By Rei Tanotsuka, 22 February 2020

When in your heart of hearts, you want to believe this…..

This is a staged picture that has NOTHING to do with the Uyghurs. This is another asinine accusation about the Falun Gong members being tortured. It was meant to be a re enactment, but it is now being used as “evidence” of Uyghur persecution!
Then these images will be regarded as “fake”…

Democide campaign by China against its minorities? Are you just gullible or incredibly stupid?

The China story, is the tale of anyone who has ever been at the brunt of unwarranted bullying.

Every contestation is seen as denial, every dignified silence is implicit admittance, short of agreeing to false charges, the victims may do nothing to redeem themselves.

With a lunar frequency capable of turning canines into beasts of prey, the spin cycle of Western press churns out the same sinophobic trope which always results into turning a perfectly NORMAL country, China, into a nation of sanguineous, cultural cannibals, devouring itself from within.

Will it be the annihilation of the Tibetans or Uyghurs this month?

What I find disconcerting is that with China’s cultural genetics being predisposed to logic and efficiency, IF terminating either the Tibetans or Uyghurs was indeed on the agenda, THEY WOULD HAVE GOT THE JOB DONE BY NOW!

A mere 12 million Uyghurs and a handful of 3 million Tibetans in China will not with stand up to the battering rams of Chinese political might if destruction was indeed the favoured outcome. China clearly does not want to destroy either ethnicity, why would it? It has officially recognised them in the 56 ethnicities!

To kill a mocking bird, we need to expose it!

From the “peaceloving” Woodrow Wilson onwards, we have seen America stage propaganda wars using the media. Wilson openly compelled Hollywood to make films which support American imperialism, and the CIA continued the venture.

Frank Wisner, the first director of the CIA OSP (Office of Special Projects), which later became OPC (Office of Policy Coordination), was in charge of “propaganda, economic warfare….. subversion against hostile states, including assistance to underground resistance groups, and support of indigenous anti-Communist elements in threatened countries of the free world.”

Engaging in cultural wars is what we are seeing, with EVERY move China makes, being linked to something more sinister, premeditated and wrought to be the harbinger of a future totalitarian global conquest. The fact that China is one supreme nation in the past that HAD the means to engage in Western style plunder, pillage and colonial rule but refrained to do so, seems to fall on deaf ears, and astigmatised eyes, adamant on seeing an iron fisted demon where only a patriotic leader stands.

Is this the BIG exposé?

So a big secret trove of classified leaks from Xinjiang was supposed to finally expose the inhumane Chinese government in their Uyghur oppression and detention. A document so controversial that will sweep all past aspersions from conspiratorial to fact… except it does not. This leak, CONFIRMS China’s declaration that an educational institution was put in place to re-educate the Muslims!!!

When the “incriminating evidence”, turns out to be the ULTIMATE truth in supporting China!

To read the full leak

I will go through a few points, but please read the ENTIRE document yourself as it is not long.

  1. Ensure training venue is absolutely safe. “It is strictly forbidden for police to enter the student zone with guns……never allow abnormal deaths, never allow food safety incidents and major epidemics, and they must ensure that the training center is absolutely safe and free of risk.” How is this oppression????
  2. Prevent escapes. Needless to say, this is BLOODY normal. This isn’t Summer camp for God’s sake!
  3. Prevent trouble. This involves “full video surveillance coverage of dormitories and classrooms free of blind spots…” Isn’t this EXACTLY like Julian Assange’s deal at the Ecuadorian Embassy, you know, the one under Anglo sphere jurisdiction? Apparently only America and Britain are allowed to strip their ‘terrorists’ of privacy, and spy on them with 24 hour surveillance and STILL call themselves democratic and free.
  4. and 5. deal with building safety as in being earthquake proof and fire proof……oh if only America and Australia had such strict building standards, we wouldn’t need to evacuate 51 residences from Sydney Opal Towers!! These good, normal Australians who paid 2 kidneys and mortgaged their bone marrow, are left in limbo, with mountainous repayments, while trying to engage in a class action lawsuit with no conclusion in sight. Its not only Sydney Opal Towers, it’s Mascot Towers and every other friggin tower constucted post 2000. It is estimated that 80% of new Australian buildings, are DEFECTIVE!

Point 7 emphasises “Improve the quality of education and training.”….which makes sense BECAUSE IT IS A RE – EDUCATION CENTRE for people who are SUSPECTED of being brainwashed into JIHAD.

This WHOLE document contains a very strict guide on how to run the school. I would NOT personally want to undergo the program, HOWEVER if my choice was either Guantanamo, the American ‘Re education’ body bag death camp, or the MADE IN CHINA version where I have prance around, rapping to songs praising the Jinpingster, get me the mic and call me Asian Vanilla Ice!

Yes, life in a Xinjiang camp ain’t gonna be a sorority club, where cute girls in pink jimjams plat each others hair, but hold up, at least it doesn’t involve burning the Qu’ran, getting barked at by dogs while butt naked and chained to a wall. At least I will get 3 bland decent meals at Xinjiang and a bed, unlike in Guantanamo where the beverage of choice is served via waterboarding and the bed doubles for the floor!