Speak Up, or Grab Coins? Asian Celebrities in the West.

By Rei Tanotsuka, 18 March 2021

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“Do you believe in fate? My grandfather told me once that when we are born, we have a path to follow going from point A to point Z. We embark upon this adventure, which is known as life, choosing our actions and responding to their consequences. Adverse outcomes are not caused by bad luck or malicious enemies. They are clues to show us that we have been taking the wrong approach or have deviated from the route that will lead us to point Z.” The Goddesses of Japan: The saga of the Chrysanthemum Throne of Japan, by Kazuko Nishimura

Our traditional path of head down, work hard to achieve a certain status hoping to “earn” the respect of the West is misguided advice at best, and downright futile at worst. Our point Z rests in putting the West firmly in its place, which is clearly a number 2 if we drop brute force as a means of “negotiation”.

Due to the avalanche of anti Asian attacks of late, FINALLY we are speaking up and speaking out. About bloody time!

What will I do in this post? Well, I’ll gut out a disquisition on exactly what we Asians relinquish inorder to live in the West, and the HONOUR of having a shiny white friend of our own!

Selling out not only for the coins, but more importantly, for the white applause!

So recently Katie Leung got the gumption to admit that her agents DEMANDED she lie about the racism hurled towards her during the Harry Potter years. My conjecture on why this request was issued would not have been due to concern for Leung’s image, but rather for the White execs who didn’t want their “egalitarian” image sullied. Hey, isn’t the stereotype ONLY ASIANS CARE ABOUT FACE? Oh, you mean White people are the fragile beasts who yet again, projected their innate characteristic onto another race? Well excuuuuse me! Heck, next you’ll be telling me that White people institutionalised racism and birthed an immobile social caste  based on DNA! Tsk, tsk, tsk……

*From the article above:

“Leung, who was born in Scotland and is of Chinese descent, was only 16 when she was cast in the Harry Potter films. She recalled not receiving any media training before doing interviews and said publicists told her to deny that the racist attacks were happening. “I remember them saying to me, ‘Oh, look Katie, we haven’t seen these, these websites that people are talking about. And you know, if you get asked that, just say it’s not true. Say it’s not happening,’” she said. “And I just nodded my head. I was like, ‘Okay, okay,’ even though I had seen it myself with my own eyes. I was like, ‘Okay, yeah, I’ll just say everything’s great.’”

Leung was however, very young at the time, an ingénue all of 16 years. We can’t expect the titanium plated bravado of a veteran actor who tells her handlers to shove it.

*Digression: in line with Japanese katari-be culture (traditional Japanese historical raconteur) the story of princess Ohori Tsuru shows she was only 18 when she defeated one of the most powerful navy warlords in Japan.

Her strength lay not in her physical prowess nor array of weapons available to her, but rather in her unwavering belief that she was of divine origin – the real deal, no imposter. So being female of any age matters little. The biggest disparity lies in the value of the fight one maintains in one’s heart. Princess Tsuru fought for honour, Leung subdued herself for bling and white acknowledgement.

Imagine if Asians were as resolute in their conviction that they are in no way inferior to White people? This would mean we wouldn’t need their bills, clicks and reviews, that’s right, we would ALL have the temerity to say “Fuck right off if you think I’m going to kowtow to you!”.

Back to Leung. While the chances of rocking the boat as a 16 year old in an industry notorious for bartering off body, pride and soul stands on par with not taking a second whiff of a noxious smell in an enclosed elevator, how about a much older male? Enter Liu and Wahlberg.

We may marvel at Simu Liu, but he ain’t no hero….

This controversy occurred circa 2020, when Liu scored mainstream roles in Hollywood, and needed to toe the line. This is diametrically opposed to the tougher pro Asian stance he harboured when he was still a shit kicker in Hollyweird. Before and After shots!



Both Leung and Liu are caught between a rock and a hard place, and if I wanted to be an actor who wasn’t a full time waiter, I probably would have done alike.

There are so few plum Asian roles and we are still stereotyped, so if you are given a groundbreaking part, would you too not be a contortionist when it comes to racial principles? I can imagine a path they thought they would assume – build enough clout through convention, then release the cannon of Asian pride and speak up for your people when you become as big as Pitt or Clooney. But here’s the problem….that ain’t happening. Now keep this sentiment alive, cos I ain’t done weaving this tapestry, but we need to add a different thread now……..let’s move onto part 2.

PART 2: three steps to getting a White friend – lie, lie, cry!

Step 1: Lie about yourself.

We all know the spiel, if you want a life long White friend, you must TRASH your own culture and virtues, but form outlandish caricatures of your vices.

Let me outline what you say to win accolades from your White mate.

“I know! (Insert your kind of Asian) culture is SO oppressive. We all have to listen to our elders and have no right to answer back. Women also have to listen to men whinge and whine, while simultaneously tea – bagging him on all fours, howling show tunes. When we are done, we get to tackle the hamper full of dirty socks and soiled under garments. That’s our lot in life! So, tell me again how great your White ‘HUMAN RIGHTS’ based life is…..”

The above will earn you sympathy, a pat on the head and a double jointed throw of the stick for your fetching pleasure! The following will earn you scorn, scowls and incriminations that you secretly work for Pol Pot 2.0, the CPC or the defunct Japanese Imperial clan.

Actually, Pythagoras’ theorem originated in India around the 8th century BC as documented in the Baudhayana Shulba Sutra, but the Chinese were the first to provide the mathematical proof of these silly triangles in 600 BC. Lol, who would have guessed that these Asian discoveries (way before the Greeks got clued in), would be so revolutionary, from the construction of buildings to the analysis of crystalline formations in science! Oh, remind me, I need to call nan but she’s busy at the moment with her Forbes listed company. Did you know that Chinese women billionaires cut the biggest share in being self-made? Sorry, what was that about the Japanese being a conformist society? Well, they created “Otaku”, “NEET” and “Freeter” culture. What are those? Well you know how in the West we only have “INCELS” where young men who are socially inept turn their rage onto women and form a culture of misogyny? The Japanese internalize their problems so that the only hindrance to society is economical, rather than engaging in a killing spree where other people have to clean up human gizzards because one dude couldn’t score a date with Sachi -chan. Oh btw, the NEETS have revolutionised themselves! The “Not in Education or Employment” peeps have founded their own company! Irony is a Japanese joke!”

To watch the irony, click here!

Here’s the axiom to becoming the source of delight for your melanin challenged friend- NEVER CONFESS TO ALL THE CREATIVE WAYS WE MANAGED TO SOLVE OUR OWN PROBLEMS WITHOUT THEIR 2 CENTS of irreverent, common nonsense.

Step 2: Lie about them

There are always two sides to every story – truth (T) and reserve currency sanctioning, bomb dropping “truth” (RCSBD T).

Truth 1 – White people cause unforetold misery everywhere they go, and soil everything they touch. T

– White people spurn forth humanitarian causes and civilization – RCSBD T.

Truth 2 – White men use money to buy coloured women in times of peace, and utilize bayonets as their aphrodisiac of choice during their invasive proclivities. T

– White women, far from being august, have always fetishized a hair pulling, asphyxiating romp with a “wild” black stallion, or being oil rubbed by a strict Mandarin renowned in the clitorati circle for acupuncturing women to heaven. *White women are the first to signal willingness to copulate but don’t have the chutzpah to admit it, and hence will feign indifference by claiming she never “noticed” the exotically pigmented specimen she just spent 2 hours licking. T

– White people draw attention globally because they are rich and good-looking – RCSBD T.

Truth 3 – White people never had a damn idea that wasn’t stolen from the coloured civilizations. Everything from their religion to scientific “discoveries” were taken from the East. T

– White people contributed most to our economic and technological development. RCSBD T

Step 3: Cry and whinge behind their backs because you’re too gutless to say anything infront of them.

So they made ANOTHER “Who ate the cat?” joke, or looked straight at your crotch when someone uttered a word with the prefix of “micro”, what can ya do? Take it as haha and join in on the gag right? That’s what they told YOU to do if you want to earn THEIR “respect”.

Ah mate (says ‘bino Joe), ya gotta learn to laugh at yerself. Ya can’t take yerself so seriously. We mean nothin’ bad, we are just takin’ the piss, we ain’t racist…..”

If you are a white whipped Asian, you go  “Yeah, they have a point. I gotta poke fun of myself first…. reach the punchline before they do it. That way, I’ll be ‘one of em’ cos they can see I’m cool and not an uptight SJW”.

Next gathering……*Chinese Mike quickly pipes up at the BBQ before anyone else can use this line*: “Oi, no one bothered to bring Garfield? WTF am I going to eat?”

Everyone guffaws, Mike feels pleased with himself because the desired outcome is achieved – they are laughing WITH HIM, finally he gets it. He’s initiated!

Fuck me, who brought the Chink (says Redneck Roger) Da fuck you hear what he just said? He wants to roast our pets. These dirty cunts caused the Chinese virus because of their fucked up eating….bats… shit, cats. Da fuck is wrong with these people?”

Calm down…..Mike was just kidding…..” (says anonymous filler friend)

* Mike looks down to the ground, pretending he didn’t hear any of that, clutching his Foster’s to prove that he’s as Australian as them…..he is. He was born and raised in Australia, loves footy as much as the next guy and chugs a lager faster than you can say VB.

It’s not Mike’s fault (says “woke” White acquaintance of the host, and the hottest girl at the BBQ *read: not clinically obese*, Banging Becky), it’s his culture, he wasn’t raised to know any better. We don’t eat pets here, they do. Like, I’m not saying it’s right, but you know…..it’s his people, the CCP can’t provide food for the Chinese people so they have to eat bats….. (looks sympathetically at Mike, then smiles gently to reveal eye crinkles at the legal age of 18).

At this point Mike REALLY wants to say “You flamin’ hillbilly, sibling dating fucktards! Are you so behind in your net news that you don’t know all the fastest Maglev trains are in China, South Korea and Japan? China has alleviated poverty in a country of 1.4 BILLION people, you guys can’t even get your head outta your asshole for a second to understand how shoddy and backward your technology and human rights records are. The only 5G White people ever created only work in the village of Potemkin. Australia? It doesn’t even have a bill of rights, whereas Article 35 of China’s Constitution guarantees HUMAN RIGHTS! You bunch of premature wrinkling, Viagra swallowing, hairline receding, saggy breasted 21 year old dickheads! Fuck you!” *Flips the bird as he leaves.*

UNFORTUNATELY, what really happens is:  Mike will cut short the BBQ by plying an excuse that he has ANOTHER shindig to haul ass to. He will avoid eye contact with Redneck Roger for the duration of his stay, all the while Roger will be throwing daggers his way. Banging Becky will walk over to him and trade words of “comfort” to a Mike who will remain adamant that he didn’t hear a word the redneck barked out. She will relay the entire harangue to him sans censorship of the racial epithets because she secretly wants to use the vernacular herself, all the while Mike will nod and say it doesn’t effect him…..

Mike will have a psychological split at this point. He either ups the ante of his “White face” by doubling down on the hate for HIS OWN PEOPLE, or he will regroup with his culture. When he gets asked to a “mixed” event in the future, he’ll perform a reconnaissance mission lest he runs into Roger again by casually asking “So…..who else is going?” before answering the affirmative.

Jeremy Lin…. getting to third base but missing the home run

To watch this evocative call of unity against Asian racism, click here

I’m glad this super hero is using his power for good, but he is still trying to not go for the jugular.

A while ago Lin confessed that he was called “corona virus” on the courts. It wasn’t “linsanity” that made the racist lash out, but downright DISRESPECT for the basketball megastar, because despite him being 10 shades of athletic sublime, he’s STILL ASIAN.

Lin did publicize the occurrence but REFUSED to NAME AND SHAME the politically illiterate jerk. Why? He claims it doesn’t achieve anything to name the person. This is once again, based on erroneous logic.

Basically Lin is articulating the notion that “something” happened to him, yet his attacker has no DIVISIBLE AUTONOMY – it’s a phantasmagorical “someone”. Lin is inadvertently PROTECTING THE PERPETRATOR. Think about it, if a woman accuses a man she knows of rape but REFUSES to name him, how far do you think that case will go?

If you love and respect yourself enough, you would have no compunction in naming your assailant because YOU NEED TO MARK YOUR ENEMY. Your incarnation is a caduseus of  physical embodiment and a metaphysical consciousness, BOTH ARE PRONE TO INJURY AND DESTRUCTION! If someone inflicts acts of degradation to either, the rightful thing is to reciprocate the damage in the EXACT FORM AND QUANTITY.

You can’t proclaim that you are whole if you let ASSHOLES destroy ANY PART OF YOUR CREATION!

Weaving the threads to make the quilt

Remember how I told you to hold the sentiment of Leung and Liu never getting true respect (in the beginning of this post) even if they are amenable to colluding with the system? Let’s bring everything together.

Whether we desire something as simple as friendship, or to see ourselves flicker on the big screen with an “S” on our chest, it will not be achieved without forsaking a sizeable portion of our self-esteem and cultural dignity.

Until the day comes when we no longer desire to be on THEIR screens, teams and “in group” memes, we will forever be beholdened to a power structure that has THEM dictating the standard for us. This means that IRRESPECTIVE of how powerful you think you are, you are still at best a bishop, if not just a lowly pawn on their board.

Doubt the veracity of my claim? I want you to look at what Black Americans have become inorder to “win” the White man’s game. Look at this year’s Grammy awards.

This is Tay Swift garnering acclaims for being the first female artist to win album of the year three times……

Chaste, modest and looking every inch a star. Swift is groomed to appear like the girl you take home to meet momma, all the while holding enough clout to sway elections. THIS, is strength. Why? Because women are GENUINELY BEAUTIFUL and strong by divine nature, we are not meant to be judged by the inch and sold by the pound!

Then there are the broads who you ride hard and put away wet……coloured women on all fours, beckoning for attention in true stereotype assigned to them by their white whip masters. The hallucination? Now Black Americans ARE ARGUING that this is “THEM” – air humping, lesbotic gyrations to fetch a few coins.

To watch the lurid and humiliating performance, click here.

Now, will I be accused of being backward, sexist and racist, or do people actually understand the historical humiliation behind this facade of empowerment?

Let’s take a trip down slavery lane….

Slaves were expected to sing as well as to work. A silent slave was not liked, either by masters or overseers. “Make a noise there! Make a noise there!” and “bear a hand,” were words usually addressed to slaves when they were silent………..The remark in the olden time was not unfrequently made, that slaves were the most contented and happy laborers in the world, and their dancing and singing were referred to in proof of this alleged fact;…………The songs of the slaves represented their sorrows, rather than their joys. Like tears, they were a relief to aching hearts. It is not inconsistent with the constitution of the human mind that it avails itself of one and the same method for expressing opposite emotions.” THE MOST COMPLETE COLLECTION OF WRITTEN WORKS & SPEECHES BY FREDERICK DOUGLASS

There are literally idiots out there (go read Cardi B’s Twitter followers and B herself, arguing that she “won” in her demeaning sell out performance) who HONESTLY believe that people like her and Megan Thee have “made it” because they used a traditionally oppressive tool (hypersexualising coloured women) and turned it into their weapon of success. In reality they are an entire stratosphere away from being unshackled from their ugly stereotype! This gaudy performance involving oversized thighs, wobbly bits and cheap weaves, sit squarely in line with their subjugation. Yeah they may not be mammy in the kitchen baking butter cookies now, instead they are the matronly “mammy babies” who get exploited for their ephemeral sexual peak BEFORE being relegated to kitchen duties.

White men must love dumb Black girls! Too stupid to even understand that they’ve been punked! If you shove a few bills under their noses, not only will they perform gratuitous simulation of cheap porn moves, they will vehemently argue that it was their “intelligence” that guided them to believe that sexual acts is appropriate for an event classified for family viewing. White people don’t even need to command the perpetuation of the stereotype, Black people evince what White people have said all along – they are oversexed and culturally unrefined.

First of all, B argues that her performance is a homage to Melania Trump, an excellent role model for every HO AT HEART out there – get naked enough to land a pompadour wearing, racist billionaire, then retire to decorate Christmas trees and demonize border crossing kids. The clincher being that while Trump can legally father Melania (24 year age gap), there’s nothing incestuous about their relationship at all. Trump’s familial sexual liaison is firmly entrenched in copping a feel of Ivanka!

Secondly, for all the COLOURED WOMEN EMPOWERMENT TOUGH TALK, she’s trying to emulate a WHITE WOMAN! Lmao.

Cardi B is a bona fide cultural moron who can’t string a cogent thought together. This is why she started life as a common stripper and will never lose her innate touch for the trade…..she was born not to think!

Thirdly, this part gets me cracking up the most…… turning every derogatory exposé of tit and tush into “GIRL POWER” or “MINORITY POWER”. Hooray right? Wrong! They have not gained any semblance of social or political parity via their public flashing, they are still the puppets of White men!

Sounds like alot doesn’t it? Except the record company can take up to 80% of an artist’s earnings. This “estimated net worth”of B, may no where near be $80 mil after all the deductions, because another source claims she has $30 mil. While not a sum any of us would say no to, it pails in comparison to what her White masters make without exposing a bare ball or breaking an ankle by prancing around in spine deforming heels!

However, this is the PUNCHLINE…..meet the puppeteer, the CEO of Atlantic Records, Gen X whip master, Craig Kallman…….

Tada! Far far FAR from being a “bad biatch” for a legion of enfranchised, ceiling cracking, stereotype annihilating young girls, B and her coterie are just higher paid slave girls acting out their assigned roles. The ones who the master gave an extra piece of stale bread to, because they were willing to bargain off their modesty to please his whim, where their more astute self respecting sisters wouldn’t!

Sorry, back to ASIANS!

So for all the Panther moving, spell binding Farrakhan sermons and screaming from the roof tops that Black people are beautiful, talented and wonderful, at the end of the day they are still lathering up their hair in straightener and salivating for the praise of the White whip master. Where do you think us Asians are heading?


What were we to them originally? Fu Manchu. Evil, clever, dirty and nasty. They painted the Japanese that way when they were economically and militarily successful, and now they are painting the Chinese in the same stroke.

If you swim faster than a sailfish, they will accuse you of drugging up even though YOU ARE INNOCENT! They will link all sorts of HIGHLY IRRELEVANT factors (such as a minority group’s culinary habits who you happen to share the same nationality with) inorder to frame you up, so that you can’t even compete! Read Sun Yang’s story here.

If you are a Japanese musician, you will get your head kicked in for “being Chinese”. Tadataka Unno

Basically, if you want to continue to live under their thumb, YOU TOO must succumb to be lumped as a group of indistinct yellow bastards whose difference lie in the degree of malevolence assigned to your character – remember the West is now adamant on assigning us half the blame for White Privilege by spawning it’s imaginary twin, Asian Privilege.

We have got to eradicate our own need to seek their approval and praise. Why the FUCK, are we so deferential to them if we can out dunk their lilly white asses on the courts, outscore them in PISA tests and hit every 5G spot with connectivity when they’re still stuck in the bushes? (There’s a sex pun in there for ya).

We don’t need their crowns, MAKE OUR BLOODY OWN!