A little more about me…

By Rei Tanotsuka, 18 February 2020

I think I need to update this part of my portfolio, pad it out a little to ameliorate the misunderstandings. Join me on YouTube, Rei’s Asia https://youtu.be/cvRupC90h48

Who am I?

I am a younger sister and an older sister. I am someone’s daughter. I am someone’s wife.

I am an English teacher in Japan with my own school, my husband and I own an IOT business in Japan. We are investors too. I am now doing a little public speaking, very occasionally might I add, but I do hope to add more weight to this part of my life in the future.

I am vegetarian.

I am not religious, but bouts of spirituality capriciously imposes itself on me on occasions, oscillating between the desire to meditate, but not being bothered to, because I always find things I want to know more about. Hence my mind is constantly “engaged” which may or may not be optimal. This is something that I have not figured out yet.

My fundamental belief

There are NO paradigms worthy of emulation or adoption en masse. Life is a Heraclitus quote of there never being the same river twice, hence I believe that we MUST REFRAIN from insisting others change to be LIKE US.

We need to remain resolute in our own philosophy, BUT we must let others BE.

This gives rise to my disdain for Anglo Western Imperialism, for not only is it insistent that its way is correct, it puts its system of belief into a MORAL HIERARCHY interlaced with the underpinning that the race that espoused this monopolistic belief first (Anglo white Western), is superior. On top of this self aggrandisement, it is emphatic that this is “objective”.

I am not arguing that decapitating people can ever be superior to counselling, but whether we like this fact or not, violence has always preceded counselling, and counselling has always lead to violence. You simply don’t know enough about history, if you want to argue otherwise.

Let me give you an example of an Imperial reign that was by and large peaceful for almost 4 decades, the Maurya Dynasty under Ashoka the Great.

He is the product of a polygamous family, the unloved royal child, sent to govern a far away place. He gained the crown through fratricide and the infamous battle of Kalinga left many dead, mutililated and devasted.

It was witnessing and participating in this carnage that brought on enlightenment, leading to Ashoka’s reign of peace.

Yet even within the veneer of love and peace, Ashoka’s grip on the sword never waned. He warned all his citizens that he would tolerate NO DISSENT, yet he would not inflict harm upon them and he would ensure that they had their earthly needs fulfilled. It took 50 years, post mortem of the great leader for his Empire of peace, to resume the usual manner of conquest.

We could argue superficially that peace was in place when Ashoka held the helm, and we could argue with equal belligerence, that it was violent thereafter. Yet BOTH of these Disney versions of reality are wrong.

Peace reigns BECAUSE of the threat of violence and within violence, strong bonds of loyalty and love envelops those who decide to change the status quo.

Look at the Charlottesville protests against the white supremacists. You got white, black and brown Americans standing in unison against the Richard Spencer mob.

It was Heather Heyer who paid the price for a so called free democratic society’s sickest byproduct, white supremacy. Heather is white.

When you stand united for a belief that pits you against a real enemy, you surrender the most valuable thing you own. This is the grandest form of human love we can forsake. There’s no greater gift than that of our life.

Understanding nuance within a context is the apotheosis of wisdom.

All other nations in our world understand this EXCEPT the belligerent ANGLO WEST. The European nations which are not the valued vassals of America, ie not France or Germany, implicitly understand this as well as Africans and Asians.

This Herculean grip on the hegemonic need to dominate all into being EXACTLY like the Anglo West is pathological.

What’s worse is the conclusion one will reach when faithfully adhering to this Luciferian scheme of global control – in the end, race matters. It matters alot.

The more prestinely one adopts the so called “Western democratic” values, the more expedient the punishment will be exacted on you.

It takes a certain course of living to enable one to connect events to reach a veridical epiphany, and while my life gave one such experience, it’s not limited to this particular trajectory.

Your life is either going to be a labyrinth designed for you to feel, be cognizant and learn, or it’s a joke of nature, where booze and a cheesy pick up line were complicit in creating yet, another stooge.

If you choose to remain blind, then nothing will ever be significant enough for you to make a deeper connection. As DH Lawrence said, the eyes can’t see what the mind doesn’t know.

My voice in the past, was the stenographer for the empire. I was a Spice Girls doppelganger, platforms, crazy hair, girl power attitude. Hellbent on being different, prefering to stand out, rather than to stand up.

What’s the difference?

“Standing Out” colloquially means, what I term, acceptable rebellion.

Acceptable rebellion is the typical “bravery” of a coward, where you pretend to be original, but actually toe the latest “rebellion” line sans contemplation of what it means relative to the SELF.

Here’s one incarnation of acceptable rebellion pertaining to relationships of late, the claim that “not settling”, is you going against mainstream. Because according to you, so many people “settle” for relationships that are not fantastic, so you will go against the grain, and wait for the “one”, all the while refusing to acknowledge that there are days when you piss yourself off. How realistic is it to expect to find a person who you don’t need to compromise around with?

Here’s the problem with this self delusion.

Everything in life has a time limit. Many hate to admit it, and more will simply never say it out loud but who are we kidding? We look at our own face every day, we don’t see what look like to others. We are with ourselves every day, we don’t “feel” what we feel like to others. In short, we can’t see ourselves aging!

The truth is, innocence, compromise and sweetness are DAMN attractive qualities. You will definitely lose these traits as you age, along with the obvious depreciation of your physical attractiveness.

Life will guarantee you a treasure trove of emotions to assign to your feelings, pertaining to your physical experiences. You WILL CHANGE.

Getting a life partner is the BEST way of preserving YOURSELF. Why? They will always remember WHO they fell in love with, even if you don’t recall how you were back in the day… and you won’t. Having a long term partner is possibly the only reminder.

You can argue that family fulfills this role, however you are missing something critical. Your family (hopefully) will never have known you as a sexual being. Honouring this part of ourselves is genuinely important. Only a partner can recall when we used to rock a thong and angel wings, weaving this remix of who we once were, with the Tyson and Teresa roles we also assumed.

This tough talk rebellion of not settling, is typical of those who only claim “uniqueness” because 6 billion others are also laying claim to this “unique” stance.

All the times in the past, when I claimed a version of this form of “rebellion” being uniquely me, I was praised. I was given the usual accolades of heralding the new brand of “individuality” eventhough everything I said was almost verbatim out of magazines I read, TV shows I watched, and social circles I hung around.

The following is a guaranteed list of things to say, that will earn you kudos on being “original”, but are in fact just scripts fed to you by our media. Because they uphold the values of the Anglo West, saying the following will earn you points for being enlightened or “objective”, or both.

1. Love is more than money and power, so you choose the poor guy or the “personality” guy over the looker.

2. The Anglo Western nations have the most freedom, and are democratic.

3. Democracy is important.

4. Children are not necessary and only women should decide whether to have children or not.

5. The West only wants to do good even if its ways are at times questionable.

6. Every race is equal and racial equality is increasing because of the West’s liberating values.

7. People don’t hate Chinese people, only the Chinese government. This is said poker faced eventhough racism that we know of, are ALL directed onto Chinese people, or people who simply look Asian. Those who remotely have anything positive to say about China or Chinese people are wumao, 50 cent army or some other banal epithet.

8. School “intelligence”, aka Asian intelligence is only due to coercion and rote learning, creativity should be the true goal.

9. Men and women are innately equal, so all achievements or failures are due to oppression even in the DEVELOPED, FREE COUNTRIES with NO systematic gender oppression.

Note with anything sexual, women now are ALWAYS the victim despite them willingly going to a directors house 4 times alone to “audition” for a role… also note, rape was attempted at the first “audition”, yet we may NOT point out that she returned 3 times after the first attempted rape. We may only add that “grooming” or “fear” is what made her return.

10. When it comes to any China issue, irrespective of what it does, it should by default be deemed wrong, even by lefties who usually support every other country America demonises. The exception is China. China can always be slandered.

Opening the Ajna – Standing Up

What happens when you awaken the proverbial third eye? You start seeing, hearing, and understanding things differently. The things that you will now say, involve you standing up.

You no longer say something provocative to be “different”, you say something because you know it’s the truth. This is standing up. You don’t desire recognition for the self, you desire recognition for truth.

The things around you have not changed.

You have. You may not go back.

This is what I think the apple tree is in Eden, it’s symbolic of deep thinking, philosophy or reflection. Adam and Eve did not eat the apple to get the knowledge of right and wrong. They were born with the instinct. What happened after eating the apple, was the result of what they were told BEFORE eating the apple.

Life is never an abstraction, it is a continuum. What you think now, affects how you will think in the future, and how you think in the future, will effect how you feel about your past.

All God had to do was give an initial rule, after that, the future guilt, sorrow and maladies are self inflicted by Adam and Eve.

Here’s what I mean concretely. All my life in Australia, I was taught explicitly that we had freedom and that we have rules and laws to ensure our society was peaceful. I was told that I was in one of the greatest countries in the world and that everyone was dying to come to Australia, so I was privileged. Australia was highly prized because we held Western democratic values. This was God’s edict nationalised. Now all I had to do was LEAVE it alone.

The fruit on this tree was not meant to be eaten, not because it contained knowledge, but because the fruit was rotten. It only looked nice, the taste, fragrance and nutrients were phantasmal.

I had so many other things to play with, fashion, health, holidays, relationships, cellulite cures, mud packs…. Don’t eat the fruit.

It wasn’t only Adam and Eve, I could not resist it either…. just a bite and I tasted the brutality of Australia in wielding wars onto other countries because it was the son of the British Empire. It continues its sanguineous trysts with America in Afghanistan, it silenced the voice of its prodigious son Assange, it vampires Timor Leste resources eventhough Australia is economically stronger and no where near the dire straits that envelopes Timor Leste and finally, like America, it’s fracking us up to the point of setting the Queensland river ablaze with the chemical leaches.

So what’s my punishment? Silence by social media platforms such as Quora by the archangels who told me that I should NEVER have tasted the truth, because now it reaks through every pore…. how dare I write about white racism against me, how dare I claim I was at the brunt of inequality due to the colour of my skin, how I dare I not sully China /Iran/ Russia /Venezuela, how dare I say that women use sexuality too much, how dare I say America is corrupt, morally bankrupt and fucked up?

It’s a reverse Greta, a tsunami of how dare you’s, hurled onto one.

My solace is that I have supporters cheering me on. I have people telling me to fight the good fight and guess what? In the end, all this will matter little in the grand scheme of life but God was wrong.

Paradise is not a place that is given for us to roam.

Paradise is a place that you have to create with your own 2 hands, and just like the home made cake that inexplicably tastes better than cordon bleau, no one but you will understand that a life based on the experienced truth is the true prize of living.