Well Hong Kong traitors, what are you waiting for? The pearly gates of Britain are open! F Off now…

By Rei Tanotsuka, 12 June 2020

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen, boldly proclaimed “We clearly have a moral obligation to those residents, especially those with British overseas citizenship, given the Chinese crackdown.”

Oh boy, ain’t that the truth! Britain definitely has a “moral” obligation to fix the cess pool of Hong Kong society – the dim witted, white worshipping history revisionists we see parading around in masks, vandalising and destroying public property. Take them to YOUR home base so that they can “express” their version of a sacrilegious democracy there.

I feel for those REAL HONG KONG people who not only understood first hand subjugation under British rule that never even allowed for protests let alone demand elections, but now have to bear witness to a legion of shit for brains telling everyone that the Opium war arose because Britain wanted to stop the Chinese from joining the mile high club (sans plane and willing accomplice) and that it was Britain that turned Hong Kong into a rules based society! I could feed Daisy in a 1000 acre pasture, and that silly cow still wouldn’t be able to produce as much shit as in one page of a Hong Kong history class.

Hong Kong “protestors”, the most wreckless employment of a metonymy for the self loathing, pond scums of the lowest form, are getting their victory party. Yes, it’s a Phyrric victory, but nonetheless, a victory.

Bojo, in helmet hair dishevelled angst, clenched fists, pounding a lovely lacquered piece of wood work, stoically embraced the poor “refugees” of Hong Kong into his home land of perpetual grey skies and plain food! Besides feeling perturbed at his hair, a Trump fallen on hard times lookalike even after a good coiffuring, one has to wonder how he is actually going to resettle a bunch of yellow primates who the British used to whip on Wednesday mornings in the Bazaar when the they first BRUTALISED the Chinese on their OWN turf. Will floggings continue in the land of impotent princes who will never become kings, or will it just be spitting on the yellow refugees on the streets?

According to this Washington Post article, there sits 350,000 white wannabes in Hong Kong, holding onto their BNO (British National Overseas) passports like a sphincter holds onto a piece of dry turd of constipational glory, stubbornly refusing to let go, because frankly, that’s all they’ve got. Good news is, there is an additional 2.5 million more, soon to be exported human punching bags for the Poms! Yes a grand total of almost 3 million Chins and Chongs to be sent to one of the most racist nations on earth! I for one, can’t bloody wait to watch this shit show go down! Popcorn’s on me, first row seats!

I’m a little disappointed in the response of the morbidly obese Pompeo though. He of the ballooning waistline and shrinking morality, only proffered this when asked by reporters if America would be willing to take on the biggest human cargo of sedition (but only seditious to their own, religiously loyal to America who they have NO CONNECTIONS WITH, outside of a quickie economic dalliance involving them processing the USD to get to the real prize – China):

“We are considering it. I don’t know precisely how it will play out,”…. Oh come on Pompeo ya landwhale, take them! Take ALL OF THEM! Channel your inner NANCY who said this in her octogenarian clarity:

So please welcome more of them Nancy!

Welcome ALL of them, because it wasn’t only the petulant Jimmy “I just shat myself ” Lai (the look of incontinence spreading across his face as quickly as brown batter spreads in his senior diapers), Martin Lee and the perpetually pissed off sour puss that is Pang (who can only afford a grimace even while standing next to her American idol), there were ostensibly up to a million morons “taking a stand” against their MOTHERLAND, in all their seditious effulgence for the world to witness, and for future generations of Hong Kong people to cringe. Take them ALL. One way tickets, no returns.

The Riots even involve neo Nazis, getting rid of these turd mites is no loss for China!

The insidious cancer that is the Hong Kong riots, is nothing but blind allegiance to a pathological ideology based on racial hate. These yellow monkey white wannabes, are genuinely ticked off at the face that stares back at them in the mirror, bemoaning the misfortune of looking more like him…

than him…

Let’s NEVER forget that this choleric Umbrella movement had the boys from Azov Battalion participating last year. Azov is a fascist paramilitary Neo Nazi group that was morphed into the Ukrainian national guard after the West, as per usual, backed a coup to topple Viktor Yanukovych, the DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED leader of Ukraine! It’s the same America + European Union political farce that has wrought dystopia into many countries that had already adopted the Western democratic model, but also had the temerity to elect someone America disdained.

Even this time round using the National Security Law as the beard, we see the same mental dysmorphia of witnessing the unequivocal police brutality in the Minnesota protests FOR REAL INJUSTICE spanning centuries against the black people in the US, juxtaposed to the highly restrained Hong Kong police over fucking morons who are fighting for “freedom” in literally the most economically free place ON EARTH! It held this prestigious title for 24 years until the spate of riots started. You may argue that economic freedom is not the same as “freedom” per se, but that’s bollocks, because the very thing that these riotous imbeciles are fighting for is rule of law and this factor is a constituent of economic freedom as measured by the Index of Economic Freedom.

Yet the dementia that is the Western and some local Hong Kong media, still insists on reprimanding the Hong Kong police force for brutality, followed by further scorn of China, because… why not?

Let the rioters taste Western freedom and democracy. Please.

I have been accused in the past by some readers of rendering a problem of civics erroneously into one of race. I beg to differ.

Why does the feeling of getting pushed by this:

feel less painful than by this?


There’s not one credible scientist currently in employ, who can possibly produce a peer reviewed study attesting that the nociceptors in the skin, registers a different threshold of pain according to the race of the police officer, HOWEVER your MIND CAN BE CONDITIONED to believe that aggression, even only in RETALIATION OR DEFENSE by a Chinese person is WORSE than an offensive strike by a white officer. Yes you say, the Chinese guy is a thug but the white guy is a picaresque guardian of society, a bit rough on the edges, but a heart of righteousness belies the cowboy countenance…. Bull fucking shit!

You are pathologically racist to the point of no redemption when you see everything a Chinese person does as inherently abhorrent and wrong.

This Minnesota protest, that has now spilled over to a few continents, has been distilled from an argument of economics and avarice, into one of pure unabated racial prejudice. Most people are choosing to only see the uprising between one of black and white, but it’s not.

The Asians have been pilloried for success, in like manner as the African American has for “non performance” webbed in a systemic prison net designed to promulgate slavery sans shackles, but through debt and petty offences. Asians are getting lynched for scooting ahead!

We, the Asians who have our blinkers off, wait in baited breath for the self haters to MOVE PERMANENTLY to Britain or better, to the States. They don’t deserve a second chance to go back to Hong Kong. Why? Because if they use the internet to aggregate information to attack their OWN, they can concomitantly, should self hate not be the cause, seek other sources of information too.

Why do they so willing believe all the negative publicity about China sans push back, yet somehow understand the net well enough to seek information to argue against those who take a stand against empire? Isn’t it rather convenient to feign ignorance on how to research when the litany parallels your prejudice, but then claim media savvy when FACTS RUN CONTRA to your bias, managing to find all sorts of obscure conspiracy tales to support your banal rhetoric? Here’s one. American media is literally trying to claim that Russia and China are behind the Minnesota protests, NOT THE SHEER FACT that white America kidnapped and enslaved Africans for 310 years!

To watch the most blatant form of deflection and denial in history, click here

My personal take, which is tantamount to nothing in real terms, is for China to happily offload this cargo of deadbeats. These people have and will continue to contribute NOTHING to Hong Kong society, except eat the delicious Chinese food, destroy the beautiful malls made by Chinese hands, while complaining about their “oppression” through uncontested PRESS AND ECONOMIC freedom that was created AFTER THE BRITISH LEFT!

The rioters need to get their comeuppance and that is achieved by letting them go to the West. Because trust me, these dogs only bark loudly at home, yet become all meek and passive in front of the white whip master. They can only agree that jokes denigrating Chinese people are funny, but not when it involves shading the Anglo West. Should they try to talk about the West’s Imperial, brutal colonial past and present racism, they will get scolded… then they, head hung in shame because they offended the WHITE PERSON, feeling a tad indignant yet too afraid to talk back, will never vociferate this experience out loud. They will continue to tell new comers to their dream/nightmare reality, that this second class citizen treatment, self CENSORSHIP THAT NEVER SURFACED IN ALL THEIR LIVES IN HONG KONG, is still preferable to living under China because they will NEVER ADMIT that they are now subject to racial scorn and that despite being told that they are “British”, they aren’t, nor will they ever be!

The Hong Kong women will have no problems getting her seeds diluted by a plump, plain Brit who satisfies his Imperial domination through acquiring her under the banner of faux liberty (she’s lucky she got me, cos if she married a chink he’d oppress her…. babe where’s me beer, me ass hole also feels itchy, lick it clean?). The Hong Kong men? Lmao goodluck with your perennial nouveau BETA STATUS! You thought you were a big man smashing your MRT right? You thought that if you divulged your betrayal of your own people that you will gain their respect right? Seriously, I am laughing and cringing at the sheer stupidity of the Hong Kong morons that giving this warning already feels a tad too generous on my part!

There will come a point when they will realise that freedom of speech in the West means freedom for the Anglo West to assail their YELLOW MONKEY ASS, and NOT as a right for them to express how they TRULY FEEL as an equal, by then, it will be too late. They burnt all their bridges and now must reside in a country that has traditionally had only one use for them. Pawn.