The Castrated Asian Male – the West’s most appalling creation, Asianstein!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 1 July 2020

This post is going to be brutal and salient, read on only if you have the temerity to look in the mirror and not flinch at the neutered beast starring back at you.

Being a very introspective Asian Australian woman who is a voracious reader of mainly non fiction literature, I have always sought to marry my phenomenological experiences with other minds greater than my own to interpret the events.

This is by no means an extraordinary confine limited to my mind, everyone does this. The only difference? I guess I would be one of the rare few who read NOT to draw A CONCLUSION, but to seek an alternative pathway to explain the conclusion I already reached on my own. Yes, my thinking may change in how I interpret my reality, but the cynosure of who I am, remains resolute.

I can detect a weak mind from the first few sentences spoken, to reading the first couple of lines in a correspondence, once again, hardly a supernatural feat, yet something that is sorely missing in today’s barely literate society. No, I don’t mean people can’t read, they technically can. They just don’t understand what it is that they have read.

The corollary of being initiated into a “developed” society where headlines serve as content, and Instagram “documentation” as an autobiographical account of one’s life, a Lamarckian mind has flourished. Our world now, is a place where knowledge is a creature of poverty, and facade has been freshly crowned- the ability to think has been superseded by the ability to simply read a caption and hit an icon which ameliorates our emotional state into a binary of a thumbs up or thumbs down.

Why is this a problem? Because when you CAN’T THINK FOR YOURSELF, you let OTHERS dictate your beliefs!

The Castrated Asianstein

Andrew Yang is the exemplar of the neutered Asian male. Too cowardice to confront the REAL problem, he puts on the mask of a “moderate”, speaking of palliative Asian issues but refusing to discuss the most cancerous ones and certainly not the cure. Inorder to appease his white base, he has inadvertently sold out his yellow brethren.

The Castrated Asian male is a receptacle for all the Western litany against ANY successful Asian entity, be it a person or a country. This is because he believes anything the West churns out without BOTHERING to check his own history from the Asian perspective. The beta Asian refuses to address the following issues TO THE WESTERN AGGRESSOR, but transmutes his anger ONTO OTHER ASIANS:

1. Vitriol lashed out against his Asian sisters but no corresponding venom for the white douche.

He rightfully calls out his Western Asian sisters for persistently choosing the white guy, BUT NEVER DARES to tell the white dude that he’s a douche for kissing and telling, demeaning Asian women after he has trifled with them. The Asian beta male double downs on his hate for his own, giving only a sideways glance at the other factor contributing to the problem.

2. Blaming individual Asian nations in lieu of calling out racism!

Instead of punching back the attacker, the Castrated Asian man gets livid at the ASIAN COUNTRY that supposedly “started” the problem, a spurious claim based on a mock understanding of science. He segregates the problem in his pitiful little mind, claiming indignation at the fact that he got spat on eventhough he’s NOT CHINESE, but not on the most salient issue, that PERSECUTING A RACE FOR A NATURAL PHENOMENON IS WRONG! It’s the text book definition of fucked up racism, yet instead of getting aroused enough to punch up the white asshole giving him a sharp right, he pens a tirade against China for creating a bio weapon, letting a virus leak or any other spook theory.

*A derivative argument to this one is the “Not all Asians are Chinese”, once again missing the REAL DAMN POINT – racism exacted against a coloured nation that has the potential and chutzpah to overthrow the current Western world order!

Vincent Chin, clubbed to death by 2 white pricks who scapegoated him for their inability to be gainfully employed. They batted his skull in for the Japanese “taking away” their jobs, except that Chin is not Japanese. Who cares? Exactly! The West certainly does not, but beta Asian males like to believe that the West’s current antagonism towards China is valid because of its political ideology and not for the fact that THE WEST are SORE LOSERS.

The Castrated Asian man ADAMANTLY refuses to address the problem of envy by Western countries when Asians torpedo ahead, but parrot the West’s anti Asian scripts INSTEAD of thinking for themselves. This is PURE ASIAN BETA performance aimed to get the white applause and an encore!

The Beta Asian male, argues hoity toity, voice louder than his Western counterpart that China is a global menace because of its Communistic flair for authoritarianism…. yet remains mum at yet ANOTHER invasion of a resource rich nation, courtesy of the Coup Clutz Clan (America) and its beret wearing, sauerkraut munching cohorts. You HONESTLY think building the BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) is more destructive than CARPET BOMBING THE MIDDLE EAST?? Yet that’s what these betas will argue, “but Gaddafi was a dictator”…. Yeah OK, a dictator they gave EVERY CITIZEN a home, free education and health care. If that’s the definition of a dictator, fuck democracy and its lobbyists sham health care and exorbitant education fees pony it rode in on!

So China must be stopped because it is communist, what about the 80s where Japan was strong armed into signing THAT ACCORD? Last I heard, Japan ain’t no commi, in fact Japan is a vassal state of the US, Japan only says “How high?” when America barks “Jump”. What was the PROBLEM back then, besides the fact that irrespective of how well any Asian country adopts Western values, it’s still a yellow monkey at the end of the day!

The Beta Asian man can only logic by applying double standards, denial and sycophantism – yes he will argue Asian virtues which are sanctioned by the Western script writers but NEVER DARE to discover his OWN culture and argue using facts that the West are in denial of.

Why the Castrated Asian man hates Lee and Xi

Betas hate this one….
This one was detested too!
Betas don’t pay attention to him, but I LOVE GENG SHUANG. He is DA MAN! He typifies what I believe to be the true Asian man, he looks innocuous and placid but he takes NO SHIT and gives zero FUCKS about what the West thinks. If I were a boy, this would be me! Talk about giving it straight! “The will of 1.4 billion people cannot be blocked or controlled and of course cannot be shut out“.
Eric X Li, once again someone betas try to ignore because UNLIKE THEM, he kowtows to noone in explicating the intricacies of Chinese political rule and Western global accountability for the mayhem caused by avarice coupled with zero sum philosophies.
Wang Yi, need I say more?
Hayao Miyazaki, the genius behind all the glorious Japanese animated movies. Betas who don’t understand his political will hence admire his works. They would turn on him if they realised how WOKE he is. “Even in the Indiana Jones movies, there is a white guy who, ‘bang,’ shoots people right? Japanese people who go along and enjoy with that are unbelievably embarrassing. You are the ones that, ‘bang,’ get shot. Watching [those movies] without any self-awareness is unbelievable. There’s no pride, no historical perspective, You don’t know how you are viewed by a country like America.”

You think only the famous Asian men are ALPHA? WRONG! Normal Asian Alpha’s abound, their voices, like mine get muffled and muted by the self hating betas!

The fact that we have a garrison of great Asian ALPHA MEN, is a source of consternation for the white cock suckers parading themselves as the “voice of reason”. These cerebral Asian eunuchs cannot fathom that there exists Asians who are GENUINELY NOT OK with Western dominance, controlling everything from our market fees, political beliefs, to banishing our culinary feasts just because they can! Why do we need to be regulated by a bunch of hoohas who delight in nothing but unbridled self aggrandisement?

When we Asians take a stance for TRUE PARITY, these betas accuse us of “going too far”, of “being racist to all white people”, of “being a paid CCP bot” or most hilarious of all, of being unobjective! LMAO!!

Our world, from the way we write our names when we transact internationally, to the rulings dispensed upon a violation of THEIR LAWS, are all controlled and mandated by the West!! How on earth can they miss the biggest problem staring them in the face?

Talk about myopic and turgid, it’s like they go to the doctors and explain the problem of mild “gastro” surreptitiously FORGETTING TO TELL THE PART where they just shat out both kidneys and their digestive tract last night. This is what Asian betas do. They attest with pride that WE ALL benefited from the Western system without ONCE depositing the fact that more than HALF OF THE WORLD WAS PLUNGED INTO ABJECT POVERTY precisely because of this “Western system”! China single handedly alleviated 800 million people out of poverty, contributing to the global poverty reduction rate of 70%! The West caused the problem, China FIXED IT.

Now before another idiot tells me that China caused its own poverty, NO IT DIDN’T! China’s plunge into the povo life was due to the frigging OPIUM SMUGGLING of William Jardine and the unconscionable Brits! Get your history right! China was a super economy and basically was highly successful in trading silk, tea and a plethora of other high end goods to the world. The Brits were losing all their silver because they had NOTHING the Chinese wanted, this is why the opium trade BEGAN, so let’s not feign ignorance at a salient fact because it doesn’t accord with your biased narrative. It’s from THIS DEBACLE that nationalism arose giving rise to communism and the GLF! Imbeciles are unscrupulous because they start a story when it’s convenient, not at the beginning.

Dear Asianstein,

YOU LOOK HORRENDOUS! A neutered beast of the West, where your solitary role is to provide an emollient to soothe over the delicate wounds of Western aggression exacted onto others, all the while proclaiming either victim hood (9/11, we were attacked!!), or white saviorism (we MUST liberate the savagers!). For us woke Asians, you are the refuse we want to permanently discard, you are toxic to true egalitarianism and yesterday’s news which we have all heard and are damn bored of. No reiteration needed. Ya finished!