Dear Asian Women: Let’s Talk about your White Man thang!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 25 November 2020.

A rose by any other name…. would still prick you silly, just like justifying your white whipped ways would still make you a common stat… Shakespeare ain’t dead, it just got a “nu attitoode”.

*Here’s the deal. I’m a straight Asian Australian WOMAN, so I got no dog in the fight by calling out my Asian sistas who pine for a white “knight”. I don’t want to get into ya French lace panties which were made in China! I also don’t care if you date, marry or screw a white guy. I only want to say the very thing that YOU CAN’T ADMIT TO YOURSELF. You’re welcome :).

So here I sit, feeling all romantic and pampered after spending a few days in a spa with my samurai husband. Life with an Asian man isn’t perfect, but it’s PRETTY DAMN WONDERFUL. All relationships have their ups and downs, and yes, Asian men are workhorses but guess what? They spend their hard earned moolah on YOU, unlike most Western societies which encourage penny pinching and bill splitting by guys to the point where atoms gasp in exasperation!

Oh just in case you want to make the asinine argument of me being a sexist, backward 1950s “mystique” type of gal who is dependent on a XY chromosomer, I hold a property investment portfolio, along with precious metals and own my own school. So no, I’m not at home knitting a glorious alpine sweater in kitten heels, with gluten free cupcakes baking in the oven casting an incandescent glow….. (I want to bake actually, but after a burning “incident” which left a charred memory in my husband’s mind, he’s scared when say “I’m dying to try a new recipe…”. Death and food is synonymous with me…).

What I am however, is a modern ALPHA Asian woman who WON’T take second best because I think others are “envying” me for linking arms with a person who has the highest probability of getting skin cancer, ASL (Lou Gehrig’s disease) and harbours the greatest sense of entitlement. I demand to be treated like a valued partner.

Asian men these days are NOT chauvinists demanding you scrub the kitchen tiles as he deep throats you, any more than modern day white guys insist on beating you only according to the “rule of thumb”. So why are we STILL seeing a swamp of Asian women with White men in the West? Let’s get real, the old switcheroo version of the Asian man with a White chick is still an anomaly, are we to believe that ALL those Asian women JUST HAPPENED to fall for White guys sans indoctrination?

Love is love Rei! You can’t control who you fall for (or who your loins throb for)……

Trust me, I’m someone who is superficially deep like most (lol) and a romantic at heart, so I love nothing more than reading belletrism like these quotes taken from one of my favourite sappy books The Prophet, by Kahlil Gibran.

Love one another, but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. Fill each other’s cup but drink not from one cup. Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf. Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone, Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music.”

Give your hearts, but not into each other’s keeping. For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts. And stand together yet not too near together: For the pillars of the temple stand apart, And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow.”

But let’s do some straight shooting here, when we ratchet up the stats to this point, we have got to start asking WHY.

The NORMAL thing to do, is to literally fall for people who are most like ourselves. This is a STATISTICAL and historical FACT, not some ultra nationalistic party line. Endogamous pairing resulted from a survival mechanism that ensured the best chance of success in rearing the progeny and for the propagation of the “race”, which INCLUDES elements imbedded in the culture, and not just in the genes. The implicit understanding of taboos and virtues naturally accrue because of the stimuli of being in an environment that is conducive to foster that understanding, but is aborted when we transplant them into a group that does not continue the practice WITH KNOWLEDGE of how those rites or values came about.

A cultural practice WITHOUT adequate knowledge of how it evolved, renders it archaic or redundant, if not downright stupid.

*Let me digress for a minute here. Maha Shivratri is an Indian celebration held in Lord Shiva’s honour for basically turning the pantheon of Indian gods prone to conflict, into a sorority of BFF’s! Young Indians groomed under the West’s perilous educational system of reducing everything to a binary state, have NO IDEA what the REAL reason for Maha Shivratri is, because there IS a theory behind this celebration, and an  elaborate theory it is!

Contrary to the Shiva spiel, it has more to do with the gravitational pull of the moon, leading the tides in bodies of water to swell up. Because the human body is 60% water and our brains are 73%, if the pull of the moon’s gravitational force is evident even in something as expansive as the sea, what do you think is happening within OUR bodies? The real reason for the ALL NIGHT RAGING fest during a date when this “moon” force is strongest, is to ensure that our heads are in the upright position to work WITH NATURE, rather than lying down going against the force. But how do we get a BILLION people to stand all night? Turn it into a party! Far from being an obselete or superstitious practice, it is a health preserving ritual.

Listen to the explanation from my favourite social media guru, Sadhguru. To watch the video, click here from 00:57

So, what has that got to do with me white boy fetish? He always tells me how much he LURVES Asian stuff!

Can I spit the T? In all honesty, 99% of the White guys Asian women are with, are NOT INTERESTED in perpetuating YOUR “culture”, they are interested in penetrating the illusion of your ‘tight’ Asian puss. The perceived “DEEP” Asian culture he claims he “adores” but has ZERO interest in learning about, (except via said tight puss during the act of coitus and even then, only in the briefest form) is a point YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED to bring up. He wants to get a medal just for coughing up the phrase “I just feel that Asian culture is more…”me” (especially when that “culture” comes without the need for a condom).

Oh how dare I be so bold in making that assertion! Because in Japan I’m literally surrounded by WHITE MEN WHO HAVE MATED WITH JAPANESE WOMEN WHO KNOW NOTHING about Japanese philosophy AFTER 4 DECADES of living, breathing and FUCKING JAPAN! They give the SAME window mannequin expression when regurgitating an explanation of a Japanese trait, the SAME godforsaken explanation they heard from ANOTHER Westerner INTERPRETING Japanese sensibilities under their Western microscope of judgement 4 decades ago!

Here’s an example of what I mean from Culture Hacks by Richard Conrad, a book often touted as having unlocked the mysteries of the American, Japanese and Chinese mind. This is indeed an excellent book to read but Conrad gets carried away with his stereotypes. His central premise is that Japanese people are not logical in the way the West defines logical thoughts, and he gives an illustration of how it manifests:

The Japanese language further loses its ability to manifest logical thinking by excluding the linking word” which“.”…… ummm except it DOESN’T!

In Japanese, if you have 2 objects in front of you, say tea and coffee, then “which” takes on the form of ‘dochira’, as in:

HOWEVER if you want to use it as a conjunction, it becomes KARA but it serves the EXACT FUNCTION of linking an action with an outcome! I’m going to conjecture  that Conrad couldn’t see the literal employment of the word ‘dochira’ in a causative clause so his bias made him conclude that the CONCEPT DOESN’T EXIST, rather than explore the alternative explanation that a DIFFERENT FORM can suffice to denote a UNIVERSAL PROCESS.

So the “emotional” or “spiritual” justification for your white boy fetish doesn’t hold up to the least bit of scrutiny. You don’t WANT HIM because HE appreciates YOUR CULTURE. You can spin that shit to someone who hasn’t listened to White men from Britain, America, Australia, New Zealand and Canada for almost 20 years talk smack about the Japanese culture, men and women, while concurrently boasting their ability to “get girls” here, that they could NEVER dream of back at home… but to be fair, it’s not a high standard that White men are seeking. Luckily for you, all you need to be is “not fat”.

But he’s SO HANDSOME and he says I’m “so hot”….

Oh yes he is handsome, ya slant eye vixen you!

Yummo. Here’s my Twitter profile sugar…..
…. then link me to your FB (Fuck Buddy) list?…
… baby, you can put a ring IN IT, all my pleasure portals are for you my Adonis!

The above are for the WHITE GIRLS……

…… this is what YOU as an Asian woman, IRRESPECTIVE OF HOW HOT YOU MAY GENUINELY BE, can only score…..

Old, shrivelled and materialistic in exchange for your buoyant young Asian assets…. This is Zhang Ziyi, one of the MOST gorgeous Chinese MOVIE stars in the world and this is what she had to take a load from.
Snooty, grumpy and prone to bouts of jealousy of your success. He does not give 2 fucks about you breaking the bamboo ceiling… always remember it’s YOU who is lucky to have him! He’s WHITE (how shiny!).
She became a MARVEL but landed a gremlin. At least white boy number 1 looks NORMAL (albeit dorky), White guy numero deux (Dominic Cooper)  LOOKS FULL ON GREMLIN! Gemma would NEVER date an Asian guy who bore such an uncanny resemblance to a marsupial, yet has no qualms about settling for a white mogwai…..

But why am I picking on FAMOUS PEOPLE? Well, if I talk about MY FRIENDS, you will chalk it up as unsubstantiated anecdotes because you can’t verify what I am saying. You then have an excuse to relegate my disquisition to be a product of bias or a cantankerous Disney hairy tale, rather than the cold hard truth.

Can I bring up a salient point here? No? Too bad, salient point comin’ up!

YOU, as an Asian woman, CAN’T GET A WHITE GUY who is on the SAME level of attractiveness as you. You MUST SETTLE. You can’t get your aesthetic equal (very few can) so this is why you have to start screeching how important personality is to you when you date a White guy. Yet are you as forgiving to an Asian? Hell no! If he’s Asian, YOU WILL INSIST that his aesthetic value is on par with yours!

Second point, when a White guy says he prefers the looks of Asian women, HE DOES NOT mean this as an absolute, it is a RELATIVE CLAUSE. Here’s the translation:

ALL the White girls who I CAN get, are either fat or think she is part of the Royal family… her highness can go sit on the porcelain throne, because even though my strength lies in hypocrisy and having high double standards, I CAN ALWAYS GET AN ASIAN BIRD to play with my white cockatoo!”

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, let me use ONE. Would a White guy PREFER this….

…. over this?

HELL NO!…. and I lied. I used TWO words.

No White man who you are banging will EVER admit this to you, infact if you presented the 2 pictures from above and said “Some dumbass Australian Asian chick said you would prefer the busty Kate Upton over the ethereal looking Angela Baby, is that true?”

He will feign a look of catatonic incredulity, roll his eyes and say “Babe, why are you reading trash? She’s a racist, whoever wrote that. What rubbish…. you know I don’t like blondes….”. You breathe a sigh of relief, leaving the room in manner hoity toity, declaring victory at how I, Rei Tanotsuka, don’t know what I’m talking about…. a few days later, somehow his Google search for “art” films is filled with page upon page of busty blondes sucking a lollipop….

I have heard it ALL in Japan. White guys who are married to Japanese women DON’T prefer the “beauty” of Japanese women (the Asian face or body) over white women. They are prioritising WHAT THEY WANT over WHAT THEY CAN GET.

Would they prefer a fat woman or a slim one? Most prefer slim.

Would they prefer big titties or a tighter snatch? This is split, half prefer big boom booms and the other prefer the masculine feeling of ponding something half their weight.

Would they prefer licking silky smooth skin, or coughing up a fur ball of peach fuzz that is so ubiquitous in Western genes? ALL PREFER SILKY SMOOTH SKIN!

Would they prefer to ‘go South’ on a relatively odourless pink taco, or be hit with a noisome dairy and fried chip concoction that kills the olfactory glands? The smell of the white vagjam according to one of my White Aussie male friends is reminiscent of  “bad vinegar”, if there’s such a thing! I can tell you, the MOST common complaint that I have PERSONALLY heard is the pungency of the white vagina vs the Asian, and hands down, ALL PREFER the milder “fragrance”.

Would they prefer a swallower or a spitter? ALL White guys who got into the nitty gritty details, preferred the swallower. One old battered Yank who had spent his entire adult life as a sex marauder in Asia, said nearly all of his Asian conquests have downed his spunk like it was a shot of Dom Perignon, while the only TWO WHITE lasses he ever bedded, spat that shit out like it was… you know, shit.

Would they prefer unbridled communication where opinions fully transpire and arguments have a higher probability of ensuing, or faking a language barrier to ensure that his madame butterfly can never understand his brewing “complexity” rendering his Japanese utterances of “Beer ga daisuki desu” (I love beer) and “Hekoki shita” (I farted), to be but a humourous departure from the inner Hemingway that belies his slovenly mien? They would prefer to pretend to be Hemingway.

Basically, if they can get a WHITE version of the same level of Asian woman (ie. He can land an Asian and White “6”), most, if not every white guy would pick the white girl. Why he chooses the Asian is because he can get a BETTER DEAL for the SAME shitty investment he is prepared to make ie. he can either get an Asian “6” or a white “4”. Naturally, he’s GOING TO USE HIS LOGIC and hook “UP” by going for the “6”, whereas you, because of your inferiority complex (however you want to deny it) ensures that you are willing to accept a white “3” when you can get an Asian “5”.

Oooh, don’t believe me? Need more proof?

Who dat? Well, this is Christy Chung, a former Miss Chinese Montreal pageant winner, who later launched a stellar acting career in Hong Kong. Glen Ross was her first husband, who is white and as you can see, DAMN UGLY. You know this ain’t a hot white guy! Yet he snagged her at her PRIME! She was 28, a beauty queen AND A RENOWED movie star in Asia. He? A normal WHITE GUY who can’t even compile a decent DNA sequence to give himself a mug that doesn’t double as a Halloween mask. He claims that the he is also an actor… heard of him? No? Need I say more? Realistically, Glen Ross, if he was to get a white girl, would be looking at a “4” on a GOOD DAY, even with a paperbag over his noggin, but with an Asian, he can score up to a 10…..Asian women’s self esteem is SHOCKINGLY LOW to say the least.

But what can Christy get when she goes Asian?

Tall, yella and handsome AF! Christy is now way into her 40s and was STILL able to snag a hot toy boy 12 years her junior. Evidently, this guy IS in her aesthetic league.

Let’s reverse this to prove unequivocally that YOUR justification for wanting a White guy typifies nothing but LOW SELF ESTEEM. How? By looking at what Alpha White men choose WHEN THEY CAN pick their ideal….. It ain’t you yella munchkin!

Once again, let’s only use people we can verify.

Ryan Reynolds is not only gorgeous but he’s the proverbial hot funny guy. The only thing he doesn’t joke about is his preference for white women. No yellow fever here at all. Why? Because he CAN GET his ideal.
Jamie Dornan’s aesthetic choices are anything but 50 shades of grey. His lady loves only come in one shade, WHITE.
Chris Hemsworth only selects from the white batch. Why? Because HE CAN!
Joe Manganiello, never ever chooses Asian – that’s only a dining option, not something you pledge marital vows with!

Let me summarise this for you. He chooses you because he GETS SOMETHING BETTER, you choose him because YOU ARE GETTING something CRAPPIER if measured on the metrics of looks…. which brings me to my next point, settling for second best EVENTHOUGH you are in a monogamous relationship. What did I just say?

Being Second Best….. You deserve it Beta!

Ah look, a picture of familial bliss. This is EVERY Beta Asian’s dream….. Being accepted in a white family that is not ghetto! Wang Yiwen is the daughter in law of our ex PM, Malcolm Turnbull.

I know I’m sounding condescending and I appear to have an affinity with “racial” profanity by drawing attention to the taboos… Shhh, we are NOT SUPPOSED to talk about this!

When you enter into ANY relationship based upon the idolisation of a generic characteristic of a demographic due to media indoctrination, you are headed for trouble.

Think about it. The media stoking and constant iteration of African Americans being “gangsta” and hyper virile, what happens if you end up in a relationship with a contemplative and meditative person like Frantz Fanon? Will you feel he’s not being himself around you? Will you feel disappointed? Unfortunately, whether you CHOOSE to acknowledge it or not, Asian women ARE brainwashed in BOTH Asia and the West, to propitiate ourselves to White men. The ultimate point to prove is that we are WORTH MORE THAN THE WHITE GIRL, the REAL group we want to usurp.

Let’s get real, yes Asian guys are part of the equation but more than him, YOU want to prove that YOU are better than the hot blonde, but you’re DAMN DELUSIONAL and A FUCKIN MORON if you think you have a chance in hell of eclipsing the icon of Western beauty!

Once again, case in point – Jeanie Mai. This Beta Asian took a White guy who treated her LIKE SHIT, but she defended him all the way to the divorce courts, even paid HIM out  though HE CHEATED ON HER with the proverbial hot blonde. Remember what I said, he’s only taking YOU because he can’t get HER!

To watch the video, click here. Mai admits that her ex white husband only paid lip service in his “support” for her, but would not even give her the most BASIC active care offered between a husband and wife. It took getting a NEW BLACK boyfriend who treated her LIKE SOMEONE WHO IS WORTH his time, for her to reflect on her standards and value of herself. I call BS! Mai, just like most, if not all of the Asian women who are with White men, view the relationship as THEIR PRIVILEGE and won’t even demand the most rudimentary points of respect!

Oooh, what was that about the hot blonde?  Oh yeah, here’s who Mai’s ex cheated on her for…..

If the above points are not compelling enough to make you RETHINK YOUR POSITION in the AFWM relationship, here are some other problems that I have been told by Asian women who are married to White men. The White guy, far from being the Prometheus of Eros who steals the fire from the gods to light up your life, will be the first to immolate your self respect and esteem should you DARE say anything to rupture his standing at the apex of the racial hierarchy.

1. You CAN’T TALK about White racism against Asians!

Recently, due to Covid-19, the attacks on Asians have been indiscriminate. Any coloured Asian face will do. I had an Asian Quoran write to me, telling me that this is the first time she felt silenced by their own husband.

When she brought up the topic of the increased Asian racism in Australia, her white husband INSISTED that it wasn’t RACISM, but a mere coincidence. Those who got spat at, acid poured on them, kicked off bikes and told repeatedly to “Go back to China” irrespective of their nationality, was NOT PROOF of racism according to her husband. She has a little girl who just started school and as a biracial child, she instantly earned the sobriquet “Anna Corona”. This message broke me heart on SO MANY levels.

This woman firstly, loved Australia more than her native China. Secondly, she married someone who she thought saw her as an equal. If that was true, why would her REAL concerns be dismissed over his need to preserve his “face” that White people are ipso facto, holy, egalitarian, and god forbid, never racist? Thirdly, her daughter will grow up having the EXACT SAME psychosis that has plagued many biracial people. Feeling superior against full blooded Asians, but inferior in front of White people because they are forever deigned to be FULL Asian in the eyes of Whites, and NOT half.

2. Inorder to PROTECT him from being called an Asian hunter and you a white worshipper, you need to contort reality to make your claim sound plausible.

Yes Natalie Tran, YOU ARE AN IDIOT!

Another Beta Asian woman trying to argue her beta status as alpha. Thankfully, when you become a public personality, even on YouTube, what you say gets REMEMBERED. Tran, just like the plethora of Asian women who only date White guys, does have internalised racism. Oh, her sister also has a white husband…. what are the odds?

This started by Tran making the claim that she wasn’t “aware” of the stigmatisation of Asian men (oh really, why didn’t she just try being truthful. People like Tran know DAMN WELL the prejudice, because she exercises it when selecting her partner) and she even made a documentary on the topic because she was called out by her fans.

You see, to make it appear that it was just SPONTANEOUS attraction that made you reject 20 Asian guys in a row and salivate at the first White dork who farted in front of you, you need to employ denial, double speak and mendacity.

3. You will need to argue his parsimonious, penny pinching downright cheapskate ways as YOUR DESIRE for independence!

To watch, click here from 10:00. This is Stephanie Buttermore, a biracial CANCER RESEARCH PhD fancy schmancy, buffed YouTuber. Clearly she has brains and beauty. So, here’s what she got for ALL THAT….
A parsimonious shorty…. Now REMEMBER, the biggest gripe these Beta Asian women will claim for their disinterest in Asian guys is BECAUSE THEY ARE SHORT! Funny, how even THEIR OWN STANDARDS DO NOT apply when he’s WHITE.

The worst thing about Jeff Nippard (Buttermore’s boyfriend) is that he is a CALCULATING, petty little guy (pardon the pun). According to social media information, which should be taken with a grain of salt, he’s conjectured to be worth around $800ks. She’s worth around $500ks.

If you click to 10:00 of the video, you will hear Buttermore talk about ALL THE FEES SHE NEEDS TO PAY HIM, for him to be her personal “trainer” and “therapist”. I’m serious, WTF? So when he goes over to “train” her and provide her with “therapy” and they end up with a round of SEXY TIMES on the loungeroom floor, is that a violation of work ethics? Will she be billed for cunilingus or is that offset through fellatio? When he eats the meals she cooks for him, is that deducted from the bill, or will he pay her for being his personal “chef”?

My guess is, it DOESN’T work the other way around, as in the coloured partner would not DARE ask for money from the White boyfriend or husband. Her cooking for him, using HER FOOD would be regraded as part of her girlfriend duties, only HE GETS TO CHARGE HER for boyfriend duties. Why? I already said, it’s YOUR PRIVILEGE to date a White guy, cocksucker!

Just imagine dating that short, conniving piece of shit for a decade, and then you reflect… You HONESTLY can’t say your boyfriend HELPED you through a TOUGH PHASE in your life BECAUSE HE WAS YOUR EMPLOYEE! No employer says workers “helped” them unless it’s in a facetious, or diplomatic way to ensure mutiny doesn’t happen in the factory. You PAY THEM, it’s their DAMN JOB! That’s what Buttermore will be looking at another 5 years in a pathological relationship of white worship. She literally PAID to get fucked.

After I watched her video, I surreptitiously asked my husband, who is a pretty fantastic entrepreneur, that if I wanted business advice, how much would he charge me? He literally said “Don’t be crazy. Why would I charge you, you’re my wife! Even if you were just a stable girlfriend, I wouldn’t take your money, NO MAN WOULD take money from his woman!”…… except White men!

When you live with a self serving opportunist, you WON’T believe that an alternative exists. There’s no way, that you will EVER admit to even yourself, that you want a White guy not because you have a chance of achieving parity, but because walking side by side with a White face somehow makes you feel VALIDATED, even though you are always BEHIND him and will never assume the side position. The side post only becomes an option when, or if he gets a White girl. I know real life Asian women who, after separating from their White partner and seeing him with a White girl, realise that they WEREN’T RESPECTED at all during their relationship. It was always one of a superior and a subordinate.

Those of us who know, know you are getting SCREWED in the worst of all ways, and the irony to achieving REAL equity in an interracial relationship, especially with a White guy, is to EMPOWER your Asian brothers. If you don’t understand what I just said, it’s fitting that you should end up with a White guy!