Bloody Dumb Asians Part 2 – The Gooks, Vietnam

By Rei Tanotsuka, 21 September 2020

“Those who are destined to be hung, won’t drown.” Russian proverb

When it comes to China and Vietnam, let’s face it, China has been quite the douche! Historically, it has made Vietnam a tributary state with subsequent invasions every time Vietnam wanted its independence, this has amounted to a kiloyear of skirmishes in total. While China did bring Vietnam to the dizzy heights of civilisation during the Red Delta technology exchange period, it however, levelled off the good deed by inducing slave labour conditions under the Hans when valuable resources were discovered. Within the course of this arduous relationship, a substantial amount of sinicization has occurred, but Vietnam has always laced these influences with an adamant declaration that Vietnam was NEVER going to be China.

This is understandable as I am emphatic that a culture and the evolution of its state philosophy must be home grown. We can’t import our national “soul” – the hearth, heart and lives lived, birth the essence of the citizen body. Irrespective of how many Chinese customs the Vietnamese adopt, they will ALWAYS be Vietnamese.

China starts invading Vietnam from….

Just a quick Wiki search states that “Between the 1st century BC and the 15th century AD, Vietnam was subject to four separate periods of imperial Chinese domination”. Let’s just stick with the official narrative to start our analysis.

Like I have said in the past, we SHOULD NOT judge yesterday’s actions according to today’s norms because everyone falls short. We must compare like with like.

So, what was happening around the world during this period? Was China’s invasive proclivities juxtaposed to a global utopia where harmony was de rigueur and only a savage China was plundering its neighbours?

Nope, because back then, the West was slaying, flaying and sodomising anything with a pulse. In the 11th century, “The Normans had no particular animus against Islam; they treated fellow Christians just as badly. One Italian writer called them “a savage, barbarous and horrible race of inhuman disposition,” and Anna Comnena, a Byzantine princess, was even more appalled. “Whenever battle and war occur,” she wrote, “there is a baying in [the Normans’] hearts and they cannot be held back. Not only the soldiers but also their leaders fling themselves irresistibly into the enemy ranks.” Why the West Rules for now, by Ian Morris

More succinctly, what was “peaceful” Vietnam doing during this period?

Well, it was busy trying to muscle in on Champa, (a collection of polities) by taking over the Vijaya Kingdom. During the 1471 war, Vietnam decimated the Chams, enforcing language and cultural changes to mirror that of the victor. Sound familiar? Yes! Why? Because, contemporaneously speaking, that was the NORM back then. When one belligerent in a war won, that country’s system was usually transferred to the freshly subjugated state. This was seen to be kosher even though NOONE liked it!

“The Vietnamese conducted a Genocide campaign against the Cham slaughtering 60,000 when taking the capital. The Vietnamese committed arson and theft and burned massive parts of Champa, seizing the entire country. The Chinese Ming Dynasty records record the Vietnamese destruction of Champa. The Vietnamese enslaved several thousand Cham and enacted forced assimilation of Vietnamese culture onto Chams.” Cham Vietnamese War

To declare China as being more unscrupulous than its peers because of its Vietnam incursions in the past (while giving a pass to Vietnam), is akin to looking at our “on fleek eyebrows” a few hundred years from now and claiming that contemporary “influencers” or models are blind or have caterpillar fetishes. Yeah, it may no longer be acceptable in the year 2300 to draw two catatonic caterpillars on your forehead, but it does not mean we think it’s strange now.

In hindsight, our brow phase is going to look like a 10 year old rose to power, wielding nothing more than a magic marker and ruler, mandating all the minions to look permanently stunned. Yet those of us alive NOW, know that it is très chic to stencil in a pair of prepubescent butterflies on our faces so that we can look like a perpetual contestant who got to third base on America’s Got (no) Talent – “Thank you Simon!”.

The Inquisitiorial look is a permanent facial feature in 2020. Whether we are asleep, trying to decipher the Voynich transcript or pinching out a loaf, we always look perplexed….

The question of ethics comes about only when one particular group does something outside the conventions of what is acceptable relative to that era….which brings me to…… A. M. E. R. I. C. A!

What is a Gook?

Here’s my poetic side leeching through the acerbic political diatribe – ‘a Gook by any other name would be just as yellow’…. and they said Shakespeare is dead!

“This racist slur developed first in the Philippines, then traveled to the Pacific War, Korea, and Vietnam. Ben Anderson called it a depository for the “nameless sludge” of the enemy, and it might be the namelessness of Koreans, in American eyes, that stood out then and still does today. Donald Knox’s voluminous oral histories, for example, rarely if ever name any Koreans.” The Korean War: A History (Modern Library Chronicles Series Book 33) by Bruce Cumings

Yeah that’s right, besides the Chings and Japs/Nips, there’s the SLUDGE – Gooks!

This is what Satan looks like

Here’s my viewing recommendation to ALL the Vietnamese who are “bananas” (Vietnamese people born in the West), or the real deal (Vietnam born and reared) who are emphatic that China is the devil who they have to wrestle with in Armageddon, rather than remonstrate the Anglo West who DESTROYED their lives and turned them into global refugees. The people who YOU THINK are on your side, DESPISE THE VERY BEING that you are, everything from your food to your mitochondria repulses them!

The above pictures are taken from this video – Crimes in Vietnam (go to 9:40) and I want you to WATCH, LISTEN and feel the animosity these Vietnam war veterans have towards YOUR PEOPLE. The empathy and remorse which usually arises from eviscerating an innocent woman from vagina to breast, the gunning down of children and men who are NOT VC’s, is sorely amiss. Infact, it is a recantation by a sang-froid entity not done because of a call of ITS conscience, but because IT did not find ITSELF enveloped in a throng of groupies dying to carry ITS seed onto another generation of homicidal maniacs. Oh, but that’s America, we in Australia are SO DIFFERENT!

*Digression : how did the Americans identify who was a Viet Cong (VC) and who was a civilian? If they are dead, they are ipso facto VC’s. Gun down a 3 year old who gave you resting bitch face? It’s not toddlercide, you just killed a VC…

To watch “Thank You Australia for killing my Vietnamese kin, and resettling us into ghettos in Australia”, click on the highlighted text!

So while you are deferential and thanking THE PEOPLE WHO DESTROYED YOUR HOME by invading it because America told them to (AND HENCE HAS A MORAL OBLIGATION TO RESETTLE YOU), here’s a more sobering thought.

Witness the beta Asian thanking the white genocidal master for breaking out the arson brigade in burning down his ancestor’s village, and contaminating their  drinking water with white phosphorus! Click here and watch from 6:30

Usher in My Lai…

If we go by the 2008 British Medical Journal figure, the Vietnam War cost 3 million lives. Approximately 60,000 of those are worth remembering, the rest? It’s just a frigging number!

58,022 were Americans according to renowned journalist John Pilger, the other deaths belong to a swarm of yellow bastards who were never human enough to be accounted for. Think I’m utilising hyperbole to foster some jingoism among the Vietnamese? Nope. I’m just quoting what your darlin’ of a new bosom buddy America, who is getting you to kick up a fuss in the South China Sea to antagonise China said.

Telford Taylor, chief United States prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials: “WE HAVE SMASHED the country to bits, and we will not even take the trouble to clean up the blood and rubble.”.

Ronald Reagan called mass murdering you all, a ‘noble cause’.

Oh you say….”but, but that’s government horse trough talk! I have a white American/Australian friend who adores bunmee, pho and is banging my Vietnamese sister, so I KNOW for a fact that the everyday Joe loves us! We are EQUALS damn it!”… oh really?

During the My Lai Massacre, an event commemorated only by the Vietnamese because noone in the Anglo Western world gives 2 shits, occured on the morning of 16 March 1968. This massacre lead to 500 innocent civilians being murdered in cold blood by the C-Company, First Battalion, Twentieth Infantry, Eleventh Brigade, Americal Division of the US Army.

Herbert Carter, Private First Class, recalls the GI’s vaunting their sanguineous thirst in the following form:

‘The boys enjoyed it. When someone laughs and jokes about what they’re doing, they have to be enjoying it.’

‘A woman came out of a hut with a baby in her arms and she was crying,’ Carter told the CID. ‘She was crying because her little boy had been in front of their hut and . . . someone had killed the child by shooting it.’ When the mother came into view, one of Medina’s men ‘shot her with an M16 and she fell. When she fell, she dropped the baby.’ The GI next ‘opened up on the baby with his M16’.

John Smail, member of the Third Platoon: ‘I haven’t let it bother me,’ and elaborated ‘I never wanted to go there [Vietnam] in the first place. I hated those people, I really did.’. He continues ‘You know what I thought? Good. I didn’t care nothing about the Vietnamese.’

Does Smail feel any guilt for the mass rapes? Of course not! Vietnamese women are not undefiled, virginal maidens, they are the fuck dolls who you brutalise through mastectomies and shoving an E-tool in her vagina after she’s been raped multiple times.

‘That’s an everyday affair,’ Smail said. ‘You can nail just about everybody on that – at least once. The guys are human, man.’ from Tell Me No Lies: Investigative Journalism and its Triumphs, by John Pilger.

Pham Thi Tuan, who lived in My Lai, told a documentary filmmaker, “Over there a naked woman who had been raped and a virgin girl with her vagina slit open. We don’t know why they behaved liked that.” My Lai Massacre

The West LOVES to talk about Japan’s comfort women, yet become SO COY in mentioning America’s MUTILATED WOMEN. Why such a double standard?

So the next time your Vietnamese brain exercises it’s plasticity in staging amnesia, and you give a heartfelt THANKS to Australia or America, realise that you are thanking a GROUP of racist, rape and mutilation savvy homicidal maniacs who did this TO YOU!

The Cover ups and Denials

Does anyone know that America had a whopping 600 journalists in Vietnam to cover the war? I assume all embedded, so NO one dares write an objective piece on a war story that has TWO SIDES. The narrative must always spawn from the Anglo West, obliterating any semblance of human dignity from the other side who DARES desire sovereignty and autonomy.

Out of 600, it took a lone freelance journalist by the name of Seymour Hersh to break the My Lai Massacre. How much more was covered up? My guess is A LOT MORE.

Those of us who know about My Lai, will be well acquainted with 1LT William L. Calley, Jr. He starred in the saga and was charged with the violation of Article 118 for murder against civilians. But under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Article 32, was retained on active duty because the “investigation” allowed for it. Fast forward 50 years and this is how America feels about Calley:

“A huge body of American opinion was deeply offended by the idea that an American soldier who went out there in good faith could be put on trial for his life. It became kind of a Rorschach test of people’s political views and their feelings toward the war. It was already apparent before the trial started that people who opposed the anti-war movement, who were disgusted with the youth counterculture and the excesses connected to that, in their opinion, were also defensive about Calley. But it became more apparent as the trial went along. There came a point where I discovered that he was treated as a hero wherever he went. I was sitting with him in the Atlanta airport one time while he had a layover and an airline agent came up and just handed him a first-class boarding pass. When he went to cash a check in Tennessee, the bank president came out to shake his hand. He received more than 10,000 letters of support. That feeling only increased after his conviction, then the White House was inundated with mail objecting to Calley’s conviction.” Time

When the Massacre first surfaced in the media, the Anglo Western press tried their damn hardest to bathe Calley in a celestial luminescence, he was fabled as “twenty-six, is a mild-mannered, boyish-looking Vietnam combat veteran with the nickname of “Rusty”…..  the fact that he alone killed 109 innocent civilians, was almost a footnote to a glorious anecdote of a young patriot trying to defend his country, in lieu of a cowardice, racist brute who exercised his innate Luciferian proclivities on a group of people who DID NOTHING TO HIM.

“The press release did not state that six specifications of murder had been laid against the young lieutenant, nor did it state that he was accused of murdering, by deliberately shooting with a rifle, 109 Vietnamese civilians. There is nothing in military law that precluded the release of such information. The army said that publication of the specific charges would jeopardise Calley’s rights.” Tell Me No Lies: Investigative Journalism and its Triumphs, by John Pilger.

If you think Western media is going to tell you any OTHER version, or give nuance and dignity to the Vietnamese, you’re outta your mind! You prostrate to the empire and are ardent in your loyalty to a country that annihilated your kin because the usual sense of self that arises from sharing the same language, food and culture has been decimated. Not only are you not melancholy, YOU THANK THE DAMN ENEMY! How beta can you possibly be? Contemporary Americans NOW still think Calley is a hero, which means they give zero fucks to the 109 Vietnamese lives he took. 109 yellows=1 white… sounds about right, beta?

Vietnamese people LOVE orange!

“In 2004, Monsanto spokeswoman Jill Montgomery stated that “We are sympathetic with people who believe they have been injured and understand their concern to find the cause, but reliable scientific evidence indicates that Agent Orange is not the cause of serious long-term health effects.” “Monsanto vs. the World: The Monsanto Protection Act, GMOs and Our Genetically Modified Future, by Jason Louv.

Look, I get it. Nature has genetic mutations, and the great majority are not beneficial but hold up. Is the now defunct Monsanto, reincarnated into Bayer, really trying to claim that spraying 20 million gallons of  equal parts of 2,4,5-T and 2,4-D, aka Agent Orange doesn’t causes mutations on this grand scale? We all know that Agent Orange affected up to almost 5 million Vietnamese, destroyed 17.8% of the environment with between 150,000-500,000 birth defects ensuing. The avaricious appetite of Western capitalism is beyond the pale!

In 1984, a class-action law suit against 7 chemical companies, Monsanto being one of them resulted in $180mil being paid out collectively to Vietnam veterans, but in pocket, it was a measly $12ks, spread out over a decade. You think that’s a wretched outcome? You should see what the Vietnamese got! Jack shit. Nada. Nil. Nothing.

“He reminded the U.S. trial of Vietnamese Agent Orange victims’ lawsuit against 37 US chemical companies, notably Monsanto and Dow Chemical, who provided the U.S. army with the defoliant. The plaintiffs demanded that the companies accept responsibility and assist in overcoming the damage suffered by them and the environment. However, the lawsuit was dismissed for “lack of evidence.” Vietnam cries foul

The recent turn of events in the South China Sea has really left an acrid taste in my mouth. Asians are diabolical. We sincerely hate having a strong Asian nation if it’s not our brand of Asian. Vietnam, after being THE VICTIM in the Gulf of Tonkin debacle, experiencing first hand how mendacious and duplicitous the Americans are, is once again siding with them to destroy China.

It’s NOT about the damn resources or fishing! It’s about the maritime noose that America has adroitly been trying to adorn China with, that is causing this reaction. Instead of helping an Asian brother in thwarting the impending conflict, Vietnam decides to risk it once again by helping the white “saviour”. The EXACT SAME sanguineous messiah who raped, murdered and created a chemical cess pool in hopes of generating barren land to kill off the Vietnamese en mass!

Asian Betas are nature’s most abominable creation. They would honestly prefer to die by the white hand than help create a multipolar world with a yellow one! Vietnam, you are PATHETIC!

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  1. Until the spiritual impulses that motivate such horrors are understood, their psychic and physical consequences remain inexplicable and intellectually paralyzing.

  2. This is an excellent post.

    So succinct in it’s exposure of the most vile and ungodly barbarity that has plagued the world since its expansion in the 19th century.

  3. What do you think – has Germany finally fallen for the Japanese-Korean honey trap? “Divide et impera”…exposed? >:)

    1. Well, I’m Australian, not Japanese. I live in Japan and am married to a Japanese guy. I don’t think this is any more divisive than what Westerners have always done.
      Here’s something the Germans should think about, how about fixing THEIR OWN Polish $850bil reparations FIRST, before butting its nose in Japan’s affairs.
      Japan’s situation is exactly the same as Germany’s regarding Poland. One thinks one has paid, the other feels, not enough. Imagine the STINK that would ensue if Japan suddenly erected a statue of a Polish guy and tack on “We understand your grievances against the Germans”. I bet the world would go crazy, yet because it’s once again, Western interference with Asian issues, noone bats an eyelid.

      1. Ah, sry…I assumed that you identify yourself as a Japanese, even though being born in Australia. Being a German-born Korean, I still see myself as a Korean, even though the German influence is undeniable. Regarding the analogy with Poland, I think a more analogous situation would be if Poland would erect a Holocaust memorial in Japan and the Japanese government would first approve it, then, under diplomatic pressure from the German government, have it immediately removed again. Or rather: A Japanese civic group erecting a memorial on nuclear mass murder in Germany and Germany having it first approved, then removed under US pressure.

        1. Not even by blood am I Japanese. My mother is Singaporean and dad is Malaysian. I can’t identify with being Japanese at all.
          However, I only knew about the erection of the statute, I didn’t know about the disapproval.
          I’ve been speaking to a German guy, a real Prussian (original line) and he said something very profound. He said Germans are practical people. They will do what’s best for them, so if that means erecting a statute to save a trade relationship or boost global image, they will do it.
          The action means little, the effect carries weight. They are utilitarian people.
          This is one thing that I have noticed about Germany. Despite the press reiterating that they have learned from their mistakes, they have not. Germany, from my personal experience, is possibly THE MOST RACIST country I have ever been in. The racism is visual and affronting, kind of like Australia in the 90s.
          However, they “show” the world how, much they have changed by playing the game, but inside nothing has changed.
          Asia has this “problem”, and I mean ALL BIG ASIAN NATIONS – we don’t lie well. This means we see the ugly and beautiful in one hit, and that’s difficult to accept.
          I will tell you something honestly after living in Japan for almost 20 years, when a Japanese person apologises IT MEANS NOTHING TO THEM.
          The Japanese apology is the thing you must NEVER take as sincere.
          When a Japanese person GENUINELY feels remorse, they don’t talk about it AT ALL, get uncomfortable if anyone mentions it, BUT they never do it again.
          The things that they apologise for, are the SAME MISTAKES they will repeat. I say this not facetiously.

          1. Hey, by the way! Do you know this channel:


            I found it to be one of the few higher-profile YouTube channels (I know of) that has a very positive, down-to-earth energy. After all the BS in Western mainstream media, I always feel grounded and hopeful watching actual interviews with young people all over Asia…also, the comment sections are much more civilized and generally nicer than the usual toxicity/belligerence in some Western channels, which makes me proud somehow. I really feel that the common sense/kindness/respect in Asian cultures is exactly what the world needs

          2. Yes I have seen a few episodes and they are definitely interesting. We definitely need more Asian positivity instead of the bashing!

    1. Ofc! If you want to write something about Korea or Korean culture, please do so! I will put it up as a post! I have been to Seoul and Busan only and stayed for only a few days, so I don’t have alot of real life experience about Korea, only “book knowledge”. If you want to contribute to real life stories (always preferable to facts) please do so.

  4. In this regard, I’m probably in a situation not too different to yours (having familial ties to the culture, but also being born and having grown up in a foreign country), so in many aspects I’m more of a discoverer than a native. At the same time, I have the impression that my generation still has strong roots to the “Heimat” (homeland), although it will depend on your own effort whether one is able to “reconnect” or “drift away” for good… I just discovered a very interesting talk from a Zen Buddhist monk that seems to bring together a lot of what is currently going on in Asia:

    I wonder if this also resonates with people in South East Asian countries, India/Pakistan/Bangladesh, … The issues addressed (past trauma, reconciliation/healing, peace/diplomacy etc.) have great urgency and at the same time feel like age-old topics. Things feel very fluid at the moment…like within our generation, important things take shape that will set the trajectory for the next centuries

  5. Something that occurred to me.

    The Vietnamese are the only people that seem to partly justify their feelings based on contact a thousand years ago or more and talks about it to death. I don’t know any other culture or race that does this.

    Like sure, let me know when some Italians going to have a hate boner on the Germans because they were beaten as the Romans at the Teutonberg forest in 9AD. Or the same between Germans and Austrians when it came to the 30 year war (even sooner).

    1. That’s true. This is why I say Beta Asian syndrome is TOXIC. Asians bear hate for fellow Asians in proportions which make NO SENSE, yet EVERYTHING White Western countries impose on them is practically forgiven and literally FORGOTTEN overnight!

      1. Would you object to your articles here being posted to pro-Asian subreddits, namely r/aznidentity, in particular?

    2. From my extremely limited statistics (a few Vietnamese academic seniors) , I agree that they might be susceptible to social engineering/manipulation by Western peers, especially bosses engaging in the old divide and conquer between minorities. But I also suspect that 1.) we all are susceptible to this (more than it is healthy), and 2.) this susceptibility might actually come from a general openness and honesty, spiced with a competitive spirit and, of course, clouded by lasting traumata (which I found to be much more visible in Vietnam than e.g. in Korea due to the presence of Dioxins and other persistent weaponized poisons; one colleague actually has a sister with severe mental disability due to Agent Orange). Even in situations of conflict, I experienced Vietnamese colleagues as rather frank/outspoken and communicative – competitive, yes, but not covertly scheming/quietly cunning like some German bosses and peers. Looking back, I feel like anything could have been solved through dialogue. I once told a Vietnamese colleague how Europeans always seemed to fighting each other. To this he replied: “But we Asians also used to quarrel quite a bit.” On the other hand, one can read about discrimination and even exploitation of Vietnamese guest workers e.g. in Korean and Japanese center-left newspapers. I think we cannot overstate the impact of wars/foreign aggressions in recent history. We always have to factor in unresolved pain and suffering when thinking about our peers in Asia (and beyond)

      1. I couldn’t agree more. I think the problems which besiege Europeans and Asians are vastly different.
        Europeans compete in being the best, we are competing for approval, this is what makes us weak.
        Competing to become the best is invigorating and leads to overall success, competing for affection is extremely weak.