Asian American Women are SICK OF THESE TYPES OF ASIAN MEN!

By Guest Writer Klebeka420, 24 February 2021.

A few weeks ago, I received correspondence from a Reddit contributor who goes by the avatar of Klebeka420. She is clearly a passionate Western Asian woman who is SICK AND TIRED of gutter grade Asian men, who in a vain attempt to excuse THEIR WHITE FETISH, exploit the VERY RECENT Western divide and conquer strategy of pitting the Asian woman against the Asian man. *I will write an in-depth post in the future on this issue.

*This is the online community Klebeka420 established, feel free to join if it vibes with you.

We all know the type I am referring to here. He’s the Asian man whose indignation lies not in the inequitable state of affairs of the Western imposed racial hierarchy, but rather why, AFTER ALL HIS “HARDWORK”, aren’t White people giving him a pass in being a member of their ape-x predator club?

Instead of getting a better grip on reality and understanding that the SYSTEM IS WRONG, he goes and polishes his ego through the same superficial bling indoctrinated in him from the West, such as posting PERPETUAL articles on how Asian men score INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL WHITE WOMEN, and how satisfied White women are with Asian men IN BED….and then the gem – THAT ONLY ASIAN WOMEN ARE TO BE SCORNED BECAUSE, LO ‘N’ BEHOLD, APPARENTLY WHITE WOMEN LOVE ASIAN MEN!

The fact that the small penis trope, the stingy Asian, the short Asian, the unromantic Asian, the materialistic Asian, the boring Asian MALE STEREOTYPE has its genesis in White men and women, is somehow an amnesic point of contention for these beta Asian men (who claim that they are alpha). When they belt out yet another reverse psychological justification for their White fetish – “Asian women are mean to us, hence we are forced to date exogamously”, skirting blame for their OWN self loathing of Asian women, while simultaneously claiming patriotism to the Asian cause, another Asian sister who loves her Asian brother is on the side line, receiving the brunt of his vitriol. As she cheers him on, she is told in an acerbic manner, just WHO does she think she is? She ain’t no White girl!

She (the individual pro Asian sister) must PERSONALLY be RESPONSIBLE for the actions of a minority group (yes, even 30% is still the minority of Asian women who end up with a White guy) of pathetic Asian women who can find no delight with anything other than a pink cock and a headlock when she dares answer back to her white saviour. She can NEVER be given clemency until she can convince ALL her Asian sisters to make amends with Asian brothers, YET no such standard is apparent for the White lass.

ONE SOLITARY White girl who accidentally dates an Asian guy, whether by mistake, default, or through fiduciary incentives DESERVES ALL the praise in the universe! Yes, says the beta Asian brother, White women “LOVE US”, the pain of her making obscene small dick jabs didn’t offend him because it was “a joke”, ” and the fact that her dad calls him “Chong” even though he only casually mentioned that his name was Robert 10 times in the last hour is all pardoned, after all Robert is a difficult name to remember….

Trust me, I got no dog in this fight too.

Just like in my Asian women with White men post, I don’t plan on landing anyone who has a self hate chip on his shoulder – I’m off the market anyway, and skipping around to different onsen resorts (public baths) in Japan with my Asian husband! This post is printed purely for you, my dear reader, for the benefit of understanding the frustration of Western ‘PRO Asian’, Asian women who get SHAT ON by these sycophantic white worshipping Asian men who claim they are “empowered”.

To the next moron who is tempted to write a comment to me along these lines…. “so are you saying that you are against interracial relationships that are based on equality?”, YOU, can go fuck yourself! I’m not against ANY INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIP! I have said this ad nauseum that I ponder, are people really this stupid?

I’m against SELF HATING MORONS, who under the guise of a liberated, nouveau, no border on love hooha relationship, use it to denigrate THEIR OWN PEOPLE! If you can’t understand the difference between this, and just two people who fall in love IRRESPECTIVE OF COLOUR, you deserve to be sent to bed sans milk and cookies….

Well, enough from me, enjoy a little Klebeka with yo whine….. *In this correspondence, she was referring to the article I wrote on Western imposed beauty standards on Asians.

“This is all so true and the fact that women in the US are always saying with resentment how “Asians are too skinny, they look prepubescent, they’re obsessed with being thin,” or I’ll also hear things like: “I felt unwelcome in Asia because I’m overweight and their beauty standards are impossible and unhealthy!!!!!!1!11111!”

But what makes them even think or consider that being obese is “healthy”? You’ll see them praise people who gain weight like, “oHhH bUt tHeY lOok SO hEalThy NoW,” but the person was healthy before the weight gain!!

A very thin person 90% of the time is going to be healthier than the heavy person. It’s the truth of the matter and people need to quit being snowflakes about it.

Yes there isn’t anything wrong with being a larger size, but also hearing “big boned” as an excuse for the weight and expecting asia to accept the same beauty standards as westerners is really self centered, which is pretty typical of western people. Too much toxic pride. They’re somehow the know-all and somehow on some pedestal. Everything here feels rigged against Asians. Our body types aren’t celebrated in any way here. I’ve received a few comments over the years about mine on Instagram.

I read posts on Reddit where white girls complain why guys like asian girls when we look like “preteens” and that the guys who date asian women are pedos. That’s a common stereotype here in the US too, it’s like people are shamed if they date an asian woman/man, except lately kpop is taking over the world somehow and now Asian males are fetishized and the asian males are loving it. But they’re mad that asian women are also fetishized.

I think asian men defend white girls because they’re happy to be objectified and be the “asian man” for the whites to poke fun at (I’ll guarantee the white girl’s friends will be asking about his dick size, you know that stereotype) but asian men are alright with that and will be floor mats because they’re supposedly “finally” getting positive attention from white girls because of Kpop.

Its funny how asian women were shamed relentlessly for dating outside of their race. But in r/aznidentity they always defend white girls over asian girls.

Asian men can do whatever they want though, and degrade asian women in favor of white. I hope the toxic asian men marry some white lady and when they get old together she’s gonna get big/obese lol. It’s very common to see here. After the white lady has a baby it all goes downhill and usually they don’t bounce back lol.

I wish to leave the US someday. I’m not extremely thin by any means, I’m around 108 lb and 5”2 and have a little extra fluff. But I don’t have large breasts and I’ve been told things in regards to that.

Having smaller breasts doesn’t make someone “less of a woman” but it seems to be the obsession here in the US. They like to compare an asian woman’s body to a preteen’s frame which is also disturbing. Women come in all shapes and sizes. It’s funny how they’re allowed to shame thinner people here but if anyone says anything bout an obese person hell breaks loose yet again. When will we be heard and when will we matter?

Black people had to get angry to get people to listen. I hope more asian women will start getting angry too. Asians are still treated like lowly human species of the earth by western societies and it’s crazy. We are still told to “get over it” and white gurls still make money and get famous pretending to be asian. Whilst talking crap about actual asian women and likely being jealous. 😉

US just has a superiority complex and think they’re better than anybody.

I love your articles and just keep letting it out. It feels so good to just speak our minds and I really hope asians start getting mad instead of keeping the “better person” mindset. It’s not helping us as a whole and that mindset makes us even more like floor mats, because they know by now that asian people won’t do anything because of that mindset ?

I hope that things get better for us and hoping maybe white people could give us the same respect they give black people today, to not touch our culture, and to stop yellow-facing whilst disrespecting the actual asian women.

Funny thing is I had confronted two white wannabe-asian girls and told them what they were doing was cultural appropriation and they both got defensive and degraded me and Called me a joke, get over it, and somehow they’re just allowed to appropriate it cuz they “love the culture and think it’s pretty” etc, so asian women’s opinions and voices don’t matter, to ANYBODY especially since asian people are staying quiet even knowing it’s offensive, and the asian men approve of it because they’re desperate and have no respect for asian women.

THE CULTURAL APPROPRIATING WOMEN NEED TO BE SHAMED IMO. Yellow face is disturbing. I still will never be alright with that crap. It was alright for them to cosplay but with internet fame and the way they exploit our culture for profits online is so shameful and disturbing. It needs to fucking end. All the casual racism, and body-shaming asian women, and the cultural appropriation. Then accusing us of wanting to be white when their lovely western media is always degrading asian features and glamorizing the whites?

Asians try to conform to western beauty standards because stupid whites always made fun of Asians eyes/features but it’s because jealous white girls secretly wanted asian features and styles they mocked for themselves. They get surgery to stretch their eyes out now and it’s called the “ORIENTAL BROW LIFT,” and when it’s brought up to a white person, they claim this surgery isn’t to look asian ? but ORIENTAL is in the name.

Cultural appropriating White girls suck and I wish they’d disappear or be shamed relentlessly the way they were for stealing black culture/hairstyles/trends and saying “nig*a”.

The way they speak broken Japanese and korean while not even living in asia, no asian family, it’s just so gross to me. You will never catch a single one of these white girls advocating for Asians at all whilst pretending to be asian, they’ll continue promoting their porn, calling their fans “senpai” or calling themselves “Kawaii __” and using Japanese or korean lettering in their bios. They also wear kimonos and black hair, doing their makeup to look “exotic” like an asian woman. They’ll hashtag “kawaii, kawaiigirl, kpop, asianculture, kawaiigirls, Waifu,” idk it all rubs me the wrong way. Just creepy how they seem to not know an asian girl in person (based on 0 photos or mentions from what I know of some famous white-Asians) they don’t even have asian family yet white gals seem to reallllly wanna be asian
They know they’re basic average bitches compared to asian women honestly. So that’s why they emulate us.

When I brought up to a couple girls that they were yellow facing and literally using asian culture shamelessly to sell their product/themselves they got mad and defensive and put me down and degraded/dismissed my feelings?? white do it/know it better tho right!?!?

White people are so full of themselves and I guess they can just disrespect us, because asian men are stupid and don’t stick up for us. I’ve seen too many asian men online treat asian women like crap. I feel like I can’t trust asian men anymore.

The white people don’t respect or actually understand asian culture nor respecting the women they ripped their whole style/aesthetic from is gross. It’s no different than wearing cornrows and saying “ni*ga” in my opinion.

We deserve respect and personally I do not want whites touching our culture. They’re disrespectful to ALL Asians and they’re so cringe.

Sorry for the rant lol. Hope your day is awesome !”