Playing the China BLAME Game – the PSYCHOlogy of the US!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 19 July 2020

“there can be no liberty for a community which lacks the means by which to detect lies.” Walter Lippman, American writer.

Why oh why, does China keep violating “international” norms set BY THE WEST?

If the above sentence did not raise an eyebrow, and cause your head to cock to one side, you are already whipped. Empire whipped.

Imagine if you will, a world where the most incorrigible bastard was enthroned, a throng of minions cooing in unison about how resolute and morally pristine he is as he once again displays his protean whim and annihilates another innocent bystander just because that person happens to be innately gifted. The vituperative asshole is also prone to bouts of jealousy.

Imagine knowing that you MAY NOT even breathe in a way not prescribed by him, yet through gritted teeth and plastic surgeon rigged smile, you must jump on any PA system available and give praise to his fascistic orders, renamed “generosity and freedom”, which he dispenses from his opulent palace to the plebeians ruled under his iron fist.

Imagine being told that you can be friends with anyone you want, but should you want to be friends with someone this hebetudinous bastard disapproves of, you will be banished to a life of sanctions with your means to make a living, annulled.

Welcome to our reality.

Welcome to our world where America holds the helm!

It was Russia, now it’s China

Gorbachev, the man born with his own geographical patch on his noggin, was amenable to America’s suggestions and applied the shock doctrine to the fragile USSR economy…. we all know how well that turned out.

So is China crazy and deserving to be the bane of humanity for refusing to repeat the same mistake, or is it just NORMAL? Isn’t it the hallmark of stupidity to literally see the guy walking in front of you fall into a snare, then for you to put your paws in to see if the same fate awaits you?

China will NOT TRUST AMERICA because America is at best, “moderated” in dispensing the truth, at worst? It’s fuckin’ Pinocchio, coked up to the eyeballs with greed in a world where ANY result from a lie detector imbues its faith in dropping more horse shit than a race track.

The script thus far…

Have you noticed that China used to only be mildly contemptible but not deserving of real scorn when the people were eating rice gruel flavoured with armpit salt, swathed in Mao Zedong grey? China didn’t become a “National Security threat” until it was in the running to topple America as the number one economy. What a coincidence that Japan ALSO became a national security threat when it had a chance to become the economic top dog …. funny that.

America has one strategy. I call this the “Yeah I farted, but they dropped a turd” move. America needs to create a yin to its diabolical yang, so it will slap every pejorative under the ozone onto its nemesis. This is done to indoctrinate a terror in its citizens that the “other” is nothing short of a cannibal, wanting to devour their Monsanto pickled livers, and savour their opioid addicted brains which has been left marinating in a beer and “social drug” taking brine for a few years.

The main technique is to dedicate tomes of amorphous rumours and innuendos disparaging China, and claim that there is a mountain of evidence to substantiate the accusations, yet never materialise the evidence. Yes, America’s “proof” are all evinced through the doctrine of INVISIBILITY, they can only be seen by the clinically insane or mediums after a few big gulps of Ayahuasca.

The Uyghur “concentration camp” debunked here.

China breaking the law through enacting the National Security Law, debunked here.

Falun Gong organ harvesting debunked here.

Huawei steals technology debunked here.

America, (all Western Imperial powers come to think of it) LOVES to project its pathology onto other successful competing nations, incriminating them with desiring the same dystopic paradigm as themselves. America can’t believe that say when an Asian superpower rises to the top, maybe just maybe they don’t want to plunder and pillage a resource rich nation. Maybe Asians think that the goose shittin’ out a ton of 24k eggs isn’t worth MURDERING, but is better kept LIVING so that it’s golden ovary products will flow like a kid’s snot factory during winter.

Look at what Keith crotchety Krach, US under secretary for economic affairs said about Huawei’s 5G contribution to the improvement of humanity. Instead of acknowledging that Ren Zhengfei, CEO of Huawei has REPEATEDLY said that it’s willing to share its technology with America, the conniving Yank can only see human nature in the worst light. This is his response to the UK banning Huawei from their 5G infrastructure:

Keith Krach“We all have had experience with bullies and the one thing I know is that they back down when they are confronted and they really back down when you have your friends standing by your side, and the US is prepared to be that friend,”

WTF is he smoking? It’s like the Chinese keep offering their cookies, sharing their Nintendo games and arranging zoo excursions, only to have the most belligerent nation refuse all the offers, but then accuse them of being terse and unfriendly. Willing to participate in helping humanity launch 5G is now bullying??

Many people ponder why America and its lobotomised cadre (Britain, Australia and Canada) keep twisting and perverting China’s words and actions into something unrecognisable. It’s simple. It’s simply Vichy Journalism!

What is Vichy Journalism?

This is a term coined by one of my heroes John Pilger, and it essentially means that Western media is a puppet for their government. Yes, they can only speak when the government’s hand is up their ass.

The following quotes are taken from this excellent interview. To read, click here

“Most “mainstream” journalism has been integrated into corporate and so-called national security systems that rule the West, especially in the United States and Britain….. WikiLeaks and Julian Assange are the counter to this oppression, and, of course, he is subjected to a smear campaign. The greater his impact and symbolism the more vicious the campaign against him.”

China is the equivalent of the unrepentant Assange writ large, willing to retaliate and argue against the greatest war mongering country in the world. Naturally the Vichy Western press has its claws out for the rice muncher.

“China is surrounded by more than 400 American military bases that reach from Australia, through the Pacific to Asia and across Eurasia. A State Department official described it as “actually a noose.” Low-draught US warships probe the waters of southern China and US drones overfly Chinese territory. This has been a fact, mostly unreported, for many years and was inverted during the Obama presidency to propaganda, the falsehood, that China was threatening the US, Asia, the Pacific.

As expected, Australian politicians, “experts” and journalists have echoed this. It has become a chorus. The Chinese—like the Russians—are becoming the enemy of Australia, which in reality has no enemies, apart from its own forces of institutionalised paranoia. I grew up during the first Cold War and it is all familiar: perhaps worse in its inventions and deceptions.” John Pilger

Because China dares defy the Empire, it will be slandered and painted as the country to be juxtaposed against “Good”, which America declares itself to be, devoid of compunction and irony.

“we then delude ourselves and take refuge in the convenient yet alienating idea that without the criminal actions of “our government,” our predicament would be much worse: Things are not perfect in our country, but think of China! Teresa Forcades, physician, Benedictine nun and activist.

This is the collective delusion that inspires the Western governments, (every one of the Anglo Western nations that serves as America’s bitch) including the “benign” Jacinta Arden, to hold a perilous double standard when it comes to China, and all for what?

For China’s audacity to be the BEST version of itself. It doesn’t want to be America 2.0, or Britain 3.0, it’s happy being a Confucius, Marxist hybrid (Chairman Mao ostensibly never read the original works of Marx) – Socialism with Chinese characteristics.

The real sin China commited is most aptly summed up by Billy Bar, he is adamant that China is manufacturing an “economic blitzkrieg – an aggressive, orchestrated, whole-of-government, and indeed, whole-of-society campaign to seize the commanding heights of the global economy and to surpass the United States as the world’s preeminent superpower.” US Attorney General, William Barr,

Americans really are a pathological bunch eh? ONLY IT CAN BE NUMBER ONE.