Bloody Dumb Asians Part 1 – India

By Rei Tanotsuka, 10 September 2020

We all know Japan as the only modern Asian Imperial power that was as ruthless as the West, but there was a caveat – Japan wasn’t STUPID. Oooooh, am I implying that other Asian nations are cerebrally lumpen?

I’m not IMPLYING, I am stating outright that the other Asian nations are like Hitler’s right scrotum – held up in development, and bearing only a titular recognition of being able to function properly on its own.

This is Jutaro Komura, a plenipotentiary to the US in 1898, and he understood EXACTLY what Japan was, and exactly what the West was too. He was under no illusions.

“Japan’s political parties are factions that have come together out of sheer self-interest. They possess neither ideology nor ideals. Foreign political parties each have a history. Individuals belong to political parties according to principle, and families are identified with parties through historical ties. Family ancestors shed blood for party principles, and family fortunes rise or fall with those of the party.”  Jutaro Komura.

Komura had always declared that he worked for the COUNTRY, and not for any individual political party. He gained insight into the Anglo Western mind as a law student of Harvard, at first revelling in the honeymoon phase of being in America where NO discrimination was exacted on him, to later understanding a segment of the population is not representative of the whole. For in California, he came to realise just how much the locals found the Japanese abhorrent. No landlord would rent a room to a Japanese because once “tainted”, no white local would rent it thereafter.

As I have already written in my previous works, Japan didn’t march blindly to the beat of the Western drum, it made a very lucid decision to abandon its Eastern Confucian values for what it believed then, to be an inevitable fate of despair if it didn’t.

Saneyuki Akiyama (officer Japanese Imperial Navy) and Komura debated on the future of Japan and knew precisely they were the West’s pawn.

Komura told Akiyama about the Iroquois Indians to illustrate where Japan was headed for. For those who don’t know the story, here’s the truncated version.

During the 17th century, Britain and France were competing for the land in the prairies of North America. Instead of doing the fighting themselves, they exploited the weakness of the local tribes. The native Indians developed a penchant for guns and liquor. Due to the innate competitiveness of these tribes, they engaged in petty disputes with each other and when they fought, the Europeans would deliberately take a side and share the guns and grog with “their” new friends, lulling them into a false sense of being bff’s with a superior clique.

The spats became deep, pride wounding vendettas and basically a group of 1.8mil Indians (some figures point closer to 200,000-300,000) ended up murdering their OWN. The British were ESPECIALLY DIABOLICAL. During the submergence of their “Indian fratricide through kindness” strategy, they made a pact with one group of locals to prevent the Southward advance of the French by wiping out the Western Iroquois tribes.

The European Imperial powers ALWAYS USE THE HAND OF one local brother to slain the other. People MUST ACKNOWLEDGE  and understand this. This strategy has a historical imprint on the psyche of the Imperial West – no exception!

“The Indians fought among themselves and killed each other off. That’s why a race of colored people that numbered one million eight hundred thousand at the end of the seventeenth century has now, two centuries on, vanished like smoke. They did themselves in. That’s how the British traditionally operate. Just look at East Asia. Russia and France are now trying to infringe on established British rights and interests there, so Britain wants desperately to find an Iroquois tribe in Asia. And that tribe is . . . ”  “ . . . Japan?” said Saneyuki.

“Yes, Japan. They’re planning to use us the way they did the Iroquois. They’re seriously looking into it now. For our own sakes, we must take the long view and go along with it. Now’s the time when we have to play the part of the Iroquois of Asia. We need to do this with our eyes wide open—but that’s our only choice, to become Iroquois.” Clouds above the Hill: A Historical Novel by Shiba Ryōtarō, Phyllis Birnbaum.

So how does a woke alpha Asian sister, remonstrate a clan of betas who can’t even see how obsequious and pathetic they are? Being aware that you are being used as a pawn is an entire stratosphere apart from eviscerating your kin because you genuinely believe your new self serving friend has your best interest at heart. Unfortunately, the way the Asian nations are now antagonising China’s rise along with the Anglo West, it is but Iroquois 2.0, with no benefit of hindsight even though this script has already been written and the ending succinctly penned!

India the most spiritually enlightened MORON!

Indians have brains made for number crunching….

and hips made for a shakin’ babe!

Unfortunately, when it comes to political manipulation, they remain a virginal disco queen, never having stepped foot on a dance floor but worse still, they can’t even count to zero to realise they’ve never been clubbing.

How is it that Britain and America can wrought SO MUCH devastation to this nation and STILL earn their adoration? India scorns China with the same petulant scowl as though they were life time nemeses rather than traditional trading partners who have not had many skirmishes at all considering how long they have been living next door to each other.

Do Indians really only do maths? Do they not have access to history books pre Modi?

We are all lucid to the harrowing tale of  Britain assailing China with boatloads of opium leading to the forfeiture of Hong Kong because the unscrupulous Poms decided that the balance sheet outweighed ethics, and if you are one of those Modi inspired retards, you are probably snickering with delight – oooh the Chinese got screwed!…. jokes on you, Indians got sodomised too!

Government Opium Monopoly

*the following facts are taken from Drugging a Nation, by Samuel Merwin.

The British government established a system called the Government Opium Monopoly and everything pertaining to that Luciferian scheme was written in a darlin’ of a blue book! If you go to the section “Screwing India” you will see that:

“The opium revenue is partly raised by a monopoly of the production of the drug in Bengal and the United Provinces, and partly by the levy of a duty on all opium imported from native states…. In these two provinces, the crop is grown under the control of a government department, which arranges the total area which is to be placed under the crop, with a view to the amount of opium required.”

“The cultivator of opium in these monopoly districts receives a license, and is granted advances to enable him to prepare the land for the crop, and he is required to deliver the whole of the product at a fixed price to opium agents, by whom it is dispatched to the government factories at Patna and Ghazipur.”

To eventually eviscerate India’s poppy agricultural sector, the British enticed a whole generation of farmers to solely grow poppy by advancing money at ZERO INTEREST. No other agricultural produce was given the same incentive. Then a law was slapped on top – the opium MUST BE DISPOSED OF in any way possible, post manufacturing…. you know where this is going right? Unfortunately the Indians DIDN’T!

“The supply of prepared opium required for consumption in India is made over to the Excise Department…. The chests of ‘provision’ opium, for export, are sold by auction at monthly sales, which take place at Calcutta.”

I know, the follow-up question is “Dear Rei, what is this provision opium they speak of?”

Provision opium is: “The opium is received and prepared at the government factories, where the out-turn for the year included 8,774 chests of opium for the Excise Department, about 300 pounds of various opium alkaloids, thirty maunds of medical opium, and 51,770 chests of provision opium for the Chinese market.”

The next question that beckons is, what’s the damage to the Chinese at 51,770 chests? It takes 4 measly grains of opium to KILL an adult person, and ONE chest contains 140 pounds or 63kgs… Yeah, but what is that in  head count??

Well, one ounce is 480 grains. In 1kg there are approximately 35 ounces, so in 63kgs there are 2250 ounces. So 2250 X 480 = 1.08mil grains and 4 can kill a person… So that’s…. ummm carry the one.. 270,000 LIVES PER FUCKIN’ GENOCIDAL CHEST!!!!

And I kid you not, take a calculator, punch in 270,000 HUMAN LIVES and multiply that by the 51,770 chests and this obscene number appears!

Now remember that incentivising scheme to get more poppy crops? This is a quote from Sir William Muir, the lieutenant – governor of the North West provinces of India:

“By increasing its supply of ‘provision opium’, it (the Bengal government) has repeatedly caused a glut in the Chinese market, a collapse of prices in India, an extensive bankruptcy and misery in Malwa.”

Dear India, you could NEVER have gotten  financially ahead under the British in this lifetime AND in your reincarnation! The game was not rigged in your favour, and even though a few centuries ago, you were willing to perpetuate a trade that castrated your yellow brother into economic and social impotency, you STILL could not  benefit! The glaring point of incredulity rests in the ancient historical records of trade between China and India, evincing that the terms and conditions were ALWAYS EQUITABLE between these 2 Asian giants!

But the West didn’t physically harm us…. did they?

Whahahaha X Goggleplex!

1. Jallianwala Bagh massacre: the Brits say 379, the Indians conjecture up to a thousand! And just in case you had the illusion that an Indian life bears the same value as a European one because Trump hugged your Modi…. Lol, think AGAIN!

2. Qissa Khwani Bazaar: the West says 20 dead, Indians and Pakistanis say 400 – yes, a slight oversight indeed!

“Protests spilled into the Qissa Khwani Bazaar in Peshawar on the day of Khan’s arrest. British soldiers entered the market area to disperse crowds that had refused to leave. In response, British army vehicles drove into the crowds, killing several protesters and bystanders. British soldiers then opened fire on unarmed protestors, killing even more people.” 90 Years On

Notice when the British drive their tankers through a crowd of Indians, somehow a tsunami of amnesia seizes our global collective consciousness, but China’s Tiananmen Square is always up for a cup of tea and reiteration?

Fuck off Rei, we modern Indians DON’T CARE about dinosaur days! The fact is America is nice to us now. (sticks out tongue)

Polio, O’ polio, wherefore art thou Polio?

Thy Polio, after India’s vaccination campaign in 2011, answers by the name of non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP)!

Nope, you will no longer find any internet sources of Monsieur Gates’ paws being involved in this scandal, only “fact checkers” denying the accusations. True to form, his resume has now been purged clean. Those of us who DO REMEMBER the brevity of news about the vaccine atrocity committed in India, remember it as a melange of young girls/paralysis/birth control/illiterate parents thumbing authorisations in lieu of signatures/ Bill Gates asked to leave India…. This is a haze. I tried to look up articles recently but nothing much crops up anymore and those that do, paint the authors as conspiracy theorists.

All I can get is this snippet from William Engdahl’s works. He was once known as a geopolitical analyst, but now his Wikipedia page has been updated to “conspiracy theorist”. Basically anyone who tells the truth about the Anglo West is a conspiracy theorist!

“In India in 2011-2012 there was a massive outbreak of poliomyelitis. Cases of non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP), a much more serious condition than polio, skyrocketed as a result of widespread polio vaccination. A report published in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics (IJME) explained that, clinically, NPAFP is indistinguishable from polio paralysis. But according to the Office of Medical & Scientific Justice (OMSJ), NPAFP is twice as deadly as polio paralysis, yet it was not even an issue in India prior to the rollout of the massive polio vaccine campaigns.[196] In 2011, the year India was declared to be polio-free, there were 47,500 known cases of NPAFP, a shockingly high figure. Based on data collected from India’s National Polio Surveillance Project, cases of NPAFP across India rose dramatically in direct proportion to the number of polio vaccines administered, which suggests that the vaccines were responsible for spurring the rapid spread of this deadly condition.”

India’s polio vaccine campaign induced a new epidemic of a much worse type of polio-related paralysis that was more deadly than the first one. Overall rates of NPAFP in particular were 12 times higher in India following the polio vaccine campaigns, with some areas of the country reporting rates as much as 35 times higher.”

I know irrespective of how many points I put up to illustrate that the Anglo Western brotherhood is more aligned with melanin content than with democratic values, India, along with Vietnam won’t be assuaged. These Asian countries are much more content to set Kali’s force onto China, than dare ponder their own thanatos instinct under the Western Imperial regime.

What’s that beta? That’s right, “How high” is the correct reply.

ADDENDUM: 11th September 2020, on Democracy Now, Kaushik Sunder Rajan, author and Assistant Professor of Anthropology, breaks the HPV/Gates taboo and refered to it as a reference point for the current Covid-19 trials! Watch the entire segment to listen to Harriet Washington, author of Medical Apartheid, who puts it rather succinctly – the developing countries “help” with the testing (Guinea pigs) while big corporations in the West obtain the patent and make a killing (pun).

To watch, click here and go to 5:04