Yellow Peril 2.0

By Rei Tanotsuka, 6 May 2020

How can you tell when white people feel threatened? They resort to lying, stealing and coercion….. try as they may, they are not able to jettison this genetic blueprint of destruction.

Once again, before we move on, my definition of a “white” person is covered in my YT video. This definition is what I refer to, when I use the term “white”.

View from 14:40 for the definition of “white people”

Bully the weak, kill the rival- Western Philosophy

As Edward Said wrote in Culture and Imperialism, the Western narrative of how their greatness came to be, is carved first and foremost out of a lineage based on imagined figures of an alabaster hue.

White European culture is swift to excise the contributions of their multifaceted ancestory from the African and Western Asian line, and magically claim their genesis from the time the Greeks turned a more accommodating shade of light brown. This they say, is where their notions of democracy and liberty, which they COERCE others into believing, derives.

Another poignant lamentation (poignant according to the white narrative) is the “fact” that ALL people would have acted in concordance with white people IF ONLY they had the means to, abnegating the documented ventures of Ming’s treasure voyage, a time of exploration to all corners of our globe yet NEVER resulted in a systematic “ethnic cleansing” of natives, aka GENOCIDE, and instilling the notion of a social caste where ever they landed! Oh yeah, and SLAVERY. 400 HUNDRED YEARS of a system of oppression on a group of people brutalised because of their divine gift of having incredible physiques and endurance! Lovely!

It’s time to bully and kill China… again.

How many times does modern China need to tell the West, that they CAN’T do to it, what they did in the 1830s? China is NOT their pawn and it certainly is NOT an American economic and political patent, now turned generic nation, it is its OWN intellectual property!

It’s enough that China was once coerced into being violated with a narcotic so potent in bringing forth addictions, that up to 70% of its citizens in certain provinces got hooked bonging their brains out. This lead to a plummet in productivity, and indolence so wide spread that the West could have held an economic vivisection to almost no resistance.

After taking so much already, does the same Western Imperialistic mandate not have the conscience to refrain from robbing the same victim?

Unfortunately, these politically garrulous reptilian fuckwits are at it AGAIN, only this time, they are not planning to lobotomise a nation through narcotics, they plan on a different kind of chicanery. A Bonnie and Clyde investment heist, where Chinese investments made by PRIVATE CHINESE COMPANIES, will potentially be forced to forfeit the right to own the PROPERTIES THEY BOUGHT, should China not concede to the backward, hillbilly internet science of Pompeo and Trump in blaming Covid-19 on China.

The dumb prick nations following this modern daylight robbery scheme of sinophobia include my home, the racist bastion, third in command to America and Britain, Australia.

One Aussie MP, the corpulently unattractive George Christensen, thinks Australia should take the land sold to the Chinese to “payback” damages caused by covid-19, yet remains mum for WHITE INVADERS of Australia that brought smallpox, syphilis, tuberculosis, influenza, and measles which ended up decimating the Aboriginals. The BEST Australia could come up with in terms of compensating the Aboriginals, is a pittance.

“Under Australia’s Native Title Act, claimants were awarded $2.3 million AUD ($1.64 million USD). Of that, $1.3 million ($920,000 USD) is meant to compensate for the cultural loss.” NPQ

A flimsy $3.6 mil in CONTEMPORARY AUSTRALIA, honestly would not even buy you a decent house in a good suburb in Sydney, and this, white Australia deems is suitable for the ENTIRE demographic of the Ngaliwurru and Nungali Aboriginal groups.

If we use this yardstick, China will need to pay Australia 2 packs of large fried rice, 3 springrolls with no dipping sauce and a can of Dr Pepper cos adding coke would already exceed what the Aboriginals were equivalently given.

Scomo, the PM with the face only a mother can love and a sinophobic streak worthy of its own coat of arms and hood said this:

“Now, it would seem entirely reasonable and sensible that the world would want to have an independent assessment of how this all occurred, so we can learn the lessons and prevent it from happening again.”…..except this hardcore dedication to truth DOESN’T EXTEND TO A WHITE ALLIED COUNTRY.

Hey Scotty, why don’t you LAUNCH AN INVESTIGATION on the journalistic integrity and freedom of press for Australia’s brightest son, Julian Assange? Investigate America for arresting AN AUSTRALIAN JOURNALIST who never set foot in the STATES!

Funny how the gungho Scomo of truth, is a lot more amenable to America, a country THAT IS OUTRIGHT breaking international laws by stealing masks from France and Germany (with allies like this, who needs enemy states?) than it is to China, a country that doesn’t even have an ecru coloured stain on its virgin white coronavirus shirt. China DID ALL it could from what it knew at various stages of the pandemic. This is attested by WHO and science in general.

“We appreciate the seriousness with which China is taking this outbreak, especially the commitment from top leadership, and the transparency they have demonstrated, including sharing data and genetic sequence of the virus.” Dr Tedros, WHO

And yet…. the feral bitches of Australia continue to bark! ABC just released this news of a munted piece of white trash hurling abuse at a Chinese woman minding her own business. This is the REAL FACE OF AUSTRALIA! It’s made worse by our highly toxic xenophobic leaders who are literally goading them on by continuing to propagandise anti China rhetoric.

To read the story and watch the video click here

Western Justice, where scales are tipped according to melanin content.

The West has a unique scale to judge China. On one of the plates hold China, and to balance that out, the Anglo West puts PERFECTION as the correspondant weight.

This is in juxtaposition to judging the West, where on one plate lies any of the turgid racist nations (America, Britain, Australia, part time Canada and New Zealand) and on the other, a shit faced Pinocchio. As long as you don’t spin as much horseshit as a pathologically lying magic doll when drunk, you’re good to go.

The relentless demonisation of Asians in general, but specifically the Chinese now, should be raising alarm bells.

There is evidently an underlying current of Asian racism that never vanquished. It is incredulous that we honestly were stupid enough to believe that tolerating us, was the same as liking us.

Japan’s rise plagued our reality back in the 80s, that eventhough it reached the lofty state of being the proverbial WHITE ASIAN earning a seat at the G7, once it had a chance to be number one, the Anglo world emphatically declared that they weren’t ready for the rise of the yellow apes. Back then, they reasoned that it was due to Japan having once been an Imperial power, surreptitiously allowing unmitigated rule by the GREATEST, MOST DIABOLICAL Imperial powers of Britain and America. They tried their hardest to not admit that it was blatant racism back then.

Now China’s a contender, a country that has NOT HAD ANY FORM of Imperial conquest in the semantics of our contemporary lexicon, and the excuse now? A fully loaded gun. Not a smoking gun mind you, just a loaded one.

As Turnbull has released in his memoir, Huawei NEVER violated Australia’s security protocol, but IT HAD THE POTENTIAL. This kind of bullshit espoused, is a cover for racial envy of a nation clearly head and shoulders above what the white Anglo press can spin to degrade it. Instead of magnanimously declaring that Western power was always about inimical threats and sabotage (evil brawn), rather than achievements based on competency, Turnbull and his goons decide that having the “ability to” MEANS the same as “will do”.

Especially in the climate of #Metoo, do WE WANT to employ the loaded gun analogy to logic?

According to Turnbull, crime is POTENTIAL not KINETIC…can anyone possibly be more excruciatingly stupid? Looking at his weather beaten face, he ain’t young, just INCREDIBLY dense. Even without his ability to think things through to a logical conclusion, he was OUR LEADER.

On that premise, ALL OF US COLOURED PEOPLE have a right to close off our countries to ALL ANGLO WESTERN ONES, because as history clearly attests, white people who bear arms or EVEN HAVE THE POTENTIAL to bear arms, is destructive. Sounds sick? Yeah, what the WEST is doing to China, what it did to Japan and what it will do to INDIA makes us sick too!

There should have never been a Yellow Peril, the only global menace to cultural preservation and individuality is the white peril. The sick man of the WORLD ain’t a Commi who adores red, it’s the annoying gun totting asshole, who smiles at his own pasty reflection before declaring “That’s mine”. We all know who that asshole is….