Why aren’t there fiesty Asians? Feb 4th 2020

By Rei Tanotsuka, 4 February 2020

This is the thing that irks me… there are so many incriminations hurled against Asians, especially the Chinese of late (because of their success), that I wonder WHY AREN’T WE SPEAKING UP?

Well actually, we are! But we are continuously being silenced in favour of sell outs who only run programs which are NOT affronting to the Anglo Western national, lest they feel “offended”.

If I keep getting banned, I only wonder how many more like me WHO DON’T KOWTOW to the West, are also bound and gagged?

There are literally so many ugly Asians fighting the bad fight, the fight that prostrates the Asian to the Anglo West, BUT perverts it, so that the agressor looks like the victim, and turning us Asians, the meekest voice in the community, as the agressor.

How fucking insane are these Asian idiots of the media, to betray their own life experiences for a few likes and a lame coterie of followers who all coo “oh finally an Asian who tells the truth!”.

Wrong! You mean ANOTHER sellout, willing to pander to the masses with the goal of being a YELLOW CANDACE OWEN???

I just got recommended by YouTube to watch the asinine and mousy Simone Gao…YouTube are you bloody serious? You honestly think that level of C grade journalism is worthy of promotion to me, considering what I like to view??

This is a screenshot of the manure she churns out, oh are there quibbles about lacking objectivity with an extreme vendetta against China? No, of course not! Her viewers think she’s “objective”, you know, like Trump and Netanyahu are objective about Palestinian rights!

This woman is a relic of the imperial past, the boast worthy indoctrination where the master race has sufficiently broken the spirit of piety to ones OWN tribe and has now turned these grovelling mental slaves, into the most venomous prototype of self hate and denigration.

I love how she waxes lyrical about Western learnings all the while providing ZERO PUSHBACKS to anything her masters bark at her. Ironic no, when supposedly an inquisitive mind is the fruit of Western philosophy?