“…if life had no hurdles, no history would be made…..”. The Rise of Asian Titans

By  Rei Tanotsuka, 27 March 2021

As a kid growing up in Australia, I didn’t think my life time would see an Asian nation snatch the crown, not for lack of ability, but because the Western system does not pride itself on objectivity when assessing the winner. Even as a child, I imbibed the notion that David and Goliath was an illustration of an archetype that White people endeared themselves to, namely they as little Davo overcoming the great adversarial powers of the “undemocratic” Goliaths. In reality, the West is the most diabolical leviathan unleashed upon the world. A Goliath who proscribes any kind of dissent – the end of history is mandated to be a Western tale of life, liberty and justice. The caveat? White justice involves the removal of equitable rights between them and everyone else – they are ALWAYS RIGHT even when they’re wrong.

My decision to destroy the authority of the blacks in Saint Domingue is not so much based on consideration of commerce and money, as on the need to block forever the march of the blacks in the world.” —Napoleon Bonaparte”

The tsunami of revolt against the West has begun on all levels, even with us Asians, traditionally a connoiseur of the “say nothing” brigade, finally waking up to the power of retaliation and rhetoric. What does this mean? It means henceforth, we will witness more injustices dispensed upon us, the same as those exacted upon Black people for centuries when they had the audacity to desire self determination. We will now earn the acrimony of our stereotype, more precisely, it’s shadow twin. Where we were once praised for prescience, now stands connivance. Our industrious ethic will be perverted into unabated thirst for global domination, and should we ever provide retort to these incriminations, we will off handedly be dismissed as resorting to “whataboutism”.

What to expect from Asians from now on

On Thursday, 18th March 2021, the world got a glimpse of what strong Asians are really like via the most humiliating summit for the US thus far.

The Anchorage, Alaska bitch fes was more than a heated political discourse between two NUMBER ONES, it was a K.O of epic proportions to a bunch of bloated, moue faced know it all’s, by spry, articulate modern Mandarins. Wang Yi (Foreign Minister) and Yang Jiechi (Chinese Diplomat) not only noticed the naked hillbilly American “emperor”, but pointed out its saggy ass, halfie and alopecia chest! The Yanks got shit slammed to the ground despite them pulling out the good ol’ sanctioning of  24 Chinese officials trick right before the meeting to try to spook the Chinese into acquiescence.

America’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken wasn’t blinkin’ much when Yang said what EVERYONE in the world who has a brain was thinking:

The United States does not have the qualification to say that it wants to speak to China from a position of strength,” New York Post

Don’t know about you, I prepped the popcorn but found nothing on YouTube that contained the full footage of the smackdown. I had to settle for soundbites, and while I would have loved to watch the entire thing in context, I made do with what I could get. What kicks my funny bone into hearty guffaws, is the stunned mullet look on American faces when it suddenly dawns on them that NOONE RESPECTS THEM ANYMORE!

Will Durant said “From barbarism to civilization requires a century; from civilization to barbarism needs but a day.”, I agree and would also add that a bully can rule the yard for years, but all it takes is one swift quick to the nuts to understand that everyone is vulnerable to attack. All this time America thought only it reserved the right to criticize others while remaining immune to judgement itself, little did it know that the China boys had long awaited for the opportunity to highlight all of America’s blood curdling foibles for the world to see. According to CGTN, Yang used the word “slaughter” when talking about the wanton systemic murder of African Americans, the translator however, chose to refrain from using the term, possibly deeming it too inflammatory. If the interpreter had done the decent thing and translated exactly what Yang said and in the same sentiment, Blinken and Sullivan (Jake Sullivan national security adviser), would have looked even more gobsmacked, needing only a light coiffure and colour to continue the duo act of crusty “has been’s” and its side kick, sullen “used to be’s”…..

To add insult to injury…. Americans are damn cheap! Their parsimonious aptitude in the art of frugality, is courtesy of being innately bestowed with very little talent. As physical specimens of brawn they lack so far behind their Black brothers, that to borrow the title of a seminal novel, Of Mice and Men, we are talking about the physical prowess of two disparate species…..

When it comes to brains, White America fares in orders of magnitude worse (hyperbole) than their Asian siblings! Asians make up 5.4% of the population in the US, yet earn 11% of their engineering degrees.

“The number of undergraduate engineering degrees conferred to Asian American
graduates in 2011 to 2016 increased by 35 percent (from 8,925 degrees to 12,006),
which allowed this group to keep pace with other racial and ethnic groups, see table 6.
The increase in engineering bachelor’s degrees conferred to Asian American students
(35 percent) was more than twice the 5-year increase in all other bachelor’s degrees
conferred (13 percent).28 Similarly, Asian American students earned 11 percent of all
U.S. engineering bachelor’s degrees in 2011 and 2016. Eleven percent, is nearly twice the
percentage of bachelor’s degrees across all subjects that this group earned (7 percent).” Taken from The 2018 Status Report on
Engineering Education:A Snapshot of Diversity in Degrees Conferred in

Not being able to outdo anyone, White folks hope to starve the competition into submission. The invite to Anchorage, Alaska by the stingy Yanks didn’t include MEALS – I know about the political diet system (Prussian political model of bicameralism as used in Japan) but Americans take things too literally….maybe they got China confused with Japan, afterall we’re all a bunch of yellow bastards to them behind closed doors, amirite?

“Wang turned to ask Yang as they walked down a hallway at the Anchorage hotel whether he had had his lunch. “I had instant noodles,” Yang replied. Reuters

This is why I don’t date White people, too FUCKIN’ CHEAP – I don’t want to be wined, dined and tabbed! Everything is a bloody potluck affair until you have resources, then it’s plunder time. White people expect you turn up to a shindig with the caviar, while they offer to bring the Melba toast deeming that to be an equitable arrangement.

No doubt the Alaska summit left a feeling of impotence in Blinky and Sully, but at least these lumpen schmucks got their comeuppance delivered to them by their political counterparts, imagine the humiliation of being a young White guy who gets his ass served on a stretcher in a street fight with a SEVENTY SIX YEAR OLD ASIAN LADY WITH NO SELF DEFENCE TRAINING!

CBS San Francisco Sports Director Dennis O’Donnell happened to come up on the scene during his morning run. “There was a guy on a stretcher and a frustrated angry woman with a stick in her hand,” O’Donnell said. “From what I could see, she wanted more of the guy on the stretcher and the police were holding her back.” CBS News

I’m serious! Just imagine all ya mates seated at the peanut gallery as they get you to recount the events of the day that will live on in infamy……”but she was no ordinary granny….she had a grimace….. I had a sore throat and me mom just had another go at me cos I shat m’pants …. again….shuddup…she knows karate….”. Oh someone, make the cringe and embarrassment stop!

The cancer of Asian racism will metastasise

Every step forward we take in fighting for our lives and for the inalienable right to achieve any level of success we are capable of, vexation and vitriol will escalate among the White community.

Traditionally they have exploited our innate drive to succeed as proof that the West is not a society raised by the hand of racist ideology. If we break their imposition on us to play the exemplar of Western egalitarianism when they seek approbations (how can we possibly be racist when Asians earn more than White people?) and refuse to be the scapegoat for their failures (China must pay reparations for Covid-19) we ipso facto have “betrayed” them. Hell hath no fury like White people receiving no preferential treatment!

Killing Asians because you “had a bad day” is a plausible defence…..

I don’t even need to reiterate how pathetic America is in it’s mendacious attempt to spin a conspicuously racist massacre, into a sex addiction. If you don’t as yet know the story, here’s one version. CNN

The enthusiasm on the part of White people to distort reality and history, is an anomaly which has no parallel – they don’t just jig a few pieces of the puzzle, they superimpose an ENTIRE NEW PICTURE, take out the crucial pieces, then throw the damn thing outta the Burj Khalifa before huskily barking “Fetch!”. When you manage to sky dive off the imposing structure and capture 6 of the 2000 piece jigsaw, landing catlike on all fours, meekly uttering, “I can’t make out the puzzle….”, that’s when your White saviour will Tourette out, “We saved the world, your kind are scum. Gimme yo money, yo resources and in return, we’ll fuck you up the ass!”. Surprisingly many countries are actually amenable to this arrangement, witness my current place of abode, Japan.

America will feign ignorance and boldly attest that SIX ASIAN WOMEN being murdered in one hit doesn’t evince a hate crime because hey, two White people also died! This is the logic of the hebetudinous white mind at its finest – the inability to articulate nuance means that there must not be any. Don’t White people know that a person can simultaneously hold MULTIPLE BELIEFS, EVEN CONTRADICTORY ONES?

Think how boorish their synaptic pathways must be if they can only entertain one mode of thought at any one time – how White people manage to shit and breathe at the same time becomes a compelling question!

This INCEL scum of the lowest order, Robert Aaron Long, not only serves as a mascot for eternal virginhood (due to the revulsion expressed by females towards him of any race), his level of racial psychopathy knows no bounds. How grotesque to associate massages with Asian women and prostitution. This highlights the shocking level of ignorance borne by many Americans to a contemporary zeitgeist which sees massages as therapeutic, and not a 5 minute hand job behind flammable polyester curtains. At the end of the day, we ALL KNOW the real reason behind this callous murder of 6 Asian women, and irrespective of how many imbeciles try to neuter the volatile explosion of Asian racism into a phlegmatic issue of blue balls, we don’t believe a damn word of your contorted explanation!

The superior whites had to exclude the inferior Asiatics, by law, or if necessary by force of arms.”

The above quote is by Samuel Gompers, the president of the American Federation of Labor. When was this? All the way back in the 19th Century! We have literally been a threat to Western hegemonic rule for over a century.

Anyone who thinks the recent tide of anti Asian, and especially anti Chinese hate, is but a nouveau phenomenon based on the technological advancement of contemporary China, is grossly misinformed. The truth is, short of maiming us physically or incapacitating us mentally through opiates, the Chinese are just incredibly good at everything.

I know there are a few bogan Bing’s and lazy Leung’s scattered along the lineage, but as a whole, WE Chinese of all sorts, including the diasporic batch are a force to be reckoned with.

“Governor Leland Stanford of California wrote President Andrew Johnson, “Without the Chinese it would have been impossible to complete the western portion of this great National highway.”………………With the railway complete, the now unemployed Chinese workers fanned out across the West, becoming miners, farmers, and hotel, restaurant, and laundry owners. With a frugal, disciplined lifestyle and diligent work habits, the Chinese frequently produced goods and services of higher quality and at lower prices than their American competitors. White workers who were merely irritated when a fellow Caucasian did better were shocked and outraged when bested by a member of a supposedly lesser race. Senator James Blaine of Maine warned that those “who eat beef and bread and drink beer… will have to drop his knife and fork and take up the chopsticks” if the Chinese were allowed to stay in America.The China Mirage: The Hidden History of American Disaster in Asia, by James Bradley

In Australia we did GOD’S WORK, making life appear when no White hands could do anything much except choke a chook every night……

“By 1901, a third of Victoria’s Chinese were gardeners. We know of one of them, Kim Gin Meng, because his sons Stanley and Albert and Albert’s wife Esme were interviewed. Kim left Tasmania’s tin mines in 1883 to grow and hawk vegetables in the Western District, thrived, and in 1910 established himself in Casterton.
The careful industry of such men delivered fine produce for more than fifty years. John
Bromell of Illira, watching Chinese gardeners in the 1940s, noted, ‘They seemed to be
able to get things growing when we couldn’t.”………Dimboola’s market
garden in the 1920s looked as if each plant had received individual attention.” Morag Loh, Testimonies from White Australia:
oral history interviews with Chinese immigrants and their descendants

So, I hear you ask, what’s the deal with being fantastic? Well, White people are envy prone and sordidly violent. When you advance enough to rightfully win the sash and tiara in their social Darwinian pageant, they will resort to a level of barbarism that would frighten the most feral of Neanderthals. You see, White people are adamant that they currently rule because they deserve to, (being so good at everything according to themselves), yet what happens when we become the leader in 5G, AI, and manage to create a sun that is more powerful than Amaterasu (Japanese Sun Goddess) herself?

Then things become ugly – real ugly, real fast.

*Digression*: If you haven’t noticed, America and the EU (aka Germany), are both having mental breakdowns. They are chucking political wobblies reminiscent of everyone’s childhood – mum says no to you swallowing a handful of lollies before dinner, and you end up an incoherent mess of hyperventilation, ample snot flow and hysterical mumblings about Natalie’s mum allowing her to partake in the journey of cavity discovery.

Think about what is happening in the West right at this moment. Germany has signed on with Russia for the installation of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. America sticks it’s fat ugly face in the arrangement by sanctioning everyone involved because “RUSSIA IS A THREAT”…..yet America itself has been buying up Russian oil for the past 3 years. Why? Because America sanctioned Venezuela, a traditional oil source for the US, so now it can’t obtain enough fuel to power its own economy due to ITS OWN SANCTIONS! Then Germany decides to join in America’s anti Russian propaganda by accusing Russia of poisoning Sergei Skripal and Alexei Navalny (Putin’s highly racist opposition) by providing ZERO proof, all the while DESIRING CHEAP RUSSIAN GAS. Finally in true bipolar form, Germany is miffed at the US for telling it what to do through sanction threats, yet runs the gamut of a Jekyll and Hyde performance in its American condemnation!

In 2019 – “European energy policy is decided in Europe, not the US. We are opposed in principle to interventions from abroad, and to extraterritorial sanctions,” Heiko Maas the German foreign minister, said on Thursday.” Financial Times

In 2021“Berlin is trying to buy time and make sure that the construction is finished, because they think that once the pipeline is onstream, things will look differently (to the United States),” a senior EU diplomat briefed on the issue said.” Reuters

So is Germany America’s bitch, yes or no? On FB, the status would read “It’s complicated…”.

The West’s level of cognitive dissonance has reached a point of clinical insanity. Do they even know WHAT THEY ARE DOING ANYMORE? If they are attacking their own White brotherhood in such a cavalier manner, do you honestly expect Asians to be given any consideration towards fairness?

Eventhough I no longer live in the West, I do have family in Australia. I also worry about the Asian community living in the West as a whole, because I am aware of the ramifications that comes with us being successful historically.

September 2, 1885

Rock Springs, Wyoming was once home to 700-900 Chinese immigrants and 300 Whites. This mining town saw the Chinese as problematic, so ALL the White folk, from men to WHITE WOMEN WHO ONCE TUTORED the Chinese in English, looted, killed and scooted out EVERY CHINESE PERSON THERE. The fact that they had built up quasi emotional bonds as teachers/students and coworkers, meant little when White supremacy is under threat.

“Not a living Chinaman – man, woman or child – was left in the town, where 700 to 900 had lived the day before, and not a single house, shanty, or structure of any kind, that had ever been inhabited by a Chinaman was left unburned. The smell of burning human flesh was sickening and almost unendurable, and was plainly discernible for more than a mile along the railroad both east and west.” The China Mirage: The Hidden History of American Disaster in Asia, by James Bradley

16 white miners were charged with everything under the sun, but no-one got convicted. When a hate campaign against any race is instigated, a spate of similar occurrences happen in swift succession due to law enforcers turning a blind eye, and others drawing inspiration from the blood letting of a group that is usually defenceless.

Not even a month later, on 28th September 1885, a copy cat solution to the “Chinese problem” in Tacoma Washington, saw a mob of 500 forcibly escort all the Chinese to the wilderness. The Americans, in true ” Third Reich Final Solution” form (but before the Third Reich was even conceived) literally forced the Chinese of Tacoma to board a train bound for Portland, stopped 8 miles in the journey, then told them to get off in the middle of no man’s land. The corollary of this inhumane act was the expectation that the Chinese would perish through starvation.

The Chinese pogrom, euphemistically dubbed “cleansing”, continued across West. Chinese people in most places were given only 24 hours to LEAVE, they were taken to wharfs and at gunpoint, told to bugger off in a boat to nowhere! If they didn’t leave fast enough, they were literally hung out to dry. In the mining camp of Idaho, five Chinese miners were hung. The most vexing part is that no White person was ever convicted or punished, and I can’t believe to this day, it’s still happening. Modern day America is STILL trying to justify the gratuitous murder of Asians! White people are incapable of remorse, repentance or reform. They simple continue to do what they’ve always done – kill us under a pretext of fear or frustration.

We really have to ask ourselves, why the FUCK do we repeatedly forgive them?

To read in-depth about these acts of persecution and violence, AsAm News

I honestly pine for a time when we Asians understand our own worth outside of Western jurisdiction. I hope China’s rise will herald a genuine paradigm shift, because when Japan rose, it only wished to be “whiter” and not assert Asian clout. I harbour slight trepidation that China may succumb to the perils of wanting the white applause as it becomes unequivocally successful, and act more obsequious to Western ways when it stops getting antagonised.

This is the danger that has befallen individuals such as Simu Liu bowing down after Marvel, and to countries like Japan and India who instantly side with the West eventhough they know that they can never be their best – they HAVE TO let the West win, inorder to remain friends.

Despite being consanguineous with everyone, White people will always prize the white paper wrap over the gift. We need to stop giving them presents and just throw the cheap cover from the dollar shop to their faces, and tell them to fetch for once!