Promiscuous Virgos

By Rei Tanotsuka, 11 December 2019

Why are young women seen as complete innocent victims when they engage in sexual acts involving money or accusations of rape. Why can’t we ever question them?

This is Liam Allen, falsely accused of rape for 2 years. The girl who accused him of rape, is allowed to remain anonymous, he is exposed to the public.

Virginia Giuffre

Virginia is touted as a totally “innocent” sex slave of the dastardly, Luciferian scheme of Epstein and his cohorts.

Virginia Giuffre had “forced” sex with Andrew 3 times, on 3 separate occasions, marked by huge time intervals. The first time was in 2001 when she was 17.

“In evidence to a Florida court in 2015, Roberts Giuffre wrote: “The third time I had sex with Andy was in an orgy on Epstein’s private island in the US Virgin Islands.“I was around 18 at the time. Epstein, Andy, approximately eight other young girls, and I had sex together. The other girls all seemed and appeared to be under the age of 18 and didn’t really speak English.” Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein: what you need to know

Cyntoia Brown

At 16, Cyntoia Brown killed the man who “bought her for $150” for sex. She was convicted of murdering and robbing Johnny Michael Allen. Brown said she shot Allen because of fear. She spent 15 years in the slammer and was only recently released.

She “wasn’t innocent” in this instance, though she was a minor. The fact that Allens violated the sex with a minor law this time, held no sway in gaining clemency for Brown. Brown was originally to be sentenced until she was 51.

A story in the Independent 20 November 2019

“A white teenage girl has been arrested for plotting a racially-motivated attack with sharp knives on a predominantly black US church, police have said.

Students at the 16-year-old’s high school flagged concerns over her notebook containing “detailed plans to commit murder” at Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, a church with a mostly black congregation in Georgia, according to Gainseville Police.” 16-year-old white girl made ‘detailed plan’ for racist mass killing at black church with butcher knives, police say

Kim Petras

The world’s youngest trans girl, having started hormonal therapy at 12 and graduating to full gender alignment surgery at 16. Even though a minor, she was allowed to castrate a part of herself legally at 16.

I first wrote about this topic a week or so ago. Quora instantly collapsed it. Why? Because this topic is the last taboo that NOONE today, will dare traverse – that being young women and their sexual nature. Rei Tanotsuka’s answer to What is wrong with our society today?

My freedom of expression was curtailed because I DARED question the logic that frames this entire narrative.

Why are 16 year olds who commit robbery and murder charged as adults?

Why are 16 year olds who premeditate mass murder arrested?

Why are 16 year olds autonomous enough to undergo life changing bodily mutilations?

Yet why, when the same 16 year old, visiting a strange man’s house over the course of a few years to perform sexual acts for hefty financial remuneration, is the world suddenly opining that the girls are not autonomous and were “forced” to do things that they “didn’t want” to do?

Can anyone provide me with a scientific peer reviewed paper that shows me, that when it comes to money being exchanged for sex as a teen, freewill is vanquished?

Can someone give me a peer review report showing me that the decision to walk over to a strange man’s house once or biweekly to fellate his appendage, strip and perform other sexual acts, bypasses the prefrontal cortex and instead runs straight to the amygdala for instinctual reactions?

I know what the common retorts will be:

  1. Grooming
  2. Statutory rape
  3. Teen stupidity


This involves 2 steps. First, you must change or erase the original program. Secondly you must instill a new program.

How do we know this? Because of Sidney Gottlieb of the Nazis, turned CIA mind control program leader who worked in the USA POST WWII, to try to mass create human spies. Yes, Manchurian candidate type stuff!

After literally killing, impairing, torturing thousands of people to see if mind control was indeed possible or not, the conclusion was NO, it’s not possible.

It was only ever possible to erase information, as in leaving amnesic gaps, however implanting new information WAS NOT POSSIBLE other than through the normal ways of daily living, influencing etc.

So are we really going to argue that without physical coercion, or using huge amounts of LSD, sleep deprivation and a whole host of other techniques like electrocution, that these Epstein girls were sordidly “groomed” with a program much more effective than a government mandated CIA, multimillion dollar program?

Are we proclaiming Epstein found a way to ”groom” young girls against their will, to perfect the Hoover manoeuvre, but still remain sane enough to pocket the $300 for each “treat” on top of that, function well enough to lie to their own parents and recruit other girls?

Statutory Rape

Once again, statutory rape is definitely a good idea but no caveats??? When does the illegality of teen prostitution come into play with disgusting lurid perverts, preying on minors? Isn’t there a more nuanced line other than innocent angel and lecherous creep? If there is not, why aren’t OTHER criminal acts perpetrated by 16 year olds given the same leniency?

After all if you argue that a 16 year old doesn’t know what comes out of furious vacuuming of the baby stick, then can’t we argue that 16 year olds are equally as innocent in not understanding that shooting at people, kills?

Teen stupidity

Well this argument tanks. If you argue that teens with hormones can’t be held accountable, then adults with mortgages aren’t accountable either because of financial stress, the elderly aren’t accountable either because of incontinence stress and possible senility. We all get off scott free then.

The double standard is of course, young women and their sexual appetite. We are so afraid to broach this area, that any insinuation that girls are sexual creatures, is WRONG and we will suffer eternal damnation if we dare say the obvious – that teen girls had to be willing to engage in a certain act before any convincing or persuasion takes place!

Why is it, like I asked in the previous post, that if teen girls were indeed so “fragile and vulnerable” can’t we groom them to be string theorists, neurosurgeons or biotech engineers?? Why are all the sexual acts with a nexus to wealth and power, post actual engagement, always looked upon in hindsight as “grooming”?

You would think the imbibers who argue this point would feel shame in reiterating a line that makes NO SENSE, but they repeat this grooming mantra as if it becomes a truth after a certain number of chants.

This grooming is an excuse to cater to the most SINISTER SIDE of our psychosis which we refuse to acknowledge, so we throw the ball onto someone else’s court.

Just like the incel quibble, it’s the same hebetudinous argument – pointing the finger at the other gender for a latent vice in our own nature! In the case of incels, the argument is that women are causing these men to commit mass murder. No it’s not! Men have traditionally resorted to plundering and pillaging, to argue otherwise is to refute the existence of HISTORY.

We shouldn’t give men a pass on their inherent tendency to resort to violence and we shouldn’t give women a pass on their inherent nature to use sex as a tool!!

If we dare suggest that out of a score of 100, people like Epstein are 80% wrong BUT the girls need to be held accountable too. Even at 20% of the blame, there will be people who will accuse me of being a “female misogynist”!

I am NOT advocating that women are to be fully blamed. I’m advocating for BOTH sides to own up to their fallible nature.

The very idea to pit the genders against each other should be suspect upon the first glance. Anyone with a semblance of sanity must surely understand, that giving carte blanche authority to any one side in a dispute to accuse the other side with impunity, only leads to the destruction of a society through the perpetuation of oppression.

How can we have legions of African American men being lynched on accounts of rape with no evidence, the ceasation of a human life based solely on the whim of another’s word as part of our recorded history, and not take heed of the past in not granting one side all the power with no push back?

If we can’t love and support women in their entirety, and that INCLUDES materialistic desires gained through providing sexual gratification, then we DON’T love women enough to fix this vice!

We in 2019 need to create strong women who can face up to the angel and resident devil within ourselves!! If we can’t do that, we will NEVER get ahead. Want to prove me wrong? Make women STRONG ENOUGH so that the first thing we think about is not selling ourselves when we hit an obstacle!

Another girl willing to sex it up for financial reasons! To view, click here

Give me a girl who’s instinct is to be entrepreneurial, NOT SEXUAL! Give me girls who say that they were groomed to be AI specialists, prosthetic designers, aeronautical engineers, then you can use your grooming argument.

Arguing that your nature was somehow “groomed” is an assault on intelligence, only those who vehemently lack any critical ability to think for themselves will use this asinine line.

Definition of grooming: to make someone neat and tidy in appearance to impress.

Which is neater and more impressive?

A woman on her hands and knees, preparing to take a load OR a woman working in CERN in Geneva, trying to ascertain whether the Higgs boson is indeed the last remaining unknown particle in our observable universe???