“I think”… NOT! Australia is the China you’ve read about!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 2 September 2020

So a little while ago, I read an article regarding Australian universities having to merge in the future due to the plummeting numbers of international students wishing to engage in an academic sojourn to the land of cuddly koalas and not so cuddly pub bogans (read: international students = Chinese students, the ones who are making it rain in Australia with a hefty contribution of $12 bil per annum).

The article was written by The Conversation, and had this emblazoned across the header – “Some Australian universities might have to merge – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing”

Now remember, this is the supercilious, ipsissimous claim of The Conversation:

Academic rigour PLUS journalistic flair, how could any one go wrong with that? This must be one of those non for profit, independent publications that won’t kowtow and kiss the empire’s ass! It must be one of those mass media outlets that encourages scintillating discourses on issues that are grey, capable of drawing nuance where the Murdoch printing press presents a binary!

It’s Australian so…..

what the FUCK was I thinking?

Australia learns from the best – Lenin and Stalin!

What I am most enamoured with about my homeland is that Australia is not shy. It’s not shy in bearing a verisimilitude to all the  cerebrally punishing regimes designed to quell any thoughts contrary to the official story. I liken contemporary Australian media’s philosophy to Lenin’s Bolshevist policy of exercising  pure disdain for intellectuals and thinkers!

A decade before the October Revolution, Lenin was already on the purge to rid the party of smarty pants (ipso facto the official story writers to the Russian fable of Bolshevism). “The role of the intelligentsia in our party is diminishing. The news from all sides is that the intelligentsia are bolting the party. Good riddance to the bastards.” A century of Violence in Soviet Russia, Alexander N Yakovlev.

During August 1934 at the first All-Union Congress of Writers, Lenin’s Russia had neutered its writers to the state of being akin to “prostitutes in a brothel, the only difference being that they sell their bodies and we our souls, just as they have no way out of the brothel except through death by starvation, so it is with us.”….except in Australia of course, we are talking about the equivalent of death by no beer…. Our writers and journalists would sell their souls too if they had one!

Australia, a country beholdened to the white brotherhood of America and Britain so much so, that it can’t allow a sliver of dissent to its “Evil China” propaganda lest America comes and whips its puny little ass.

The sang-froid Australian media (Murdoch reincarnated into a billion outlets) is in bed with the government because everything in Oz, from the joey in momma kangas pouch to washed up PM’s such as the backpfeifengesicht (a face you want to slap) Tony Abbott, must bend over and take an ass pummelling from the creepy nonagenarian. Australia is a nation working under the auspices of an authoritarian regime, Murdochivism- one mind thinks for all, or to the coffin with you! Cancer of Australia

Yes, Kevin Rudd did indeed call out the noisome stench of the Murdoch press hijacking Australia’s mass media as an ‘orgy of political violence‘ that kicked Malcolm Turnbull to the curb, but it does not mean anything has changed. Everything we read and hear about in the land down under, needs to be sanctioned by the vituperative, “money can buy love”, Mr Jerry Hall.

I can’t even COMMENT on articles in Australia, forget about writing a story of MY OWN!

I’ve been a bad girl, a very very bad girl… why? Because I took to task The Conversation’s flaccid opinion on China, which was based on nothing more than visceral racism and good ol’ Aussie dickheadary! This is the article that I critiqued. Some Australian universities might have to merge – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing”.

“Having grown up in a political system that is based on surveillance, intolerance and oppression, some Chinese students struggle to adapt to Australia’s intellectual environment.” *As if intellectual and Australia could ever be betrothed.

“Our universities must continue to encourage diversity of opinion and freedom of expression – even when these values clash with the worldviews instilled by the the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).”…… Um, OK….

Oh the HYPOCRISY OF IT ALL! This is the comment I had to “adapt to Australia’s intellectual environment”….. “Adapt” in Australia means NEVER seeing the light of day. It means getting vetted at the back office, so the first noun doesn’t even make it to the screen to be scrutinised by the dull masses. “Adapt” also means that any sentiment not arguing for China to be lynched and its body dismembered for the pathological sinophobes to take home as souvenirs, will be submerged in a vat of acid where all remnants can NEVER be found… Poof, it never happened! The “whole world” agrees with the West that China sucks, because we NEVER SEE any arguments contrary to what the rice lynchers say!

“Australian media truly flummoxes me.The level of sinophobia is through the roof. So, Australia acting on the behest of America to the point of souring relations with China, is not polarising enough? The inane journalists who are under the tutelage of the Murdoch printing press, further incites hatred against the Chinese by making an UNSUBSTANTIATED CLAIM of there being no room to exercise freedom of thought in China? For real? Do white Australians have a neurological pathway developed for sino culture that always involves the most banal and petulant assessment? How do YOU configure with the sheer number of Chinese students going ABROAD to study justifies your spurious claims that China has NO freedom of thought? Put it this way, how many WESTERN STUDENTS GO ABROAD TO STUDY TO EXPAND THEIR HORIZONS? I rest my case. The problem with white people is not only the fact that they harbour a supercilious grandeur that is completely unwarranted and unjustified, for they have feet of clay, but more pressing is the lack of reflection.

The Anglo West is lagging behind PRECISELY because it WON’T ALLOW ITS CITIZENS TO TRAVEL. China is moving AHEAD PRECISELY BECAUSE IT WILL! The irony of being the village idiot chastising Einstein for making an error about the cosmological constant being zero… all the while fighting each other, gladiatorial style, over toilet paper because of a latent fear that COVID-19 will affect the production of the digestive tract enough to cause a shortage of ass paper… Australia, you really are PATHETIC.

Oh snookims, did you honestly think Australia had FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND THOUGHT? Orwell already dedicated a book to us, written in 1949 talking about about life in Skiparoo land from 1984 ONWARDS!

This is the Dear Rei monologue I received from The Conversation….

Yes, I agree that my comment did indeed breach their community standards – I said something THAT MADE BLOODY SENSE, because I have a BRAIN!

Well you say, we all know Australia is a cerebral featherweight, it’s already a good day for Oz if it gets the plumbing right, and doesn’t mix up the liquid and solid valve leaving a sordid mess of ass art behind, but surely the SUPREME Anglo nation, the land of the free and BRAVE, is not afraid to air dissent to its wantonly racist political circus!

To watch this shit show, click here from 55:20 onwards to hear the follicularly challenged, China bashing Michael Pillsbury spill the beans on FBI arrests should you say anything POSITIVE about China!

According to this Pillsbury Doughboy, the FBI wants to revise the Foreign Agents Registration Act so that they can ARREST an American who speaks POSITIVELY about China. They will be put behind bars for 5 years under the guise of ECONOMIC ESPIONAGE if they get paid by China…. ummm, the pallid and choleric Pillsbury then continues his harangue by emphasising that the panellists he’s sitting with could be arrested. What does that even mean?

If I am a professor working in China, and from my dealings with the Chinese I happen to admire some of their principles and I elucidate this in America, CAN I BE ARRESTED?

How becoming of America, the cowardice of the most bellicose and belligerent nation can’t STAND people saying nice things about China that it will go to great lengths in framing them for not denigrating China, and putting them to use in their concentration corporation camp. Thanks for making my jeans Murica!

Let’s not kid ourselves, we ALL know which countries are TRULY AUTHORITARIAN… China only wants to control the CHINESE, the Anglo West wants to control the CHINESE AND EVERY BLOODY BODY!

Chinese national news CGTN, ALWAYS invites guests who oppose the Chinese political regime on their programs, the Anglo West NEVER DARES return the favour. Why? Because the West CAN’T LOGICALLY DEBATE AND WIN face to face. The West has ALWAYS been a coward and only wins a fight by playing dirty – you don’t want my shitty products, fine. I’ll drug you silly!

You made a better social media app than me? Fine, I’ll extort you till you “decide” to sell it to me!

Your technology is better than mine because my children are brain dead through ingesting glyphosate, lead and attending prison instead of schools? Fine, I’ll claim you are a national security threat and get me white bros and the beta yellow pooches to BAN YO ASS.

I can’t ever win a debate face to face using my cerebral prowess, so I’ll bitch talk behind YO back, that way you can’t provide a solid refutation to the SPURIOUS BS I made up!

I win, cos I’m white. White is right and right is might, so…. there!