Ebony is Ivory……Arguments from the West

By Rei Tanotsuka, 13 September 2019

It is not every vine that admits the grafting process; if it be old and decayed, or if it be weak and slender, the vine either will not receive the cutting, or will not nourish it and make it a part of itself, nor will it accommodate itself to the qualities and nature of the grafted part. Seneca

I would conjecture, that a great majority of the people who are still heavily invested in the idea of an inerrant West, must loathe any opprobrium hurled upon the ethics, actions or judgements which highlight its obvious short comings.

After another bout of reading a litany of the most banal rebuttals to my Quora posts, I decided to lay out, stroke by stroke the stupidity of the oft repeated retorts.

Western philosophy derives a large part of its lexicon from ideas based on faith. Originally, faith in the Divine and magic, and now? A faith equally as blind , but directed towards politics, economics and the unshakeable trust in social welfare divvied up by the elite to give to the masses via a system called ‘equitable’ wages and salaries.
In China, Yu the Great, tamed the ‘exuberant’ and mighty Yellow River, not by using blood sacrifices which were common at that time, but from utilising logic, past know how, in addition to digging channels to conduct water into the sea, something that he thought to do.
Knowledge accretion.
Yu, then developed an agricultural system by planting rice and other water heavy crops and advised the residential farmers to start breeding fish, ducks and geese. Philosophically, the Chinese have always favoured working with nature, rather than against it.

Why all the common arguments of the West fail – Because the axiom is wrong!

If you base your argument on a flawed axiom, you will draw the wrong conclusion.

The following is a break down of the trajectory of normal logic in most developed societies. The axiom being, action X equals action X, irrespective of who does it, a corollary of Kant’s Catergorical Imperative, “ a moral law that is unconditional or absolute for all agents, the validity or claim of which does not depend on any ulterior motive or end. “Thou shalt not steal,

For example: A reprimands B, and requests B to change to be more like A.

If A demands this of B, then A is assumed to NOT act in the same way as B.

If A chastises B, while engaging in the same act as B, then A becomes a hypocrite.

A’s rightful claim to B needing to change to become more like A, rests only if A : does not act in the same manner as B, and is in the morally superior position.

Conclusion: ‘A’ can chastise AND demand ‘B’ change ONLY IF ‘A’ is immune to the same error and is recognised by peers, as the superior one.

In the last 2 centuries and especially after the fall of USSR, ending the Warsaw Pact and a bi polar world order, we ushered in the unilateral era of American hegemony.

The West has always had a fixation with authoritarian, dogmatic and rigid rule, dispensed from a hierarchy of either a monarch or a god. This fixation remains unabated. We are now blind adherents to the God of Democracy and the Monarch of Freedom, 2 idols we have never known phenomenologically .

Democratic and Free? Where?

Definitions matter because we are not in a reverie involving a melange of princes or princesses gathering up flora for our bouquet, we are in the midst of coups and sanguineous regime changes, where the collateral damage is measured in 100s of 1000s of lives. Definitions matter.

A democratic country is defined with these 3 main principles:

  1. Multiple party elections
  2. Universal Suffrage
  3. Referendums

The problem with this gem is the reality of the ‘multiple parties’, can we in good faith, honest to goodness, hand on our heart, vehemently claim that any Western country has multiple parties??? Aren’t we choosing our favourite mask for the SAME party?

How is it, that Big Brother has consistently chased the war agenda irrespective of a Democratic or Republican lead?

How can it be that much of a coincidence that each American President of late, has continued to launch unceasing wars in the middle East? How is it that both parties harbour an identical Russian stance? How is it that big pharma, the banking cartel and the industrial war complex machine are unfailingly being rapaciously fed taxes from the working class in American society? How is it that despite, the majority of American college students wanting free or partially free education, aren’t they getting it?

So, if you get two thirds right, can you identify as it?

I eat meat only for one meal of the day, CAN I CALL MYSELF A VEGETARIAN?????

If I pass two thirds of my subjects in school, CAN I CALL MYSELF A GRADUATE????

If I do two thirds of my work duties, CAN I CALL MYSELF A FULL-TIME WORKER???

NO. Niet. Nah.Hell no! So, right off the bat, we have already established that we don’t even have a democratic country to EMULATE, this already renders the argument of requesting ‘non democratic’ countries to change, void!

As for freedom? Me thinks Snowden, Assange, Gunner, Binney and the likes, served up that red pill along with our night cap a few decades ago……Hello Alexa, don’t report my crotchless knickers….they weren’t designed that way! Wear and tear dear…….a decade old as of today, time for a wash…

The much anticipated arguments from the doltish sheeple, washed and tumbled dried by the media and Western intellectuals to provide the following rebuttals whenever they see someone calling out the cavalier and insouciant manner of destruction favoured by Empire:

  1. I know we pollute OUR food and water source through chemicals either through fracking or carcinogenic fertilisers, but it doesn’t make it right FOR YOU to do the same! So, let’s talk about how evil YOU are
  2. Just because WE create debt laden deals in third world nations through the IMF and World Bank so that we can demand their resources to flow like our lead laced tap water, DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN LEND at zero percent interest rates and demand similar rights to their resources if they can’t pony up repayments. That’s called neo colonialism….ours is called good, ol fashioned colonialism…..or illegal.
  3. You keep bringing up the past! Pssssh, that happened 100 years ago!! Forget about it! 1989 Tiananmen Square? Yep we can bring that up, even though it has already been proven to be hogwash! 1989 Panama Invasion…mmmm, that ol invasion! Who remembers THAT far back???
  4. You have NO PROOF, Alex Jones wannabe!! Ok……declassified reports, government leaks…..frankly, I call FAKE NEWS…..hey just heard they murdered babies in incubators in Iraq ,and then throw them on the ground to use as carpets? Must be legit, saw it on telly…….
  5. I’m not saying that America didn’t kill anyone, God no, I’m not saying that. I was making the point that in order to create a democratic, free society were people can live safely…..well, there’s going to be….collateral damage……
Lybia, Before and After America’s makeover………..
Iraq Before and After America’s makeover……..
Afghanistan, Before (below) and After (above) America’s makeover…..

The Next Time……

The next time, some urbane, sanctimonious big shot wants to pillory a nation that doesn’t fall under vanilla, lead them to it.

Ask them, which countries are representative of a law abiding nation and is democratic and just?

If they are really turgid enough to billow out an Anglo Western country with hubris and pomposity, follow that up with asking them would it be better if other nations adopted their model of governance?

If they reply yes, then just say, ‘done it’. Say the name of the country that, in their opinion needs to be a carbon copy of the West and literally give them the harangue of having IDENTICAL issues of the West.

Then ask them, if country X has exactly the same problems as, let’s say America, and America is supposed to be the bearer of the world standard in conduct, wouldn’t the corollary be, that X is in fact just normal?

That’s when they will hit you with, ‘Just because someone else does it, doesn’t mean it’s right.’.

That’s when you guffaw, throw your head back to reveal your lunch then look back at them with mock amazement and say ‘ NO SHIT EINSTEIN, now that your brain is back from the shit sink, why don’t ya quit meat beatin’ and read a damn book, Where’s Wally doesn’t count moron!’