Friendship is difficult with the West because…….

By Rei Tanotsuka, 4 April 2021

“……all it takes is to look vaguely Asian for us to be subject to attacks, and that is incredibly problematic.”  Daniel Dae Kim

If you only know me through my writings, you might get the impression that I elect to sever all contact with Westerners because I critique their ways of being with a rather heavy hand. I actually get along well with Western people in the same way I get along well with most people – I exercise decorum to their faces, and scrutinise their viewpoints behind their backs! I don’t have problems with any individual pertaining to their race, class or creed. You may deem this a tad 2 faced, but let’s get real, we ALL have 3 bloody faces – one for the public, one for private friends/family, and the last one who pretends to be Beyonce in concert, shaking every part that can be shook, is usually locked up until we are all alone.

Anyhoo, “friendship” in today’s vernacular means little more than a few drinks and exchanges of pleasantries, and many we meet in adulthood are not likely to be committed for the long haul.

The kind of friendship that I want to talk about however, harks back to a time when we were innocent enough to be vulnerable, and offered ourselves to another with the same mettle as accepting them as a permanent member in our life – the kind of mate who allows this sentiment to arise, but be devoid of grudges:

“We’ve been through so much together, and most of it was your fault.” Ashleigh Brilliant

This brings me to today’s post, the difficulties in establishing genuine friendships with Western people.

The notion of the “ONE” holding primacy over the many

Because of the varying degrees of self isolation due to covid-19, we have seen an exponential rise in online everything’s! Yes, I’m alot more “social” these days because Zoom meetings don’t require agonizing over what to wear, how to get there and awkward introductions…..if you feel in anyway inept, JUST MUTE until the tide turns in your favour to appear witty and urbane again.

So I joined a philosophy group last week which posed a question regarding friendships, and I’m glad a White guy made this admission first, or else I would come off as racist yet again. A British/Australian guy in the group mused that all of his closest friends have an Asian nexus, whether they be Asians born in Asia later immigrating to the West, or Asians born and raised in the West.

He then asked the rhetorical question, “Why is it so difficult to establish GENUINE friendships with Westerners?”, he himself being as polar bear white and Western as the demographic he was pondering about.

I, being an uncensored bitch for 3/4’s of the day, offered two salient points on the toxicity of Western philosophy:

1. Western society prizes the notion of “Best” with the utmost sanctity.

2. The West is not able to understand “DIFFERENCE” outside of a hierarchy.

1. Only the best will do!

The idea of there being a “best” is actually highly corrosive in symbiotic systems, and serve no purpose other than to promote self-adulation. Our world will be in a better head space if we value GOOD OVER BEST. I want you to seriously think about what I just wrote.

I have spoken to so many people on this topic, and I have not even met ONE PERSON who could fathom why “best” is a toxic belief to harbour. In nature, we coexist and co-evolve, it is literally IMPOSSIBLE to extract a “best” from a vacuum. We have no idea the genetic and epigenetic factors which contribute to any one individual becoming the so called “best” in any endeavour or field. To give ONE PERSON, or ONE ENTITY this moniker is meaningless. “Best” (though an inevitable outcome based on reductionism), is at best (lol) a transient phenomenon, and at worst, nothing more than vanity, a vacuous title made for us to hate each other over.

Let’s take sports as an example. Hussein Bolt set a record of 9.58 seconds for the 100m race, with the second fastest runners at 9.69 seconds for the same track. In the world of Olympic Games, an 11 second lead is the difference between a rickshaw and a Lambo, but what is that difference measured in the utility of society? Bugger all!

Let’s go stupid from this point onwards, and say we are getting attacked by an alien race  who has the machinations to blow up our power grids so that we can’t use technology to leverage our fight. Let’s also say our only hope for the salvation of our species is to shove an infinity stone up the rectum of the head honcho alien. How do we use this running talent that we have COLLECTIVELY EVOLVED?

If we use the “best” system, it would only make sense to employ Bolt as the runner and hope that his rocket pins come conjoined with accuracy in shoving stones up orifices. The future of humanity rests on ONE individual with the ability to recognise an alien crack, and a pair of really great Nikes.

However, if we believe that “good” has more utility, then we would employ the whole damn Olympic team of runners! The chances are going to be alot better, because in the realm of alien dodging, you’re not going to run in a straight line. The Gay’s and Blake’s (second fastest runners at 9.69 sec per 100m) may be more adroit in turning corners or ducking lasers, they may also serve as decoys to distract and destroy. The point is, WHY do we care about being the “BEST” when it’s a concert of the “GOOD” that brings coordination and success?

Even now as we look at behemoths like FB, Google and Amazon, we should all know that they grew to be tech giants by swallowing up the “good” companies. GOOD is the foundation upon which BEST is built, and if we stop obsessing over titles, we would realise that what benefits human kind overall, is not a title accorded to a “ONE”, who is a collective creation of the many.

If you still think I’m exaggerating Western lunacy, look at America having a go at China now. This is literally a real life example of title envy gone awry. America has been number one for a while and White people have been at the top for a few centuries, they are now livid in facing the future as a number 2. I know that’s shit compared to number one, but second is hardly considered to be abject failure when you are standing in a line of 195 countries!

It’s not acceptable that China has created 5G for us all to prosper, it matters to White people who made it, this is pathology at its apotheosis. Imagine the folly of pinning a value system weighted on the melanin content of the creator, rather than on the utility of the creation!

Do we actually have White people who understand how appallingly racist these sentiments are? Biden believes that White people SHOULD LEAD IRRESPECTIVE of whether they are fit to, or qualified to lead!

2. Inability to see difference outside of a hierarchy

This is another brain fart of the West. How on earth can their minds be so constipated that they can’t understand that differences don’t have to be ranked?

I used to be a health Nazi, and loved devouring all the different quack theories out there, everything from Gerson’s therapy to the Budwig protocol! One day I came across a story that illustrated a poignant life lesson. This is the “Dummy’s Guide” version of it.

Mutiny was afoot in the human body, with each body part identifying the privileges of the indolent stomach, an organ that did nothing but hog all the damn food! So the sob stories made the rounds with the heart mewling, “I pump around 2000 gallons of blood everyday and get very little in return”, and the kidney lamented that it’s lot was even worse – it only gets to filter out the crap in the body. Why oh why, they cried in unison, does the stomach get all food while doing squat diddly? After hearing the disparaging remarks, the stomach, in a dejected manner agreed to stop taking the food.

I don’t need to finish this story right? You get drift…..what? You need me to spell it out? Well, the stomach proved to be vitally important because without it doing the peristalsis thang, no nutrients were available to run the other bits of the human machine. The take home point is that EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS, WORKS IN TANDEM WITH SOMETHING ELSE, HENCE NOTHING IS MORE, OR LESS IMPORTANT.

Something so elementary to grasp, is sorely amiss in the Western view of reality. To the West, EVERYTHING HAS A POSITION that is either SUPERIOR or INFERIOR relative to itself, there ABSOLUTELY can’t be equality in difference!

The worst part is not even contemplating that a transient hierarchy may exist, but the insistence that the West is ALWAYS at the top!

The Brits totally bungled up India’s Chaturvarna system, originally codified as a socially mobile, but immutable occupational guild. That’s right, a sudra by birth could become a kshatriya if s/he has the wherewithal to be a part of the military, or ruling class. The Poms, because of their obdurate stupidity in not being able to articulate nuance, decided on behalf of the Hindus, THAT THEIR UNDERSTANDING OF THEIR OWN FAITH WAS ERRONEOUS, and infact, the 4 groups were actually a ‘set in stone’ caste, based on birth right! India has now devolved into a nation, where despite having a “democratic” political system, has a rabid discrimination of an underclass who is believed to be created outside of the primal man’s body (Purusha) – the untouchables or dalits. They are deemed so unsavoury that to walk within the propinquity, or to be touched by an untouchable, warrants a cleansing ritual.

The British who ruled India used Manusmriti as the standard to settle disputes among Hindus with regard to matters of inheritance, family disputes, marriage and royal succession. Some Hindu scholars believe that the British found in the Manusmriti a useful tool to promote their interest or perpetuate the society divide among the Hindus to consider their power.” MANUSMRITI THE GREATEST KNOWLEDGE: Code Of Social Conduct, by RAM NIVAS KUMAR

Sharing the notion of mate-ship with the West not only entails accepting their fundamentally perilous axioms, but it also requires us to become amnesic ABOUT THE TIME THEY…..

1. Wanted to enslave us!

Alessandro Valignano, an Italian Jesuit missionary who went on Catholic conversion missions in the East, could fathom the reasons for not enslaving the Japanese, but nevertheless believed that slavery fell “in general in two types: the sad slavery (tristem servitutem) of African Blacks, and the positive enslavement of Japanese.”.  論 文 の 英 文 要 旨 Jesuits and the Problem of Slavery in Early Modern Japan, by Rômulo da Silva Ehalt

Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a Daimyo in the Sengoku period of Japan, was repulsed by the Portuguese when he came to understand they were SELLING Japanese people as slaves. Something along these lines ensued with the outmost incredulity at the barbarians who transgressed all lines of civil conduct.

We’ve been foolish! We welcomed them to our country and gave them the opportunity to make bumper profits from trade. We’ve been tolerant of their faith, but they’ve been betraying us behind our back!” The Goddesses of Japan, Kazuko Nishimura

Due to Hideyoshi’s demands, a law was passed in Portugal in 1595 banning the trade of Chinese and Japanese people as slaves. Phew, that was a close call. If we did join the slave brigade, it would have been us a few hundred years later who would be red lined and holding up placards bearing “Yellow Lives Matter” due to gratuitous killings…..wait, that is us AND WE WEREN’T EVEN FUCKIN’ SLAVES!

2. Took advantage of a MONK and robbed us of our historical literature!

The gullible Daoist monk guarding the cave filled with literary goodies, was Wang Yuanlu. The dastardly, avaricious Hungarian- British archaeologist was Aurel Steiner.

Steiner, possibly employing language obfuscation and perfidy with a touch of saccharin, convinced Wang to part with all the valuable scriptures hidden in the Mogao Caves (aka, Cave 17 of the Diamond Sutra) for a pittance – 220 pounds exactly. The price of shame that is commensurate with British morality, yes the Poms really are that low!

What’s the biggie you ask? Well, the scribbles the British “bought” were scrolls carried by an assortment of monks, the Manichean Turkish, Sogdians, Runic Turkics and Uyghurs, to name a few. How’s this for irony? You know how the West has recently fired up the defamation grill and is roasting China about the annihilation of the Uyghur culture? Well how about THEY RETURN THE UYGHUR SCROLLS they practically looted if they care so much about Uyghur cultural preservation? A bunch of bloody hypocrites is what the West is!

Included in the tomb of scrolls was also the OLDEST star chart in the world! That’s right, a Tang Dynasty creation featuring the Big Dipper and Polaris. Sincerely, with a friend like this, who needs a buttock screw from an enemy?

3. Used their coloured children to fight their war, then LOCKED THEM UP as a way of saying “Thank you dickhead, for thinking we would ever treat you like one of our own”.

The 442nd infantry was THE ultimate Asian beta fighting formation in the history of beta Asianhood. If you don’t already know, this was America’s 100% Japanese fighting force during WWII. These idiots were giving their all to a country that locked up their families in internment camps. A staggering 100,000 yellow munchkins gave up their son’s, father’s and grandson’s to fight for a country that was incarcerating them!

Despite the years of suspicion and racism that prevailed at home, these Nisei men fought for their country and their ideals of freedom and democracy. They fought heroically, leaving behind a record that is still untouched today.” National WWII Museum

Though the 442nd infantry still remains the most decorated unit in American history, DO YOU HONESTLY THINK any White or Black American cares? Why are we pledging allegiance to a group of people who are only too happy to load us up as cannon fodder in times of war, and turn us into a diurnal punching bag in times of “peace”?

Here’s another Asian American who thinks by showing his patriotism in a very visceral way, will earn him and his community accolades and respect. Think again!

To watch, click here
Lee Wong, chairman of the Westchester, Ohio, Township Board of Trustees, attempted to raise the issue of iniquities dispensed upon Asians by articulating the sacrifices he has made. When are we Asians going to WAKE UP? NOONE CARES! Asians are going to remain the scapegoat, and if we fall for this one again, we deserve to be lynched. The West has HISTORICALLY BEEN beyond reprehension towards us. How many more internment camps, Asian exclusion Acts and outright violence must they exact on us before we are confident in acknowledging that they DON’T LIKE US?

From everyday Asians who bend over backwards for their Western communities, (thinking that magnanimity exercised on our part will squelch all forms of prejudice), to our boys fighting on the front line for THEIR (resource looting) freedom, has made not an iota of difference in their disdain towards us!

Cha Choe, a Korean American woman who has had her fair share of trials and tribulations in life, ended up getting stabbed by a low life, sole scraping piece of shit who used his fucked up cultural idiosyncrasies as an excuse to perpetrate murder. She, BECAUSE OF THE LEGACY OF ASIAN DIGNITY that is seared into our collective unconscious, rendered her lot in life to a series of challenges she must overcome.

Whereas her killer, Marcus Louise Williams, decided on incriminating everyone else for his cantankerous vile nature, attributing the cold blooded murder of an innocent human being, to his childhood ordeals. This hood Sambo thinks ONLY HE experienced difficulties in life, and hence is deserving of an impunity pass like the spate of recent black fucktards who have been killing, maiming and looting Asians. You see, unlike the BLACK TRASH in America (obviously I’m not talking about the African Americans who are well versed in the alliance between Asians and themselves), we Asians don’t BLAME SOMEONE ELSE if our innate desire is to twerk our gargantuan asses, instead of tweeking the math equation in our latest invention, a cause which will see its effect by getting left behind economically. We don’t blame anyone for our vices, but conversely, we are damn quick to exercise humility by praising others for their contributions towards our achievements even if the participation amounts to a sliver of a percent!

Regular customers knew Choe as “Mama,” and many said she cooked for them, gave hugs and smiles and helped those in need”.  Kiro 7…..So? How is serving your community any different to destroying it? You get the SAME AMOUNT OF RESPECT, and your life is still tokenised because as Asians, we aren’t really considered human….

The Trillion Dollar Question

Why? Why do we even feel the need to gain friendship from a group of ingrates who harbour nothing less than mal-intent for us?

The West only has two purposes for us in relation to it – to be obsequious enough to ameliorate all their insecurities, and to continue to traverse life as mere manufacturing beasts of burdens, making everything from their crotchless panties to EV’s for their fat asses to pass gas in. It’s a holocaust to its sensibilities in getting the West to honour the most enduring principle of creation – we, yes ALL OF US, are an agathokakological (mixture of good and bad) cocktail in all dynamic proportions.

No one should be placed on a pedestal and no one warrants eternal damnation as the devil!

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  1. Hi Rei. (Nick from Quora here). Great article. I, strangely (or not), despite being for all intents and purposes a white person, also find it basically impossible to make friends with other white people. In addition to your two major observations, which were totally on point, I’d add: westerners, to varying degrees, and peaking with Americans, have no concept of what friendship actually means. Their bar is set very low. Their friendships are based around drinking, smoking weed, and f***ing. Along with that comes inane conversation about the last time they got wasted or laid.

    I’ve backpacked all around the world, usually solo. Whenever I end up in a hostel filled with white people, I immediately remember why I enjoy traveling alone, as opposed to with other people from my country. They are loud, obnoxious, and as you pointed out, always trying to one-up one another. It’s really toxic. And just like the general state of consciousness of the west, they are completely unaware of how toxic it actually is.

    Those are my two cents. Oh and btw, we really miss you on Quora! Your voice is sorely lacking in the community of truth and rationality. Needless to say, I look forward to reading more from you here.


    1. Hi Nick!
      So happy you dropped by. I hope you are doing well in all your endeavours.

      Yes, the topic of friendship is difficult because what defines this relationship is cultural dependent. What you articulated is spot on, in the West our bonds are created on shared strife. We even coined thick as thieves.

      With Asians mate-ship is done through shared experiences, vs shared collusion. There’s also very little reciprocation, if any at all with my Western friends. With my Asian variegated view, I always try to buy a drink or treat, but that is never returned. It’s not expecting everything to be a perfect balance, but it would be nice to occasionally have a cake on them, when they’ve had 5 pizzas and beers on you.

      I miss the Quora community, and surprisingly considering it’s a social media platform, the people overall are quite smart. Now that I’ve been on more apps, I realise the shockingly low level of knowledge elsewhere. Anyway I’m happy you’re still on Quora monitoring the situation, it’s good that they haven’t booted off every good contributor.

  2. Insightful and salient post as always. As a black man I’m also glad you called out the black trash. Trash must always be called out. I’m seeing the Asian community more vocal than I can ever remember on a number of issues affecting their community. It’s been too long, and I for one am loving this awareness.

    1. Yes, all groups who cause mayhem need to be called out.
      I’m also glad to know that you as a Black man understand my nuance in stating the difference between Black people or African Americans who are aware vs the black or white or self hating yellow trash who stalk our earth, conforming to the stereotypes mandated on us by Western ideology. We, as human beings must unite against a system that won’t allow fair competition but insists that one group must always be at the top.

      1. As usual, your articles are a great read, informative and strong. Many valid points and this fighting energy is what we need. Thank you.

  3. you’re a racist hypocrite. You catalogue a litany of crimes committed against your people by whites but you seem to be most worked up about something a black man allegedly did to an Asian woman. Your hatred for blacks comes across loud and clear to this REAL black man.

    Blacks aren’t the ones who blamed Asians for spilling Covid 19 into the world mate. Whites did that. Why don’t you give them your tough talk? Not that we’re scared you or them. Nuke our continent and bofe your world’s end. But if you’re so bad ass then do it, I dare you, nay I beg you.

    Btw coronavirus starting point does seem be in China. At least to my knowledge it was first identified there. I have no doubt that if this thing had started in Africa, Chinese people would show us the same intolerance they’re experiencing at the hands of white people. The anti-black hatred you’ve displayed in this post and others leaves no doubt in this black man’s mind you’re every bit a racist as the whites you so want to be. Yeah I think who’s the Asian beta, it’s you who can’t resolve you’re ambiguity about white people. You love and and want them to love you back, but they keep letting you down right. No such conflict with blacks tho. Stupid little white dick fetishist. The only white boy you can get is one who no woman wants here wants, even for money. Your puny men folk are a joke to our big strong robust women folk, despite all their maths prodigy ways. yawn.

    Compared to what whites have done to you we Blacks have never lifted a finger against Chinese people. So why the venom? You’re as much a supremacist, racist piece of shit hypocrite as any white supremacist racist piece of shit. Just like them you’re a coward and bully who only picks fights with what you think are easy targets.

    Fuck you, you, flat arsed, matchstick woman. Ugly flat nosed, slitty eyed, pound shop suzi wong. I thought chinky women were supposed to be docile and submissive comfort women who lived only to suck white dick.

    I’m glad they drove you off Quora and I hope the White west fucks up your over breeding, resource depleting plague of a country.

    1. Fuck you, piece of SHIT. You haven’t read anything of what I’ve ever wrote! If you did, you low life imbecile, you would realise my heroes are MALCOLM X, FREDRICK DOUGLASS, Louis Farrakhan and Frantz Fannon you fucktard!

      Me, too gutless to confront White people? WTF are you even talking about? I’m hardest on them, you hood Sambo! Look, you sit n spin as far as I’m concerned, I have NO SYMPATHY FOR PEOPLE LIKE YOU. You claim to have read my writings and SAY IM WEAK AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE?WTF? It just goes to show YOU ARE THE REPRESENTATIVE OF THE STEREOTYPE OF BLACKS – ugly, boorish, INCREDIBLY STUPID AND ILLITERATE. Prove me wrong mofa, debate me. You have Zoom chickenshit? I will tear you to pieces in 3 seconds flat!

      Why are you even here? You have no right to be, my blog is for intellectuals NOT BLACK THUG APOLOGISTS! You are the exemplar of what it means to be the basket case of society. Do you NOT EVEN READ THE NEWS??? Go find me am Asian who has gone TO THE HOOD TO MAIM, MURDER AND LOOT YOUR PEOPLE, then find the number of BLACKS WHO HAVE ATTACKED ASIANS, ya fat ass twerking clown!

      PS.try learning how to read and write well enough TO SIMPLY QUALIFY TO WRITE ON QUORA! LMAO

      1. im 95% certain that he is not a black person he sound exactly like those 4 chan jewish payed trolls that cover under an african identity , he sound like a parody of parodic sterotype like someone trying too hard to appear as black mixing middle class sarcastic expresion like woo or yawn convined with over the top remark of what a gueto african is supossed to say remarking in every line how much of a black person he really is .

          1. Steady, Rei… As one commenter already noted, this looks very much like a classical character assassination attempt – a manipulative person pretending to be black in order to provoke an angry response from you that paints you as a racist towards people with African ancestry. Remember, this is just one anonymous surfer posting some text – but if someone who actually does have African ancestors chances on your blog and reads this altercation, s/he might feel taken aback and the damage is done.

            Simply put: It’s not (only) you that’s being targeted here – it’s your readers. His/her weapon: Humiliation.

            It appears that we have actually TWO demons to tame – one is the opponent that attacks/challenges us, the other is within ourselves. And the most insidious, dangerous opponents are those who know how to feed and poke our own demons until it starts thrashing around – and we end up hurting those that we actually seek to connect to.

            Remember: This is a marathon, not a sprint.


          2. I think you have to be realistic, past alliances are past alliances and in the same light as White people (not everyone is bad) we have to call out the Blacks who literally kill us.

            Not all White people harm us, ditto with Black people, ditto with Beta Asians, but when they are destructive they need to be called out.

            It’s not just this one wack job, go on Twitter and read the comments by Black people getting annoyed that Asians are “taking away” the importance of BLM because of the AAPI movement. This is not one guy at all….the Asian Black problem is a second coming already, the first being the Korean killing of a 15 year old Black girl.

            If follow me, you know how much I empathize and sympathize with the Black struggle. I’ve probably read way more about their struggles than the average American Black person and when these attacks started, I refrained from passing quick judgement, I can’t ignore it anymore.

            They are attacking us with the frequency of White people.

            I’m not a person who is loyal to a belief, my belief will change depending on what really happens, not what theoretically should happen.

            Make no mistake however, I know this still stems from White supremacy, this is the instigator. I’m just terribly disappointed that Black people have fallen for it and started to blame us like White people do.

            I think people are sensitive to Black critique and always feel it’s unfair, but look at my body of work, I’m probably harshest on White people, followed by Beta Asians. I’ve never criticized Black people until the recent spate of Asian looting and killings.

            I don’t think I’m a good person, all I hope to be is fair. I’ll call everyone out equally.

          3. I’m completely with you. But don’t forget that (for now) probably 80% or so of social media is controlled by CANZUK and EU elites – and I mean controlled in the sense that they can tweak the content of popular platforms any way they want.

            Of course we’re getting the impression that “so many” African-American people are hating on Asians – it probably takes only a few trained nerds and 100 hours of work or so to write a software package in order to automatize the creation of super-realistic sock puppet/agent provocateur accounts (including realistic, non-traceable profile pictures and computer-generated biographies) that can be used to inject hatespeech on online platforms. Or you just tweak your trending algorithms so that genuine hatespeech floats to the top, while genuine constructive content (such that would bring oppressed people together) is surpressed. For the attackers, this has multiple benefits: It emotionally exhausts the minorities which are being pitted against each other, it emotionally exhausts activists (like you) who try to speak up online, it generates actual hate crimes, and at some point people subconsciously start believing the lies with which they are being bombarded all day long (e.g. seeing “Chinese” content and feeling immediate “virtual” social pressure to dislike it).

            In case you haven’t noticed: None of those platforms require an authentication of your identity e.g. using your passport ID. Anyone who wants can simply create hundreds of fake mail accounts, write up some fake biography, and add a computer-generated profile pic and start messing around with peoples minds.

            (reload page to generate new picture)

            My point is, you need to be aware that all these mainstream media platforms are NOT neutral, open spaces. They’re NOT open forums where everyone has the same voice and can speak up in order to be heard. Many sites are nothing but tools for mass manipulation and if one is not aware of such trickeries and rigged games, it’s easy to burn yourself out.

            Q&A platforms are a perfect example – it’s such an effective propaganda tool. You fake an innocuous, sometimes pseudo-academic flair, then have people ask “interesting” (oftentimes manipulative) questions, have other people post answers, and the “most popular” answer gets on top – except that both the moderation and the majority of the content + votes comes from a single group of people. It’s a rigged game, in which a “democratic” concept (voting) is being turned into a perverted, corrupted tool to create a fake sense of majority opinion. And fabricating a fake sense of majority opinion is a very effective tool to sway peoples minds.

  4. Yeah but nobody cares about tho China you stinky chinky over breeding race of locusts. You expect people be suspicious of the Wests anti-China propaganda but due to your own yellow (on bofe counts) racism, you deepthroat white media propaganda whole, like the good little Suzi WRONG you are.

    Why don’t you go check the number of attacks on Asians by WHITES that your beloved white media isn’t reporting? You useless idiot, five degeneracies lower than a useful idiot.

    And I’m a big strong and intelligent black man, with masculine beauty galore and a physical robustness your little KFlop sissy bois can only wet dream of. I’m all the things a chinky faggot wants to be, but is not. Women fight to suck my dick ho, but I wouldn’t accept a blank cheque if it meant I had to let — an anoxeric, no ass, no tits, flat nosed, bukake drenched, slitty eyed, used up raggedy chinaho, — — get closer than spitting distance of me.

    Stop believing the hype, you rancid pile leftover of white OAP fuck meat, nobody cares about Asian women except white men so old they can’t remember when they lost their virginity, but dementia has em so confused they think the wrinkly assed 19y/o chinky cum addicts who keep trying to suck their dicks, was their first.

    Now go do the world a big favour, go get your tubes tied, leave the mouf tho we’re sending some old white men your way. lol

    1. @”Black” Man:

      When I look at this photo, I feel gratitude and deepest respect to the African-American community. Despite struggling under oppression and humiliation, people still had the courage and fervor to gather and stand up for this tiny country on the other side of the planet being bombed to oblivion.

      Whenever we are pitted against each other in tumultous times, I will make myself remember this.

      1. PS.: Ignore the rest of that website, it’s just spreading the usual “Cold War” lies.

    2. This is anti-intellectual shit. Please come back with a Master’s degree.

      1. Yes, I agree your comment is dumber than dogshit, and when you decide to actually start reading something called books, please take your asinine comments and SHOVE IT UP YA ASS! Pathetic garbage that you are, can’t even take A SLIVER of criticism and reality. Typical of the stupid.

  5. the problem is asimetric liberalism and the elefant in the room , the jews understand a crucial truth. People are more extensions than individuals. As social creatures, people are more like ants than solitary animals such as tigers or bears.

    It’s as if you must first weaken the ties that hold a structure together; then the structure can be dismantled brick by brick. But do you break things apart to keep them apart indefinitely?
    No, you take them apart to use them as building blocks for a new structure based on your project. Liberalism promised individuality, freedom and choice to all. It was especially useful in disassociating the white right from its bonds of conservatism. White conservatism defended ties to the past and heritage and ties between whites (and Christians). While Americanism (and Western culture in general) had long been more individualistic than others, it rejected radical individualism. If one had to choose between unity/community and division/individuality, priority was given to the former. Thus, while American conservatism was not anti-individualist, it put unity before the individual. Libertarianism was prepared to reverse the formula.

    Among the more moderate libertarians, it was individuality and choice before unity and tradition, but they were not hostile to the latter. Ron Paul belongs to this school. (His is the school of Virtue Libertarianism, the idea that more freedom and individuality will mean more choices and means by which people can make better, healthier, more rational and sensible decisions. More freedom means more opportunities to be good and moral. In contrast, there is the school of Vice Libertarianism which regards the traditional virtues as “square” and “lame” and argues that the vices cancel each other out and lead to a kind of equilibrium. This could also be Anton LaVey’s school of individualism).

    If moderate libertarians put individuality before unity (but still valued unity), radical libertarians opposed any sense of unity and inheritance. It was all a matter of “me and my choice.” Not surprisingly, they opposed nationalism, which was all about the consensus favoring policies deemed good for the organic whole. Radical libertarians see such policies as a position between the individual and choice. The GROUP representing the National Interest prevents individuals from acting freely vis-à-vis the rest of the world.

    In any case, unbeknownst to most Gentile libertarians, Jewish elements pushed libertarianism as a means to an end, not as the end in itself. Consciously or unconsciously, Ayn Rand and other Jews would have felt that Jewish power would grow enormously if Whites became more individualistic while Jews became more tribal, more pro-unity.

    Unity creates a gravitational core while individuality disperses the force in all directions. The universe is full of stardust, but stardust remains drifting in the dark. Bright suns are created by the unity of stardust into large concentrations of matter that generate tremendous energy. No wonder cities dominate the countryside. The cities concentrate power, the countryside disperses it far and wide. Even Mao Zedong, who called for “encircling the cities from the countryside,” was educated in the cities and, when his side won the war, made sure that the Communists controlled all the cities with a tight grip.

    Paradoxically, city life is more rootless and individualistic, but power is concentrated in a singular unit. In contrast, life in the countryside is more rooted and communal, but the people are smaller in number and separated across great distances. Perhaps, city people may be more individualistic because they can take their systemic unity for granted. They live in such an elaborate and elevated form of social order that they do not have to work as hard to survive.

    Anyway, the gentile liberals thought that individualism was for everyone. Everyone would be uprooted and come to think of themselves primarily as an individual, as an “I” or “myself.” Everything else – national allegiance, racial identity, religious affiliation, kinship, etc. – would be secondary or nonexistent. All groups would move in this direction. Not just whites, but Jews, blacks, browns and the rest. But just as Whites were moving toward an identity based solely on the individual, Jews were playing with Holocaust worship, Zionist ideology and Yiddish sensibilities. Jews were reminded never to forget their Jewish history and their unique suffering TOO JEWISH. So, while Jews appreciated individualism, it came AFTER unity. Philip Roth, for example, could be an individual and write “pornographic” stuff, but at the end of the day, he was praised for his Jewish pride and Zionism.

    Jews were Jewish individuals, not generic individuals, which is what Jews urged Whites to become.

    While Jews also have a powerful sense of Negative Identity – “The evil white gentiles pogromed us and threw us into the gas chambers” – they also have a powerful sense of Positive Identity rooted in history, heritage and memory.

    In contrast, since most non-White Gentiles have weaker cultures and identities, all they are left with as an identifier is the “MORAL PRIDE ” of being wronged and victimized by White “racists” and “supremacists”. It’s like Jews telling Muslims, “Forget Islam, let your daughters grow up to be ‘twerk’ and act like whores, let your sons imitate black rappers and wave the ‘gay pride’ flag.” So what would be the meaning of being a Muslim in America?

    It would be as a member of the People of Color who are always ‘victimized’ by the nasty ‘white supremacists’.

    At the end of the day, Jews have positive and negative identities, non-Whites have negative identities, and Whites have generic identities.

    Jews have a sense of history and unity (separate from Whites) and a sense of moral outrage (in negative opposition to White “anti-Semites”).

    Non-Whites, in their amnesia, lose all sense of who they are independent of Whites, and as such, their only identity is in relation to Whites: “White racists did us wrong.” And whites have no sense of who they are and where they come from. Whites are discouraged from looking at their racial, historical, mythical and spiritual roots. Whites are now completely post-cultural.

    If the European past is invoked, it is to willfully misinform whites that the Vikings and Romans were black and that Europe was ALWAYS about mass immigration and “diversity.” (If so, why do Jews say Europe was so “racist”?) So can Whites at least be free individuals left alone to do as they please, like the guys in Richard Linklater’s DAZED AND CONFUSED? No, not even that. Whites must also have an identity that operates in a reverse moral dynamic like the non-white Negative Identity. If non-Whites define themselves with Moral Pride vis-à-vis Whites, Whites must define themselves with Moral Shame vis-à-vis non-Whites (and Jews of course). Non-Whites see themselves as “people who were always wronged by Whites,” while Whites must see themselves as “people who always wronged non-Whites.” Thus, both nonwhite and white identities lack autonomy and independence.

    Jews have a sense of who they are apart from their relationships with Whites, but non-Whites, who have much weaker memories, have only a sense of “victimhood” under Whites. It is a negative identity of moral pride. Whites have a negative identity of moral shame. Since whites have no sense of who they are independent of the rest of humanity – the mantra of “Diversity is our strength” in both North America and Europe has made it taboo for whites to conceive of a world of their own, past, present or future – , whites have been conditioned to always think of themselves in relation to the Other. According to this logic, there is no whiteness independent of non-whiteness.

    White identity is always a function of its relational dynamics with Jews and non-Whites IS NOT INDEPENDENT.

    Now, can it be said that whites sometimes did wrong to others and vice versa?

    After all, Whites were invaded by Huns, Moors, Mongols, Arabs, Turks, etc… and are being invaded today by Third World hordes. And weren’t Whites victims of Jewish moneylenders and weren’t countless Christian Slavs murdered by Jewish Communists?

    NO such thinking is taboo and forbidden. Whites should only focus on the wrongs they did to others, unless Whites did it for Jewish supremacists. Whites need not think about the guilt of having supported Zionist wars against Palestinians, Iraqis, Iranians, Syrians, etc. Of course, when the “refugees” from the wars for Israel end up on European and American shores, then Whites should feel shame and guilt for not taking in more of them. When it comes to crushing Arab/Muslim nations, Jews urge the White military to be like heartless and ruthless Nazis. But when “refugees” knock on the doors of the EU and the US, the faceless victims suddenly acquire the aura of “New Jews escaping the Holocaust.”

    In the 1960s and 1970s, when Jews were preaching free speech and youth culture, it seemed that most of them just wanted all Americans to be freer and less obsessed with race, culture and identity. And yet, what the Jews were really doing was using libertarians to loosen the white bonds of white heritage and unity. Once they were loosened and disarmed, there was no way the Jews would let the Whites remain as independent bricks. And they would surely not become white and become generic and “white bread” as rootless individuals. (If Jews seemed rootless to the goyim, it was because they refused to be rooted to goyim conventions. They insisted on being rooted to the much deeper history and identity of their own tribe.)

    Once White unity dissolved and Whites became atomized individuals, Jewish Power planned to build them into a new sense of what it meant to be White, the Negative Identity of Guilt and Shame. And this was to be done through progressivism permeating not only education but also entertainment, advertising, endless crusades, new purges and incessant public announcements.

    In a way, the Jews did it to mold “whiteness” into a useful tool for Jewish power. But it was also because Jews felt that arch-individualism is unnatural for humans who are social creatures. Indeed, there were signs of a Christian revival and a counter-revolutionary conservative tide in the 1980s, after the tumultuous 1960s and the Decade of the 1970s. It was a high water mark for evangelicals in the postwar era.

    Against them, Jews invented political correctness, the “magic Negro,” globe-homo, diversity-is-our-strength and holocaust worship as the new secular religions.

    Jews thought that Whites would feel too lonely as mere individuals and would want to join some kind of “spiritual” community. But what kind of community – the kind that deals with white pride, Christian values, conservatism, family values and nationalism? If whites were going to be moved away from individualism toward some kind of unity and identity, it had to be one in which the white sense of goodness derived from their atonement scorecard.

    The white sense of goodness because they were white was absolutely unacceptable. Whites could only feel good about atonement at the feet of Jews and blacks, celebrating diversity, cheering for the glob-homo and praising race-traitor white women going for the Afro-colonization of white wombs. Over time, this mentality spread even to America’s once-conservative suburbs and small towns. After all, no matter where you live, you have a television set that broadcasts signals from Jewish-controlled news, information and entertainment centers. As Joe Biden said, the Jewish media made America accept “gay marriage.” All those electronic signals beamed into the eyes and ears of Americans made them regard homosexuals, the representatives of Jewish power, as “angels” while despising anyone who opposed the “gay agenda” as a subhuman “homophobe,” whose face became the Greensboro “church,” which might as well be a Jewish Front (just like all those phony neo-Nazi groups run by Jewish hucksters
    As such, all of these targets became mere EXTENSIONS of Jewish power.
    Although they feel free and independent, they are bombarded by Jewish electronic signals on a daily basis. The airwaves are essentially mental whips, rods and leashes. They tell us what is “true” and “false.” They work on our emotions. Consider all the stupid white people who were led to believe it is “Nazi-like” to support or enforce border security. Getting their news and opinions from Jewish controlled sources, they are like dogs on leashes. They are like horses with blinders on, constantly with whips cracking….

    They think of themselves as free individuals seeking the news, but most of the news they absorb comes from a handful of Jewish owned or controlled conglomerates that work hand in glove with the Deep State.

    Instead of seeking the news, it’s more like Jewish propaganda and mind control that seeps into them through the devices they own. (Those devices are like crack pipes. You may own the pipes, but the drugs are supplied by the dealers. You own the crack pipes, but the drugs are yours, and the drugs are sold by the kingpins.)

    If they are truly free and independent, they would be in favor of Freedom of Speech and more choices, but having been so brainwashed and conditioned by the Jewish Power, they support speech control and censorship so they don’t see or hear anything that goes against the Official Narrative they have been fed.

    Because the dogma of Progressivism makes them feel good about flaunting their “white guilt” but feel bad about being critical of Jews and non-Whites, they prefer censorship to being “shot at” and psychologically threatened from their “safe spaces.”

    Funny how these white idiots oppose the border security that makes physical spaces safe, but support the restriction of speech to keep their psychological spaces safe.

    They confuse mind with matter. But as the recent BLM riots have shown, what makes psychological spaces safe makes physical danger zones, which eventually destroy the safe psychological space as well.

    Many whites feel psychologically “safe” with the concept of Black Magic and fight against “white supremacist racism.” They yell and scream at those who oppose such fantasies. They feel psychologically threatened by the truth and demand their mental “safe spaces.” And yet, what do the ideas emanating from their psychological safe spaces lead to? It led to “defunding the police” and blacks acting badly with the support of Antifa thugs. The end result has been many more spaces and really dangerous areas for both blacks and whites. Ideally, safe psychological space should be in sync with safe physical space. In fact, this is how the suburbs grew and expanded. Whites knew that moving away from blacks would make the neighborhoods safer. They knew it in their minds and felt it in their feet. But over time, Jewish media control filled white minds with the notion of Magical Black vs Evil White ‘Racist’. So Blacks were always good and true, Whites were always evil and false. Burdened with such notions of progressives , even whites in white communities came to regard diversity and blackness as sacred, while feeling disgust for whiteness.

    So, instead of trying to defend and preserve their communities, they stripped away the foundations of their own physical well-being in subordination to the demands of safe psychological spaces deluded with progressivism/soma.

    In a way, safe psychological space is like opium addiction. Someone who sucks on an opium pipe is in his la-la land. He thinks he is in heaven, and even though his habit is ruining his physical and material well-being, he prioritizes mental happiness over physical reality. Of course, it is only a matter of time before the deteriorating material reality catches up with him and drags him into the gutter in the most unceremonious way.

    So, in the end, Whites became not individuals but mere EXTENSIONS of Jewish power. Of course, they are too ignorant or stupid to realize that they are being manipulated and led around by the nose. Or, having been inculcated with Jewish Worship, Homo-Mania, and Black Magical Reverence, perhaps they feel virtuous in being so subservient and obedient to Power. But then, are American ‘conservatives’ any better? The essence of today’s ‘conservatism’ can be found in Chris Christie groveling at the feet of Sheldon Adelson, Mitt Romney shuffling before his masseuses at AIPAC, or Marco Rubio playing his turn as The Lobby’s wooden dummy. They are mere extensions.
    Now, it’s natural to be an extension, but of what? Of White identity/interests or Jewish identity/interests?

    In the case of slave-taking, ants from one colony may be made to serve another. The invading ants take larvae from another ant colony, and the baby ants are raised to serve the first. Of course, they do not know this, although they dutifully serve as the extensions of the colony that raided and/or destroyed their colony of origin. The whites brought in black slaves to serve as extensions of the whites. Because the whites were so much more advanced, the blacks (even as slaves) had much to gain, but the fact remains that they no longer served their own tribe but worked for the white tribe. And even as a free people, Blacks in the US military continue to serve as Extensions of the US Empire, now controlled by the Jews who are more bent on the Wars for Israel and Jewish Hegemony.

    Still, if Blacks always knew they were slaves because their subjugation was so visible and physical, most Whites don’t know that they are essentially mental slaves to the Jewish massuhs (who use Blacks, Diversity and Antifa Janissary idiots as overseers to attack and intimidate the White masses).

    If the Whites physically enslaved the Blacks, the Jews stole the hearts and minds of the Jews. Jews stole the souls of Whites. In a way, what the Jews did to Whites is worse than what they did to Blacks. Blacks were savages and, despite physical slavery, they were given souls with Christianity. Even when whites made blacks pick cotton, they spread among blacks the notion that God is greater than any number of whites with guns and whips, and that Jesus, the Son of God, loves the wretched of the Earth, the poor and the downtrodden. So even as whites physically chained blacks in chains, they freed black souls from the depths of jungle savagery. And in time, black Christians would use a powerful spiritual argument for freedom and dignity.

    In contrast, Jewish Power used the media and academia to rob Whites of their soul-forming hearts and minds. The Jews, the masters of psychology, studied what methods are most effective in slipping into the subliminal and subconscious zones of the people. Having thus crept in, they set all kinds of traps and spread all kinds of poisons in the minds of Whites so that Whites would feel nauseous at any thought of “White pride” (like Alex in CLOCK ORANGE) and feel nervous at the consideration of any thought that might offend Jews, Blacks and homosexuals. Jewish mind control crept into the hearts of white gentiles and convinced them that the essence of Christianity is the worship of sodomy and a drug-addicted black man.

    Every man, no matter how smart or strong, is not quite alone. He is only one person. He gains power by turning other men into extensions of himself. Their bodies serve as extensions of his mind, will and vision. He is the will to power. Under Adolf Hitler, it was as if all Germans were extensions of the Führer’s arms and legs. And under Mao, countless Chinese were bearers of his will. More extensions mean more power. This is what the Jews had in mind. In a world ruled by power, people exist as extensions. There are many more Extensions than Extenders, just as there is one Sun but many planets. THE FATHER is not about individuals but about a handful of characters, Vito and Michael (and Barzini), who are Extenders while the rest are mostly Extensions or Buffers of one kind or another. And in the second part of GOVERNOR FATHER, even the witnesses at the Congressional hearing are Extensions of one side or the other. They belong to Michael Corleone or Hyman Roth. Most people belong and serve. By themselves, they are either nothing or protected.

    At one time, the Jews rose through the ranks in the US as Extensions of Anglo Power, but things changed, and now the Anglo’s serve as Extensions of Jewish Power. The difference is that even when the Jews played the role of Anglo Power Extensions, they had a powerful sense of who they were and planned for the day when they would rule. In contrast, the current Extensions of the Jews are really a sorry and pathetic lot. They have no identity or pride and are happily subservient as minions of the Jews. They are like ants taken to serve as slaves. They are “white uncles” or “whites.” And if in the past the Anglo’s thought it was rather rude to be too “anti-Semitic”, today’s Jews are totally shameless and relentless in insulting, humiliating and dehumanizing Whites in every possible way. And what do the Whites do?

    They beg Jews, “Can I suck your dick?” At most, some Whites plead with Jews, “Please, oh, please, don’t be so mean to us.” I mean, you wouldn’t like us to do it to you. So, please, please, please be nice to us, and we’ll kiss your ass.” How pathetic.

    In the movie MY WARDKEEPER the little boy is bullied by tougher kids and recruits a much bigger guy to serve as his extension. Jews are nothing without their extensions. Ironically, the most valued extensions of Jewish power are Whites, although Jews also believe they need diversity as a bulwark against the White threat.

    Jews see Whites as the most useful but also the most dangerous horse that can throw the Jewish rider off and kick him in the skull and run off to be free. Therefore, Jews need Diversity as additional baggage on the horse so that he cannot jump off and be wild. Of course, if Diversity serves as the straw that broke the White horse’s back, the Jews will have nothing.

    With Whites, it’s a carrot and stick game. If a White cooperates fully with the Jews, he gets lots of carrots. If they deviate from the Plan, they get hit with big sticks. (It’s like Leon Wieseltier’s formula for dealing with Muslims. Total ruthlessness THERE where they pose a threat to Israel and kindness THERE where they can be used as part of the coalition against the Whites.) Jews use diversity to tame Whites but fear that too many strikes against Whites may lead to a decline in White energies, in which case Whites will not be as useful as the Empire’s managers and foot soldiers.

    At MY BODY GUARD, we naturally sympathize with the little boy because we don’t like bullies. And we’d like to believe that the good little wimp uses his wits to hire good muscle as extensions to push back against the bad bullies. But the kid is also a smartass and a jerk. In a way, the dark version of him is Kleinfeld’s Sean Penn character in CARLITO’S WAY. Here’s a smart guy who’s not good with fists and guns, but he knows the law and has connections. He can get people to do all kinds of things for him. And yet, he’s a thief and an arch-criminal in the making.

    Over the years, many Americans came to think that Jews, while not the toughest and hardiest of men, are the most intelligent, wise, decent, judicious and understanding, not least because they suffered the Shoah and have been the People of the Book, the greatest ever written. So why not have Jews take over elite institutions? Why not be guided by Jewish sages, philosophers, great thinkers and teachers? What better kind of elites can one expect? Let the US be guided by such excellent people and let the rest of us be happy-go-lucky Extensions of Jewish Power.

    The problem with this view is that it misunderstands the nature of power. There may be wise, intelligent and judicious Jews, but such people almost never gain power. Power almost always ends up with the cunning, devious, selfish, selfish, ruthless, greedy, vain, nasty, vicious, corrupt, unscrupulous and/or decrepit. So what kind of Jews gained power – those like Norman Finkelstein (who, for all his faults, is sincere in his attempt to come to terms with the Palestinian issue) or a scoundrel like Chuck Schumer? So, letting the Jews take power did not end with the U.S. being ruled by wise men, but by gangsters with degrees in law, business, or high-tech knowledge, the geeksters. George Soros, Paul Singer, Mark Zuckerberg, etc.

    Without Whites as workers, managers, engineers, soldiers and enforcers, Black-Jews and Homo would have no global reach. Whites have been the adventurous and logistical force that conquered the whole world and brought a semblance of unity to mankind.

    This brought many great benefits to all mankind, as people everywhere began to share ideas, methods and materials. But the Jews conquered White institutions intellectually and financially while Blacks conquered the White imagination athletically, musically and sexually, and that means that Whites are now more in awe of Jews and Blacks. As such, they are little more than dogs that serve to promote and spread the power/prestige of Judaism and blackness around the world. (Globo-homo is a mere wing of Jewish Power.) But one look at the Middle East and North Africa, and there should be no doubt what Jewish Power is all about. It is the mass murder of Jewish supremacists.

    The reason for the enthronement of blacks in contemporary society when they make up only 5% of Westerners is very simple.
    Power dynamics often work like chemistry. Anti-White forces are so powerful because of the chemical unity of Jewish and Black brains. If Whites had to deal only with Jews or only with Blacks, the anti-white agenda would be much less effective.

    In a world without blacks, Jews could only rely on ingenuity to run circles around whites. While this can go far, it has limits. In a world without Jews, black power would only go as far as whites controlled the narrative. It is as if the Jews can get away with what they have done to the Palestinians because they control the media and the narrative.

    In the past Whites still controlled the Narrative and conveyed the message that Whites should unite in power. Jews knew they could beat Whites in the brain but not in force. That is why Jews relied on the Black body to act as a battering ram against White male pride. After all, even when a “big dumb Polack” is taunted by a Jewish nerd, he can still get mad and beat up the Jew. He can still play the Tough Guy role. But what if the Jew calls on the nigger to beat up the white guy and reduce him to an errand boy ? That way, the Whites not only lose mentally to the Jews but also physically to the Blacks. If the blacks provide the body for the Jewish brains, the Jews provide the brains for the black bodies.

    Because Jews and blacks are so different, they are not natural friends, but since both have so much to gain from white control, they have developed a symbiotic relationship. People say that love unites the world, but hate (or fear) is also a great force for unity. Jews and blacks don’t really like each other, but their hatred/fear of whites (or potential white power) unites them. It is as if China and Russia were natural rivals rather than natural friends, but the belligerence of the US as a lone superpower has brought them together. Their current fear (bordering on hatred) of the US has made them temporary friends.

    Jews understand the chemistry of power. It is as if alloys make metals stronger. Today’s power is an alloy of Jewish brains and brute force. It is as if Jewish brains control and manage pop culture and pornography and hire black stars and studs to replace white men as symbols of manhood in the West. So Whites need to reflect on the chemical “alloy” of power. It’s like in the movie “My Bodyguard,” where the smart nerd makes a pact with a big tough guy. The blacks are the bodyguards of the Jews, and white manhood was totally bounced and defeated.

    Jews understand the chemistry of power. It is as if alloys make metals stronger. Today’s power is an alloy of Jewish brains and brute force. It is as if Jewish brains control and manage pop culture and pornography and hire black stars and studs to replace white men as symbols of manhood in the West. So Whites need to reflect on the chemical “alloy” of power. It’s like in the movie “My Bodyguard,” where the smart nerd makes a pact with a big tough guy. The blacks are the bodyguards of the Jews, and white manhood was totally bounced and defeated.

    While whiteness is denied, Judaism is historically, culturally, spiritually and genetically affirmed. And because Judaism is an affirmed and consecrated identity, the false identity of whiteness must serve the genuine identity of Judaism… or so Jews say. Judaism is a name with meaning. Whiteness is a mark, like the mark of Cain. It is no longer the name of a people with identity and history. According to the TV mini-series SHOGUN, only samurai had names in traditional Japan. The lower castes were named for their roles in society: blacksmith, potter, cook, carpenter, etc., which is why the white ship captain played by Richard Chamberlain is called “anjin-san,” meaning sailor or something like that. In the New Order, whites should look at their functional usefulness to society, especially to Jews and blacks, but should not think about their racial-cultural identity.

    Unless whites seek liberation and change their ways I think it would be better for the majority of mankind if they vanished forever.

    If white liberation (from the Jewish supremacist madmen and black savages ) fails, then the white race will serve as a bridge to Jewish influence, black idolatry and the decline of the ” globohomo” empire worldwide and the destruction of china to the ground

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  7. the chinese goverment and their embassadors in usa have fully embrace the antiwhite narrative siding unidirectionally with non whites thinking that the diversity could destroy america in the long term im not soo sure about this strategy rei it doent matter how many muslim children america kills it doent matter how many woman rape in the end muslims know that they can prospere in america and their european colonies like they never could dream of doing in a chinese dominated future ; china cant sell their soul like america and his european puppets have done ,china cant let muslims mayors in pekin like a pakistani british have done in london it cant let indians americans take control of their technologicals to showcase indians how much would beneficiate siding with the ” west”, china cant let blacks take the role of pop stars .

    whites have became the sacrificial lamb of the new world order and china cant compeat with that ,in the end china will be completely alone it doent matter what blacks, indians muslims , latinos… openly say they have tacitly choose the jews as their masters and they will be the most irredentive enemies of china that under the mask of benevolent democracy they will admonise for the destruction of the only etnonatinaltionalist country tha can challange the multiracial western model that benefitiate them so much

    the only ones that dont dont beneficiate are whites and asians and very fews more countries like iran that have the ability to life autonomously and built a future for thenselfs .

    maybe my mixed heritage is speaking for me but i think the asian white alliance is the only logic one

    honestly what do you think rei?

    1. The point you are missing is that China DOESN’T NEED TO have a black mayor or let Indians take hold of their technology, do you know why?
      You FAIL to actually UNDERSTAND how multiple races in significant portions come to be. Note that the races and “nationalities” in meaningful percentages in the West, ALL HAIL FROM COUNTRIES THEY ONCE INVADED AND DESTROYED!
      The reason why there’s a Chinese diaspora is BECAUSE THE BRITISH DRUGGED UP TO 70% of the people in some provinces, reducing them into nothing more than walking corpses high on drugs.

      Please use more critical thinking, you can say alot with none of it being worth listening to.

      1. china doent “need to “and thats why blacks, muslim , indians ,latinos … will side with the “west” in the end and you will be completely alone because you OFFER THEM NOTHING

        besides the moral argument its ridiculous turks conquered anatolia displacing the natives greeks from their homeland and is still theirs raping all the way to the gates of viena , kazakstan was populated by europeans people before being displaced by asian in the 3rd century , nearly all spain was conquered by moors and didnt suffer any payback…. while uighur territory have been conquered by china slowly displaced from their native homeland and million putt in concentrarion camps .

        Nobody in this world have the right to moraly justify the displacement of europeans.

        1. That’s ridiculous. Why oh why do we need to even talk about race and stuff? All that history that you dredge up does nothing to ameliorate the current situation, which is the West using their favourite card, racial bait, to upturn other societies. Look they even do it to their own in Europe. Britain has anti-Euopean sentiments.
          You need to stop feeling so insecure thinking other people will displace you.

          1. WTF are you talking about? You are the one who is lost and ignorant. You are just a beta, whatever colour you are. Clearly the West has always divided people according to colour, an in-depth historical analysis has been done by Western academics on the origins of racism and IT STEMS FROM THE SPANISH under the persecution of Jews using the doctrine of limpieza de sangre.
            The sentiments you express are nothing but a visceral reaction to something YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE. You have ZERO evidence to say that this isn’t a race based attack, yet I literally can site and give you academic sources for my claim.
            Look, ya gutless, cowardice piece of shit, I know more than you whether you acknowledge it or not. If you think you somehow have managed to actually have an understanding that outstrips mine, debate via Skype or Zoom. Anytime chicken shit….

  8. The story of the 442 infantry brigade is unfortunately championed by some Asian Americans I’ve discussed history with as a milestone of Asian American “achievement” as rising above and fighting for America despite its gross mistreatment and racism against Asians. I can assure among even some of the most avid non Asian history fans that next to none would know of the 442. Where’s the glory in that? fight for the country detaining your families and denoting you as a second class citizen. I think any reasonable man would come to his senses and realize that’s not worth charging into a machine gun for.

    1. Exactly. This is why I keep calling us out. We are betraying our roots for literally nothing, not only nothing but to get further behind.

      I’m known to be an “extremist”, but how is commonsense “extreme”? There isn’t a White soul who would for fight a coloured cause inorder for their family and themselves to be further disadvantaged, but it happens with Asians, Blacks and Browns. It’s so unfathomable!