Ugly Frog Pulls Chinese Eyes…

By Rei Tanotsuka, 18 December 2020

….yet some how, I WILL BE LABELLED A RACIST. Go figure!

Warning *This post is bitchy, if you get excited easily, put the leash on now. Not for beta Asians who feel physical discomfort when their White heroes are getting assailed.

Bonjour l’haleine d’ail! Comment allez-vous des bâtards racistes? (courtesy of Google – I said “Whaddup garlic breath? How are you racist bastards?).

Oh, I was just studying French and in true neophyte form, I decided to mimic their cultural proclivities… you know, to obtain that certain je ne sais quoi that the French are of renown- *cough* racism, *cough* white supremacy, *cough* constipated from a diet heavy in choco croissants and low in fibre.

So last week, I read about a plain Jane of a French girl, Louise Pizon, currently studying “business”, (and not an adjunct course to reinstate the THIRD REICH) in Singapore, who, for the love of an ass plugging croissant, could NOT constrain her Sino Tourette’s enough and croaked this out: (read with a typical frog accent for added emphasis)

You would think someone hailing from a country with a halitosis epidemic, should have the humility to not accuse Asians of wanting “European eyes”, because are you kidding me? Asian genetics HAVE defined supratasal eyelid folds, it’s just a rarity. And like EVERYTHING in life, people want things which are rare…. just like French people desire to have breaths which don’t annihilate flora and fauna! Napoleon didn’t wield destruction with a bayonet on top of a donkey – he simply sat down to an abstemious French dinner of onion soup, garlic snails washed down with red wine and burped his way into a legacy the next morning.

Back to Pizon – she then INSISTED on adding a garden variety “escargot” (another slimy remark) to compound the shit of her inflammatory picture.

This translates to basically, have a ching chong new year….

I wonder WHY ugly White people (in every sense of the word – physical attractiveness and personality) always come to Asia? It’s like they think they somehow morph into a supermodel with the sagacity of Sartre here, instead of remaining EXACTLY as they are – insignificant, stupid and the result of a careless conception done under the auspices of Vodka and desperation.

White girl “hot”…. a fucked up face and personality is made good by advertising flesh by the pound. Oh yes, it’s SO sexy to hike up a skirt to reveal the cellulite and the baguette and butter plumpness. Afterall, if a guy isn’t drunk enough to be charmed by your cardboard wit and baked up face, why not show him the way to HPV… I assume this is Louise with her “friend”…
Another picture of Louise and her friend…..

The problem with the West – they think their shit don’t stink!

You see, the West has undergone a transmogrification that has made them a permanent walking, talking advertisement for any “before” condition – it could be opioid addiction, extra poundage or depression, but basically what you see on the streets every day is an ocean of the plain, homely and barely literate. The standards have sunk to an all time low, that to qualify as a model in the West, all one needs to be is not “clinically” overweight.

This Louise, much to my shock, is a model in France! This is why she thought she was hot enough to pull off the ching chong stunt in Singapore.

I know to people in the West, this is “BOODIFUL”, because while looking damn ordinary as measured against the golden ratio of facial beauty, in the era of chubby and obese, this is as good as it gets!

Looking every inch a chubby young Lindsay Lohan during her “destructive” phase – this level of aesthetics is acceptable for a tart that goes for half price at the ‘end of day’ bake sale (especially if it’s the lone one shitting on the shelf), but as a model? It can only happen in a country where the water is perpetually spiked with Chardonnay….

You see, to be a model in Asia, you genuinely need to be PRETTY. That arrogant FUGLY “pretty” that entails a thesis to expound WHY she is “technically” so, won’t suffice. If you can’t see it upon first glance, it AIN’T SO!

Ebihara Yuri – early 2000’s caterlogue Queen in Japan.
Fiona Fussi – Australian Chinese model in Singapore
Mizuhara Kiko – one of Japan’s hottest models now.

So with limbo low beauty standards to “aspire” to, what else are the French delusional about?

Well, someone ages ago told the frogs that they spoke the “language of love”, a linguistic rhapsody capable of drawing out eros, even in a situation as mundane as buying a stale petit pain to dunk in your soupe à l’oignon. What did not transpire however, was that the author of the compliment was hard of hearing….

You see, when I heard French for the first time as a wee lass I thought it sounded like a stampede of angry hippos, all vying for separation during a poop spraying sesh…. I’m serious. If you have seen hippos poop, imagine a conversation among them, each telling the other to shove off, it sounds ALOT like French in the imagination.

To watch this mesmerising clip, click here

Am I the ONLY ONE who thinks French sounds “animalistic” and NOT at all romantic? Hell no. The French think that of themselves too, but they were clever enough to sell a different slogan to the world.

For centuries, it has been a favourite pastime of many distinguished thinkers to imagine how language first evolved in the human species. One of the most original theories was surely that of Frenchman Jean-Pierre Brisset, who in 1900 demonstrated how human language (that is to say, French) developed directly from the croaking of frogs. One day, as Brisset was observing frogs in a pond, one of them looked him straight in the eye and croaked ‘coac’. After some deliberation, Brisset realized that what the frog was saying was simply an abbreviated version of the question ‘quoi que tu dis?’ He thus proceeded to derive the whole of language from permutations and combinations of ‘coac coac’.” The Unfolding of Language: An Evolutionary Tour of Mankind’s Greatest Invention by Guy Deutscher

Like Kermit says “times fun when you’re having flies”.

The REAL PROBLEM with Louise Pizon

While getting attacked by anuras is indeed annoying, it’s not a problem IF we Asians actually saw it for what it is – racism that needs to extirpated with the racist condemned… except that there are Asians who PROTECT HER. WTF?

Yep, I jester not! I first caught sight of this piece of media trash via reddit Singapore and it was posted THRICE. The first two attempts to get coverage were deleted BECAUSE IT GAVE us a glimpse of Pizon’s face sans mosaic blur and carried her details. This, according to the beta Singaporean moderators was too harsh. The third attempt was approved, because the poster blurred her face…. Lee Kuan Yew would be spewing in his grave!

LKY never minced his words and called out white trash (Australia) when he saw it, and gave a punk ass Yank a grand ol’ whoopin’!

Michael Fay, the delinquent who thought that he could wreck havoc in Singapore because of white privilege… Lmao. The punk got PUNKED!
Haha, ya gotta love LKY’s reign. Imagine Fay’s lilly white naked ass getting served!

However, the Singaporean betas who now run social media forums are trying damn hard to not let people know that they are Asian. In a desperate attempt to curry white favour, they BANNED people like me for sticking up for Asians.

This was approved because you CAN’T SEE THE WHITE RACIST’S FACE and ALL her details are redacted for whitewashing purposes….
Because I advocated that Asians SHOULD CALL OUT these imbeciles, I got BANNED. That’s how BETA these Singaporean fuckwits are. Imagine condemning the person WHO STICKS UP FOR YOU while protecting your assailant! I can’t make this stuff up!

It gets worse……the way delusional Asians think, flummoxes me. Here are some BETA ASIANS on FB reprimanding us for getting offended by THE RACIST FROG!

Note to Bridgman… Ummm the last name gives it away. Getting porked by a white dude, naturally you aren’t bothered. He probably gives her a smack down every time she begins to “think” “some” white people are racist. As for Chin Kong Yap… “silly things”, oh you mean like getting spat on for a pandemic because you are yellow? Or that wishing you a ching chong new year is just “cute”. Hold up, WHAT IF this was a BLACK GIRL? Would you still pass this off as silly? Nope. Your pathetic beta stance is reserved ONLY FOR YOUR FORMER WHIP MASTER.

Then we get someone who thinks uttering this retort is like a flambe performance on a skillet..

Is Yon Tan clinically INSANE? Is he really so out of touch as to not understand how his comment will be used to denigrate his stupid ass? Debby hit the right tack but Yon? Saying stuff like that is ammunition for a white girl to instantly retort that “she don’t want no uglyass Asian man”, once again, putting ourselves on the weaker side of the scale.

The Two Achilles of Asians – white worshipping and not understanding how to “shade” properly.

Look, growing up in Australia, I can tell you that sarcasm was served for breakfast every morning, and roasting happens every night at dinner… We need to go for the JUGULAR.

What incenses White people MOST, is hearing coloured minions state point blank, that they are UNENLIGHTENED robber barons of the highest order… Oh, and that they are also GENOCIDAL, authoritarian history whitewashers, using the cloak of religion to conceal their diabolical thirst to bestow grief and pain on every interaction with a native… think of it as the Midas touch, except the only thing that turns to gold is their loot.

Another point is to state that they are PHYSICALLY UNATTRACTIVE. This one gets ’em BIG TIME. The problem is, Asians are too damn deferential and obsequious to White people. In front of them (come on, you know what we say) we always compliment them. Westerners can’t understand this form of social lubrication, so it’s time we tell them the truth. They are PLAIN. Most Asians only think White people are theoretically goodlooking, and like I said before in other posts, it’s in the EXACT same manner people use to compliment all dogs as being cute!

It’s time to elucidate the problems of having skin elasticity of untreated cotton, sun sensitivity (read: white skin is a haven for melanoma refugees) and loudly opine “IS IT NOT A CONCERN of theirs, that 93% of people suffering from Lou gehrig’s is white?” (Webmd), TO THEIR FACE and not just whine behind their backs like a gutless wonder.

We need to REITERATE AD NAUSEUM, we desire NOTHING of theirs, not their looks, their philosophy, nor their wisdom. We only need their basic scientific laws (physics), but we ALREADY GOT THAT! *snap*. This is WHY we are landing on the far side of the moon, spinning up a silk cacoon so that we can make the FIRST silk jimjams that say “Made on the moon. China Lunar Rover”.

Then we got to STOP this: prostrating to the idiots by CONSTANTLY giving them a pass on DISGUSTING acts of vile, offensive racism. Look at this Beta Korean girl! I want to slap her so hard it’s not funny! Why does she KEEP INSISTING that Germans are nice, when they PUNCHED HER, POURED SOMETHING ON HER, CALLED HER A CHING CHONG and pulled up their eyes? Is her so English impaired that she thinks “nice” means racist son of a bitch?

To watch click here

This is how you treat racists, except kick up a bigger fuss…

To watch, click here

Honestly, we are in a war not only with the racists, but ALSO with Asians who will fight other Asians FOR STANDING UP TO OUR AGRESSORS.

Please share posts which advocate for Asian unity, and stand up for yourself. Noone else will.