I CAN’T possibly be RACIST – I’m Australian!

By Rei Tanotsuka, FRIDAY THE 13 November 2020

I neither saw nor heard the word suicide in any of the twenty-four communities on which I stayed as part of the research…… Experienced linguists in each of the Central Australian Aranda (or Arrente) language and in Gupapuyngu in Arnhem Land assured me that there were no words for suicide in any Aboriginal language or dialect.” Colin Tatz

This is how the psyche of the First People of Australia were before they encountered the white menace….. and now?

As an Asian Australian woman I am appalled, sick and TIRED. Tired of especially, WHITE AUSTRALIANS telling me that Australia is NOT RACIST!

Any occasion, should I dare transgress the implicit rule of being the sycophantic Asian woman pining for her white knight to bestow privilege upon her, I will inevitably be called a nationalist, a racist, a revisionist anything but A TRUTH SAYER who is well versed in history. Oh no, I can’t possibly be objective when I call out the past and present egregious acts of the Anglo Westerner. I must supplicate every criticism with the acknowledgement THAT EACH INSTITUTIONAL act of wanton racism accruing into a system of unbridled racism, is infact an ‘exception’, and that it is NOT EVERY SINGLE WHITE PERSON who perpetrates acts of violence. Yet quaintly, when white people want to critique any other nationality or race, it is always done with a BLANKET ASCRIPTION! This level of hypocrisy blows my FUCKIN’ mind.

So for your reading pleasure or displeasure, I’m going to LIST ON ALL LEVELS, why and how Australia is damn racist. An apartheid state every bit as acerbic, callous and cruel as South Africa. But because of our sunny disposition and constant deflection and denial, we’ve convinced ourselves we are a nation of ‘fair go’s’, ‘she’ll be right’s’ with a mateship rooted in bonds as tight as a ballerina’s bun…. all true IF YOU ARE WHITE IN AUSTRALIA.

The fact no Aussie BOGAN is willing to face – Australia is COMMITTING GENOCIDE!

Let’s keep this really simple so that even imbeciles can follow the basic legal thought evolution of the West. This is important BECAUSE we need to start at a point when ideas of invasion and human rights are more or less uniform in the West, so that we can argue a rightful violation when these laws are transgressed.

Point 1: October 1648 is when the notion of sovereignty arose in Europe, and it was executed under the Westphalian Treaties! Yes, that meant James Cook (1700) and Arthur Philip (1787), by the time of 1788 when the First Fleet landed on Aboriginal land were WELL AWARE that they were INVADING another sovereign state. This is obvious because they had to establish Terra Nullius before planting the union jack on the soil, which looking at anywhere between 300,000 to ONE MILLION Aboriginal people on May 13 1787, Captain Arthur Phillip declared Australia TO BE! Ridiculous is an understatement….

Point 2: Raphael Lemkin coined the phrase ‘genocide’ because of his awareness of the Christian persecution in Ottoman Turkey and of the Nazi regime in the 1930s.

Lemkin promoted the idea of a treaty to the then freshly minted United Nations, to  recognise this heinous crime of mass murdering of a specific group of people. This resulted in the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (UNGC)  in December 1948.

When did Australia ratify UNGC? In June 1949.

Let me make myself clear in the following point, sans AMBIGUITY. Anglo Westerners ARE NOT LAW ABIDING PEOPLE AT ALL. They have NEVER BEEN. They are THE MOST MENDACIOUS people on the planet. They will find loopholes to their OWN LAWS and exploit them, but FORCE US COLOURED people to stringently adhere to them, lest we want to be accused by the hypocrites of not abiding to the ‘rule of law’.

Now here’s the thing with treaties, merely RATIFYING one means squat diddly. You need a relevant law maker to turn THE TERMS of any ratified treaty, into domestic law! So what Australia has been doing, is signing these damn treaties so it can accrue the accolades of being egalitarian and humane as a facade, all the while KNOWING its own intention of never making it into domestic laws so that it can continue its protracted Aboriginal genocidal campaign. The next time any Australian tries to demonise China for the Uyghur “genocide” you make sure that you retaliate your China hater with this nugget.

How is genocide defined?

There are 3 biggies in UNGC that we need to learn, Articles II, III and IV.

Article II

In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;

(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Article III

The following acts shall be punishable:

(a) Genocide;

(b) Conspiracy to commit genocide;

(c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide;

(d) Attempt to commit genocide;

(e) Complicity in genocide.

Article IV

Persons committing genocide or any of the other acts enumerated in article III shall be punished, whether they are constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials or private individuals. UN Human Rights

How stupid were the British who came to Australia?

‘Very’ is the answer. Not only were the first  batch of white unsettled settlers a bunch of munted convicts, the so-called spirited leaders of the expedition were as enlightened as a lump of dog turd. You see, because the First Fleeters could not see a visible monarch or chieftain, nor private property ownership, DESPITE seeing obvious groups of people who were definitely part of a TRIBE, these white morons decided that this was a stateless society. So ONCE AGAIN, distorting their own laws pertaining to terra nullius, they argued in bad breath ‘n’ all, that Australia was NOT a colony by conquest, but settled lands! For all those Australians who want to contest that Aboriginals were ever regarded in the same nomenclature as fauna as a ‘myth’, well, YA BUSTED. You are WRONG. Aboriginals might not have been literally enshrined in law as fauna, but all other evidence proves otherwise.

Terra Nullius means “no one’s land”, this “one” naturally means a bi pedal hominid! If you see a group of, oh say a few hundred people visibly belonging to a tribe, WHAT ARE YOU IPSO FACTO saying when you declare the land to be TERRA NULLIUS? You are, through YOUR ACTIONS, declaring these people as not HUMAN to qualify your invasion as “settling lands” as opposed to outright invasion or colonial conquest!

The REAL AUSTRALIANS were regarded as vermin and pests, expected to be eradicated. Oh and that LOVELY Christian soul that prides all life?…. A Queensland clergyman in the 1870s is noted to have stated:

“…. if our instincts are true, we must loathe the Aborigines as they are now because they are less than estimable than the mongrels that prowl like them in the offal of a [cattle] station.”.

Yeah, but that’s 1870s, you say, surely things have changed NOW!….. Try again. This is a comment I saw on a John Pilger documentary. Take it how you will in terms of its truthfulness, but in all honesty, I see no reason why this person would lie. This documentary as valuable as it is, only has a handful of views.

To watch, click here

Yeah, but did Australia commit the big G?

Unequivocally yes! Australia’s apodictic acts leaves NO DOUBT in the mind of a normal person that genocide has been exacted on the Aboriginals. This is not the genocide of the Third Reich or Rwanda, where everything happens within the span of a few years. Australia has being operating a PROTRACTED GENOCIDAL REGIME spanning OVER TWO CENTURIES. This is NOT hyperbole. Let’s go through the ABC’s of what constitutes a genocide under the UNGC.

(a) – Killing members of the group;

(b) – Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

(c) – Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

To watch the documentary, click here

How does Australia measure up to the standards of a genocide? Admirably, I’d say!

The Quod was a prison for Aboriginal men and boys to sit, rot and perish. The Quod is located on ROTTNEST Island (how fitting). In this one facility ALONE, thousands of Aboriginal males were  incarcerated and tortured. Don’t know about you, but for me, it sounds pretty much like a facility designed to exterminate the First Australians! I know I know, why did I take a screenshot of 2 Aussies blokes havin’ a yarn in what appears to be a normal bedroom? Well, I wanted to show you what PSYCHOPATHY looks like.

The room in the still frame used to house THREE CELLS, each cell contained 17 men or boys. A total of 51 Aboriginal men died in that very room, which now fetches $240 per night as a SPA RESORT! That’s not even the punchline, this is – the kitchen now, is where the MORGUE used to be…. I really don’t know what is more incredulous, the fact that a former concentration camp is now called Karma Spa, the morgue dishing up 3 meals a day, or that the WHOLE damn historical psychosis is played out on an island called ROTT NEST!?

Watch my segue…. weren’t we talking about cooking? How about using a van? (non sequitirs abound). Australians love to BBQ, but this is ridiculous. Mr Ward, an Aboriginal man was cooked ALIVE IN A VAN during his transportation to Laverton jail. Why? Why not eh, if he’s an Aboriginal? Did Ward commit a treacherous act that is proscribed? Yeah, he got drunk….. that already is enough of a reason to OVEN ROAST A BLACK HUMAN BEING in white Australia.

Noone thought that maybe, just maybe he would suffer a grisly death by being entrapped in the back of a van for 4 hours in 56 degrees celsius heat. These are things that ‘no one can forsee’ right?…….(said Hitler as he perused the blueprint for incinerators and gas chambers).

The Elder was given one meat pie and a 600mL bottle of water when he left Laverton. The Ngaanyatjarra man was pronounced dead at 4.30PM. West Australian coroner Alastair Hope found Mr Ward died of heat stroke.  He also suffered third degree burns to his abdomen and, said the coroner, Mr Ward was effectively “cooked” to death.

No one has ever been criminally charged over Mr Ward’s death, though the West Australian Department of Corrective Services and the contracting company both pled guilty to Worksafe charges. The two drivers, Graham Powell and Nina Stokoe both pled guilty to their charges and Ms Stokoe was fined $11, 000 and Mr Powell fined $9000. The Department of Corrective Services had four charges made against them. They were charged under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, found guilty, and fined $285,000.”  SBS “Cooked to Death”

When it comes to Aboriginal deaths, noone is ever criminally charged….

John Pilger interviewed the Corrective Services Minister in Western Australia about the LIVE COOKING of Ward and got this cornucopia of excuses given by White people in general, when they want to remain pristine and tell their inquisitor to bugger off. To watch, go to 41:50. Click here.

Margaret Quirk, WA Minister for Corrective Services, said she organised “cultural sensitivity” training for the people in her department HOPING that the higher ups WILL UNDERSTAND THE FUNDAMENTAL ISSUES with ‘Aboriginal culture’ (I would have thought cooking someone alive would have warranted training in BASIC human physiology). When Pilger fired back at her in exasperation, that getting COOKED ALIVE IN A VAN “…. would never happen to white people“,  Quirk quickly piped “of course not!”. Quirk continues her self incrimination of human right’s violations by saying that the latest thang in racist genocide is ‘racking and stacking’ Aboriginal people…. and they say Australians can’t do maths!

So that’s the ABC of genocide covered, what about D and E Rei??

(d) – Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

Will castration do? Mutilation of the genitals usually prevents births. Besides the forced sterilisation of Aboriginal women just beginning to surface in the media now, white Australian men are SICK BASTARDS. Vile, cruel, sang-froid FUCKTARDS who deserve everything karma will give them in due time.

My mother would sit and cry and tell me this; they buried our babies in the ground with only their heads above the ground. All in a row they were. Then they had tests to see who could kick the babies’ head off the furthest. One man clubbed a baby’s head off from horseback.

They then spent the rest of the day raping the women, most of whom were then tortured to death by sticking sharp things like spears up their vaginas till they died.

They tied the men’s hands behind their backs, then cut off their penis and testicles and watched them run around screaming until they died. They killed in other bad ways too.”  Massacres to Mining: The Colonisation of Aboriginal Australia’, Jan Roberts, 1981, p.19

Final (e) – Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

The following quote is taken from an ABC report in 2019!

“Nearly one in 10 Aboriginal children who entered care in the report period entered within two weeks of birth, government data showed.

The current system of prenatal reporting, investigations and newborn removals is flawed and is having a significant impact on the number of Aboriginal children entering out-of-home care.

Sometimes mothers had their babies removed with “no opportunity to take photographs, keep a memento (such as a cot card) or give anything special to the baby”. Indigenous Child welfare

The removal of Aboriginal children from their birth parents happens at a substantially higher rate than in any other demographic. “…. in the state of New South Wales (NSW) nearly 6,300, or 10% of indigenous children, are wards of the state. In comparison, only 1.6% of nonindigenous children in NSW live in out-of-home care.” Time

Paddy Gibson, a senior researcher with the Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning at University of Technology, Sydney, said that in Lightening Ridge NSW, 37 Aboriginal babies were taken after Rudd’s apology in 2008. Gibson tells of a new stealing – 200 babies were forcibly taken away from their Aboriginal mothers hours after birth. THIS IS THE NEW STOLEN GENERATION – Gen Z style.

I know what the rebuttal is to the removal of Aboriginal children – rampant sexual child abuse in the Aboriginal community. WRONG. It’s the OTHER WAY around.

I’m being brutally honest here, WHITE MEN as a monolith, ARE THE MOST VINDICTIVE AND SEXUALLY PERVERTED group on the planet. They take out their racial hatred in the most callous and cruel way through sex. I’m not saying this to be racist. This is a HISTORICAL FACT. If you bother to scan through the atrocities committed by white men against COLOURED WOMEN, you will find this common thread:

1. Mass and continuous group raping of usually very YOUNG GIRLS, then OPENING the vaginal cavity for exposure, followed by a mastectomy. This is always done with satanic laughter and support from his cadre.

2. Then the white aggressor will always accuse the coloured men of perversion and child sexual abuse, while telling the world he is “saving” the coloured women from their OWN MEN. Once a few generations lapse, this becomes the NOUVEAU STANDARD of white hero worship, where coloured women who have ZERO historical knowledge, turn on their own men in favour of the white man.

These TWO FACTORS are interplayed and compounded throughout history where white colonisation has occurred. All men in every country rape during wars, however the need to pervert the narrative so that they are RESPECTABLE rather than despicable, and are “saving” the coloured women and children from their OWN MEN instead of destroying the race, is ONLY the work of white men. The bold face, unflinching LIE and the INSISTENCE that it is WHITE MEN WHO ARE ADORED AND PRIZED is the psychosis that NOONE addresses! White men need to understand that without their unabated, forceful indoctrination through media, COLOURED WOMEN WON’T DESIRE THEM AT ALL!

“White settlers often found no reason to spare Aboriginal men and boys. Aboriginal girls and women, however, were often kept for sexual pleasure. Research uncovered “stories of girls as young as eight who were kidnapped and raped and infected with syphilis. Teenage girls were kept for sex and chained up at night to stop them running away. One group of girls was held in a chicken wire enclosure”.  Creative Spirits

Map taken from Creative Spirits

Let’s quit the quicksilvery in the semantics and call a genocide, a BLOODY GENOCIDE!

Australians REFUSE to acknowledge wrongdoing and will only relent to ownership of “misunderstandings”.

Here’s what I mean. Australians, in fact most white people are only prepared to accept the wrongs which contain ambiguity, so that they can defend their innate desire to subjugate others through belletrism ie. appealing to the divine, or creating a scientific nexus for their racism.

They are willing to own up to STEALING Aboriginal children BECAUSE they thought, at that time, it was best for them, but will denounce the more sinister and real reason for the removal – to obliterate them through the annihilation of their culture and language.

Auber Octavius Neville was a British-Australian public servant and Chief Protector of Aborigines in WA, and this is how he chose to “protect” them:

“Neville presented a three-point biological plan. First, keep full-bloods on inviolable reserves where they were destined to die out. Second, take all ‘half-castes’ away from their mothers. Third, control marriages so that ‘pleasant, placid, complacent, strikingly attractive, auburn-haired and rosy-freckled’ quarter- and half-blood Aboriginal maidens would marry into the white community. In doing so, it would be possible to ‘eventually forget that there were ever any Aborigines in Australia’.” from “Australia’s Unthinkable Genocide” by Colin Tatz

The proof of a public figure STATING racist policies of a genocidal nature WILL STILL be met with denial by contemporary Australians. If you quoted the above to evince Australia’s racism, this is the rebuttal you will get – government officials are not ‘ordinary people’ and this was said in the 1930s, so it has NOTHING to do Australians in the present!

OK, then I give you this:

Go to 3:18 and witness what this “modern” Australian guy thinks about the atrocities… He can’t even STAND being confronted with the truth! Click here to watch

STILL, you will encounter ANOTHER argument being that, “ordinary people” are diverse and have no power to enact change, so it’s inconsequential. So what if a few are racist, it doesn’t mean Australia the country is racist! What counts is CONTEMPORARY POLITICIANS AND LAW, so Australia is wonderful (sticks out tongue smugly).

OK… I give you THIS:

Following the Victorian Aborigines Act of 1869, officials and missionaries in many jurisdictions became the legal guardians of all children and had full and total control over them. They used those powers to remove children of mixed descent, to absorb them physically and culturally and so end their Aboriginality. The movement gained momentum after the 1920s and lasted at least another two generations. New South Wales closed Kinchela Boys’ Home in 1970; South Australia closed Colebrook Children’s Home in 1972; the Retta Dixon Home in Darwin closed in 1980; Western Australia closed Sister Kate’s Orphanage, one of its major assimilation homes, in 1987; and the last such mission institution in Bomaderry (NSW) shut down in 1988.” from “Australia’s Unthinkable Genocide” by Colin Tatz.

The late 80s saw the LAST “ASSIMILATION” home! Damn. That’s LESS THAN 40 years ago.

Finally, I’ll give you an OFFICIAL memo!

“Attorney-General George Brandis has defended the Government’s plan to amend a key part of the nation’s racial discrimination laws, saying people have “a right to be bigots”.

The Abbott Government has promised to amend the Racial Discrimination Act by repealing section 18C, which makes it unlawful for someone to publicly “offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate” a person or a group of people.” ABC news

Australia, just like America is perilously sick. It looks terminal because every tincture you throw at it, will be regurgitated. Every IV drip of true racial parity will be ripped off the arm and reinserted in the rectum. The truth is, Australia likes to believe that it has done no wrong. That expropriating land, life and liberty only matters and demands restitution if the victim is worthy of it, and no victim that bears melanin will EVER be worthy.

I will leave you with this nugget today.

Enlightenment concepts need our attention because they tend to be particularly simple and sweeping. Dramatic simplicity has been one of their chief attractions and is also their chronic weakness, a serious one when they need to be applied in detail. For instance, the Enlightenment’s overriding emphasis on freedom often conflicts with other equally important ideals such as justice or compassion.” from “The Myths We Live By” by Mary Midgley