itself to be a dwarf and not the giant virus of death the media is painting it to be.

5 months in, a virus deemed deadlier than the plague, a virus so potent as to survive days on cash, metal, plastic and remain airborne for HOURS, has taken a mere 240,000 lives GLOBALLY. This figure is not inconsequential because a life is a life, but we have to frame things relative to the norm.

The common flu kills around 650,000 people per year, while pneumonia kills around 3 million yearly.

The covid-19 infection and mortality figure also comes with an incentive to distort the count like crazy in America. We know about Minnesota physician Sen. Scott Jensen who told us about the covid-19 scaling system of pay,

“if they’re Medicare – typically, the diagnosis-related group lump sum payment would be $5,000. But if it’s COVID-19 pneumonia, then it’s $13,000, and if that COVID-19 pneumonia patient ends up on a ventilator, it goes up to $39,000.” USA Today

Surprisingly (not) the country that provides the best cash incentive to diagnose someone as COVID-19 positive, America, has coincidentally the highest infection and death rate.

We also know that CDC’s Vital Statistics Reporting Guidance recommends:

“Ideally, testing for COVID–19 should be conducted but it is acceptable to report COVID–19 on a death
certificate without this confirmation if the circumstances are
compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty.”

Am I the only person who thinks that taking this lax attitude to reporting the deadliest virus around, is a tad cavalier?

The covid-19 figure also comes with a decline in OTHER illnesses ie. flu and pneumonia which exhibits the EXACT characteristics of COVID-19. Remember, this is concomitant with the testing that only looks for the biomarkers of SARS CoV-2, not the virus itself.

“It is quite true that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data on recent flu deaths report that the number of deaths attributed to coronavirus infections has not yet exceeded estimates for the annual death tolls for the last nine influenza seasons, except for the mild outbreak in 2011-2012.” Reason

One pandemic but no consistencies?

Here’s another head scratcher.

So Asian covid-19 kills very few, infact it loves the Vietnamese so much, that currently it has spared ALL the Vietnamese lives.

But, it ravages America, Britain and Europe?

List from Statista

Here’s where the argument of the 3 different types of coronaviruses as discovered by Peter Forster, geneticist Cambridge University, comes into play. However, it STILL doesn’t make sense because the Covid-19 cases in Australia, a country that has very very few instances of infection and death, are from the AMERICAN and European STRAIN, the deadliest type!

What’s even CRAZIER is the official suggestion of travel bans, social distancing and lockdowns to flatten the curve doesn’t do much. Witness Russia!

Look at the media language metamorphosis through the months, first declaring in March 2020, how the stringent measures of Monsieur Putin has contained the virus:

“Russia — a country of 146 million people — has fewer confirmed cases than Luxembourg, with just 253 people infected. Luxembourg, by contrast, has a population of just 628,000…. had reported 670 coronavirus cases with eight deaths.”


“Russia’s early response measures — such as shutting down its 2,600-mile border with China as early as January 30, and setting up quarantine zones — may have contributed to the delay of a full-blown outbreak”.

Now remember Russia implemented travel bans and quarantining before it even became necessary to do a full lockdown BECAUSE the pandemic was CONTAINED…. fast forward April 15th 2020 with CNN now reporting:

“On Tuesday, Russia hit a fresh record: 2,774 confirmed cases. And Putin is coming in for serious criticism over his handling of the crisis.”

What’s the corona count in May 2020?

So a country that implemented a travel ban on the country that “originated” the virus, quarantined the covid-19 patients BEFORE it became an EPIDEMIC, with all these things in place, STILL it’s COVID-19 infections spiralled from 2 cases in January WITH NONE IN FEBRUARY, to a whopping 124ks in May? Hold up, something is amiss here.

Either social distancing via travel bans, lockdowns and quarantines DO NOT WORK, or Wuhan China DID NOT “originate” the virus. How can you ban the initial group that spread it, only to have two cases but QUARANTINED and recovered by February, only to then spawn a legion of covid-19ers more numerous than Sweden, a country that is letting Covid-19 rip through the population??

Is Covid-19 a virus, or a chameleon? Is there an explanation for these contradictions? I believe there is.

I am not a medical professional, just someone who thinks. I can’t guarantee that the following theories by these researchers and doctors are right, but they make sense of the queries I raised.

Andrew Kaufman

He has imparted valuable knowledge in the covid-19 crisis.

Kaufman has given his view that maybe the sample selected for testing to find the initial SARS CoV-2 were exosomes, nanometre virus look alikes that the immune system makes in response to stress or ANOTHER disease.

He has made a subsequent video talking about how SARS CoV-1 was identified, but the identification process did not conform to Koch’s Postulates, a standard for verifying viruses. SARS CoV-2 springboards from SARS CoV-1, meaning that when the first virus follows incorrect procedures of detection, the second generation may also be erroneously labelled because it copied the mistakes of the first.

I don’t know how much longer YouTube will keep his videos up, but here are the links:


Koch’s Postulates

Another “alternative explanation” doctor who appears stark raving mad but made valid points is Dr Rashid Buttar who questioned THE OVERALL HEALTH of the citizens of each country. He rightfully asserts that the cause of bacteria and viruses leading to the creation of a marketable vaccine, is the basis for a lack of scientific pursuit in a different way of treating illnesses. If we look at symptoms of scurvy and pellagra, they look as disturbing as images of people afflicted by the bubonic plague, HOWEVER those are vitamin and mineral deficiencies, namely vitamin C and niacin respectively.

Buttar presents a cogent argument because the dietary habits of Asians, where covid-19 has not been so swift in terminating lives, is substantially different to the Western nations of America and Europe. Australia and New Zealand however, pose an objection to this argument because they too share similar dietary habits to the West, yet there are very few cases in Oz and NZ.

I’m not claiming that these people have the right answer, but I do believe they hold a piece of the coronavirus puzzle in their hands. Instead of shutting them down, like what social media is doing at the moment, they should be part of the conversation.

Which leads to the next question WHY ARE PEOPLE WHO QUESTION the official narrative getting muted?

I do have a lot more to say, but this is already a long enough post and I’m not a doctor or researcher so my opinion is in essence, superfluous to the argument. Anyway, that’s my 2 yen!