Princess in a Prism

By Rei Tanotsuka, 12 May 2020

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess.

Her castle rested on a precipice overseeing her kingdom, affording her a panoramic view of her future reign.

From birth onward, she lived a truly blessed life. Everyday she wore gorgeous gowns made from the finest fabrics from all over the world. Mulberry silk, Vicuna wool, fine linen…. her tresses were adorned with sapphire clips and ruby pins, tiaras made from the most perfect of diamonds and anything her palette desired, it was granted.

Cupcakes, exotic berries and fancy rainbow coloured candies!

As you may have guessed, when she had come of age and it was time for a suitor, there he appeared. A dashing prince, worthy of her wit, charm and graces. A handsome man, heir to a thrown, his heart and mind filled with kindness and magnanimity. Naturally it was love at first, and a wedding capable of drawing envy from the heavens, ensued. A pious union of two halves made perfectly whole, with a lavish ceremony.

And so they lived.

Days spent in happiness, looming dusk met with anticipation as they engaged in discussion, banter and enjoyed all the pleasures of earthly love. As always…..time. If time is relative, and happiness hastens time, a decade is but a blink of an eye for a couple whose union rested in utopia.

One night as the princess retired to bed, she glanced over at the man whom she had spent almost her entire life with, a faint smile passed her lips as she expressed gratitude in her heart for a life of unbridled bliss. As she turned off the lights and snuggled beside her prince, her husband, she felt a little different this time in her caliginous bedroom, nonethless she closed her eyes and drifted off into a deep slumber.

When she awoke, the darkness had pervaded and persisted. She looked around and saw she was all alone, then it finally dawned on her that she was a princess made of glass.

Everyday as the sun rose, the delicate rays cast a prism of reality, a life filled with colourful emotions…..everything that she had ever felt, had come from within. That’s when she realised what true happiness is. Everything given to her, was given as a memory which she, herself had created. She took this gift, placed it firmly in her heart and understood that sadness would no longer besiege her because she had this.

Life lived in the present, is the future’s gift……….