Jack Ma is dead? Hit prediction by a Chinese sell out!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 4 November 2020.

I have been literally waiting A YEAR to write this piece. Why? Because another Beta Asian traitor foretold what China will do to one of the MOST FAMOUS Chinese billionaires in the world, Jack Ma. Seeing as though Ma’s latest Ant IPO is on an overhaul course to conform to China’s banking regulations (which will be spun into yet another anti China harangue), I wanted to call out the unrelenting American propaganda produced by BOTH the government and the citizens.

Let me introduce you to, Miles Kwok or Guo Wengui, another “I hate the CPC BUT love the Chinese” parvenu from China that the West always gives 5 secs of fame to, because they are ever so willing to slander their own country! 2 years and a month ago (I waited AN extra ONE YEAR AND ONE MONTH) this backpfeifengesicht douche told the world that China would have Mr Ma snuffed out a year’s time from Oct 5, 2018!

Seeing as Guo was adamant that Mr Ma was going to be killed or arrested by the CPC, now a year overdue from the Chinese NOT-stradamus’ prophesy, I was curious to see what has happened to this, ‘dime a dozen’ Chinese sell out.

To watch the part about Ma’s assassination deadline, go to 43:36 of the video

So what has been happening to this political fortune teller? Did he divine another revelation from the ether? No, apparently he’s been trying to pawn off his apartment…

Isn’t Western media quaint? There’s so much fanfare whenever a Chinese traitor comes out to condemn the country and its practices, yet become surreptitiously mute when the INFORMANT proves to be FULL OF SHIT! Guo’s only relevance now, is desperately trying to offload his swanky place of abode for a ‘bargain’ basement price of $55mil! Click here to read. Notice how priceless this whole political matinee farce is, unlike Guo himself who DEFINITELY has a price for his scruples….

So to date, Guo, for all his vituperative tirade against his OWN COUNTRY, vying to get his share of anti China fame has all but achieved a meeting with Steve “I resigned and wasn’t fired” Bannon, and landed a guest speaker part in a hebetudinous interview with Kyle Bass, the guy with a doltish mien and an all-American hairline…. tragic would be an understatement.

Kyle Bass…. how… unfortunate….

When it comes to stupidity, go hard or go home!

What amuses me about these interviews are that they are precisely scintillating to a pre-schooler or a QAnon proponent, where a listing of opaque objectives (which can be applied to ANYTHING) evinces the uncontested TRUTH.

Here, let me give you an example of what I mean.

In the beginning, Bass says the story from Guo is hard to believe but that he himself, has no doubts about the veracity of verbal fertiliser spurning forth from the American ass kisser…. (when my Japanese niece was 3, she too believed EVERYTHING she was told. She outgrew that when she turned 4…).

Pressed to give “concrete” clandestine plans the “diabolical” China has for America to prove that Guo is indeed the “inside” man he claims he is, Guo gives the “3 F’s”…..

1. Weaken America

2. Kill America

3. Terminal America…. (mmm da f)?

Now look, I’m not deliberately trying to have a go at Guo for language proficiency, after all  he at least can speak broken English which is more than what Bass can do, but SERIOUSLY, at least learn the basic concept of how these descriptives work! 3 Fs with ALL the plans beginning with EVERY OTHER LETTER of the alphabet but ‘F’? FFS!

Also, I’m not being facetious here, these can be applied to ANYTHING!

How do we cure cancer Dr Guo?

1. Weaken cancer

2. Kill cancer


How do we increase the sales of Chanel bags fashionista Guo?

1. Weaken LV

2. Kill the LV market

3. Terminal LV sales through price wars

If this kind of information is all it takes to qualify as an insider for anything, then I’m an insider for fuckin’ NASA! Because they are planning on developing technology, utilising their developments, and plan to explore space some more! If I said this publicly and demanded to be taken seriously instead of as an adjunct to highlight the need for education reform in the West, people would demand I undergo Trump’s dementia test… and pass!

The level of critical thinking in the Anglo West especially, is like….

I’ll tell you something, as if it isn’t already obvious, America is DAMN SICK. Not only the government, it’s citizens are perpetually in a cerebral coma. Anything that conforms to their bias is to be BELIEVED !

I saw this ‘joke’ and thought, yeah this is all the ‘wit’ the Anglo West has in their repartee..

What does the Anglo West call a ‘running dog’? FOREIGN POLICY. Bloody idiots!

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