No you idiot, it’s NOT because Chinese people eat bats!!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 15 February 2020

Being vegetarian, I find eating this little guy, along with any other ANIMAL abominable. HOWEVER that being said, if you are eating meat, YOU’RE A BONA FIDE MORON if you think this batboy started the coronavirus!

Despite growing up in Australia, a land of Anglo Western values, I can’t wait for the reign of the Anglo Empire to tumble and fall. I say this in earnest.

I for one, am thoroughly jaded with the smug, conceited arrogance of the Anglo West in declaring how wrong everyone ELSE IS, and how other’s cultural and culinary habits are always to be blamed for any calamity.

It’s your lack of democracy, it’s too much autocracy, it’s your delicacy, it’s your bumpkin definition of felicity that’s ALL WRONG, according to the world’s most belligerent nations – Murica, Britain, Australia, Canada and their lap dogs like Taiwan and HK.

Yet when Anglo Western nations get mired in life’s vicissitudes , it’s always providence and nothing that we did could have POSSIBLY contributed to the offence ie. supplying ammo to insurgents to overthrow democratically elected governments, and after the coup is achieved, abandon the paid for insurgents when we take the plum resources, leading them to form terrorist organisations, the consequences of blowback becoming a reality for us INNOCENT citizens.

The recent stigmatisation of Chinese cuisine and culinary habits because of COVID-19, is yet another coat of unsightly paint, smeared on the Sino wall of achievements by the West and Western wannabes. After all if we are trailing a few good million miles behind them on the 5G front, we might as well disparage their eating ways…. we are still “superior” in that way right?

Unfortunately no, we are NOT!

First things first, before we even get to the historical significance of bats as an international food staple, let’s just use our noggin and think, is a VIRUS TRANSMITTABLE THROUGH COOKED FOOD???

Isn’t this elementary dear Twatson?

This is from WHO when addressing the avian flu, also a VIRUS!

“Consumers in areas with outbreaks need to be aware of the risks of cross-contamination between raw poultry and other foods that will not be cooked prior to their consumption. Juices from raw poultry or poultry products should never be allowed, during food preparation, to touch or mix with items eaten raw. When handling raw poultry or raw poultry products, persons involved in food preparation should wash their hands thoroughly and clean and disinfect surfaces in contact with the poultry products. Soap and hot water are sufficient for this purpose.

In countries with outbreaks, thorough cooking is imperative. Consumers need to be sure that all parts of the poultry are fully cooked (no “pink” parts) and that eggs, too, are properly cooked (no “runny” yolkes).”

This is from the Food Safety of Ireland

In short, all those hebetudinous videos that are circulating of Chinese people swallowing a spoonful of bat stew as “proof”, is only proof for IDIOTS! Cooking at 60 degrees Celsius for 30 mins will end the life of your crowned virus friend!!

Lookie here, guess what I found? A lovely bat soup recipe, you know, the one idiots claim are proof that Chinese people are spreading their “yellow peril”. Note the COOKING TIME!

Oh, in case you missed the memo, EVERY ONE of those internet bat soup eating videos are all JUNK, they have ALL been debunked and are from PALAU, Indonesia. They are Chinese tourists trying “exotic cuisine”!

Now that we’ve got science outta the way, let’s take a stroll down memory lane, oh, let’s say, back 74,000 years ago when bat eating became the repas du jour.

Yes that right, we’ve been eating bats from the SECOND HUMAN SPECIES, albeit hobbits, but nonetheless one before us! Then we continued the habit!

Bats are eaten ALL OVER THE DAMN WORLD, not only in China! Infact the Italians of Vicenza in Costozza hunted bats for food until extinction, why do you think Italy has this law?

The Italians are famous for being sexy, stylish and extreme culinary wizards and no one SHITS on them for their exotic palette!

Ok folks, let’s quit this game. I know for a fact that racism is at the heart of all this, and not LOGIC OR SCIENCE.

If you have the audacity to be sinophobic, then have the chutzpah to admit it. What I abhor is the double speak of unbridled racism, claiming the vitriol is nothing but concern for the masses when in reality, it’s just a convenient way to vent your racist antics by claiming magnanimity and concern for humanity you simply don’t possess.

PS. Just another point, the Anglo West has been unfailingly systematic in criminalising Asian food. Remember the humble soybean? It was discovered that it was beneficial because of phyto-estrogens, female hormone mimickers…..but unlike Asians who eat soybeans in moderated quantities, these Western numb nuts were swallowing soy protein ‘steaks’ by the kilo! The mantra in the Western mind is, if its good, EAT ENOUGH of it, to turn it into a health hazard. Then to add oxygen to further flame the fire of stupidity, they grow soybeans using the highly toxic Monsanto GMO seeds, drowned in a vat of glyphosate!

Then the ‘studies’ came pouring in, reprobating the innocent, complete amino acid profile legume, as a testosterone sabotager, ruining the fertility of Western men resulting in crisis of white boys shooting blanks….Oh for FFS! If eating soy did render a decline in male jizz, HOW ON EARTH do you even explain China’s birth explosion?

For the longest time, the staple protein source WAS ALL these foods rendered ‘bad’ by the West! Asians eat snakes, bats, insects, soybeans and guess BLOODY WHAT? They have almost no fertility problems! They have almost no OBESITY issues! They have almost no PROZAC dependant psychological maladies!!!

Hold up! IF I wasn’t a card carrying racist, I would say the PROBLEM lies in WESTERN eating habits of selecting a few pieces of an animal and calling that a complete meal!

The proof the pudding is in the eating and the proof of nutrition RESTS in the ability to REPRODUCE! Asians generally, are not the ones needing the blue bill, with premature follicular hairloss, messed up fallopian tubes, downing a handful of antidepressants just to ‘get through the day’!

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