Banned by India Samara of Odin Skincare for talking about Racism!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 3 February 2020

Dear Reader,

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Quora has once again, decided to ban me based SPECIFICALLY on one individual’s insistence, that of an India Samara.

This woman is very typical of the Anglo American faux liberal person who keeps reiterating HOW important it is to be “nice to people” and how one must look at the bright side of the solar sphere and learn to love each other despite our flaws… but then censor, flag and ban as soon as an Asian woman dare say she experienced racism in the hands of white people.

India Samara is one of those, for lack of a better word, losers, who achieved nothing substantial in life, so in order to come to terms with the lacklustre result of her societal value, she has made it a mantra to keep things superficially “light and wonderful”. Yet this is a disingenuous mask, the face of denial, for she is angry, very very angry.

She collapsed my posts for the past two days, all involving my personal experiences of racism under the hands of Anglo white Americans. She insists I am inciting hatred, not simply sharing my real life story. Despite me knowing my OWN FEELINGS better than anyone else, she is adamant that HER understanding of my intentions must be more authentic than the source.

The result of the bellicosity of jealousy, coupled with denial, is that I lose my literal voice. Of course I appealed my case to Quora and naturally they sided with her.

I wonder about the pigmentation in the skin of the assessor, and I am pretty positive that played a role in the decision.

Considering everything I wrote in my collapsed posts were backed up with proof and they were STILL collapsed, makes me ponder the fallacy of an objective moderator. They won’t be impartial if they have skin in the game.

So who is India Samara? Clearly someone on the brink of an identity crisis.

I’m really positive (NOT) that her REAL name is INDIA SAMARA, who are we even kidding? She insists her openness is due to her interracial marriage to a Korean man (poor bloke) and her “magnanimity” (getting me banned) is because she TOO has suffered racism, but from Asians. Her one recollection is that one Korean called her fat while she was pregnant.

You see, this experience according to plain Vanilla India, is on par with me getting discriminated throughout childhood, then for 4 years working at a school where I was told that I had less value because of my yellow face by another white American woman!

She thinks being called fat once, is equally as vex worthy as my experiences, HOWEVER, since she managed to “let that go” why couldn’t I? She wanted me to take down ALL the posts which involved me expressing my racist experiences, aka a portion of my life.

This is the thing with Anglo Western minds, they don’t realise what TRUE freedom means. They only believe in freedom of speech when THEY GET TO SLANDER YOU, not when you exact criticism at them.

Do you know what? In the past I would have refrained from calling out individuals and resorted to blanket statements about general nothingness, to spare the individual from further humiliation.

Nope, not doing that ANYMORE!

This is Rei being as bitchy as they come. If you prepare to fight me, then don’t tell me you miss your digestive organs after your sebouku, because YOU STARTED IT BITCH!

First things first, India had an online skincare business. It failed, predictably so. I can give a million reasons why, but I will give you the most brutally jugular one. She’s physically an unappealing specimen of womanhood. A plain Jane, hardly worthy of the exotic moniker she calls herself, India Samara.

She never used herself to image her brand because she knows that a huge honker, premature aging skin and mummy face do NOTHING to promote beauty. Her instagram page is litered with pilfered net images. Good going in brand establishment.

She probably bagged the Korean guy because firstly, American guys find her annoying and noone wants a wife with such a huge honker that when she sneezes, she typhoons an entire council.

Asians especially those who grew up in Asia, have no friggin idea what on a pretty white girl actually looks like. In the heat of desparation, the Korean probably grabbed the nearest largest thing he saw, that being the MASSIVE Mt Nosiosko sitting in middle of her face. So now she walks bi pedal with hubris, on the belief that she can bring her wonderful culture of sanction and suppression to those God awful barbarians she married into, because she was “kind” and not a toad who had no other options.

So you see dear reader, this is why I am banned. Yes, I have a shocking unapologetic attitude. Why? Because I have NEVER started a fight!

Never have I even once, gone to another Quoran’s post irrespective of how much I disagreed with them, told them off for having THEIR OPINION and nor have I ever even THOUGHT to get them banned!! The only thing I do, is answer the same question UNDER my own account! This, my friend is the hallmark of true grace!

I let people BE.

This is the biggest difference between me and so many others. I don’t TELL you I respect you as a human being, I show YOU by leaving you alone TO FIGURE IT OUT, unfortunately considering how many people try to get me banned and the sheer number of death threats so far I have received under ONE YEAR of joining Quora, I am emphatic in my belief that the Anglo Western mind is the LEAST TOLERANT AND MOST BELLIGERENT OF ALL!