Chinese American Man VS White American Man

By Rei Tanotsuka, 14 October 2020

Whenever I talk smack about America these days, people say “Oh no fair! You’re pitting the dumbest President in American history against General Secretary Xi. We ALL KNOW that while Xi was ploughing the fields during the Cultural Revolution, Trump was draft dodging by experiencing “bone spurs”. And in 1999 when Xi became the acting governor of Fujian with concerns about environmental conservation looming over his head, Trump became a beauty pageant “connoisseur” with French lace panties looming over his, from the “I’ll do ANYBODY to win” enthusiasts.

Yes, I agree that we can’t compare someone who utilises his frontal cortex to make decisions against someone who uses his dick head for the same purpose, so you know what? I’m going to be equitable, and compare two ordinary citizens – A Chinese American man against a White American man! They are BOTH Americans, so they are subjected to the same media indoctrination and have the SAME ACCESS to information. Let’s see how each chooses to use what is readily available to him.

BackgroundPolitical philosophy

This is the backbone of Chinese political ideology.

“Let me have but one minister, plain and sincere, not pretending to other abilities, but with a simple, upright, mind; and possessed of generosity, regarding the talents of others as though he himself possessed them, and, where he finds accomplished and perspicacious men, loving them in his heart more than his mouth expresses, and really showing himself able to bear them and employ them:-such a minister will be able to preserve my sons and grandsons and black-haired people, and benefits likewise to the kingdom may well be looked for from him. But if it be his character, when he finds men of ability, to be jealous and hate them; and, when he finds accomplished and perspicacious men, to oppose them and not allow their advancement, showing himself really not able to bear them: such a minister will not be able to protect my sons and grandsons and people; and may he not also be pronounced dangerous to the state?”, Confucius.

America’s political philosophy is neat and numerical, unlike Chinese convictions that are verbose and require semantics. Elucidation is superfluous when numbers explain all there is….

Taken from Statistica

So now that we know how each nation is molded, let’s meet our “ordinary citizen” sparring mates!


The topic? China “stealing American technology”, yes that old trope!

Let’s start off with the accusation from the blunted axe. Mayfield uses a line one picks up off the floor of a junk yard propaganda sale – light on evidence and facts, but heavy on the visceral and parrot! Using his BIG WORD of the day, the FOUR SYLLABLE “economic” to showcase his word smithing ability, we clearly see how America indoctrinates its children NOT TO THINK, but just repeat.

Notice the generic, opaque blanket claim that illustrates that he has ZERO ACTUAL KNOWLEDGE of the topic at hand and thinks a headline doubling for content should suffice.

Now let’s turn to our Chinese American contender. How does Chen handle the asinine claims of Mayfield, a man who found a lump of coprolite and shoved it into his head, so that he too can claim he has a “brain”?

“Do you understand why an American company would go to China to suffer theft?

American companies went to China for 3 reasons, to make more money than in the US, to invest less in production than in the US and to set a foothold into the future for themselves. Whatever companies ponied up, whether it would be capital, plans, designs, training, experience, we Americans gladly gave it, we were not coming back. We moved manufacturing to China to make a killing and not have to pay the $25 bucks an hour that the US labor unions were asking for labor, we were paying an order of magnitude less for labor in China between $1–2.5 per hour, when we unloaded our factories’ machinery.

Ever since, our American companies have been getting rich and that profit doesn’t stay in China. Do you understand this…? The money comes back to the main office in the US or wherever we pay less taxes.

Whatever shenanigans the Chinese asked us to perform legally, we did it without a single doubt, most of our IP was obsolete, the real value always stayed in the US. Do you thing for a second we would give our American trade secrets away if it weren’t justified…? We American capitalists are not idiots, we invented stealing, we don’t let lesser men take our loot, we worked very hard for it. So, no we don’t let idiots take our secrets or trade secrets, we keep them safe. If they take our loot they must be superior folk, there are few of those.

Right after the second big war and right up to 1967 the US corporations had their golden time: we invented everything a man or woman would want to buy to live their perfect lives plus all the heavy machinery an engineer could dream of. We did not know were to hide the loot with our corporate profits, then the late 60s came with freedom and hippies and the blessed labor unions. Profits screeched to a halt with de labor demands and 2 month strikes. Henry Kissinger our German genius recommended to the Republican Party headed by Richard Nixon that he had the solution to the freaking labor unions, their demands of higher labor pay, pensions for all, medical insurance and strikes. Would you ever dream what he told the Republican Party…? He said kill manufacturing in the USA, make the Arabs sell their oil in USD and make the USD the reserve currency, whomever doesn’t like it kill them. He is still alive, go ask him if this is true.

He accomplished his genius by going to China in 1971 to chat with Zhou Enlai, another super genius and they concocted the new China, Kissinger suggested all of what China demanded from the American companies, he single handed invented the new capitalism for China and Zhou saw his way through it and after connecting with Deng Xiaopin, who was sidelined at the time, decided to convince Mao that it was a good deal for China to open the big doors to the West. In 1972 when Nixon and his wife arrived in China to have dinner with Mao and shake hands, Mao told Nixon, do you think your friend Chiang Kaishek would agree to this…? Nixon just laughed hard and never answered.

Your simple comments about IP silliness is just that, the arrangement to move Republican Party corporations to China came from the very top. Kissinger, proving that a single brain can change the world, came through with his genius and solution to the American labor union problem and the American born companies made the biggest economic killing in history til today. Where do you think the $22 trillion GDP comes from..?

That China, for the last 50 years, did what it did for its population, government and future is a modern miracle of socialistic capitalism. The world has never seen such feats. This is not a one sided, poor USA was taken for a ride by the Chinese, what happened was Kissinger’s vision to solve the American economic problems of the 1960s coupled with the super smart, hard working, money saving of the Chinese people coupled with a super intelligent government body.

The poorest country in the world, the most hungry, destitute and broken people raised themselves from the dead in the last 50 years and by 2049 there will not be a richer and more advanced country on the planet, just like it was in 1780 before the white colonizers arrived in China.

The only way to stop China’s rise is to destroy the planet and that we all know will not happen, no idiot wants to eat fire and cause his own destruction. So, let’s keep the incompetent and less intelligent from leadership positions.

I hope this answers most of your issues. You would have to dig hard to read the above yourself in the internet but you can if you try.”

Notice how there is a logical order in the way Chen expresses his claim? Nothing in Chen’s answer, is poached verbatim off media hyperbole. He uses real life experiences and marries it up with a historical and contemporary context, leaving the reader in NO DOUBT that Chen ACTUALLY KNOWS what he is talking about.

The difference between Mayfield and Chen rests in biology. Mayfield spits shit from BOTH ENDS.

Chen is a first generation Chinese American, which to his benefit, has imbibed the ability to be cognisant of nuance in every phenomenological experience. For the boorish Anglo Western mind, everything is either Disney or the devil, Asians implicitly understand:

“The difference between a despotic and a paternal government lies in this, that in the one the people obey reluctantly, while in the other they do so with “that proud submission, that dignified obedience, that subordination of heart which kept alive, even in servitude itself, the spirit of exalted freedom.” by Inazo Nitobe

Who won? Haha. If you are actually waiting for a summary, you must belong to the Mayfield genetic pool…..